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So how do you all like the layout? We've gotten lots of praise about it, so it can't be bad. Seems you all also dug the Day of Lavos site destruction. We deliver, don't we? For now, we're delivering answers to your questions. Finally, a normal length column.

FFVI PSX in the US?

Yous guys the Sages,

1. Is it at all likely that FFVI will come to the US for PSX?

Martin: When last I chatted with Square, they said there were no plans for a Final Fantasy Collection release in the US. While it would be nice, I would place the odds at no better than 50-50 that it will, and probably more like 30-70.

2. About how much will Dreamcast cost?

Martin: Probably between $250 and $300. I think its currently selling for about $300 in Japan, but by the time it gets here, the price should be lower.

3. What's that little VMS (or whatever it's called) thing for the Dreamcast?

Martin: It's like the PocketStation for the PlayStation. A little PDA device that allows you to "take your games with you."

4. Do you guys think the control pad for Dreamcast is poorly designed?

Martin: It scares us.

Ryan: It scares me too.. Though I've heard the Dreamcast includes USB (Universal Serial Bus.) This technically means you can hook a PSX controller up to it (via use of an available adaptor, info about which can be found here,) or printers, scanners, modems, hard drives, zip drives, anything your little heart desires should Sega provide drivers for them inside games. The possibilities astound.

I beat FFVII again. And at the end when the FFVII logo is on the screen you can hear children laughing! Just like that one guy said; so holy didn't kill the humans. I had to put my ear right up to the speaker to hear it though. --Clouded

Martin: Why does no one ever believe that?

Religion and stuff
Spoilers inside

Let me start by saying this has got to be the best RPG site ever. Anyway, I am a passionate fan of Xenogears and I can't seem to understand what all the contreversy surrounding it is! I mean, it's not the first game to use religious themes... Final Fantasy Tactics plot was also centered around religion. So was Breath of Fire 3's (well, sort of) Anyway, I just wanted to know why Square was hesitent to release it in the US.

Lorelai: Square wasn't sure how things like "slayer of god" and similar lingo would be taken by the general US audience. I guess it wasn't such a big thing in Japan because, after all, they are quite liberal in their anime alone.... You're right, it's not the first game to have religious themes, but Square was hesitant about Final Fantasy Tactics too. That's probably why the US saw Final Fantasy Tactics before Tactics Ogre, when in fact the games were manufactured in reverse order. (that's probably why everyone thinks Tactics Ogre is a rip on FF Tactics, when it's truly the other way around....)

Ryan: On the FF Tactics / Tactics Ogre front, Square hired the Tactics Ogre team to do FF Tactics. Tactics Ogre was already released (in Japan, on Super Famicom) before FF Tactics went into development. Both have their advantages (FF Tactics in its superior graphics, story and class system, Ogre for its battles. 10 on 10 2 player battles are fun as hell, trust me.)

Has Square gone bonkers?

Cute Lavos joke. I hope. Dear god. Have you heard about the three oddest sounding titles from Square lately? Specifically Cyberorg, Racing Lagoon, and iS: Internal Section. Cyberorg scares me because its being made by the people who did Soukaigi. (If you played Soukaigi, you'd know what I mean.)

Martin: Well, I've not played Soukaigi, and I've not kept up too much on Cyberorg, so I really don't have any opinion on that one.

But the other two just seem odd for Square to do, especially seeing that a game that mirrors iS: Internal Section, n2o, really, really sucked. What do you think about these upcoming pieces of oddness from Square?

Martin: Racing Lagoon actually isn't that far off for square to do. They've done Racing games in the past, just generally without Chocobos, etc in them ;) (e.g. Rad Racer.)

Ryan: Square is trying to broaden their game horizons. Much like they did with Einhander (one of the best side shooters I've ever played, had some rockin music too,) and Tobal No. 1.

By the way, in your statement on FF8 protection, what do you mean by "old" mod chips. that they had to be designed for older psx's or what?

Martin: I was unaware of this myself, but someone who has a modded PSX, told me that the protection in Medievel didn't work. I'm not sure on the specifics of the chipset, but I do think its an older PSX that he has.

Why is 3 so popular?

1) I don't suppose you know if (hopefully when) Square is planning to port their newest games to PC? I have FFVII for PC (which I love, even though some of the music sounds like it came straight oout of MechWarrior 2 =) ) and I can't wait to play FFT and Xenogears.

Amber: I never heard they were bringing the other games to the PC, so as far as I know, they aren't going to.

Ryan: I'd look for a port of FF8, but other than that, probably not.

2) Which tastes better, Moogle or chocobo?

Amber: Chocobo. Ever heard the saying "It tastes like chicken"?

Ryan: Looks like it too...

3) What is the translation for "Kupo"?

Amber: "Yes!!" or "Yeah!!" Of course, you know that it loses something in the translation.

Imports, Imports

Do you know of any Japanese Game Import stores around that have Famicom/Super Famicom games, more specifically Final Fantasy 1 through 5?

Amber: Hmmm..... well, you could try Game Cave. They usually have their number in the back of EGM and a few other magazines. And if you live in Southern California, you can take a short trip to Monrovia and see them personally. ^_~

Ryan: The FF games are fairly easy to find, seeing as so many were sold. If you can find any store that sells Japanese games in the back of a magazine, they'll have the FF games.

Poor Souls

Dig the new look, guys. I also dug the previous look, though. Don't change things too often, as it messes with my head.
- Mag

Ryan: Thanks, we've gotten lots of praise. We'll leave it there like this until we get tired of it (probably 6 months or so) then change it around again. As for it messing with your head, you really should see a doctor about that...

Other Stuff:

Now you see what we've been working on. We'll be working on getting it all ironed out all week, because changing all the pages didn't work as well as we'd hoped. Oh well, we'll keep updating, just because we love you all.

Hasta al proxima fin de semana,
That means "Until next weekend"
-The Sages

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