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What the hell?! Green? Bah! Oh well. But yes, I didn't get many questions... however, some of you pulled through and sent me a few good questions (and tips!). Thanks guys! Oh yeah, I've come to a conclusion on a recent trip to the mall....

ICEE's are more addicting than crack.

What's an ICEE you say? Well, it's similar to a Slurpie (For those of you lucky enough to have 7-11's nearby. Bah... there aren't any in upstate NY.) It's a thick, cold, blueberry or cherry flavored drug*coughcough* I mean uh... "drink" that you can't stop sipping on until the very last drop is gone. Trust me - I gave one to Radrisol... and he licked the cup clean. :P Expect a comic about it soon.

As for the new format, hold your horsesd! It's still in the works....

Want some "tar tar" sauce?
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Hey Gin,

With all the questions regarding the mythological backgrounds of RPG elements and such, I figured I would pass on this handy little link I dug up while surfing one day:

Encyclopedia Mythica

Whether you post this or not, I figured it would be a good way to find the answers to those pesky questions.


Thanks. :) For those of you who want a deeper overview- This seems to be an encyclopedia
of mythologies from everything Greek, to Japnese. VERY nifty stuff.... Even some folklore. Enjoy!


Heya, Mr.-I-Shouldn't-Be-Talking-To-You-Because-I'm-Too-Young-To-Drink-Legally!

I would've asked Google this question, but come on, the slime just finished her 200th column, so he/she/it deserves a break. Who do you think has had the most letters posted on RPGamer's Q&A in the last year (Radrisol doesn't count)? I'd bet on Happosai or the Insanerist, with me at a FAR third. I'd love to see someone make a chart, though. I'd do this myself, but only if I get some help. What do you think?

BL Alien

OK, first, I'm not alcoholic. :P Just a refresher, "Gin'irochi" means "Silver Blood" ....Keep in mind that translation is a bit loose. (Silver colored blood for all you freakin' sticklers out there. >:P)

As for the most questions.... uh... I don't know. However, I do recognize regular posters when I get their questions. The thing I do take not of a lot is that people go under an "anonymous name" .... Then the sender field contains their name. :P Ah well....

Drugs are bad, mmkay?

What gives? Why didn't I get the award for the most insane letter sent to Google? I'm.... I'm gonnna crie!!!!!!... unless... can I have some chicklets? Pweese?! I'll be a good girl! Aw heck.... my deathray should be charged... I'll go take care of that ::cackles "No insane award for me, will you?! Ooooh.... *I* get it....!"::


Woooooah buddy... where's that mace when I need it?? O.o

Valkyrie Profile Spoilers ahead!!

Hey Ginny,

I just got Valkyrie Profile a few days ago and it absolutely rocks!I think I understand almost everything in the game,but there are a few things I ain't too sure about.If I want to be the best Valkyrie I can,which value must I keep high or down? Is there another way to get MP aside from converting items back to MP? Should I send every artifacts I find to Odin? And finally,does it matter what personal trait I raise? Does it affect battle in some way? Thanks for your time.

I wanted that PS2.Why didn't people vote for me?

Whee! A VP Question!

Actually, for reasons I wont disclose, your Seal Value must remain low in order to get the best ending. In order to accomplish this, you need to keep all the artifacts you find, send very few fighters up to Valhalla, and basically piss off Odin in any way you can. Freya will give you MP after each chapter, but it helps to keep some on hand.

The Last Laugh:

Bleh. I didn't get any quickies today. :(

Anyway, I hope that gave you a good information fix. If not.... keep me in this job and send me letters for tomorrow. :P

Gin "Itchy. Tasty..."
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