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Another weekend, another column. Super Bowl Sunday is tomorrow, so I don't know if there will be a Circle of Sages tomorrow. It's about 50/50, depends on if we get enough letters. We definately will have one today, in fact.. here it is.

Batteries... ooh, batteries

The NES uses battery-backed saves, right? All my games' save files are croaking on me and I don't have the patience to sit down and play one beginning-to-end. Does Nintendo replace NES saves? Also, does Nintendo replace SNES saves? If not, does any company replace either of those?


Andy Procter

Amber: I don't see how the companies could replace your saved games. I'm not even sure they would replace the games themselves, especially since, in essence, NES and SNES are outdated and obsolete now. (Don't get me wrong -- I love some of the old games too!) You'll probably have to just play through them again, unless one of the other staff members has a better response than mine. ^_~

Ryan: If you really want to, you can change the batteries in them. If you can get one of those funky screwdrivers, they take a normal watch battery (one of the wide, thin ones.) You can pick them up at K-Mart... though the one there is soldered on, and you'd have to re-solder it to get it to stay. This is one reason proponents of emulation use to support its necessity, because the amount of trouble you go through may or may not be worth the effort. And no, they don't replace the saves, once the battery dies, they're gone forever.

Pity da fool

Dear Sages,

Sorry to pull this on you, but recently i had the urge to replay FFVII in order to understand the plot better. Anyhow, I was just on my way to Nibelheim, when I began to do some thinking about Barret. Here goes. Barret should by all rights be dead. When you first find Barret in Corel Prison, he relates his tale of how he lost his arm. He and Dyne were just returning to town, when they suddenly realized the town was on fire. An old man appears and tells them that Shinra burned down the town. A Shinra soldier appears and kills the old man. As Barret and Dyne run away, a squad of Shinra soldiers along with Scarlet appears and begins to shoot at them. Dyne slips and falls and Barret grabs his arm. Scarlet then shoots their arms and Dyne falls below. Two things. 1.)How does Dyne survive the fall? 2.) How does Barret survive? Consider this: The Shinra soldiers just burned down a town on suspicion alone, killed an old man, yet all they do to Barret is shoot his hand off and expect him to just wait there and die. Any comments on this?


Lorelai: Number one: Dyne survived because he pulled the same cheap Square tactic that Cloud pulled when Sephiroth ran him through with the Masamune and Tifa used when she fell off the rope bridge that was several miles off the ground.... Barret survives because after they shot him he was probably in pain and keeled over for a while and the soldiers ran off and forgot about him. Or maybe he turned into Mr. T and whupped their butts.

Ryan: He's helluva tough.

Unfit for print, moreso than Thor's


Martin: I think people like Shadowfex here realize they'll never make it into Ask Thor through normal means, so they're resorting to attempting to get in through Unfit for Print. Unfortunately, he's just copying someone else this time.

Ryan: People like this are the reason we still have asylums. I'm thankful he doesn't live in my neighborhood.

Name that song
Minor Xenogears Spoilers

Oh wise & wonderful sages, please enlighten me!

1a. Who is the singer for the end theme of Xenogears? She has a heck of a voice, IMHO, and the stupid credits went by too quick for me to read. :(

1b. Anybody there know the lyrics to said theme?

2. I'm sure one of you guys has finished it... anyone have any thoughts on the end screen? "Xenogears, Episode V, The End." You think maybe we have four prequels to look forward to (hint, hint, Square!)? That would be reaaaaaally cool... oh well, thanks!


PS Love the new color scheme! 'Bout time you got rid of that funky teal/green color.

Amber: Hmmm.... all I can tell you is that "Techie" sang the Japanese version, but if you give me a little time (or if someone else knows) I can get the name for you. As for the lyrics...... Try searching for a site called "Xenogears 101". He has the lyrics to both versions of the soundtrack, as well as Xenogears: Creid. Once again, there are three theories on the episode thing at Xenogears 101, so check it out. ^_^

Alex: "Xenogears Episode V" is a reference to Star Trek. If I remember correctly, Star Trek V ends in the same manner as Xenogears does. I'm not absolutely sure (I haven't seen the move in a looooong time), but as far as I know, that's what the "Episode V" means.


Squall's so cute! *swoon* Many of my friends like Cloud, but I don't. That spiky hair thing doesn't do a thing for me. That includes Crono too. I don't like long girlie hair either, so sorry Magus. Sabin and Edgar are my all time favorites! Royalty, brave, and twins!


Lorelai: Hey hey hey!! RELAX! They're only sprites / polygons!

Lorelai: But never fear...if your letter was for real, I can identify with you. I thought Sephiroth was pretty good looking until one of my friends accused me of an addiction to "polygon porn." (I swear, Marcus, if you read this... I do NOT do polygon porn you sicko you!) But anyway.... Yeah, um, they're not real. So... draw them all you like, but don't dream of dating em. There are cooler ppl out there. Eh, what's that mob of squealing women around Thor?

The award goes to..

How come you guys don't have a 1998 RPG Awards? All the other guys have end-of-the-year awards. It would be real cool. We could vote for favorite action-RPG, traditional-RPG, best story, best music, best graphics, best replay value, best RPG of the PSX, best RPG of N64, best RPG of Saturn, best RPG gameplay, most original RPG, worst RPG of the year, coolest RPG character, funniest RPG, and finally RPG of the YEAR! It would be awesome. So how about it? Give some words to Tidwell and co.?


Ryan: Well, we were thinking about it, but we decided to be different and not do it. Actually, we just never got around to it, and it's a bit late now. Maybe next year..

Other Stuff:

We had lots of FF7 plot theories, basically about Red XIII's age (kinda pointless discussion, reminds me of the old BBS threads..) Lots of pointless, stupid letters too, the kind asking what color wedding cake Cloud and Tifa had (in case you hadn't realized, those letters will never ever be posted.)

How unimaginative.
-The Sages

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