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So begins the Circle of Sages. We had to put Thor out to pasture (he gets REAL cranky when we don't,) so the entire RPGamer staff will take the weekends. Questions can be sent to a staff member in particular or just a question you want answered, in which case we'll use the magic "Rock Paper Scissors" to see who answers it.

Mug shots, anyone?

Hi! How's my favorite RPGamer staff member doing?

Ryan: I'm your favorite? Cool, now my ego will be huge for the next few days.

I was just wondering why RPGamer doesn't have a staff bios page. We don't know anything about you guys, except for the few details you occaisonally tell us, and I only know how AV and AK look like from that skit they did, and now they don't even work for RPGamer. So how about it? Unless you all have criminal records to conceal, but that couldn't be it... right?

Oh, yeah, do you know how compatible GB Color games are with the Super Gameboy?

-Arpad Korossy

Ryan: They're coming! No worrys, we're just too busy doing other stuff that we haven't had time to fool with the bios. It's on our list, really. As for the criminal records.. It was the one armed man. I swear. And for those of you who want to see topless photos of me, here's one.

GB color games (the ones I've played anyway) don't look too great on SGB. Zelda DX is about 16 shades of green instead of full color like on the GBC. Dragon Quest Monsters, on the other hand, looks great on both. The way each handles color is totally different, so the games need to have Super GB palletes as well as GB Color palletes.

Get to know us? You bet!

Hey, RPGamer guys and girls.

1) Hey Lorelai. You're really cool. I remember your Neo-Midgar site, which I became a member of and visited a lot! And I'm glad you made it to RPGamer, one of my daily-visited sites. Hey, Lorelai, could you send an e-mail to me (or put it in critique corner) with some basic tips on how to draw?

Lorelai: I plan to do that in critique corner this week, Matt. =)

2) Hey, Ryan Amos. Since you seem to make most of the bigger updates, who exactly is the head honcho at RPGamer? Is it Mike Tidwell? Cause I never see any updates by him.

Ryan: If I was the head honcho, I would fire all these losers and replace them with a lot of scantily clad women. But I'm not, Mike still is (I'm still begging him to hire me just ONE scantily clad assistant, though.) You never see updates by him, but that doesn't mean he sits by idle and does nothing. :) He fixes stuff when it breaks, and he's also got a project or two he's working on.

Mike: Hey! I did some new media last month, and now I'm mostly staying behind the scenes working on a slick internal program, as well as the music section. Hopefully the program will be up soon, and many of those annoying 404's will vanish. It'll be a site (sic) to see.

3) So, whatever happened to Josh? Was he kicked off the site? Is he doing freelancing work for the site? Is he doing some other column somewhere else? Come on, tell me where Josh went!

Mike: Josh decided that he couldn't give the fans the time they deserved when the upcoming semester starts. Therefore, he decided to quit before the holidays, giving us time to find Thor. I assume he's gearing up for school, which starts for most of us college types on Monday.

4) This Cirlce of Sages idea is pretty good. Kind of like a different line-up of shows on a TV station.

Thanks, we decided to try something new.

5) Here's a question for all the staff. Who is your fave band?

Ryan: Hrm. I'd have to go with the Goo Goo Dolls. That new CD has grown on me.

Martin: Pearl Jam here.

Mike: I have to go with Weird Al. He makes me feel good when I'm bored.

Lorelai: Enya and Loreena Mckennit all the way!

Alex: It'd have to be the Smashing Pumpkins, of course.

Xenogears oddities

I was playing Xenogears the other day and then something weird happened. After I had gone through the Ethos head quarters and got back into the Yggdrasil there was a Shevat agent in it. Where did this come from? Did I miss something? Also what do you guys think of the platform elements in Xenogears? I think they suck (not because I can't do them but they are boring and take you out of the atmosphere). Also what are the chances of a sequel to Final Fantasy Tactics? I thought FFT was great and it is one of my favorites.

The Deuce

Alex: Ah, that Shevat agent you found back in the Yggdrasil was the one you rescued when going through the Ethos HQ.

I think the platform elements add a little bit to the game, honestly. Sure, they can be a bother at times, but overall I like them.

There have been many rumors going around about Square working on a sequel to Final Fantasy Tactics, but nothing has been confirmed. I wouldn't be surprised if a sequel is produced, considering the success of the first.

We want Xenogears!

This question is for Mike Tidwell. I was wondering if you had any digital music waiting to be posted for Xenogears. And if so, would you post it before all else? I mean, the sound track for that game is absolutely breathtaking. So how 'bout it?

Mike: Hey, a question just for me, cool. Personally, I think Xenogears music is not more special than other Square works to this point. However, I am an avid collector of any Square music CDs I can find, so I am giving a very biased opinion.

I wish I could hurry up some Xenogears submissions. I looked through the pack of email left to sort, and nothing was labeled as a Xenogears submission. There are a decent number of submissions that are not named in the subject, so I may have some in there. I will simply have to post all the good stuff as fast as I can.

Lots of Stuff

Howdy howdy!

I've had a few questions about RPGamer I wanted to ask for a while, and the RPGurus never answered, so I figured this would be a good time to ask.

1) Where is the RPGamer server actually physically located?

It's in Salt Lake City, Utah. The machine itself belongs to Dreamhaven, though RPGamer is far and away the most demanding thing on the machine.

2) Who does all the technical stuff for you guys, like maintaining the server, setting up your email accounts, etc.?

Mike: That would be me.

3) Do you guys actually profit much from RPGamer, or do you pretty much cut even?

We make a little money, just about enough to support our video game addictions.

4) Do you all live fairly close to each other and know each other personally, or is it pretty much all done through cyberspace? If you live far apart, do you guys have occaisonal get-togethers?

Not really. :) We meet on the internet, and once in a long while (E3 for example) some of us will get together and do stuff.

5) Is there other cool stuff on RPGamer like 'Why the Andrews stopped updating' that is no longer linked to?

The Andrews thing is gone, because, well, they no longer work here. :)

6) Did you know that 42 in binary is 101010? And look at this: Add together all the digits: 3 + total digits = 10 x 3 = 101010 Creepy, huh? (guess how bored I was in Ancient History class)

Alex: Heh, I guess you were pretty bored. History class will do that to you ;)

7) Do you guys take donations, like computer parts and stuff?

Mike: Not really. Anything better than what we have would cost quite a bit.

8) What's Mr. Splat up to nowadays (Q&AK #1)?

Ryan: Unfortunately, he splatted on the wrong place and was brutally murdered by a winshield wiper. May he rest in peace.

Other Stuff:

There is none! We didn't get many letters this time (Thor forgot to put it over on the side, that might be the reason,) so send in more for tomorrow. Martin has been very busy other stuff, so he wasn't available for many questions this week. Hopefully this column will start rolling better once we get into the hang of it. And we need your letters, otherwise we'd have to make them up ourselves, and that would be no fun.

-The Sages

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