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Rob Hamilton - September 08 '02- 2:58 Eastern Standard Time

This is my last column, here in my relatively short stint as summer weekend host, and I've been brainstorming things I could do to make it special. During said storm, I came to the conclusion that it doesn't really need much extra to accomplish that, it will be special without any of the crazy stuff I used to love so much. (Before you get an unfairly high opinion of my sentimentality, you should probably know that I came to that conclusion largely because I couldn't think of anything.)

The idea of putting my adieu up here in the opening is somewhat contrary, so I'll save it for after the letter content. A note before I begin: I've gotten a high percentage of letters commenting on Trigun, so I'm going to group them together at the beginning. If you aren't interested in anime, or if you're so interested that you don't want it spoiled, then skip to letter number four.

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Gung-ho Trigun Commentary no. Three!

Yo Chime!

First of all, I think you do a great job on the Q&A. GOOD JOB HOORAH!
Now, I've got an answer for the whole Monev the Gale debate.

There are 12 gung ho guns. They are:

Legato Bluesummers
Monev the Gale
Dominique the Cyclops
E.G. Mine
Rai-Dai the Blade
Leonof the Puppet Master
Hopperd the Gantlet
Gray the Ninelives
Zazie the Beast
Chapel the Evergreen
Caine the Longshot
Midvalley the Hornfreak

In fact, in one of the episodes Monev is in, he mentions being part of the gung ho guns, if I'm not mistaken. There you go.


Man has a beast inside that should be exercised, not exorcised.

Huh, I didn't realize Legato considered himself a part of the group. It's been a few months since the last I saw the series, and my memory of it isn't as sharp. The episode with Monev (the twelfth, I believe) was a turning point from the first half of the series to the second--a remarkable change in tone, and yet the quality of the show and integrity of the characters' personalities persisted magnificently.

It would indeed be contrary to Knives' entire philosophy if the Gung-ho Guns killed Vash. One thing I've always been curious about is what Legato's motivations were. Most of the Guns could be said to be ignorant of the true motives of the leaders, but Legato--who, as far as I know, was human--seemed to know exactly what was going on, and was willing to follow Knives' desires without care for his own life. Was Knives controlling Legato completely? I can't say I know.

Gung-ho Trigun Commentary no. Four!

The reason the Gung-Ho Guns were created was not to kill Vash. That was never the actual plan (in Knives and Legato's minds). Their job was to make Vash's life a living hell, by forcing him to witness the death of innocent people. Knives and Legato never expected Monev the Gale to actually beat Vash. They just knew he would cause such incredible destruction that it would bring Vash immense guilt that he wasn't able to save the people of the town.


Their plan worked well.
If not for the relative off-topic nature of this thread (for an RPG site), and the fact that I won't be here to pick up on it, I'd ask opinions about what people thought were the most effective Gung-ho Guns, for the purposes of fulfilling their task.

Gung-ho Trigun Commentary no. Five!

"17) How did Millions Knives make those guns? And what heck kind of name is 'Millions Knives,' anyhow?"

"2)To answer yesterday's question as to what the Gung-ho Guns' purpose is, Knives created them for two reasons: toture Vash and destroy humanity while he was incapacitated, though not neccisarily in that order. "

Now while most of the GHGs try to kill Vash (and are even ordered to do so at times), Legato knows that Knives doesn't want Vash dead, only in pain--be it physical or mental. This is evident when Legato actually tells Vash to <spoilers , highlight to see text> use the Angel Arm against Rai-Dei the Blade, and later on actually forces Vash kill him to save the insurance girls. </spoilers> Kinda frightening, if you ask me.


"You can deny it, but you're a monster."

That second spoiler-censored scene you mentioned is one of the most powerful in the show--perhaps the most powerful. I think it represented a more important death in the series than the episode before it (though I know I'd get a lot of opposition to that idea.)

Chimera demonstrates MPD

Hey there Chimera-sama! (chimeras rock, dude!)

I'm a long time reader and a first time writer... after reading yesterday's and today's column, I had to give my two cents about the hottest RPG male... shame on that person that said Cecil and Squall were ugly! Shame shame shame! -_- But anyway, my idea for the hottest (or sexiest, or heck, even prettiest) male would have to be....

Kuja! *dun-dun-DUN!*

Why? Well, he *is* certainly the prettiest man out there, right? And then there's my tail fetish.. and the thong fetish as well (but don't take either of those the wrong way... I only like humans... with the occasional genome!)

Sorceress Adel from FF8 comes in at a close second... what? You say that Adel's a girl? Aww.. never mind... I just thought that s/he looked a lot like Michael Jackson...

But anyway... sorry for my craziness! Peace!

-The Great Imani-

Lion head: Chimeras do rock.
Goat head: Pff, you and your ego.
Dragon head: Heh, at least he does his job as ego. You're supposed to be the id, but you just sit around eating grass.
Goat head: I'm a friggin goat!
Lion head: Now, now, there's no need to fight.
Dragon head: I agree. The problem is, so does Id over there, and he's not supposed to agree.
Goat head: So what, I'm lazy! Would you rather I go on a killing spree?
Lion head: We're getting off topic. One of us needs to comment about Adel.
Dragon head: Interest in women should be Goat's department, but...
Goat head: Man, I'm not touching Adel.
Lion head: I've heard "she" was a male in the Japanese version, and they changed it so that the English word "Sorceress" would make sense--but they didn't do anything to Adel's graphical appearance.
Dragon head: Wow, taking the easy way out... Goat head would like that.
Goat head: Eh. Flea's still the best genderbending character ever.

News at Eleven: Getting stabbed now considered attractive

Salutations, Bell Master. The final ringing... Well, I figure I'd respond to the discussion on what rpg character is the hottest. One of the most obvious choices is Tifa for the guys and Squall or Locke for the girls. Looks alone, they are pretty much on top (and excuse my expunging of FFX characters, but I'm a poor white boy and can't afford a PS2). Taking character into consideration along with looks, I think Aeris is the "most beautiful" rpg characters. I mean, she's the last of a forgotten race, she's a flower girl, the epitome of everything good in the world, and she gets killed with a sword as long as its wielder's hair. How wonderful is that? And for the guys, I'd say Crono. I mean, just look at his hair n_n. Not to mention that saving everyone and everything through time travel while being clueless for the most part is about as heroic as can be. I don't think Bill & Ted or even Marty McFly could pull THAT one off. Crono was always making sure that the final sacrifice was of himself and not his friends, as made clear in the Ocean Palace. Cool hair, time bandit, and a swell guy... What more could a girl ask for? Alright, I've ranted enough. Take care, good sir.

What's this "Eyes Cream" stuff that Queen Leene wants so badly?

Maybe that's why everybody in Utena wants Anthy so much. She's got a sword sticking out of her at some point in about half the episodes!

Crono is indeed cool. Evaluating coolness, for CT guys, though, I'd have to go with Magus or Glenn. I mean, even their music is among the best in the game.

Rounding out the hot RPG guy fans

You know, I really didn't want to write in about this...but it seems I have little choice. Being a very occasional fanfic writer, I've had to think about what the people would be like if they WEREN'T just pixels, so yeah...there are a few guys I thought would be quite easy on the eyes.

Cecil and Squall have been mentioned, and I agree with them. Zell is number one for me, though. Hey, is it my fault if I like men who are shorter than me? Ashton from Star Ocean 2 is an all around great guy, although his thing for barrels is kind of strange.

<goes through mental list of games> I'd say Rei from BoF: 3, but he's half tiger and has that whole weretiger no. FF6 definitely gets the highest concentration, though, with Locke, Edgar, Sabin, Setzer...yeah. I guess last, at least on the short list of games that I own, would be Rudy and Jack from Wild ARMs. Dang I feel like such a dork. Ah well, SOMEONE had to write this.

Wolfie :)
PS. Please, send condolences to Goog. I'm assuming it was the third choice on his list that went wrong, right?

A lot of people seem to like Zell. I don't really see it, but then, being a straight dude, I guess I'm not supposed to see it.

FF6 was excellent all around, so it's good to see it has its share of hot guys, too! Locke made a nice performance in the Final Fighting Fantasy .swf files that're somewhere on the internet. That 'SplashKhat' person did a good job with those. (If anyone doesn't know what I'm talking about, searching for final fighting fantasy splashkhat will probably turn something up. They're like shockwave animated fanfics!)

Anime Knee Axe

Hello there!

I have a question regarding anime, a medium that you and most (if not all) other RPGamers are familiar with. I admit, I enjoy what little I have seen, and I'd like to really dive in, but I don't know where to begin. Should I begin with Trigun? Evangelion? Escaflowne (which I know Goog touts)? Or something else worth mentioning? I'd love to sit down and watch some, but seeing as how none of my friends share my hobbies, it's kinda hard to know which road to head down.


P.S. ~~ Oh, and I've played and beaten Xenogears, so the "confusion factor" isn't really a problem. :)

Not being turned off by confusion in Xenogears is a good sign. However, Xenogears' level of confusion is mild compared to some anime. Of the three you mentioned, Evangelion is about on par, confusion-wise, or perhaps a bit more confusing, and the other two are less so. But my personal favorite, Shoujo Kakumei Utena (Revolutionary Girl Utena) is notably more confusing. Though it's my favorite, I wouldn't recommend starting anime with Utena. My first full series was Escaflowne (due to Goog's recommendation, actually), and it is indeed a good one. Trigun is possibly the best, or one of the best anime shows for the American mainstream culture who haven't been exposed to much more unusual stuff. One of those two would be great.

There are a lot of series that would be just fine to start yourself off on, and a lot of it depends on your tastes. If you don't like the first thing you see, give something else a chance. Anime, like American television, is a medium in itself, and not merely a genre.

Belldandy and Ifurita own j00.

You did great, Chim.

Yay! My very own bigass sig!
Belldandy rules j00

That means a lot to me, coming from you guys. Thanks.


Greetings (Nabeshin sings) Chimerasame
Now have you ever cosplayed? I'd love to make an outfit up for me if I do get to Anime Central next spring if I can get some money to go there. What costumes would you dress in? I came up with a silly D&D style game with Legos.
Imperial Mog

Dude! Nabeshin! If there's a cooler character in all of anime, I'm not sure who it would be.

I unfortunately let my sense of Bad Pun get the better of me at Acen 2001, and dressed as Touga... in a toga. It was bad.

Yes you are right Chime, Paper Mario was Excellent. I think it totally destroyed the original Mario RPG on the SNES. ( As much as I liked that one.) I just have one question I want to ask you. Who was your favorite ( And by favorite I don't necessarily mean the most useful.) partner? Mine is Goombario, plus I just love his tattle ability.


Destroyed? That's... one way of putting it. I actually liked SMRPG more than Paper Mario, mostly because I prefer a party size larger than Paper Mario's, which was about... one-and-a-half. My favorite cohort, eh? I'm fond of Parakarry. Flying stuff rules!

The quote is from Space Balls, a prety unfunny film in my opinion... I wonder if there's a lot of hardcore Space Balls fans out there? Will I be destroyed?! Whatever.

Who the hell threw that sausage?!

You didn't think Spaceballs was funny? Eh, to each his own and all, but.. man!
"What's the matter, Colonel Sanders? Chicken?!"
Ahh, great stuff.

Senator John McCain threw the sausage.



-- kimura in party hat

<8[                  ]

Poor, poor Kaorin.

Hey, letters from Kimura and Happosai in the same column? They'd probably get along pretty well.

Poor, poor everyone.

Chiming out:

It's been a great six weeks. I'll miss this place! I don't want to make my departure more sappy than it really deserves, so I'll spend the rest of my closing talking about where else I am. Pardon the ego, but I'm going to have to assume for the moment that people want to talk to me.

The best way to reach me is via the EsperNet irc network. My main public hangout there is #fret, which used to be the official unofficial IRC channel of the GIA, but is now just a general place for geeks to talk about geek stuff, and generally be weird. "/whois Chimerasame" or "/whois Odo" would reveal some other chans. #rpgamer is a channel for fans of this site. If you're not familiar with IRC at all, check out mIRC, for Windows, IRCle, for Macs, or xChat, for Linux. There are plenty of other clients available as well, but this isn't meant to be a dissertation on the best ways to IRC.

If you can't stand IRC, I'm reachable by AIM. My username, predictably, is Chimerasame. I also keep a LiveJournal. Finally, email is always a reliable way to send me text, and it doesn't rely on whether I'm sitting at the computer at the time. I expect my RPGamer address to be operative for a while, and there's also my personal address. Some of you might be interested in Ill Logic, my site, which is not updated nearly often enough.

So yeah. I'm not leaving the internet, I'll still be in plenty of places! Besides, who knows, I might even be back here next summer, or something. Who knows?

The shadow knows.

Er, yeah. *cough* So instead of a sayonara, I'll leave you all with "Jaa!" --Seeya.

chime "I am Jack's reference to Fight Club."

The first rule of the Hidden Text is that you do not talk about the Hidden Text.

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