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Rob Hamilton - December 15 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

I don't seem to do a lot around here anymore, but I'm ready and willing to lend a hand to Q&A when it needs me--such as today! Taking a break for the weekend, Chesh has left this forum in the hands of me and Mistress Nightshadow, who you'll be seeing tomorrow.

On another note, there's an issue that has escaped mention in this column so far. Some of you may have heard of it in other places, some not. Thor Antrim needs your help! Long-time readers will remember his presence in this column from years back. That link will answer your questions about where he went, and more. In addition, Thor offers this assurance of the validity of his plight. If nothing else, please read the page; do what you feel is appropriate.

For no reason, Burnt Toast and Xeria will be answering some of these questions. (Read: If you've known me on IRC long enough, you might guest host unexpectedly!)

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Don't Listen to Media! ... er, uh.. except us?

Hey Chimerasame,

When I was channel surfing last night, I noticed that extra was doing a test on kids to find out what videogame console was the best.

They started with some racing game on the PS2. Then went to Super smash bros. on the Gamecube and then some other game on the xbox. The kids were then asked to rate the consoles and pick a favorite.

All the kids picked the xbox, saying that the games were better. Extra then said that the xbox was so good and popular that they couldn't even get one.

What the F@#$?
They choose the xbox due to 1 stupid game and that the graphics were better. Even though the kids liked the controlers for the ps2 and gamecube better.

I have nothing against the xbox but the media in general is making it out to the best thing that has ever happened to videogames. I can remember another story like this on CNN. Whatever happened to un-biased reporting? These stories are starting to warp my mind. Maybe xbox is the best....must get xbox....

-adam e.

Indeed, tests done by mass media can't often be trusted. It's pretty sad that there're people out there who would buy that kind of story. Also, what beat Super Smash Bros. on game quality? o-O

Well really, how many big-time gamers do you know who watch Extra religiously and take everything said on the show as the sacred gospel truth? And as for CNN...CNN sucks.

Burnt Toast:
It's Microsoft. They could fairly easily give someone a big fat sack of cash money to get some praise. That's not to say they are, but it can't be discounted as a possibility! And, lest we forget, "bad" and "good" are both subjective terms.

Where Oh Where Have The Little Slimes Gone

Hi there,

Just one quick question:

"I can see why goog did it for so long." g gone forever or what? I thought he was just having issues getting online. Tell me he hasn't given up Q&A.

~jaraph "Laurel Moshett is the most perfect specimen of womanhood man has ever encountered."

I'm sorry to say, but Gramblebang has retired and handed sole possession of the column, starting next week, to the very capable Rush Limbaugh. Yes, now you too can get your daily dose of conservativism directly from RPGamer.

She'll be back in a few days, she's got a temporary 30-day trial account with some random service provider, and expects to get DSL working before that expires.

Google probably found himself a hot young ball of snot. You know how those slimes are these days.

Burnt Toast:
Heh at first xer, it sounded like he found a kid to take care of, and I was all "awww that's swee- eww, wait a minute..."

Man, and I just got finished getting rid of the Kremlings

Long time reader, I just wanted to say I really like the Christmas site design! Who made it?


Burnt Toast:
It was done by a team of elite monkeys.

And lampreys!

Burnt Toast:
The monkeys work for bananas! The lampreys, however, are a more disturbing, and much more frightening matter.

Enough monkeys at enough computers and it's bound to happen eventually... however, unlike "my" answers to these questions, the look is not the result of monkeys, but rather was designed by Merripen, whom you may know from RPGamer's Fanart section.

umop apisdn

Yesterday TRC sugested that putting a playstation on it's side would aid someone's game playing difficulties. I must warn that puttinf a playstation on its side or upside down will only add to your troubles in the long run. The best way to aid an ailing playstation is to simply elivate it. This is best done on a milk crate to allow plenty of air to cirulate. If one is unavailible, just have it rest on thick books (you want at least 2 inches ground clearence) but not so the books completely cover the bottom. Just slide them under the shorter sides about an inch, plenty to suppoert the playstation.

Magna "Dr. PSX" Maduin

Burnt Toast:
Everyone has different "valid" ways to get their psx to work, but I think a better way is to just buy a new one, or get it repaired. What's most likely to help, repair the spindle disc hub (the thing with the ball bearings).

The most valid way to make a psx not work is to let one's little nephew play it for 10 hours straight.

I've heard stories before that turning it sideways/upside down helps. Personally, I've never tried it. I don't really see how elevating it would help, though. Would that mean a PSX on a table would work better than one on the floor? It doesn't seem to make much sense to me. Hey, mine's on top of my TV, maybe that's why it's kept running for over four years...

Heady Breasts

Hi, Chimerasame,

With all this talk about FFX's voices, I find it unusual that I can't find a cast list. As far as I know, the cast includes:
Tidus: James Arnold Taylor
Yuna: Hedy Burress
Wakka: John DiMaggio
Rikku: Some one from the Power Puff Girls. Bubbles, I think.
Pretty sparse, right? If anyone out there knows any other cast members, any help would be appreciated.

Conor Edmiston, who once met a guy, who met a guy, who thinks he once met the father of Paul Coffey

Burnt Toast:
Best thing to do is wait the whole of... 4 days for the game to come out, and check the instruction manual, since the voice credits are more than likely somewhere in there.

Three days, by the time this is up.

Hedy Burress is a funny name..hee hee

Dimple Monkey Twice the Pudding Octopi for Tangoman

Greetings (carolers sing) CHIM-ERA-SA-ME
    I just wonder if you ever thought of this. Am I the only who wishes Pilika ends up the villian of Suikoden III? I just imagine after the trauma she went through, she just snaps and becomes another Luca Blight. Or quite possibly Schtolteheim Reinbach III will be the villian.
Imperial Mog

Pilika isn't going to be the villain because she'll wind up being the random love interest of Hugo, our dashing young, blonde hero. Oh, and chesed says you should get a life.

You know what I've wondered? How is Sturtheim Reinbach III related to Schtolteheim Reinbach III? I mean, clearly from the IIIs their grandfathers had different first names, so at closest they'd be second cousins, or something.

Burnt Toast:
Forget Pilika. It's all about Rikku.

The Last Laugh:


Chimerasame: You're still not as deafening as the volume at which I usually listen to Initial D music. Mmm, needlesly eurobeat techno...

Anyway, MN requests that you send her questions about PC RPGs. Baldur's Gate, Pools of Radiance, and whatnot. I have to go now. My planet needs me.

Xeria: Note: Chimerasame died on the way back to his home planet. Heady breasts as far as the eye can see!

Xeria and Burnt Toast: WONDERTWINS POWER: ACTIVATE!! Sloth of a...
Burnt Toast: Ehh, I'm too lazy.
Xeria: Me too. how bout some YAHTZEE!
Burnt Toast: ROCK ON!

Chimerasame "Way outdated bio"
Takumi should race his dad. Bunta could use Itsuki's Hachi-go and still win. I think everybody wants to see that!

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