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Chimerasame - December 30 '00- 06:40 Eastern Standard Time

So, in spite of last time, I've got another shot at Q&A for a few days. Do you think they're just insane, or what? I mean, c'mon, me? Maybe they're hoping I'll do a better job in Q&A than I've been doing as New Media head. I mean, come on. Hey, maybe I'm not doing crappy, maybe news is just doing so wonderful that my section seems crappy only by comparison! Oh well. Someone said it was more interesting when different people hosted, so I'm going to do my best to bring on three guest hosts in the three days I have! Today's is Pikala, who you may or may not recognize from New Media. She's actually done a few New Media updates recently, which is pretty cool 'cause most of my section, myself included, is pretty lazy a good bit of the time. With any luck it'll pick up a bit after New Year's... I won't really have anything else to do besides do updates, chat, and play FF9.


I'd like first, to thank Google for being oh so kind in mentioning that I'd be guest hosting just like he was asked. What a slime. So. I'm Pikala from NewMedia, the poor neglected section that no one probably remembers anymore since we never do any updates. I fully blame Chim for all the suckness.

Also, I'm really here because I'm just so cool Chim felt the need to grace this collumn with my presence and to do it with him for a higher coolness factor. So prepare for some mockery and sarcasm. Goog's a slime!

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Nothing is better than this!

I really have to know.... how does it feel to get Something (currently $21) for Nothing?

-Kenneth Whitten

Actually, since you said that it has increased to $41, and may well go up more. For those of you who are wondering what this is about, I'm not selling anything on Ebay. There are a few days left, too, so feel free to bid! Nothing is more powerful than an omnipotent being! Nothing is bigger than the universe! Nothing is more valuable than... whatever the most valuable thing in existance is! Obviously it should be a very good buy, so act now before it's too late!

I'm not really sure if I should answer this one, since it's not directed towards me, or relevent to me in any way, but I don't care. I'm considering auctioning my singing on eBay, since I've been bugged persistently to sing on iParty for no apparent reason, I might as well get something from it. I mean if that Chim can get $41 for literally Nothing... :P

Hey, this game is impossible!

Hi there Chimerasame

Right now I am playing Final Fantasy 9, and I'm on the third disk. I got to a part where a movie starts playing, but a couple of seconds after it starts it freezes up. I've tried playing it over and over but it keeps freezing. It's REALLY making me mad. Do you have any suggestions?

Another thing, for Christmas I got a bunch of money to spend on games, and I wanted to know your opinion on which ones I should buy. I don't really have any recient ones.


Have you tried kicking your PlayStation? That often works.. And, I'd recommend Breath of Fire IV, and/or Lunar 2, both are really good, though I haven't finish BoF4 yet.

Well, if you have a friend with a playstation, try playing it in that. At least then you could figure out if it's the PSX or the game itself. If it's the PSX, then you could try all sorts of weird stuff like turning it upside down or sideways ... or kicking it... or you could just play through on a friend's PSX to pass that point. If it's the game, then you're more or less out of luck... you could try a similar thing and borrow a friend's Disc 3 to get past that point in the game, but other than that I have no idea. As for what games, I agree that I've heard plenty of good things about Lunar 2. Also good: Planescape: Torment for PC, Valkyrie Profile, and if you have a Dreamcast, Skies of Arcadia and Grandia II.

Multipart! Leeloo Dallas Multipart!

Hi 'n' stuff. Can I have a shiny thing?

1) To some questions a few days ago: my friend says she won a Masamune at the rollercoaster thing. Can't equip it, though. All I can win is some lame consolation prize. Fuh. As for the Save The Queen sword in FF9, that's Beatrix's (hehe) weapon. Beatrix can't equip any other weapon. It's a... special... sword. -_-; It's just cool having it in your inventory, wishing you could be as cool as Beatrix?

2) Dude, do you know if there was black-armored Garland (coughpsychocough) guy in not just FF9, but FF1, too, or am I remembering something wrong?

3) Why is the instruction booklet (bookLET? um, no. mega-book.) for Baldur's Gate 2 so scarily big? My sister got it and now I don't even wanna touch that game. ;_;

4) I'm so sad that FF9 is over now. I really liked it, it didn't seem confusing to me... but while it seems to have a lot of replay value with the ATEs and all kinds of optional crap and the secret ending scene, I want to try somethin' else. It's probably been asked before, but... *ominous* ...what are some of your favourite RPGs?

--Fah (I want a secret message. ;_;)

No shiny thing for you! Unless you can find me a 100-sided die. Not 2d10, I have tons of d10s, I mean a real hundred sided die. Then you can have shiny thing!
1) Yeah, it's a useless replica. What I don't get is, if it's an -exact- replica of the real thing, then why can't the party just use it as a weapon? I guess games just don't make that much sense, it's illegal.
2) Yep. Garland seems to be a common name. He's the first boss in the entire Final Fantasy series, and characters named Garland also appear in various other places, such as near the end of Wanderers from Ys III. Maybe he's like Cid, he just gets around to even more series!
3) Basically, they took most of the AD&D Player's Handbook, and some of the Dungeon Master's Guide, and tried to cram it into the instruction "booklet" for one little game. I hear it's a great game, though, so don't be scared off by the huge manual. :)
4) Well, I list my five favorite in my bio. It's hard to rank a lot of games, but in addition to those five I also like Suikoden 2, Super Mario RPG, The 7th Saga (yeah, it's weird, I know), and Final Fantasy Tactics... among others.

Another multipart! She knows it's a multipart. Yeah, yeah.

1) I need some advice. I just finished Suikoden 1 (yeah, I'm slow) I was quite pleased with myself once I had finished, got the 108 stars and everything. Well, I was sitting there, and I thought, "Wow. Now I can clear up some space on my memory card." One week later I realized that I should have kept the save for Suikoden 2. D'oh! Are the perks good enough with the 108 save that I should play the whole game through again (for what would be the 3rd time)? I'd like to know soon, because I'm planning on a trip to Gamestop this weekend to sell Jade Cocoon (couldn't get into it) and pick up Lunar 2.
2) How long is FFIX supposed to be? I'm on the beginning of the third disk, and I've only been playing for around 15 hours. I'm starting to get a little worried.
3) I want to buy a Dreamcast. Not for of any RPGs, but for Samba De Amigo. Do you think that I should seek clinical help?
-Carolyn "Fish, Fish, are you still faithful?" Chen-

Hmm. I think I'll just answer #3. Yes. ;)

Fishy fishy fishy fish! It went wherever I did go! Oh, the answers.
1) Well, you could try to see if anybody near you has a save with anything like that much of Suikoden 1 on it. Or, if you have a Dex Drive, they don't have to be near you. If you can't find it, I don't think it's worth playing all the way through Suikoden 1 again unless you really enjoyed it the first two times, or have a lot of free time. Suiko 2 has a great plot and lots of cool stuff to do even if you don't have a save from the first. However, I believe you do need a save from the first in order to get all 108 characters in the second.
2) Sounds like you're going through about as fast as I am. I'm not even that far yet... from what I know, though, the game isn't exceptionally long. You're probably a little faster than average, if I had to guess I'd say that like me you haven't spent much extra time character-building. That might catch up with us later, it might not. :) There're probably plenty of things we both missed, too, I hope to have even more fun in the replay.
3) It isn't wrong to want a Dreamcast! Even for that reason! ... I think.

This isn't a question!

Rather minor BoF4 non-plot spoiler


I am responding to the person who had a question about BoF4. Which by the way is a really good game. The game takes about 35 hours to get to the end, then you will probably want to go around and get things that you missed. The Sea dragon is in the norther sea. Start from Lyp, then sail to the fire island, then sail to where 3 groups of rocks form a triangle. Sail around in the "triangle", and search around. It may take a few tries, but he's there. As for the rider. Think arch mage and berserker from BoF 3. In other words, don't fight unless you are really really really really really really strong. Now that that's over, a random binary number, 1001101101.


Well, thanks for the nice spoiler, as I haven't exactly gotten too far into the game myself, but thanks for the lovely and potentially useless binary number. ;)

Woo, the number 621! 212000 in base 3! 21231 in base 4! 4441 in base 5! 2513 in base 6! 1545 in base 7! 1155 in base 8! 760 in base 9! uhh... 621 in base 10! Wow, I must be bored. 10 in base 621!

SaGa sagas

Hey Chimerasame!

Having different hosts is fun, more variety. Anyway...
Chimerasame: See, this is what I mentioned in the intro! I vote we bring back the Circle of Sages!

A lot of people say they don't like SaGa Frontier 2. CN said he didn't like it too much. A friend of mine played it for only like an hour and didn't like it (for stupid reasons, honestly... they were VERY stupid reasons) and just a bunch of people in general don't like it too much. I own SaGa Frontier and I hate that game, it blows. I rented SaGa Frontier 2 a while ago because I had no money. I loved the game and didn't put it down until it had to be returned. I'm not gonna go around and say everyone is wrong but I'm just wondering why people don't like it. I mean you hear people say it isn't that great but why? The only person I know who has said they didn't like it (my friend) gave me some stupid answer, and he only played for a little bit. I'm interested to know why people (who have played at least several hours of it) don't like it.

I played almost the whole thing (up until the last dungeon) and thought that it was all really good. The story was interesting for me and the way they had the scenarios wasn't bad at all. I know the two storylines is why some people don't like the game (how everything ws arranged) but I thought that it was pretty good. Better than how all the "cool" storylines intersected in SaGa Frontier. Anyway, I just liked the game overall and I just want to hear reasons why people DON'T like the game. Just because I haven't heard many GOOD reasons why. ^_^;; And by good I just mean ones that are valid and are based on more than two hours experience.

Tristan Adnade

I played SaGa Frontier for a bit a few years ago. I don't remember it that clearly, but I do remember a few things. I was wandering around in a maze with several light beams fighting a lot of uninteresting battles. I decided to try a different character, and found myself wandering around in some sort of sewer fighting a lot of uninteresting battles. SaGa Frontier 2, I never played. I've heard of many people who like one and not the other, so it follows that they're pretty different. What was I getting to? Oh yes. If you're one of the people who didn't like the game, and you have good reasons, let me know. Don't send me a whole editorial on it, though.. if you want to write something that long send it to Mistress Nightshadow. I should also note that I did like FFL2 and FFL3 for gameboy, which were in the SaGa series.


YES! Goog liked SaGa Frontier 2! That makes 2 of us! ...and only 1 who likes SaGa Frontier 1... *sniff*


Well, uh, I'm sure out of all the people in the world who've played those games you're not the only one(s) who liked it. ;)

Chimerasame: I think I talked about this a little up in a letter response... maybe you SF1 fans should start a support group. Use our messageboards, or something. :)

Diving helmet, huh? That's gotta be kinda old. Do you dive? If so, what level of certification are you? Glad to know that there are other gaming-divers out there. Have scuba......will dive!!!!!!!

-Rinoa the Resistance Fighter

Woah there Rinoa, there are poor starving people in other countries who could have used those !s you just wasted. ;)

Must have been a misunderstanding, I've never gone diving and own no diving equipment. :) It was an FF6 reference. Diving sounds fun, though.

"I'd have to sniff glue for about 5 hours to have the brain capacity to write some of these Q&A letters" -Phil Winkton

Pikala: You're right. enjoy the glue, Phil.

Or you could just take some -Drive-! Oh wait, that'd be better for ripping your computer to shreds than writing with it.

Hey (monks sing) CHIM-ERA-SA-ME
I noticed that if Google's maybe a witch and they're made of wood, can we make a bridge out of Google to find proof of a witch? Can also someone make a picture of my Sailor Monica spoof since it's so scary of an idea I scared Mistress Nightshadow. I can also give people a through grounding in "O" level geography.

Imperial Mog

They shouldn't let moogles near glue. The chemicals are known to frazzle their minds.

Do the monks know how to pronounce it? 'Coz I've forgotten! ^^;
(Ok, ok, I remember, but everybody says it so differently it doesn't much matter. I think I'm changing my preference from "Ki me ra sa me" to "Chi me ra sa me," just as it if were in real Romaji.)

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Here is why:

Pikala: Oh, now this really applies to me..

Chimerasame: Just who do they think they're targeting with this spam? I get about nine of this ad every week. I'm a male, in college. The LAST thing I need is more sexual desire. I guess it makes more sense than the eight or so "Lady V" ads I get every week.

The Last Laugh:

Pikala: Well, it was somewhat fun, but took far way beyond too long, as it's past 6am here.. My couch is looking extremely inviting, and no, I don't swing that way. So look forward to your guest for tomorrow, and since Chim's vague hints are, well, too vague, I'll tell you that it will be Andrew Kaufmann. So send him all your intelligent questions and words of joy. Alright, time for sleep, too much loaf time has been consumed already. ;)

More fun and games with RPGamer Q&A! No animals were harmed in the making of this sentence. I can't speak for the this one, though. Make sure you have plenty of good questions for tomorrow's guest! A day in the future, a few years in the past.. hey! A couple days in the future and it'll be a year in the future! Wow, it must be late, I'm easily amused when it's late. Well, I'm easily amused much of the time, but moreso when it's after 3AM. I seem to be rambling, so I should probably wrap this up somehow. I'll do it with a Conan-style prediction!

In the yeeeearr two-thouusaaanddd.....
Breaking amazing new barriers in RPG production, Square will release Final Fantasies X through LXIX in rapid succession in one single day. It will later be revealed that they managed to do this only by harnessing the time-crossing power of late night talk show host Conan O'Brien, who will perform days of work on end without being allowed food or sleep. He will eventually be paid sixty gil, the nonexistant currency of most of the games in the series.
O'Brien will consider this an improvement from his current job's pay and working conditions.

Well, what can I say. It is pretty late.

This space will be filled when the sig pic finishes getting colored. I haven't seen it, but you all better give it plenty of good feedback!

Chimerasame "Q&A wannabe"

What makes you think this should be in the same place all the time? :)

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