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Rob Hamilton - August 24 '02- 00:18 Eastern Standard Time

Not having to live with my parents and sister is a nice aspect of going back to college, as is the fact that there's a lot more interesting stuff to do in Austin than Fort Worth, on the whole. But, nerd that I am, what I've really missed is the high-speed resnet connection. Coming from my 56k modem at home to this is like putting on Stallion's True Holy Rune, taking twenty levels of psychic warrior and spending all the bonus feats on Speed of Thought, wearing a pair of Boots of Striding and Springing, and having an esper-powered magic user imbue me with Haste and Quick. It's good to be back.

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Reading Looking at Elhaym is Fundamental

Heya Chime-sama!

I was surfing online, and I found something that made me make various humorous choking noises. Apparently, you can order Xenogears: Perfect Works from Maybe this is old news, but I was in shock when I realized obtaining this masterpiece was so simple. Now if only I had some money...

BL Alien
F0R GR34T JUST1C3!!!

I've seen copies of it at a couple anime cons, and each time I aaalmost picked one up, but then something more appealing to me caught my eye, like, say, an Utena artbook.

Good to know Amazon has it, though. Yet another thing to make sure I never have too much spare cash!

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Hey Chim,

I'm kinda bumming because my favorite radio show (Opie & Anthony) got cancelled and lost their syndication deal over a harmless little prank involving people having sex at St Patrick's Cathedral. But I decided to cheer me up a bit, I'd write a letter to my favorite Inbox. :) So anyway, I saw that Final Fantasy 3 is coming to GBA...Is this FF3 the NES game or FF6 the SNES game? I assume the NES one because I think I read that FF1 and 2 are being remade, too. Do we know if they're coming to the US? If so, any idea when? All these ports are seriously making me consider getting a GBA, which I really wasn't into the idea before. Anyway, have a swell day!

Robust Stu

Aww, Opie and Anthony's off the air? Man, I'm out of the loop with ... pretty much anything radio-related, but as I recall, that was one of the more entertaining things to listen to when I didn't have access to a CD player.

Word on the street is that FF3j, the game originally for the NES and as-yet-to-be-commercially-released in North America, is coming to Game Boy Advance. There's been no announcement as to whether it will reach the western hemisphere's shores (though I'm certainly hoping it does, because I already have a GBA!)

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Chimerasame, I am surprised, as much as everyone else, about Square and Nintendo getting back together. Although I probably won't get FF:Crystal Chronicle anytime within the near future (due to lack of Game Cube), I am quite excited about the GBA games. A few questions, though...

1. FF3 is being rereleased, but what about FF2? I have never played it, but I would gladly buy it, if only to fill the gap in the Final Fantasies I own. Is it not worth a rerelease?

It's interesting to get two questions that seem to reflexively half-answer each other. FF1 and FF2 are being rereleased for the PSX, and, as is the case with FF3, it is not yet known whether we'll get them in North America. From what I've heard, FF2j is not as good as FF3j, but bears a notable resemblance to FF1.

2. I am extremely ecstatic about Final Fantasy Tactics having a sequel on the GBA, but I would have to wonder how well that could go, without a total story revamp... Any ideas on where the storyline could take us, if actually related to the last one?

Your guess is about as good as mine. Actually, no, that's not true. Your guess is most likely better than mine. Whatever it is, I hope they tweak the system enough so that it's no longer possible for a 95-faith generic follower to leave your party because the main character's faith is too low, when in fact, the main character's was 100.

3. I did buy FFX (for those of you keeping track at home, haha), and remember hearing about a sequel to this one directly. Any new word on that?

Thanks again,

A story sequel to a numbered Final Fantasy. Wow. What is the world coming to?

Link! He come to town! He come to save! The Princess Zelda~!

Oi Chim,

You know, Square has been suprising me with these recent major news updates on their games for the Gamecube & GBA. Particularly, with the GC-GBA link up, I mean, I don't quite know what they're thinking when they say the GBA will act as the controller when playing Crystal Chronicle on the GC. I guess it's an interesting concept, but then again, this has been done before with a few other games, I believe.

The company hasn't announced anything concerning what role the screen of the GBA will play in Crystal Chronicle, but I think it would be kind of neat to have it view the menu screen, or perhaps a mini-game of some sort.

What do you think o' wise Chime-sama?

AlexG -
loyal fan of the Q&A Column

One thing that occurs to me is that the menu of commands (Fight, Magic, Steal, Item, for example) could appear on the GBA rather than taking up space on the big screen. I'm not sure how much I'd care for that, personally, though--I don't usually stare at my controller when I play games, I stare at the TV. I think it'd throw me off if I were forced to use both. Now, if the GBA were simply for a self-contained minigame, that'd be fine, but I can't easily imagine something that would make it desirable to have a GBA function as a controller.

A game so old, RPGamer's preview was written by Brian Glick

Will they ever make a second part for Brigandine?

The Magic 8-Ball:

The Other Side of The Magic 8-Ball:
It is doubtful.

Now With 200% More Random Commentary

Hey Yo,

[with regard to Sony's network adaptor for the PS2] I was wondering how the pricing works? Is there a cost for service for the adaptor in addition to the ISP I already have.

"One man's Excalibur is another man's dirk" or I you don't get it,
"One man's trash is another man's treasure"

In other words, don't dump on a game unless you have played it yourself

BTW, The RPGuides title for 8/21 is a reference to Kurrgan from Highlander.
- Blade Stryfe

PS. check out

I am far from well-versed in the matters of the network adaptor. It likely depends on the game. FFXI will require a seperate cost.

Your point about not judging games without playing them is a good one. I mean, it's reasonable to trust your friends' judgment and all, but some people don't seem to have any self-will. It's not even tied to games. My mom said about some movie, I don't remember what, "It looked interesting, but it got such bad reviews!" It's her quintessential view of movies--always agree with a reviewer. My mom's normally a fairly independant thinker, too. Ah, well.

Ah, an expert opinion has come in!

<Stom> Depends on the game. Unlike Nintendo and MS's contrasting yet clearly defined online options, Sony will have a slightly mixed system. Some games will require additional fees and some will not. While that sounds exactly like Nintendo's plan, the difference is in that Sony is giving support and funding but then is taking in a percentage, whereas Nintendo has left all fees and profit to the developers.



-- mr. kimura <8[]


-- kaorin

Chiming out:

Y'know, a lot of people seem to think that a big college is bad, because it 'reduces everyone to a number' or some such nonsense. I think a big college is great, because I think it would be very rare to find an upper-division class on anime at any small private school in the country. Ahh, this should be a good semester.

chime "moc.remagpr@emihc"

Hey, an acronym of those words in that link below spells 'Yomi!' :D

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