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Gin'irochi - November 5'00- 16:12 Eastern Daylight Time

Whee! Church is fu, especially when you run out of gas on the way there! Anyway.... It's been a bit hectic today, but I finally got a free minute to sit down with the column. Bah... social lives suck.

I guess tomorrow's column will be up early too, since I can't really find time to do it then. So, enjoy!

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In the PSX:
MegaMan Legends 2
Yummy... blue Bomber - now in 3D!

BL Alien has a good idea there. I'm insane enough to count the number posted in the last year. Sounds fun. Another good excuse not to work on the Ogre Battle 64 script (seems like I have a lot of them). I'm on the job of counting number of posts in Q&A!

Sincerely, InsanerEst of AOL


Uh... if you're massochistic enough to do that... go right ahead. O.o

Letter count? Eh...

Gin, My letters do so count! Do I not suffer from mild carpal tunnel syndrome! Do I not occaisionally hit the 'i' instead of the 'e' somitemis? Do I not forget the space bar everynowandthen? Do I not have a little book with your address so I can go to your house and do horrible things to you if you DON'T post my letters? Uh, wait, nevermined that last one...crap.

PS- Not all my letters get posted, so nyah :P

As always, I have to let Rad prove his case. And yes, he is just a psycho in real life as he is in the column. :P

What is it with wierdo's mailing me? :P

Hey Gin, remember that time we got wasted and set fire to that pumpkin stand? Ah those were the days. Then we stole all them garbage cans lids and threw them at ambulances? Lucky the bullets only grazed your arm. And then we...but I disgress. You like Mega Man Legends 2 huh? Thats some of the best voice acting ever. Not megaman, though. Changed him to some punk ass little girly man. Now Roll, mmm... How do you upgrade your blaster? Power or rapid fire? Which ones better? Now me, I'm all about rapid. One-two-one-two onetwoonetwoonetwoontwonto--! But I disgress... Is Roll not the hottest RPG character ever? Come on! She upgrades our stuff, always smiles, and never locks her bedroom door! Hurray for Roll! ... Sorry, sorry. Lets see, one more for the road. ...Ah yes. Whats your most replayed game? Not your favorite mind you, just one the one that you love to play over and over again? Mines C:SOTN.

The one, the only Chaos Nyte Come on kiddies! Ask Gin to let me guest hosts! Mawhahaha!

Yup, MML2 is smooth like buttah! I agree that the voiceacting is simply superb in it... and yes, MegaMan sounds like a girly man. When I upgrade my blaster, I tend to do power/energy/rapid most. Range isn't an issue for me. As for Roll.... eh.... no comment.

My most replayed game? Has to be final Fantasy 4. I love that freakin' game! Final Fantasy 7 comes in a close second, and Xenogears a far third. Mmmm....

More Valkyrie Profile Spoilers ahead!!

Dear Gin,

Well, Radisol's little transformation doodle inspired me to... (drumroll) Draw a humanlike representation of your new transformed form! *grin* Anyway, I couldn't attach it for some reason, so it's Here Enjoy! ^__^

By the way, I have a question. Actually two. All are Valkyrie Profile questions.

1) Is there any way to get Lezard in your party besides in the Seraphic Gate? HOW?! I've gotten him in the Gate... He is simply the best sorcerer in the game. And he's really really sexy. *looks around to see if anyone heard that then whistles innocently*

2) Do you get anything if you collect ALL the voices in the voice library and get them to 100%? So far, I have all the Einherijar, Valkyrie, Freya, Lezard, as well as parts of Genvieve and Wraith identified, but not completed. Who are the rest?

Thanks Gin! Hope you enjoy the picture.
~Winterhart~ "They say one should not speak unkindly of the dead, so I say, 'nice try'."

Uh... Idon't know the answers to those questions, but I appreciate the pic. :P I didn't get too far into Valkyrie Profile.
Sorry about that...

The Last Laugh:

Yeah, Yeah... I know. MegaMan Legends 2 isn't on our list of RPG's. but, I'm going to run it by the Boss to see if we can change that, as MML1 and 2 both have RPG elements to them.

Until tomorrow!

Gin "Where's my prozac, anyway??"
I miss Thor's prozac cookies...

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