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Ask Ryan

First off.. Circle of Sages is slightly changing format. From now on we'll have a "Weekly Host." Meaning, one week Lorelai will do it, then the next week Mike will do it, and so on until all the staff has done so, then we start all over. This week starts out with me, Ryan, the wittiest of all the staff. Oh, and about Thor and his personal hygiene.. well, let's just say that RPGamer has not smelled the same since.

FF Movie Qs

I was looking through a Japanese "learning guide" and found the word Gogo and it's meaning (from FF3/6j), it means "afternoon". That just further shows that Gogo is Daryl, because Daryl crashed in the afternoon. Well, am I a FF3 maniac or what?



Ryan: My take on all these Daryl-Gogo rumors is this.. If Square had wanted us to know they were the same person, they would have made it crystal clear in the game. As for you being a FF3 maniac.. Yes, you frighten me.

To import or not to import..


1. I was woundering if I should buy the Japanese version of FF8 or wait until it comes out here.

2. And also I was wondering if you will be getting the english script of FF8



Ryan: Personally, I'll be getting the import version of FF8, though because I don't know a word of Japanese, a script would be very helpful to me and other players who import yet don't know the language. We'll post one if one of you writes one. My personal advice, though, would be to wait until it comes out here. It'll be much more enjoyable, plus you'll actually know what the heck everyone is saying. Also, Final Fantasy 8 supposedly does not work on about 50%-75% of mod chips, so playing it will be quite hard unless you have a Yaroze black PlayStation (and they're quite pricey.)

Identity Crisis

Hey, Thor (everyone lay off the remarks on his name, if you were named Joe or Refrigerator or something, you wouldn't want remarks on yours...)

Um...I noticed four ask four updates this week. I think. Maybe I'm entering the Twilight Zone myself.. some odd things have been happening lately... Anyways, how do you find time for four updates in a week? Don't tell me all you do is sit at home, check your email, and, nah, we won't go there.

Also, the yellow puff? I know a doctor that could have it amputated for you... or have you grown that 'attached' to it? And, I want one? How did you get yours?

Your normally silent and remarkably off-topic reader,


P.S. - Um, Suikoden and FFVII rock. There, not off-topic anymore.

Ryan: You called me Thor! I take that as an insult. I in no way look like a certain "I Can't Believe it's not Butter" spokesman.. Anyway, Thor has never been to school a day in his life (truant!) so yes, all he does is sit at home, check his e-mail, and yes, let's not go there. As for the yellow puff.. That happened after we got Thor a little tipsy and slipped some Plutonium in his drink.

Making Games

A friend and I have dabbled around with ideas for a video game, and I am convinced that we could fully develop it into something wonderfully unique, unlike any game I've seen before, at least on *paper*. I'm not just talking basic ideas, but fully developed battle system, story, characters, weapons, artwork, maybe even music (as you can probably guess, it's an RPG). The problem is, we haven't the least bit of programming experience. Does anybody in the game industry pay attention to great ideas without the means to fully develop them?

Ryan: Well, game companies will not buy your idea from you, so you can get that out of your head. But if you can find a game company which will sponsor you, you can hire a team of programmers and artists to work on the game for you. This is a very very unlikely scenario, but if you can find the right company and submit a good proposal, it's possible.

Genetically engineered for your viewing pleasure

Hey Thor, er, Sages,

I have for you today a pointless question, an insane, brain-fry induced idea, and a threat to Thor *(assuming he reads this). Ok, lets get this started ^_^. Obviously the name "Circle of Sages" comes from Zelda: TOoT, so which sage is each one of you, huh?

I live in Miami where it's 90 degrees year round and I have to walk home from school every day. Because I walk by myself my mind starts to wander, and the heat only warps my thinking, causing me to come up with some insane ideas (I won't even mention my theory about how to use antimatter to achieve eternal youth....wait...I just did mention it...oh well). Anyway here's my most recent idea. First we genetically engineer a Koala to have white fur and extra small ears. Then, we cross breed it with a bat, tie a little antennae to it's head, and teach it how to use a mace....see what im getting at? Instant moogle!!! Everyone would want one. Anyway, I'll move on before I lose any more of my dignity.


Ryan: Actually, it came from Final Fantasy I. The Sages gave you the canoe, so we must be cool. At least that's what my mommy told me. As for your "Instant moogle.." I won't say it.

Grandia is grand

Hey None-so-handsome-nor-as-lazy-as-Thor Sages

Whats the big deal about Grandia? I keep hearing that this game is so awesome, but I havent heard WHY. Does it have a kickass plot? Killer graphics? Cool battle system? Great music? Why, praytell, should I be exited about this game over say, Lunar or Final Fantasy VIII?

Ryan: Not as handsome as Thor? *sniff* You hurt my feelings. But from what I've heard about Grandia, it has a good plot and music. And you shouldn't be excited about it over Lunar and FF8, I see Grandia coming out mid-summer, Lunar comes out early Spring and FF8 mid-winter. Smack dab in the middle of the two releases, should give you something to pass those lazy summer days..

Other Stuff:

Everyone and their extended family wrote in saying how Marlene was not Barret's daughter, she was Dyne's. I believe this was made obvious by the Corel Prison scene. // Nathan wondered if Madonna was going to play Aya or Eve, he hoped Eve (me too, Eve is ugly and body painted, just like Madonna, but the movie isn't gonna happen anyway.) // Fay Van Dijk wondered if Star Ocean: Second Story was coming to the USA (Yup, look in the news archives.)

Smell ya later,
*sniff* *sniff*
-Ryan "At least I bathe" Amos

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