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Ask Amber and Martin

    'ello everybody! (You'll learn to dread these intros -- really!) I've been asked to leave the fan fiction section today to take my turn as Resident Sage for Saturday, 2-20. Wonderful. ^_~ Of course, since I just got one of those god-forsaken *jury duty* summons of all things, taking my place here doesn't seem nearly as bad! However, I'm definitely not Thor (meaning, I'm not very funny in any sense of the word), so you'll be grateful to return to the normal week, right? Just imagine me speaking with a monotone voice, and we'll all be fine. ^_~

    Extra note: I'm sharing this weekend with Chiapet (sorry - I don't remember the real names!), and he will take over on Sunday. All FF: C questions should go to him.

Wild Arms Intro

I got board this Friday afternoon and decided to let the intro of Wild ARMS play, which I normally skip. There were two things that plagued me with questions:

1) They show a girl making a snowball into some magic, then they show another girl commanding what appears to be a golem. I think the first is Mariel and the second is our lovely, brave, and fashionably -disenchanted magic-using "Hey look, this big ole' metal thing does what I want it to" princess-hero Cecilia. Am I right, oh Wise and All Powerful Circular Standing Givers of Canoes?

2) We see Rudy climbing a cliff, almost falling off. He gets to the top, and Cecilia and Jack (Screw Henpen, he's a stinkin' rat) are waiting there. How'd they get up? Why didn't Rudy just take this easy way? And what's with that dumb white mark on his cheek? And that dumb waist bag that hangs to his knees? It looks like it should fall off...

3) Do you guys think we can call Thor Mr T? My roommate (CX) and I think that would be cool... --Michael

Amber: Well, it's been awhile since I've played Wild Arms! But as far as I know, these are the answers:

1) The girl making the snowball and the girl controlling the golem are both Cecilia. At the beginning of the game she has long hair, but later she cuts it and starts wearing a traveler's outfit to symbolize her change of heart -- or whatever that was.

2)Since the three were not shown together until Rudy gets up on that cliff, they probably all got there from different directions! Would YOU just stand there and let him take the hard way up? (Well, maybe I would......) After this, I guess it's just symbolic. You don't *really* want me to get into that, do you? (Yet I can do such a nice imitation of a senior English teacher...... you sure you don't want me to ramble a bit?)

3)Why not ask Thor?

All of those... other games

I own a lot of in the black and in hiding RPG's so to speak meaning they aren't put into publicity so brightly. Those games are Kartia, Alundra, and Brigandine. Yet I find these back door un-heard of games are a lot better than games such as FF7, and Parasite Eve, yet no one seems to agree with me, because they aren't as widely recognized.

Anyways, to the point of this pointless writing, Do you think that some of the unheard of RPG's such as these and others are better than the over publicised "perfect games"?
-- Honourable Knight of Doma Castle

Amber: Well...... This is really a matter of opinion. But if I had to hazard a guess...... I would say, yeah, some of those "small" RPGs are better than the overly-publicized games. Unfortunately, the games that receive more media attention are probably more likely to sell, over all. Look at Xenogears -- I don't recall seeing *any* advertisement for that game, and I, at least, think it is Square's best piece to date. (They all have script/translation problems, but that's another story altogether.) Is it doing well? Not as well as FF7 did.

No game is perfect. I guess the others just have to rely on word of mouth to sell, ne?

A Star Wars *console* RPG?

    Ok, so pretty much everyone likes Star Wars. So why hasn't there been a star wars RPG yet. Lucas Arts knows how to make a great game or 10 (Grim Fandango for example). So why haven't they made an RPG? I think that a new adventure on a console or pc would be great.


Amber: Personally, I love Star Wars. But is it really suited for console RPGs? Lucasfilm doesn't think so, else I'm sure there would have been some kind of rpg/strategy title from them. But if you want a role-playing game, you can always try the traditional type - pencils, paper, and a sourcebook. In some ways, the SW rpg I was involved in with my friends was more fun than anything I've played on a console. Where do you think the concept of the "video game rpg" came from? (You all know I'm just guessing at that, right...? ^_~)

You can always petition Lucasfilm, but I don't know if that sort of thing has any success rate at all. Heh.... also, you know their writers are probably busy with the prequels, and all the wonderful games and spinoffs they can pull out of that.

Out of country... err, blues

Greetings, whomever is answering the letters at this point. I have a quick question: Are Playstation games released in Australia? I'm studying down there from July to December of this year, which will probably prevent me from getting FFVIII for a few extra months. Is there any chance of being able to get it down there, or do I pine away until I return to the US?

-- Toni

Amber: Is my name invisible or something? ^_^

Well, I've been told they cut off plans to send FFVIII to England -- or at least postponed them-- and while that isn't confirmed, Australia may suffer a similar fate. I doubt it will, though. So it really depends on what you want more -- FFVIII, or the extra money you'll have to spend to import it early. ^_^

Da' Quote

The quote from Friday is from Parasite Eve when Omeda hands Aya those useless little charms. He says it many times, but I think that time he says it in front of the Hospital. I just figure I should tell everyone because I think of myself as one of the few who actually liked Parasite Eve.

--Ischiel Rage

Martin: Thou art correct sir. And being the first to be correct, you get a prize. I found the last bag of dead monkeys, but I seriously doubt you would want them, though the maggots crawling on their carcases are kind of cool. So I went to Lorelai's house and stole some Prozac cookies. Just don't tell Thor I gave them to you.

On another note, I don't think anyone guessed the correct location of the previous quote: "That wild lady over there reminds me of someone I used to know..." or something like that. It is from Mystaria, and is stated by a homeowner in Natis, after you persuade the pirate lady (who's name escapes me at the moment) to end her pirating ways.

Final Fantasy ANGER!

Hi Amber,

     What exactly is The Final Fantasy Collection? Is it FF4, FF5, and FF6 put into one cd? Is it a set you buy in one package? Please Enlighten me Sage Amber!

ThE OoZe

Martin: I'm not Amber, but then, last time I seen her, she was into the prozac cookies, so.... Final Fantasy Collection is FF IV, V, and VI, and is due to be released in Japan on March 11th, I believe. There is one CD for each game, and the movies have been redone al la FFVII and VIII's FMV movies. Click here for our news story.

. . .

      Does Square really hate us so? What is going on with the Final Fantasy Collection? First Gamefan reports it is coming, then you guys post the same info, and the GIA says they have confirmed sources. Now Square is asking for every one to take down that message?? Was that just a little piece of info to tease us gamers and then get us pissed off? Right now, what are the chances of the FF Collection reaching the US?

the insane bovine

Martin: Scary that out of the 30+ emails on this subject, this was one of the few that could be printed without serious editting.

Here's the story on what happened. GameFan posted the story, Thursday evening. I had insomnia, and came across it early Friday morning, so I posted it. When I got back from class Friday afternoon, there was a nice letter from Square stating that they had asked GameFan to remove the story, and would appreciate it if we did the same. Since then, RPGamer has talked to several different people "in the know". One of them stated that Final Fantasy Collection is a Japanese exclusive, and that might explain why IV was reported to be absent from the US version.

Right now, there are two competing theories on what happened. Choice A: The story was false; and choice B: Square does not want this information released yet. RPGamer talked with Sam Kennedy of GameFan yesterday, and he stated that GameFan stands by their story, and they jumped the gun because of a mix-up in Square's PR department.

. . .

So why the hell does anyone CARE whether or not Square ever releases FFV over here. I mean, come ON, you can deny it all you want, but you KNOW you've already played the RPGe translation anyway! Come on, don't deny it! What, you're too "pure" to play a hacked ROM? Yeah RIGHT! Give me a break! So stop the deception! And come ON; it's a mediocre game anyway. Who really cares?

Martin: In a few hours, some gentlemen in dark suits will appear at your door. If you look closely you'll see a little HardCore RPG Fantatic lapel pins before they make you drink the Elixir of Life, and transform you into another mindless Final Fantasy V worshiper. Actually, I think the main reason everyone wants it is because it hasn't been here before, and its Job system is said to be one of the best aspects of the Final Fanatasy series. Actually I can honestly say i haven't "played" the ROM, too. ;)



I am looking for many reasons not to hit the wall with my head anymore, the only valid reason i have is because it hurts.

Martin: I'm glad to see you finally learned the walls have feelings too.

OH by the way, what special ability in rpgs do u think is the most pointless o ne? Mine would have to be YANGS Kick ability, why do 20hp damage to 5 people when u c an do 500 to one person and kill it? Hello People.

Martin: Personally, I liked Yang's kick ability. In fact I would have traded Edge for Yang anyday. Most "useless" moves do have some use, Yang's kick for example was a quick way to get rid of weak enemies.

Oh by the way if this letter does get posted and sheri happens to read this column, i just want her to know i still love her dearly, and want to marry her too!!!


Martin: I would ask, but I'm sure I don't want to know.

Tag-Team Quickies

Amber: Hmmm..... okay, so far we've received two urls concerning the request of a FF timeline -- travel to either (from Elric), or (from David Barton) for the information you want. Think the webmasters will be happy about all the new hits?// People seem to be wondering about the screenwriter chosen for the FF movie. What can I say? We just have to hope Square knows what they're doing. ^^ Remember, credits aren't everything when it comes to talent. (Now I'm starting to sound like my mother...... *sigh*)// Who's ego is the biggest in RPGamer? Do I even have a right to answer this -- me, whose ego has traversed to the negative digits? (Besides, all you have to do is take a look at the updates.... Heh heh. Then answer your own question.)

Martin: Christopher asks "could you tell me something about tales of destiny?" I've not played it, but I heard its plot is good, but the graphics are not up to PSX standards.//An unamed RPGamer wants to remind people that "That's a Vince McMahon guarantee" is properly translated as "There's no chance in hell."//Our friend Clouded speculates on the Lunar release: "They're just gonna say `April Fools, just kidding, we're gonna wait a few more months'"//And finally Sorbie wanted to say: "Hi Amber and Martin I like RPGs Harvest Moon is fun yay!!!"


That's it for Amber Michelle -- you can all sigh in relief! Now you know why I just run the fan fic section! Until next time -- whenever that will be. ^_^

Well, we think this column ended up being a little longer than we wanted, so we're keeping this short. Tomorrow's update will be a little later in the day than today's, as Martin's Fiancée is visiting, and he'll be otherwise engaged.

-Amberyl, disgruntled "prospective juror" and Martin "Bad Plant" Drury

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