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Rob Hamilton - August 16 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

I don't really like the emphasis that the column has on questions. Many of you have interesting points of view and commentary that you'd like to offer, and it's silly to expect you to phrase it in question form all the time. This isn't Jeopardy! Since your thoughts might be short, or otherwise difficult to work into a substantial self-supporting article, you don't want to have to format them for the Editorials section--for that matter, you may not enjoy the infrequency of said section's updates.

Of course, you can send questions, if you like. You can send whatever you want! On occasion, I might even be able to come up with intelligent answers. My point in changing the title is just to de-emphasize the Q&A concept.

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Sundry and Unrelated, but Interesting

Hello, Chimerasame!

In response to a letter from your last column about importing games, I have recently begun doing so, and though I cannot read much more than "hai" or "iie", I still enjoy playing. Really, the only game I have right now is Bahamut Lagoon. Although I have no idea what's going on plot-wise, I can still navigate the battle menus. (Fortunately, that is the extent of the gameplay. If I actually had to figure out where I was going, I'd be in trouble. ^^;) I hope I'm not screwed when I order Far East of Eden ZERO...

On a semi-related topic, do you know of any websites where I could learn about the SNES hardware?

And, for a directly RPG-related question, what do you think about Suikoden 3 straying from its 2D roots? [Not intended to be a slanted question! I am neither pro- nor anti-3D!]


Though the aforementioned letter about importing games is now several days old, this response bears mentioning. It's certainly a considerable factor that many parts of an RPG are perfectly enjoyable without knowledge of the language. Take the "English" version of FFT, for example: most people haven't had six semesters of study to become fluent in whatever the deuce it is Daravon speaks, but we enjoy it nonetheless!

Though I can't vouch for whether it's the best or not, a quick google query reveals this page discussing the SNES hardware.

I like 2D games. This isn't a better-graphics-suck sort of opinion (at least, not where I'm concerned), I just like the feel of them. Overhead or 3/4 overhead view has a much better feel to it for me than first person, or near-first-person views. Granted, that's not exactly the same thing as 3D versus 2D, but they often go hand in hand. I preferred FF6's playstyle to the modern ones, and the puzzles in SNES's A Link to the Past were much more enjoyable to think about and solve than the ones in the N64's Zelda games. That said, Suikoden could very well be just as good as it was, regardless of game engine. Suikoden's strength is by far in its plot. It has decent gameplay, good enough to be enjoyable, but the gameplay isn't what ties people (ties me, at least) to it. I play to see what diabolical plans the strategists come up with, and how those, and other events, affect the well-developed countries and territories they live in.

Parry! Riposte!

Sup, Chimerasame?
Is it just me, or does Goog need to lighten up with his hate for the Xbox? He keeps whining about the controller(it's pretty bad, but not THAT horrible), but does Goog even know about the nifty smaller controller that's available? It's so much smaller and better. Many people, including myself, like it better than the Dual Shock.
And this network stuff...I don't think Goog knows many details. One reason that the Xbox Live service is broadband only is because it comes with a headset microphone and allows realtime voice communcation. (We'll be able to play PSO without typing half the time!) The PS2 network allows both broad and narrow band connections, but most games (at least all I know about) will be separating the two types of connections into separate games. Twisted Metal Black Online is 8 player with broadband and two player dial-up. SOCOM is 16 player broadband only. And if I remember correctly, Tribes Arial Assault is 4 player dial-up and 16 broadband. Either way, it looks like it kinda sucks to have dial-up.
Besides, the Sega games are kickin ass on Xbox! GUNVALKYRIE is awesome, and I thought Goog was a Panzer Dragoon fan. Eh. Whatever. Everyone's entitled to his or her opinion, I just hope Goog is not misleading people.
-Scuba Steve

I admit that my own knowledge of the XBox is rather lacking. I know that when I was at E3 2001 (the same year Goog went), almost none of the XBox games sparked my interest, while several of the Gamecube and PS2 ones did--but that's over a year ago now, and changes have been made. The smaller controller is certainly a good example of such a change.

I don't believe Goog would intentionally mislead anyone, but it's good to hear multiple sides of any story.

And while we're on the subject...

Whut up?!

Anyways, a while ago, I wrote in asking if square would ever rerelease Final Fantasy 1 again and I cannot remember who answered my question but they said no chance. Well, I'd like to take this opportunity to congradulate how stupid you are, whoever you are.

See ya!

Oh yeah, a question. Why would I ask you another question when whoever answers it can be wrong in a few months?

I would like to offer my profound thanks that you have called this matter to my attention. I am gravely concerned that an unspecified host of this column could have made such a grevious error in judgment. To be sure, we should do everything in our power as column hosts to ensure that no facts ever be stated in the column which might at some point in the future become false. We should avoid stating opinions in our responses and take extra care that any fact we present will have everlasting veracity.

Because you demonstrate a desire to be so helpful in correcting errors, I believe it is my duty to assist you in what appears to be pursuit to master fluency of the English language.

  1. I would normally assume that your misspelling of the word "what" in your greeting is intentional, but as per your suggestion I must avoid making assumptions and take care to stick only to hard facts. Therefore, the correction is that the vowel in the word is an "a," not a "u."
  2. If your intended meaning behind "[What] up?" is to ask me what is going on, then the words you are looking for are "What is up?" In addition, "What's up?" is an acceptable contraction.
  3. A question mark and an exclamation point cannot be used together: choose one. I recommend the question mark.
  4. "Anyways" is not a word, but you might consider "anyway."
  5. "Square" is the name of a company and therefore is a proper noun. It should be capitalized.
  6. You have taken three independent clauses and joined them together with "and" and "but." The resulting sentence is a run-on; only one of the two may be used in this fashion for a given sentence. I suggest removing the "and" and allowing the first clause to stand alone.
  7. The word "congratulate" does not contain the letter "d."
  8. "See ya" is another phrase I would normally leave alone, assuming the misspelling intentional. However, in the spirit of exactness, "you" is the spelling of the second-person pronoun.
  9. "Oh yeah, a question" is not a sentence.
  10. Saying "whoever answers it can be wrong in a few months" implies that the subject, "whoever," likely referring to a potential column host, has an ability to be wrong and can exercise this ability at will. While grammatically correct, your sentence would convey what I think you mean slightly better if you use "might" rather than "can."
I hope that I have been of as much help to you as you were to RPGamer! I regret my inability to answer the final question in your letter, but I'm afraid that there is a very big chance I could be wrong about my answer to it, "You could ask because the column is often right, though admittedly not always, and an inquiry would, at the very least, provoke discussion about your desired subject." I cannot be completely sure this answer is accurate, and thus I do not present it to you as my actual answer. I merely present it as a potential answer I am forced to discard; you may choose whether to take it seriously.

Don't tell anyone, but the Nameless One isn't! It's Jared!

Heya, Chim-sama!

Can you tell Google that the reason the PS2 Hard Drive is abbreviated as HDD is because the "proper" name is Hard Disk Drive?

Also, I just got Planescape: Torment. I've played it for about a half hour, and I keep getting a vibe that this game isn't all that great. I own and have played through all the Baldur's Gate games, but Planescape: Torment doesn't seem all that fun. Does this feeling go away when I get out of the first dungeon?

BL Alien
F0R GR34T JUST1C3!!!

I could tell him, but he'll read this column, and that seems easy enough.

Torment's first dungeon is rather odd, in that most of the NPCs, being zombies, don't have much of anything interesting to say. Once you get out, I believe you'll find the game does become more interesting. Play at least a little bit in Sigil proper before casting the game away into the bowels of Baator! The player-controllable interactions between the PC and various NPCs are among the most interesting I've ever seen in a game.

Broken or Old

Hey Chim,
I've got two questions for you. First off, my Gamecube crapped out on me a while ago, and I've been procrastinating about gettin it fixed. It works ok for close to an hour, then starts makin some clicking noises and says it can't read a disc. I'm not entirely sure what's wrong, but it started not too long after someone broke in and tried to steal my Gamecube (yea, he was drunk). My guess is he dropped it or somethin before I caught him. So my question is whether you think I could get warranty to cover that, and, if not, if you know any major stores or places that might be able to fix it? Second Q is that lately I've really wanted to play some of my old fav. games (e.g. FF3, BOF2) on my SNES, but I never actually owned any of them myself. So I was wondering about any places to buy them for relatively cheap, and preferably not online.

On the Gamecube issue, I would contact Nintendo and ask them directly if that sort of thing is in the warranty. Don't volunteer the information that it may have been dropped--after all, you're not really sure anyway.

As for old SNES games, some of my best luck tracking old things down has been online, with services such as eBay. However, if that's not an option, many game stores have trays of older games on sale, and some devote most of the store to used games. A GameStop franchise near my house that was formerly a FuncoLand does this.

*** Chimerasame sets mode: +v Aeris

Hi Chime,

Noticing the 3 names featured in the new Grandia game made me wonder. Do you think that more celebrities....err...I mean noticeable names will start doing video games as a whole, if so how big of a chunk of the RPG genre get of this voice-over trend?


There're the Kingdom Hearts ones, too. I think the RPG genre has quite a bit to gain from the idea, because RPGs in general have quite a bit more words than other games (text adventures excluded). The voice acting profession in general is becoming a bit more worthwhile in the United States, as shown by the increase in quality of anime dubs. They don't all sound like childish cartoon voices anymore!

Multiple Personality Disorder

RPGamer Staff,
First off, love your site. It has really helped me investigate RPG's for my little brother to play and also let me in on Final Fantasy X and Kingdom Hearts. Which brings me to my question. I have been looking into Kingdom Hearts for some time now and think that this is going to be a great game, but some of my other friends think that this game will be to kiddie for them. Now I admit that I'm in high school, but that dose not mean that Im too old for these games. I want to know why everyone thinks that this game is too kiddie for them. I think that as long as they have the Final Fantasy team backing this up, there should not be a problem. What do you think?

RPGamer Squad,

I love your site. You guys always give me heads up on the upcoming RPGs like Dark Cloud 2, Yu-Gi-Oh! Falsebound Kingdom, & Baulder's Gate. But, the RPG that catches my eye is Kingdom Hearts which leads me to my question. Will Kingdom Hearts come out for the Nintendo Game Cube?

The San Antonio Shadow

Last May, I heard rumors about Super Mario RPG was coming out for Game Boy Advance. Is it turely doing so?

Mr. Mystery

I'm not quite sure what to make of this, but all three of these letters came from the same address. If the second personality would care to inform the first personality a little bit about Kingdom Hearts, that would save me some time. In case of a gap of communication there, I can offer this: the game is designed with a rather young audience in mind, and it won't have mature themes, but that doesn't necessarily mean it can't be enjoyable for older people. I still laugh at roadrunner cartoons! I haven't heard anything about KH being released for Gamecube, or about SMRPG being released for GBA. The latter of the two seems more likely, given Square's other GBA remakes, but that doesn't necessarily mean anything at all.


Hullo. I have a serious and tedious question that has been plauging my mind for months. what is the greatest video game system of all time, and whats its best game?

You know Deep Thought, the computer from Hitchhiker's that came up with The Answer? Well, some dude attached an LCD screen to that thing, and came up with this great Action-Adventure/RPG/Puzzle-Simulation. I hear they made a planet based off it later, but it wasn't as good.

Chiming out:

It was called to my attention that for most of the time my last column was up, the link to my bio page was broken. In case you missed it, and for some reason are especially interested in reading stuff I wrote about myself, then there you go!

I'm gonna brbrbrbrbrbrbreak that camera, man.


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