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Rob Hamilton - September 07 '02- 3:34 Eastern Standard Time

Mankind for Ethical Animal Treatment -- so reads a placard for an activist group featured in Futurama. Why I mention that now, I have no idea. Nice acronym, though!

On with this, the second to last column I'm scheduled for:

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Final "Fantasy?"

Since the subject of hot RPG characters has come up, I am characters from newer RPGs have an advantage cause they look more realistic? Or do older systems' characters have the advantage because you can make up in your mind what they look like?

Its interesting how with older games, the in-game characters are just little blobs and you rely upon the hand-drawn character drawing to really know what the character looks like. With the newer systems the in-game character is pretty close to what they would look like in real life.

I'd also be curious to know which characters do people think are "hotter"...the old 8- and 16-bit characters or the latest uber-realistic FMV characters.

It's hard to do a decent comparison, because the recent games tend to have a lot more people familiar with them and their characters than the older games. Of course, among the fans devoted enough to have actual sexual preferences, it might be spread more evenly. No, wait, I take that back, there are a lot of youngish gamers out there who can pretty easily develop sexual preferences without requiring a great deal of devotion to the genre and self-acceptance of nerdiness and whatnot.

One thing to consider is that even older games had plenty of conceptual art, showing a more detailed character sketch that is generally considered 'canon' even if it doesn't appear in the game itself. Sometimes the art differs from the game. (Amano's Rydia had longer hair--personally I prefer the hairstyle of the in-game sprite in this case, though usually I prefer Amano's own work.) Another notable factor is that characters' personalities are not limited by graphics, and plenty of people dig that a lot more than physical attributes.


Hiya, Silkenray here!

As fanart lady, I have seen cute pictures of just about every major male character from just about every major game... and I'd have to say that the cutest male character in any game is, by far, Citan from Xenogears. He's smart, suave, stylish, knows how to use his *ahem* katana, and is generally just plain sexy. The glasses help. I'm a bit of a nerdophile... Now if only that dratted Yui wasn't in the way...



*** RPGamer's Inbox is a proud supporter of nerdophilia ***

Console Tactics

Hey Chime,

I'm very sadden to hear about your premature departure. I only hope you'll be able to stick around for a few more years to be able to fill-in for other Q&A people. I would just like to hear your thoughts about a big announcement which sprouts great conflict deep within my soul. What do you think about the new FFT being on the GBA, and about many other new RPGs appearing on that low-class new generation system?
Just give me a couple of sentences to explain my position. It seems to me that developers choose the GBA because of, well, laziness. By being on the GBA, games don't have to impress gamers as much in terms of plot, sound and graphics because people seem to be happy just being able to play anywhere. FFT is my third favorite game of all time, for the awesome battle and job systems of course, but more importantly because of the whimsical musical score and the superb plot. I don't want to start whining months before the game is actually released, but chances are huge that the plot, graphics and music will be sub-par to a PS2 or Xbox adaptation. Say what you want people, but Nintendo games are always more politically correct in order to appease the younger audience. Imagine FFT2 on the PS2, with a score as rich as FFX's and Shadow Hearts's and graphics and voice-acting as astounding as MGS2. Rather, I'll have to settle for the GBA. And that's what it's all about; settling for less by choosing the GBA.

My ranting's over, let's move to yours. Thanks for all your time and dedication Chime and good luck with college.


Eh, I guess what you have to ask yourself is, is FFT about the graphics, the music, the plot? These things certainly don't hurt it (it has a good plot and great music, certainly; the graphics aren't really improved from FFVII, if they can even be considered that good), but its main focus was gameplay.

Forsaking progression in story, with the sound turned down because the music was repetitive, and practically getting migraines from seeing Wiznaibus flash so many times, I fought random battles for hours on end in Tactics. If I can do that regardless of my physical location, because the next game is on GBA rather than PS2, then even better. If they can develop it faster this way and get started on FFT3 sooner, then better still! That's just my opinion, of course.

Gung-ho Trigun Commentary no. 1!

I own all the DVDs of Trigun, and having listed every single Gung-ho-Gun, down to their number, I can tell you that Monev the Gale introduces himself as Gung-ho-Gun number One. Since Knives is is Vash....and Legato is sorta a demi-god like human, I suppose Knives could have granted Legato long life. Or maybe it's Vash's extremity........(not going to spoil) Anyway, Legato or Knives put Monev in training. So yes, he is a Gung-ho-Gun.

If he actually introduces himself that way, that makes it pretty clear.

Gung-ho Trigun Commentary no. 2!

Hey, Chime,

In response to the person who emailed about Trigun yesterday, Monev the Gale was actually an honorary member of the Gung-Ho Guns. Either that, or he was a hopeful recruit just like *SPOILER*. In any case, I think that Monev's task to kill Vash was his 'initiation,' so as to speak, for him to gain access into the Gung-Ho Guns. Except that doesn't explain why he was training for years, so take my answer if you want.

In other RPG-related news, I'm psyched about Kingdom Hearts! *beats off mobs of people who yell 'Traitor!'* No, really. Assuming about RPGs a lot of the time has made me miss out on some good ones, and luckily I bent to peer pressure and played the games. Funny, the games I thought would be bad, like Xenogears or Final Fantasy X, has actually turned out to be my favorite. So, I'm gonna keep my mind open on Kingdom Hearts. And the fact that some big-time stars are voice acting have nothing to do with it. At all. Nada.


If Monev killing Vash was his initiation, then... what would the point of the Gung-ho Guns even existing after that be?

Yeah, KH doesn't look bad. Say what you will about childish themes, naysayers--but Paper Mario ruled!

Hey now, Cecil was a pimpin' paladin, man!

I have a serious bone to pick here
I mean, come on... Squall? and Cecil?
You were obviously correct in naming FuSoYa as the champion hot guy in all videogames.

As for a question...
Is it just me, or is the Shenmue series taking FOREVER to continue? I'm dying for Shenmue 3, the first two are my favorite games of all time, followed closely by FF6, Xenogears and Super Metroid. I need closure! It's supposed to be seven parts, right? Great story, great graphics, great voice acting (In Shenmue 2, at least), and to top it all off, great gameplay! I'm in withdrawal. Oh well, I guess I'll just play the first two over and over and over until 3 comes out.

and since you enjoyed that closing yesterday so much,

-- Biding my time in Boston

Dear Biding,

I vote Flea. ... Yes.

Sometimes I wonder if we're just less patient than we once were. I mean, Dragon Warrior took a huge gap between four and seven, in this part of the globe. Then, I realize that it isn't a relative lack of patience, it's a relative increase in how easy it is to talk about it with the rest of the community.

Anyway, yeah, Shenmue's taking a bit of time. Plenty of other games to play, though!


You know for some reason I feel a bond with all of those people at RPGamer that answer my stupid questions.I also feel like you are a friend who is moving, maybe its just because this is probably the one of the last times I'll ever talk to you. Better make use of it with stupid questions! In Final Fantasy 6, (or 3), I could swear that when I first got Edward, I was watching him in a battle, and before he used one of his tools, he flipped the ene,y off! Is this my own sleep induced bend on reality of is it real?

I'm flattered, I suppose, that I have such an effect. I'll still be around, though, in various places on EsperNet, so it's not like I'm gone from everywhere.

Actually, I'm going to Greece next summer on a trip through europe...I was hoping to bring my GBA but now I don't know if it's wise of me. This is bad because I'm spending most of my time in Italy and France, then a short cruise to Greece. I think I'll bring it anyways...but man, that is horrible

You might ask around and see what Greece's customs laws are like. I wouldn't pull the thing out and start playing while in Greece, but if you can get by with keeping it at the bottom of your luggage somewhere for the short duration, then I don't see anything wrong with that.

Note: RPGamer does not endorse the breaking of Greek laws while in Greece. Only I, Chimerasame, endorse that.

Greetings (Ilpalazzo sings) Chimerasame
I think that news from Greece is odd considering this is where such ideas as logic and democracy was born. That and who would of thought that someone would have more rights playing games in their home in Kabul than in Athens a year ago.
Imperial Mog

Il Palazzo singing? Bahahah, man, if he sings like he plays the guitar...

Do you know if there is going to be an adaptor for the Gameboy Advance so that you can play the games on a different system? Like the Super Gameboy on SNES.

~The Almighty Anetra Pendragon, etc etc

GBA can hook up to Gamecube, so I could imagine something being created to play GBA games on the big screen without too much trouble. Not sure, though.

Chiming out:

More D&D adventures with my Dwarven Sacred Exorcist, Gorath, as he deals with the trials and tribulations of Having Been Gone From The Party All Summer. Heheh, in my absence, the rest of the party picked up some cleric henchmen, and since we already had a bard and paladin, we've now got more healing capability than we'll likely ever want.

See you tomorrow.

chime "It's Mega-maid! She's gone from suck to blow!"

Woot, I think I'ma be UT anime club staff

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