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Rob Hamilton - September 06 '02- 2:28 Eastern Standard Time

Today marks the start of my last weekend doing this, at least until the next time my amazing substitutatory powers are needed. So, if anyone has anything urgent they'd like me to publicly respond to, get it to me in the next couple days. (I'll respond to stuff afterwards, of course, but my personal correspondance is unlikely to make it into Goog's or Chesh's columns.)

Goog has "Chim being very manic" listed as a new issue. ...Is that really new? I figured I was less manic now than back in the past when I had guest hosts like Michael Greenhut and IRC channels, but maybe I'm wrong! Ah, well, time for some mania.

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Famed for philosophy, but failing to use it

Kingdom Hearts Spoiler:

In response to the one guy from Goog's last column, Cloud's appearances are limited to when you fight him in the Olympian Colliseum and a few other instances; him being playable looks unlikely. On the plus side, not only does his voice not suck, it's exactly as I pictured it. Arrogant as ever...

Not a Kingdom Hearts Spoiler:

In other news, all forms of video gaming, down to electronic card games, has been banned in Greece.,10870,2879165,00.html

And my condolences to Goog.

The Crusader

It wasn't until FFX that the phrase "ugly as sin" took full meaning.

I edited this letter to look the way it does so that people who don't wish to be spoiled about Kingdom Hearts might still look at the link below it. This anti-gaming law is a serious issue in our field--one I hope will be reversed by the Greek government sooner than later.

Ironically, the first time I heard about this was the evening after I got back from seeing My Big Fat Greek Wedding. I was thinking the Greeks had a pretty interesting culture--then Greece passes this crazy law! (Wonderful movie, by the way. I recommend it.)

Chimerasame Landers

Alright I have quite a few questions, but first off I would like to say I would do Jay and Silent Bob. With that said, how is it possible for Marle to have the pendent in Chrono Trigger as a family heirloom, when in Chrono Cross, Kid has it and Schala exists in the future. It all just boggles my mind.

This next question has absolutely nothing to do with video games, but I can't sleep right now, and no one has really given me an answer. So this guy that I like (doesn't it always start out like that?) likes me and I would do absolutely anything for him. We've known eachother since we were juniors (like a year) and did kinda go out for awhile but went to just being friends. Well we were getting all cuddly again when he decides to completely ignore me and go out with a freshmen (high school freshmen). What the poop?! I am seriously distressed and upset over this, and the only reason for this that anyone has given me is that he's a pedophile. And because i am sleep deprived I will ask complete strangers the answer, good night!

~Boggled in Seattle

You know, it wasn't long ago that I was thinking about how nobody ever used that kind of signature when writing the RPGamer column. It seems to be almost the only one used for columns like Dear Abby, but I'd never received a letter signed that way before--and now, I have. Thanks!

Perhaps the pendant was returned to ancient Zeal after Kid was done with it. Or perhaps Marle returned her version to ancient Zeal after Chrono Trigger was over.

While he's not necessarily a pedophile, it seems to me that he's not treating you that well. If he hadn't started getting cuddly with you again, it'd be excusable (and sensible) for him to get into a relationship with someone else, but I think it's quite odd that he would start acting semi-romantic with you immediately before it.

'Course, I lack a great deal of information about the people involved, and compounding that, I'm not a psych major, or even especially wise or experienced in my own right.

Cool, one response!

Hey Chime, as an answer to your disturbingly disgusting statement that FuSoYa would be one of the hottest guys in RPGs, I decided to mail in my thoughts and see if anyone agrees. And to make things more interesting, I'm even gonna give two names, so you gets that "fangirl writing slash lemons" commentary you asked so dearly for ^_^ . Undoubtedly, Cecil from FFIV is my first choice: handsome knight in shining armor anyone? As for his yaoi partner, I'd have to say I have a soft spot for Squall (I know,he's kinda the cold and distant type, but soooo cute).

Oh,and while on this subject, does anyone else think it would be neat to have a poll on the hottest RPG characters?

Wow, my idea was not only disgusting, but disturbingly disgusting. Ah well.

Thanks for the input! Votes now stand at Cecil: 1, and Squall: 1, so it seems they win.

A letter which, like most, has nothing to do with tax deductions

Hey Chim,
I just got Final Fantasy 10 and I'm having difficulties accumulating enough ability spheres to go around. I am on the Djose high road and all the guides I looked at told me how to get them towards the end of the game. Any help would be appreciated.


I'm not a maven in the FFX field, but from what I've gleaned, you need to fight "hard" (as in difficult) monsters to get spheres. Ochus were at first purported to perhaps give them, but my source then said that they don't; they give Remedies. Basilisks drop them, as do Dual Horns.

Anime the Speculation

Trigun Spoilers

This has absolutly nothing to do with RPGs as far as I know, but I was wondering; in Trigun, is it ever stated that Monev the Gale is one of the Gung-Ho-Guns, or was he just an independant contractor hired by Knives?

"And what kind of name is 'Millions Knives,' anyhow?"

I only know about the anime, and not the manga, so there may be information I lack. In the anime, Legato Bluesummers was shown dealing with Monev the Gale, but there was no link with Knives himself. Monev's monicker, with the characteristic [Name] the [Title] format, is certainly consistent with the majority of the Gung-ho Guns, but then so is "Vash the Stampede," so that doesn't necessarily mean anything.

As long as Monev had been training for Legato before the incident, I think it's likely that he was indeed a part of the Gung-ho Guns. Very few independant contractors would accept a contract that forced them to train for years before making their move.


Wasn't "May the force be with you, for me to poop on" a reference to one of the Umi outtakes on the dub version of MKR?

Ribby, who is a cute little strawberry

Hmm... I suppose, in theory, it's possible that one of the MKR voice actors is a Conan O'Brien fan, and made a reference to Triumph the Insult Comic Dog in the outtakes, as I was doing with that quote. Dunno!

I've never seen a strawberry play a clarinet!

Hey Mister Chimera,

I know this isn't a game-related question but I just gotta ask. What's with the 'Poll of the Week' on the main page? It hasn't changed for at least two weeks now. Should we start calling it the 'Poll of the Month' or are they just really REALLY curious as to everyone's opinion on the GBA release of A Link to the Past??


You've caught onto our secret. The NSA is using RPGamer's extremely important poll to tally information that could related to national security. Sigh. Now that people've found out, we'll have to start over...

This is odd and off the wall but bear with me. In the game Star Ocean The Second Story I believe, why is it Noel in battles and such clearly has cat ears, but in his stat picture and full anime picture he has ears like one or Rena's race? This is an odd question, but hey, I'm an odd guy.

That's nothing. My ex has bat wings sticking out of the top of her head, which never appear in photographs or mirrors, and have the odd effect of making most people deny their existence.

Chiming out:

I've got some nihongo (read: Japanese) homework to do before I go to sleep tonight. As they say, if you don't procrastinate, it pays off later, but if you do procrastinate, it pays off now! So, yeah, 1:30 AM (CST), and I haven't started. Fortunately it should be pretty short.

Ja mata ashita, ne!

chime "C is for Chai Tea, that's good enough for me~"

Any artist that draws a good Flea immediately followed by a good Cookie Monster is awesome.

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