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Rob Hamilton - September 01 '02- 3:05 Eastern Standard Time

With another round of quality over quantity, today's mail is relatively little (though notably more than Friday.) I'll save you my inane commentary on spam, and get right into these RPG-related letters.

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I'm doomed to be a monkey. Can't I at least be that chimney sweep from Mary Poppins?

Dear Chim-chim,

This is more of a request than a question. Do you know where I can download the audio for the infamous Sea Mama monologue from the RPG "Shadow Hearts". I have the game and will probably end up getting a save file right before that event, but I wanted to play around with the audio and do not have audio capture utilities.

Thanks for your help if you have a link. And if not, can you print the letter in the hopes that a reader can help me out?

My Thanks,


Asking around has produced some results.

<GauHelldragon> infamous!
<GauHelldragon> the NERVE
<GauHelldragon> you should verbally assault this hooligan for the blasphamy he dared to speak!

Unfortunately, these results are not conducive to actually helping you. Rico, from Editorials, suggests hooking up your PS2 to your line in on your computer and using WAV recording software, which exists on almost any machine produced in the last decade or so.

Flattery will get you nowhere everywhere Well, it can't hurt, anyway.

Hey C,
I think the Fire Emblem movie which Vyctori Windheart was referring to last column might be the Fire Emblem anime: I actually saw the anime myself quite a while ago and I personally thought it was pretty cool. However, since it's only one tape, the story never picks up and it seems they omitted creating the dozen or so following episodes. After searching around various sites, I realized that this very VHS tape might possibly be the only one they made based on Fire Emblem. So if you want the whole story either import the previous games or read the mangas. By the way Chime, you are excellent in the Q&A column and you're always on time which I'm sure many people, including myself, appreciate greatly. Don't leave us!


I'm scheduled for a six-week tenure this summer, and right now I'm bringing the fifth to a close. After that, Chesh is regaining internet access. As far as I know, the plan is for the Goog/Chesh duo to resume, as per before I started this August.

Though I'm glad people want me to stick around, I'm not really sure I'd be a great permanent host. I have remarkably little experience in recent RPGs, as approximately pointed out by 'Dave,' who wrote in to Goog's column a couple weeks ago protesting the Inbox title. I say "approximately" because this Dave accused me of knowing nothing about RPGs, which is a claim that simply doesn't hold water. I'm a master, back in the SNES and some of the early PSX era! I can look over your shoulder as you play FFIV and tell you what's in almost every treasure chest in the game before you open them, dagnabit!

Anyway, if knowledge of recent RPGs is a prerequisite at all, you don't want me to be the man for the (permanent) job. I'd consider doing it if that weren't the case. I have my resources, of course--you've certainly seen me answer questions about a few recent matters! However, that stuff is limited.

'Sides, it's not in my hands to decide. Goog and Myst, American President George W. Bush, and American Vice President Richard 'Dick' Cheney all have more power than I do. (I'll leave it up to you to determine which are relevant.)

Gren doesn't hold a candle

If I recall correctly, Flea called himself male. Was that some sort of bad translation joke, or did Flea just have a hormonal issue?


According to the second part of the Chrono Trigger script RPGamer's hosting,

Keep your guard up!
This is no ordinary woman!
Meet Flea, the magician!

What the...?!
I'm a GUY! ;D =>

So yeah, assuming he's being honest there, Flea's a guy. The Japanese version agrees, though Flea proclaims his maleness using rather feminine forms of speech. "Atai wa otoko yo!" Atai, I believe, is a shortening of "Atashi," which is one of the more feminine ways to say "I" in Japanese--I'm not completely sure of this, though, so if anyone more fluent than I would like to drop me (or Goog) a line, feel free.

Either way, he can still make the list of hottest women!

Follow-up commentary

Hey Chime,

thanks for your input on my earlier question on hottest chick, to back my list up: 1 My mind was set to playable characters only so that takes care of why I didn't mention Edea and Flea (agreed, both incredibly hot), i have just started Xenogears so i didn't really know who Elhaym was, and as for Lucca well she is my guilty pleasure, i guess i just thought i would get ridiculed if i mentioned her cuz of her thick glasses but yeah she is one of my favorites. anyways didn't mean to let you down by not mentioning those names for one reason or another.

oh and since you never did get the date with Barret what dates have you had for FFVII? i've only had Aerith (Aeris) which was cool but i would think Tifa and Yuffie would be pretty swell also, and also Barret i mean how couldn't that be great in the gondola ride with cloud? hilarious.


Hey, Edea's briefly playable...

You know, nobody wrote in about who they thought the hottest guys are. Tch. I thought there might be, y'know, a decent fangirl base reading, or something! There're enough fangirls to write slash lemons about guys from alllll kinds of video games and anime, and I was hoping to draw on that...power, to see what kind of disturbing commentary I could get, but there's nothing! I'm just going to declare FuSoYa the winner. If you can't live with that, then correct me.

Chiming out:

Today, I go be a dork for a while more, and rewatch episodes 1-13 of Utena, while I try to get some of my friends into the series. If anybody reading this column also goes to UT and wants to come watch, the 'marathon' starts/started at 1:00 PM, in the room called "The Q" (no relation to any gyms), in Andrews' basement. If, like most people, you don't live anywhere near Austin, Texas, then that information is likely quite irrelevant.

Charles Barkley: Hey.

Jay and Silent Bob: Charles Barkley, how many times do we have to tell you, we do the random unprecedented appearances in Chim's closing!

Charles Barkley: Appearances? But there's only one...

Jay and Silent Bob: Go back to bothering Michael Jordan in those old commercials. Snooch to the nooch!

Chim, again: In case anyone was curious, for some reason, about which character I chose for my D&D campaign, I went with Gorath Battorheim, the Dwarf. Cleric 7, Contemplative 1, Sacred Exorcist 4 (not necessarily in that order.) I have the leadership feat as well, but I'm not really sure what kind of cohort I want to pick up. Maybe some sort of archer, that's about all the party lacks at this point.

chime "triumph owns"

May the force be with you, for me to poop on.

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