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Heyas all. Yet another introduction is brought to you from myself, Mark Jordan. Alex is dead in a gutter somewhere and we're trying to find him, so he will be here tommarow to awnser questions. Tragedy struck today when I was finished with CoS for today. My evil computer from hell decided to die for a bit... ...and I lost all my work for the day...! (Gasp from the audiance) Well enough talk... Moving on to the letters...
Square or Sony? Which do I attack first for my problem? I got Xenogears for Christmas and now being almost done with the first disc ( yeah so I'm slow) the blarging thing won't let me progress. Every time I try to enter leave this one area it freezes. I don't think that its my memory card because after some other bad expirences I buy Sony cards. What I really want to know is if Sony has one of those after 90 days " fix it or do nothing at our option" polocies?

Thanks! -Eisenbraun
As stated in the booklet, call (714)-428-0599 and talk to represenatives about the problem, and they will tell you what to do.
Remember way, way, back? Back when the Sony Playstation was going to be a Nintendo product? Then Nintendo turned their backs on Sony? You remember that? You ever wonder if Nintendo is kicking themselves right about now?

Actually, it was Sony making a SNES CD-ROM that Nintendo turned their backs on. I'm pretty sure their kicking themselves as much as when they looked at FF7's sales after they said all those negative things towards it ;)
You Can't Handle the Polygon Count!
Sages: This one confuses me. Sony maybe not doing DVD-Movie support, that is. It's just plain odd. The system has MPEG2 decoding, right? The drive is DVD, right? Now, on a computer, all you need is the drive and an MPEG2 decoder, right? Correct me if I'm wrong. This just messes me up. How can it *not* play movies? If they put out an addon that let's it play them, they'll probably charge upwards $30-50 for it (marketing, go figure), and all it could possible be is software, since all required hardware is there. Am I seeing underground 'mod' chips that allow the playing of DVD movies coming soon?

Josh - The lamer that can spell
Since the main goal of all companies is to make money(drool), I woulden't be suprised if all they're doing is just taking out something so we have to buy other products. Sadly enough, we would go buy those products.
Age Defying Pixels
Lately there has been little debate about how the characters in Xenogears look older than they are suppose to be. Well there's exceptions but have any of you seen an Asian person? Not all, but most Asians don't look like there age, rather they don't look as old as Americans or Europeans would at the same age, sometimes. I'm not sure this is right but it's a shot. I'm thinking that even though there's probably a bunch of people from the U.S. and Europe that go to Japan, but I doubt many of them have any friends outside of Japan. So they don't exactly have much exposure aside from camera snapping tourist. So I guess to them an 18 year old Amercain/European looking person would look older. Who knows. It might be one reason.

-Mamoru Genji
Good point. People like Cher and Micheal Jackson have been defying their age for years(decades?). I'd like to hear some more thoughts on this.
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Powerlord wants to know if Peach will get to save Mario in Super Mario RPG 2.If she doesn't get lost in all that retarded crayon colored background.
Mune wants to know if God has feet.Well, yes, now that I look down, I do have feet.
Aerion wants to know if magic eight balls can really answer all my questions?CoS says "Outlook not so good. Ask CoS your questions instead."
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Well this was fun. We'll keep up the search for Alex. See you all later!

- Mark Jordan

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