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Rob Hamilton - September 20 '02- 9:30 Eastern Standard Time

It seems, for better or for worse, I'm still here, despite previous predictions to the contrary. I believe this makes forty-nine or fifty total columns I've done--lost count somewhere in there. Should I be particularly vain, and make a personal archive? I suppose it's possible I could get bored enough to do so.

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... Chrono Trigger?

Final Fantasy Tactics Spoilers
So I was talking the other day to the guy, and the guy said that Final Fantasy Tactics had the best plot and conclusion of any RPG. Just to refresh your memory: big sweeping operatic thing where God helps you kill Jesus at the end, and then Ramza the hero and all the assistant heroes (Mustadio, Agrias, Cid, etc) are stuck in the Land of the Dead, where the airships went when they died. And then, on top of all that, after the closing credits, the Iago/Steerpike figure, Delita, murders Ovelia. In short, it's a real downer, and it's elaborate. So, question is, does anything else come close? Aside from, maybe, Chrono Trigger?

Does the level of "down" stuff in Chrono Trigger really compare in your mind to Final Fantasy Tactics? CT always seemed to end on a happy note, to me. Did you get the bad ending? You have to actually kill Lavos, you know...

Bringing D&D Further In

Greetings Chim/e/rasame,
My two cents over the whole experience thing is this: mix two parts The Adventures of Link with 2 parts LARP/GURPS/Tabletop and choose the stat that you want your character to become more proficient in. Why 2 parts? Double the pleasure, double the fun!) Get a semi steady amount of experience (more for doing cool things like beating a boss battle using only a wooden spoon and no armor... or something) and beef up your characters yourself in areas that they lack in to eliminate chance based stat gains or spell or equipment modifiers like +2 DEX & +2 CONST at level up. It's nice to have a black mage that can cast "ULTIMA-GEDDON-NUKE-BURN-IN-HADES-NOW-YA-FOO!" but it would be even nicer if he had enough stamina and constitution to live long enough to cast it. Easy, buy the smurfin' stat yourself! I can't help but believe that afformentioned system would add strategy to "leveling-up" and maybe take some of the monotony out of it. For all of you Tabletop/LARP/GURPS players out there think of this: what if your characters leveled-up like console RPG's. "I needed another point of Dodge, not ANIMAL KEN!!! What does a frikkin' BADASS WARRIOR need to know how to house train a ferret!?!?!?" See, this would add depth and interest in leveling-up and allow you to custom tailor your party to have mages that weren't puny sissy-girls and to have warriors that may be somewhat formidable when using magic. Fun, huh? ... now for a question... What do you think of Lance Bass being the voice for Sephiroth in Kingdom Hearts?

Edwin Garamond
"It's a little funny how death is the best cure for most any disease., that was morbid."

All in all that's not a bad idea, though it depends heavily on which stats are available to choose from, and on what the rest of the system looks like. Would it be possible to pump a Black Mage full of STR? If this was done, would he be very near the level of power of a fighter in the end? If so, that seems to neutralize the necessity of character class in general.

Die, Evil, by the power of Treasure!

Yo Chim
The big EXP debate. You been following it? If so, please reply. I agree that EXP's major flaw is that you can level up early and overpower everything. That's why I have a new idea. Make it so the only way to level up in the game is to find the levels in the form of some item. The game would only provide these items in obvious place where they are BARELY needed, and then if the player wants to get extra levels, they'd have to go on sidequests. that way, the people that want to be superstrong and kill everything in one hit would have to experiece the whole game. What do you think?

What you would end up with, I think, would seem a little less like an RPG. Zelda does it. People already rely on items for the equipment part of their characters--the experience part is supposed to be their inherent power. Also, I personally had issues with Final Fantasy 8 in that GFs were such an amazingly integral part of the characters' power that almost nothing could be accomplished without them. They were necessary to a greater degree than espers, and even materia. I felt that the characters themselves should have more significance to their own power--why were they chosen to be the SeeDs, anyway, if anyone could do the same thing given the right GFs?

Kingdom Heart Pieces


Adding my .02c to the conversation from yesterday, and bringing up a new RPG: Kingdom Hearts does what someone mentioned yesterday. Every level you don't gain in all stats. Sometimes its increased equiped item limit, or just AP. Other times it's a skill, +3 HP and +1 Str.

Speaking of KH, if anyone was on the border, I say go get it. There's been a dry spell of console RPGs, but by the holiday season, there's going to be like 10 at least, not counting games of other genres coming up. Ignore the fact that it's Disney if it turns you off. Voice acting is AMAZING, I've not found a bad voice yet (sans kiddie-Wakka and Tidus, ugh). Even Cloud's voice is fitting, moreso in the FF7 image than the KH one, but it's still good. And all the people that do the Disney voices are back, so there's nothing to worry about there.

But the Minnie Mouse render looks like crap, IMHO.


There are very few RPGs that actually increase every stat on a character when a level goes up--7th Saga is all I can think of. However, there are several that increase most of them, including Lufia, the Dragon Warriors, and such. Lufia, at least, is balanced just fine.

I would eat them in a box and I would eat them with a fox

Did you read the idea about the fight with Chesh for dominion over the weekend? I think it could be interesting. Anyway, is there a Cowboy Bebop game in existence? I think it would be pretty bad-ass to play as Spike. Fighting with Spike would be even cooler than Fei's kung fu from Xenogears. Just out of an eerie maybe creepy curiosity; what's your favorite food?

So far, I'm winning by forfeit. Spike would be cool, but wouldn't Ein be even cooler? Hmmm...

Favorite food, eh? Prosciutto's pretty good.

Hey, that's two questions!

Hey Chime,

Seems like you get to stay every weekend. You aren't offing the other staff members to maintain your status are you?

One quick simple painless question.
How do you pronounce Koudelka?
Every time I try to say it I gag or something weird happens.


No, I have people to do my dirty work for me. Er, I mean, uh, natural causes~

I'll go out on a limb and say it's spoken like it's written, Koh-DEL-kah. If that makes you gag, though, I'm not sure how to help you.

Chiming out:

Ah, and now, to take a walk back into the wonderful world of Kanji homework. *cough* You know, there's a set of Kanji that's labelled "Kanji for Reading" and one "Kanji for Writing." We have to write both. What gives, sensei!

Hum, birthday in one month.

chime "Shoving is the answer!"

Shoving will protect you from the terrible secret of space!

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