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Gin'irochi - October 28 '00- 3:15 Eastern Daylight Time

Yeesh! Where does the time go? I've been plugging at ideas for the new format all day, and before I knew it, it was 3:00. Sorry I'm so late again.... I'll have tonight's column up early to make up for it. Anyhow, the new format is starting to take shape. I'll offer a preview of it before I get it on the site to basically have the higher ups (That's you guys. :) rate it, and tell me if you like the new format or the old one better.



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A good idea...

Hey Googs and Gin-

I've HTML-ized this email for your convenience. After a small bit of thinking on the Q&A FAQ, I realized that one of the most asked questions you guys seem to get is, "What game do you reccomend I get?" So how's this for a thought: in addition to the FAQ, how about a game reccomendation list? Of course, it's up to you, but here's an example layout... For the opinions, I'm making guesses, because I don't know your tastes other than what I read in the column. The reader column is based on my opinion, how you might do this is up to you... maybe just the general jist you get, or maybe a voting script, listing a percentage of how many readers reccomend it?

Game          | Google | Gin  | Reader

Xenogears     | High   | High | High

Star Ocean 2  | Low    | High | Medium

F. Fant. Anth.| Low    | Low  | Medium

Or a bit more spiffy-looking...

Game Google Gin Reader
Xenogears High High High
Star Ocean 2 Low High Medium
Final Fantasy Anthology Low Low Medium

I really think this would be a great idea, just so people can get an idea of what games they should look into without having to a) clutter your mailbox(es), b) have to wait for a response, and c) Have to check to see if there's a review available. Of course, this would just be an opinion thing... and like the FAQ (which at the time that I'm writing, has only one question), just add to it as time goes along.

I wouldn't think this would be too hard to do... and I think it would add a good deal of extra quality to the column as an information source (as if it isn't already!). I hope you at least will take this suggestion into consideration.


You know, that's a pretty good idea. I'll think abnout pursuing that, and run it by Google. Thanks for the idea!

Spoilers? Nah...

Hi Gin! I'd love to see that Serge costume of yours, btw. But anyhoo. I beat Chrono Cross about a week ago (yeah, I'm slow, don't rub it in) and I just wanted to know something. Is there anyone else that was EXTREMELY disapointed with that ending? I even got the good one where you play those stupid element flavors then the Chrono Cross. The ending was so crappy, I almost cried, threw up, and hurled my PlayStation out the window, all at the same time. Is there anyway, (maybe thru New Game +) that you can actually get a good ending?

frum a very discouraged Rand

P.S. And that nameless person with the TD does NOT have blonde hair!!! >:(

Actually, there are a total of 10 endings in Chrono Cross. At least, that I know of. Some are better than others, some funny, some serious. Sorry to hear that you didn't like the ending to CC.... Think of it this way. At least there WAS an ending. ( Think Blue's quest in SaGa Frontier. )

More WEAPON stuff that doesn't have a calibur rating.

Hail I have a question. Yesterday a guy named Geronimo said there was a WEAPON in FFVI. Where is it? The reason I wonder is because the WEAPONS are usually some of the hardest beasts around in the FF's, well, exept for diamond. Also what was the WEAPON called that tried to attack Junion, but got thrashed by the cannon? Did it even have a name?

--Dedendre Ormauve--

The weapon that gets blown away IS Diamond Weapon. :P Anyway, that weapon from Final Fantasy 6 is none other than Atma Weapon. He Sucks. A Lot. Mostly because he kicked my ass, but that's OK. Grr.... :P

Diabler Tew, Heeyuck!

Yes, yes I would like fries with that. I figured everyone normally answers that part last, so I'd answer it first. Go originality. Unless I'm wrong... in that case... uhh... Go conformity!! Yeah.

Anyways, I was romping around in Diablo 2 (Renidragon on the US East server, would love to get a game with some serious gamers as opposed to a number of the shmucks out there)... I came across a gem shrine. It gave me a chipped topaz. I went back later (in the same game), and it was active again, and upgraded my topaz to a flawed one. Whoohoo! Question: how/when do shrines (specifically gem shrines, but I assume it's general) regenerate? Heh, I'm obviously seeing a use for this trick. Of course, I doubt I'm the first to find it.

Hmmm.... it was my impression that the Shrines regenerated with each visit to the area. That is, with each new visit. But, I don't play Diablo II over BattleNet, so I can't be sure what exactly the rules are there. Oh well...


So why is one a genius, and the other insane... really, I'd like to know. -Vicks

They were just made that way. Because they're Pinky, they're Pinky and the Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain.

Just wanted to let you know what I'm going to be for Halloween. I'm going to wear sweatpants and an undershirt, a mask made from a paper bag, a bath towel for a cape, and I'm going to cover myself in shaving cream, and go as......SHAVING CREAM MAN!!!!!! Robust Stu

Wow... My question is, what are you going to do to Mail Boxes? Rub up against them? Hmm....

Hmm...a Pinky and the Brain reference in that there hidden message....


Yes it was! Now lets see if you can get Today's reference. ;)

I have Googleshng. Give me Suikogaiden or or the slime gets it.


OK, so either I give you Suiko Gaiden or Google gets it? I'm not sure if Google even likes the Suikoden series, but if you really want to give him a copy of the game, go for it. O:)

Who're you? Don't matter... Want some rye? 'Course you do!


You know, that sounds really familiar. Where is that from...?

The Last Laugh:

Guess it's back to making the new format. Blah... Send letters and stuff, mmkay?

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