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Rob Hamilton - August 25 '02- 2:48 Eastern Standard Time

Relatively few letters came in today, compared to what was going on last weekend. Enough to write a column with, obviously, or I'd have just stuck a splash page here, but... not quite as many! I suppose a good number of you readers are getting back to school just like I am, and are thusly busy with schoolish concerns. Well, quality over quantity, anyway--on with the bunch that wrote!

Also: Hooray Samus! Go Megaman.

Jungle wa Itsumo Hale Nochi Guu is wild.

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A Rose, by any other name...

Hey Chim, how's it going. I'm one of those long time readers of Q&A, first time writer. I just have a quick question for ya. Who sings the opening song in Legend of Dragoon?I used to start the game up and just sit there listening to that over andover. I'm not sure why I like it so much. Also regardless of wether you know the answer to this or not, are there any other performers or music that sound similar? Thanks for the time

The Amber Sloth

Though some parts of the archive are hard to find, RPGamer has interviewed the composer of Legend of Dragoon, once upon a time. He said in the interview that the vocalist's name was Elsa, and that he'd be doing another project with her--I'm not sure if anything has come from that.

And LPs won't even fit in it!

I'm getting my PS2 fixed! For free! By Sony! Booyah!

Sorry, but it's been on the blink for five months now. Speaking of which, if you own a PS2 or know someone who owns a PS2 (or both) have you ever seen it not work to a terrifying degree? What's your stance on the issue?

As for something RPG related, have you ever played Arcanum? Did you like it? Did the music drive you absolutely out of your mind after a while?

Alright, that's all. I'm hella outtie, yo.


"Man it is stupid dark in here."
"Hold it. I refuse to be part of a society that encourages rampant abuse of it's own language."
"Fair enough. Man, it is hella dark in here."
"Now was that so hard?"
(Name the quote!)

I heard some stories of PS2s breaking down, back when the system was new, but those stories have been few and far between more recently. Either they're making 'em better, or people are less vocal about their losses than they once were. I have heard more recent stories about PS2s failing to play VCDs and some types of DVDs.

Can't say I've played Arcanum! As for your quote, um... you said it! Just now, in your letter's closing! Yeah...

Wildbow's head on a stick! I HAVE THE CONCH!

Hey Chim,

University of Texas, eh? That course looks very interesting. I goto Memorial University of Newfoundland and this past year we had introductory courses in the Japanese language. In the fall, part I of the course was popular (apx. 40 ppl). In the winter, part II had less (25 to 30). Now, this fall part I it is being offered again and a part III as well. The part III was the result of a petition and, while it is currently listed as a course to register for, it might be closed if not enough people sign up for it. Even if part III goes ahead, there may not be enough demand for a part IV in the winter and, even if there was, after this year, it is unlikely that there'll be enough demand for many courses in Japanese. The bottom line is demand. If there's around 20 1st year students each fall for Japanese I, then the course can be offered. But, if they don't think they'll get that, Japanese at MUN might just fade away.

I was trying to determine the enrollment figure from the UTexas website, but I couldn't find it. Do you have any idea how many students (roughly) attend your college? I'd like to know what you mean by "big". MUN has nearly 16 000 students in total.

Oh yeah. Chim, do you have any idea why it was thought for so long that the FFT on GBA was going to be a remake? The news from a couple of days ago was a big shock to me.

You played FFT right? Don't you think the ending is, at the very least, confusing? A lot of people debate two very important scenes that occur at the end of the game. I can't understand why Google said it was "straightforward and explicit". If I think one thing, Google thinks another, you have yet another opinion, and George down the street has a different idea, how can it be "straightforward and explicit"?

- Rahlious aka Mike White

Yeah, demand is an important factor in whether a class can be given, and demand is easier to achieve with a college the size of UT: "almost 49,000 students, about 25 percent in graduate and professional programs." Largest single-campus university in the nation, so I hear.

Before Square even announced the GBA game, many people had surmised that FFT would work quite well on the system. A remake would have been a fairly good idea.

As far as the meaning of the ending--if there's one thing I learned from high school English teachers, it's that what seems straightforward and explicit to one person, like, say, the symbolism in Lord of the Flies, can be quite obscure and cloudy to the next. Said symbolism was perfectly clear to my 9th grade English II teacher. But was it clear to me? Better question, was it clear to the author, William Golding, who has said that most of the symbolism people interpret from Lord of the Flies wasn't meant to be there? I bet he's even more confused than I am about the whole business!

The mysteries of Digisubs

I have been hearing a lot about the Final Fantasy Unlimited anime series and was wondering if you knew of any place that I would be able to get a copy of the series.


I just checked, and FFU has not yet been licensed by any American company. What that means is that there are lots of online fansub/distro groups that're still serving to us anime lovers who don't happen to be in Japan watching the original releases. If you're familiar with IRC, that's almost certainly the best place to look for such things. I could write for multiple paragraphs about the dos and don'ts of filesharing and leeching on IRC, but that'd be getting way more off-topic than even I care to go! A few main points:
DALnet, EFnet, and EnterTheGame tend to be the networks where anime is most commonly found, last I checked.
The command /list will list all public channels on a network. You can give it parameters, like "/list anime", which will list all channels containing "anime" in the name. If you have a fast connection (which I do!), and you don't have a bandwidth limit (which I do, unfortunately), then you might even be able to set up a server yourself. Running a good server will vastly increase the likelyhood of people wanting to go out of their way to send you things.

Don't say it too loud, or everyone'll want one!



Hey, If Mog can do it, so can I =)

Anyway, who's your pick for least favorite/most useless/most annoying RPG party member? I'd have to say Rafa/Malak. Why in the world would someone bother carefully getting these guys for assassins when they SUCK SO MUCH?!

Huh, guess that's all I have to say. Have a nice day.

"Layer upon layer make your mark now! Haste!"

My ex wrote a fic about Rafa and Malak not being useless. Though, it wasn't on the battlefield. *cough* Perhaps I shouldn't specify any more. Yeah, definitely not.


No fair! There's a class on Anime at your college!? No fair, I cry... My college wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole... then again, this is a Communit College I'm going to, so, not really a surprise there... Anyway... I've got this sudden urge to play through Legend of Mana... Got it two Christmases ago... played it to about halfway through and left it for... something that didn't require me putting stakes in my chest...

You probably typoed "community," but it's much more interesting to imagine that you typoed "communist." A communist college! Hah! Everyone gets the same grades!

You'll have to excuse my friend. We're trying to put him through rehab, but it's not working very well -_-

Oh, and if he reads this: WHITE FLAME THUNDERBIRD ARROW!!!

Is it safe?

Is it safe?

Is it safe?

I just have to say Square sucks. Why? I bought a PSX for FF7, haven been a previous fan to the series. I already thankfully own a GBA (and Flash Linker Advance at that!), but I really don't want to buy a GC. But I'm going to end up doing it, because of FF:Crystal Chronicles.


I'm trying to follow your logic and see if you explain what makes Square suck, but I'm lost. They produce games good enough to make you willing to buy two systems? Oh, they suck for making you buy two systems. Yeah, that's pretty rough. Imagine what'd happen if by some miracle the Wonderswan Color got brought to America. Then there'd be another system you had to buy!

Tell me if this is a bad idea because I thought it might be kind of cool. Say the developer's of RPG Maker 2 held a contest, to see who made the best RPG, and say the prize was to have your RPG created and available to the public. Aside from the fact that it would consume MASSIVE amounts of time to play all those games is there really a flaw in this? Unless maybe the company would see no reason to hold such a contest; I.E. no large amounts of money being gained.

It would take a lot of effort to judge. A lot a lot.

Greetings (goog sings) Chimerasame

Well I have a question I need answered. I was talking to someone at a game store and someone doesn't seem to like it. Especilly since some unknown person sent an e-mail to me with some specific threats against me personally and it's quite legitimate. What do you think I should do? Also I want to see the sages come back on.

Imperial Mog

Wait, wait. 'Someone?' Was it disliked that you talked at all in a game store, or was it disliked that you talked to a specific person? There are way too man variables in this to properly evaluate it!

Chiming out:

Only two columns from me this weekend, but I expect to be back next Friday. I have a new office chair! Tall-backed, grey, with armrests. Nothing fancy, but it's worlds more comfortable than the wood chairs that come with the dorms. (Said wooden chair is now acting as my printer table.)

This week has been strange, what with Goog's unexpected absence and all. Hopefully next week will prove to be interesting in a more run-of-the-mill way!

chime "Spira Mirabilis Theater"

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