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Rob Hamilton - August 31 '02- 4:17 Eastern Standard Time

You might be a geek if you have ever come up with the idea to take the cast of characters from a video game (FFVI, in this case), and convert them to a pantheon of deities for a D&D world. And then, as if that's not enough, work out all their alignments and general portfolios. Sigh. There is no hope of recovery...

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To start with, an issue from yesterday

As far as I've seen, the Aid skill in Hoshigami affect stats at level ups. Each Diety has certain attributes that they like, using amu as an example, he gives bonuses to the more physical stats, and he "favours" Strength, as the manual says. While just being a Deciple of Amu gives you bonuses to stats and changes your gains at level up slightly (by a point or two), the Aid skills further increase the gain of the "favoured"stat by a further 1 point.

There was a lot of discussion on Gamefaqs about the mechanics in Hoshigami, and a lot of people tested this sorta thing out, which confirms my own observations.

Hope that helps.
Oni Vagrant
The Wandering Demon

'Tis certainly a greater level of detail than I could hope to offer about the game.

More on yesterday's issue

Imperial Mog, just a quick update on that Hoshigami question from yesterday.
I asked around and this is what I found out:

[03:23] <GauHelldragon> oh [03:23] <GauHelldragon> the level 1 spells? [03:23] <GauHelldragon> no idea [03:23] <GauHelldragon> probably nothing [03:23] <GauHelldragon> that game sucks [03:23] <GauHelldragon> >:|
So, there you have it!
-- Pipps For no reason at all, a 1987 Toyota Van!

Yeah, but can it go helluva fast?

Multipart of Obscurity

Hello Chimerasame,

Since my questions seemed to have vanished into the black and endless void that is Google's inbox, I thought I'd send them to you (if you don't mind...).

First, is there ANY place at all that I can find recent information about the new Fire Emblem title, The Sword of Seals (or any combination of the words "Sword" and "Seal(s)(ed)" that you prefer)? The most recent news I've heard was from mid-April, and that does not bode well for an English translation of the game.

Second, I heard rumours that there was a Fire Emblem movie, not necessarily related to the games. Is this true, and if so, where can I get it? It doesn't have to be dubbed; I'll watch it in Swahili if necessary.

Third, in your opinion, is there any chance whatsoever of a realistic The Legend of Zelda title? With adult Link? Actually, the second part doesn't matter so much; Shigeru Miyamoto favours Young Link, so I'm not getting my hopes up. I'm a staunch anti-Celdaist and I want to know whether or not I should abandon all hope.

And finally, about a month ago, Google mentioned a discussion on anime hair colour and personality. I was wondering exactly where is it? It sounds interesting and I can't find it in the archives.


Vyctori Windheart

As for the first issue, it's my belief that there's no plan for an English release of the game, unfortunately. This site, link thanks to Mailbag's Liz, has been updated more recently than the one you mention.

The third issue isn't really something that expertise could offer an answer to (which is just as well, seeing as I don't have any particular expertise in the field!) My guess is that enough fans will disapprove--relatively speaking--of young Link that we'll see a few games with him as an adult. 'Celdaism' is another matter: it'll probably last about as long as polygons did, and we might see something entirely new in the 5th generation.

As for the second and fourth topics, I haven't heard of such things, so I'm afraid I can't be of much help. Anybody know anything about an FE movie?

Old question, but fun

Dear chime,

Who do you think the hottest Square girl is for SNES? (Marle, Terra, Celes, Rosa, Rydia, Ayla), for PS? (Aerith, Tifa, Yuffie, Rinoa, Quistis, Selphie, Garnet, Yuna, Lulu, Rikku) i just thought i'd get your opinion on hot chicks in video games. (hell it's part of the reason i play them).

Also did you get the Barret date for FFVII and if so was it worth it? just wondering since i thought it had potential to be quite hilarious and absurd.


This topic seems to come up periodically, and discussions on it can get rather silly at times. A lot of people would just as soon never bring it up, I mean, come on, video game characters?

But, for reasons I fail to understand, it's interesting anyway! Rydia's up there, for SNES, as are Lucca and Flea, who you didn't mention! For PS, you left out quite a lot more names, including Elhaym--definitely up there. Quistis, yeah... Edea too. (I indeed believe FF8 should have ended with Edea taking Rinoa's place in the party.) In a move I'm sure Google will regret, I'd like to put a spin on the topic and open the floor to this question, aimed at the ladies in the reading audience (and any men who would also like to answer): What guys from said restricted fields are, as they say, 'hot?'

Never did get the Barret date. Whether it's worth it probably depends on how much time you have, and how much you value the real thing over reading a transcript of it online somewhere.

Mysidian Institute of Transmutation

Bah. MIT had an anime class last spring. Not that I took it or know what it was about, other than watching and debating and writing papers about anime, but I just wanted to take a moment to point out that you don't have to be a huge school to have an anime class--you just have to have a lot of fangirls/boys.

And I know at least two people who took the class if you want more info. I almost bought the books for it just because.


I stand corrected. Though, I'd bet there are a lot more small universities that don't have a class like that than small ones that do. There are probably more large ones that don't than do, also, but I would imagine a smaller ratio.


The quote is from a rather silly and chilling scene in Shadow Hearts. Do I get a tilde?

Goog still monopolizes the tilde market around here, but I can give you a crowbar:

Just so you know, at least one person got the "Sideways Stories from Wayside School" reference ^_^

Oh, and to give this a little more substance, what are your thoughts on cosplay?


Heheh, those books rocked. I want to read 'em again, now!

Cosplay? I think it's an interesting form of fan-expression. Like fanart and fanfics, it has potential for great things, but there're also a lot of unremarkable results. Even those unremarkable ones, though, if they're fun to create, are worth it. Personally, there aren't really any characters I like who I could also pull off looking similar to.

Goog seems to have a problem with updating the main page towards the end of the week. I didn't even see his past two columns until today. Maybe that explains the lack of letters.

- a helpful ChocoMog ZERO

I don't keep close tabs on index 100% of the time, but based on my knowledge of RPGamer, I'd say that's quite likely to be an issue with server cache. Ctrl-refresh usually works for me (though not always.)

Chiming out:

Tomorrow, I go back to a D&D campaign from which I have been missing the whole summer, what with being in a different city and/or country and all. The rest of the party has advanced about six levels without me! Right now I'm trying to decide which of my old characters to start back up again at a higher level. Ahh, the touch choices one makes in life...

chime "K'Ehylar rules"

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