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Gin'irochi - November 5'00- 22:54 Eastern Daylight Time

Hmmm... I got a few letters today of interest, notably one supporting the addition of MegaMan Legends to the RPG lineup. I have yet to talk with Mike about it, but dont worry, I will.

I got a couple other interesting letters as well, notably the first letter that I'm going to print. Flames are fun, ne?

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Once again, a garbage column. 4 letters, 3 of which had a 'no content', one line reply. The fourth was just worthless. It is so painfully obvious that you put no effort what so ever in to this column. I can no sympathize with high school teachers who get home work submitted from students and can tell just by looking at it that they did not try at all while doing it, nor do they care. I can't say the Google does much better of a job than you do either. I am not just writing to bash you. I am writing because I am a long time reader of this column, and it has degenerated greatly.

Kennedy J Roberts

OK, since you took the time to write in, and I've got some space to fill, I suppose I can give you an answer over this. While it's true that my answers weren't too thorough yesterday, there wasn't really much to say. If you don't like the column, stop reading it. You aren't obligated to read this idle banter that I put up every weekend. As for me putting forth little to no effort, you're also wrong there. Of course, I'm human, so I'm going to have off days. Yesterday happened to be one of them.... as of late, I havn't exactly been flooded with mail. A combination of late columns, mid-terms and other factors have led to me getting 20-25 questions a day. And with some of them not print worthy, that doesn't leave me with a lot of options. and no, Im not whining or complaining. As for this column degenerating, perhaps it has. Especially as of late, as my time has been taken up by more pressing issues in the entity that I call my life. I'm sorry that I can't live up to your standards, but you can't please them all. You're no better than I am if you have to complain about the way I do business.
Tell me, Is this answer long enough for you?

Valkyrie Profile...

Yesterday someone asked you about other voices to get on the voice list in VP. There are three other characters that I know of that you can get voices for. Barbarosa in chapter six in the Lost city of Dipan,and Bloodbane and Surt, both in the last place. I hope that helps.


Thanks for the tip. I always appreciate getting help to apply when I don't have the sufficient knowledge to aid someone with their problems.

Heh... ICEE Rants are fun...

Before I rant, let me give salutations to all the silver-bloods in the "real world"

......don't jump in all at once.

OK, now that that's out of the you have any idea what the base and vile substance known as ICEE can do you your little noodle that we call a "brain." Why else do you think Slushies are named the way they are! Just eat about ten of them in under a minute and your held will first feel the rush, get the idea. Just think...millions of hapless RPGamers may be endangered now that you have reduced them to little ICEE drinking polar bears (isn't that what happens?) Anyhow, enough with the pointless rant...which company makes Wonderswan anyhow? After seeing those pics for FF, I can't wait to get my little appendenges (otherwise known as fingers), on to them for some real reliving of the old school. (Ah yes, I get teary when playing Crystalis) Whomever is reponsible for that system deserves a good smack in the bank account with a fat wad of cash!!

Oh yeah, while I'm at it, my Voodoo2 erased my hard drive (DO NOT ask me how, it just did!), but do you know any good sites with FF8PC save games? Need to work my way back up to the second disc.

--Sir Sanjiyan

P.S. How the weather in New York? And HOW can you drink ICEEs in such dire conditions? (The weather, not the national election pitches).

Yes, I do realize what ICEE's can do to your brain, as I completely vegged at the mall while drinking one. Mmmm... brains-- I mean Blueberry ICEE....

Uh... yeah. As for the wonderswan, Bandai makes it. If your Voodoo2 card erased your hard drive, then you have more serious problems then trying to find FF8 gamesaves. :P However, no I do not know of a site to get saves from. Bummer.

Yeah, yeah... I know... it isn't a question, but its relevant.


Sorry, no questions, I couldn't think of one. I'm just throwing my support in for the MegaMan Legends games being on the site. If you need me to send this to somebody else, go for it, just let me know. Feel free to show this to anybody if you need to. It's got more RPG elements than any other adventure game that I can currently think of. If Zelda and C:SOTN are on here, MML definetely deserves that honor. Go!!! MegaMan!!!!!!!!!!

Justin "It's over, Wily!" Harwood

P.S. -I know, the quote's not from the game, ah, well.

Hmm... I suppose this would call for a bit of a survey. Send me a letter and tell me wether or not you guys think MML 1 and 2 should really join the lineup. So far I've only gotten praise for the idea, but I'd really like to get your opinions. Dont send Google any crud on it, only me. :P

The Last Laugh:

Hmm... That's about the extent of the letters today. Send Google good stuff, OK?

Gin "OK, I found my prozac."
Mmmm... prozac.

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