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Rob Hamilton - August 20 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

The old echo fades away, but just you and I
Can find the answer, and then, we can run to the end
of the world; we can run to the end
of the world.

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Franklin Delano Romanowski

I was lucky enough to buy Tactics Ogre on e-bay while it still only cost $38 (lucky me, I could have had it used for $12 six months before that). Kinda sucks though because when I got it, it was in a tomb raider 3 case and said "property of Blockbuster video." I beat it and threw it away because I didn't want some asshole to find it ten years from now and charge me with RSP for something I didn't even remember buying in the first place.

If this e-mail was the movie "Momento," it would read:

Charge me with RSP for something I didn't even remember buying in the first place. I threw it away because I didn't want some asshole to find it ten years from now and beat it. It was in a tomb raider 3 case and said "property of Blockbuster video." Kinda sucks though because when I got it, I could have had it used for $12 six months before that. Lucky me. (I was lucky enough to buy Tactics Ogre on e-bay while it still only cost $38)

I still need to see that movie. Oh, and everybody can have a free unvitation to India, on the house!

Able to Leap to Tall Conclusions in a Single Bound, it's SuperEgo!

hey chimerasame

I know we all hate the x-box, and unfortunately, I have found a game with the power to make me buy it. Project Ego. You control everything. You can dress however you want accordingly to the clothes you find. you choose whether to be good or evil and there's still much more. Go visit for more information about a really promising RPG.

can you recommend a good GB, GBC or GBA RPG? I have castlevania, FFL3 and oracle or seasons.


Interesting note on the X-Box game. It looks good, perhaps, but not enough to draw out of my wallet the kind of money it takes to purchase an entire system.

As far as GB RPGs that are out now, I like the SaGa series, called Final Fantasy Legend in English. There's always Pokémon, if you want to go that route. Lufia: The Legend Returns is scheduled to come out in September, but it keeps getting pushed back, so I'm not sure when to actually expect it. Before the end of the year, I hope. A number of RPGs are scheduled to come out for GBA in the future, but

Eto akta gamat.. eto akta gamat...

hola, chimerasame. como estas?

anyway, i have a few questions and answers... but mostly answers. i'll get the questions out of the way first.

1. why are there so many lawful good only items in planescape: torment? really, i was neutral good for the whole damn game (even when i did one of the most evil things in the game by giving coaxmetal the modron cube) and i didn't get to use the tears of salieru-deri or celestial fire!

2. is there ever gonna be another planescape game?

3. uh... has anyone actually played saiyuki? is it any good?

4. ever read usagi yojimbo?

Xenogears spoiler
okay... now for the main answer. for that wandering god dude who was wondering about xenogears stuff: elly fits in because she was made to be a vessel for the miang entity, for when the miang we know died... or something. that's why she has purple hair in some parts of the game.

oh, and would someone tell trc that ogre battle is the series and tactics ogre is the second game in the series?

muchas gracias for answers, my man.:)


1. First of all: whether evil or not, giving Coaxmetal the modron cube is highly chaotic. Modrons are the epitome of Lawful Neutral, so to oppose them doesn't get you any Law points. Secondly, as for the reason so many items are geared towards lawful good characters, I don't really know. Perhaps the game is making an attempt to teach you to be lawful and good? I doubt it, there were plenty of opportunities for other alignments as well.. I seem to remember an axe usable only by evil characters, though I could be misremembering.
2. There's nothing like that planned at this moment. I know a couple individual workers at Black Isle want to make another one, but they're mostly focused on Torn at the moment.
3. I haven't. Someone probably has, though! Whether I know such a person is a different question...
4. Nope.

Sore Wa Ai Janai

Lots of RPGs have featured love stories... usually very childish and depthless love stories, but they are themes nontheless.

1. What is your favorite couple in RPGs?

2. Do you think the gaming industry will ever have love stories that break out of the "cute bumbling idiot hero (or sullen, introvert hero) dates perky, cheerful, and childish heorine prone to tantrums mold?

3. My best-friend is an RPG fanatic and gay. Why is there not one gay character in any RPG I have ever played?

1. Hmm. Canon? I dunno. I guess Locke and Celes. Non-canon, that's a good question. There are so many possible... hmm. Valeeeria... aaand.. *thinks* ...Jeane!

2. Any number of games contain love stories that don't fit that pattern at all... I mean, even something as mainstream as FF7, were Aeris or Tifa prone to tantrums?

3. There was a guy in Kaipo who was in love with Edward, but they didn't translate his text fully in the FF2e SNES version. I'm not sure if it came through in Chronicles or not. Chrono Trigger's Flea was bi (presumably, anyway, s/he used charm on both genders.) There're rumors about all kinds of characters... Kuja, Gremio, Barret... you name a game, there's a character in it thought to be gay.

Hey, thanks for preformatting

Hey Chime,
I'm facing a bit of a dilemma right now and I'd like to get your opinion. I just won the complete Trigun DVD set on ebay (YAY!) as well as Death&Rebirth and End of Eva also on DVD (Yippee!). Now, the only thing I'm missing is a DVD player (;_;). So I was wondering what would the best choice be, between buying a regular DVD player (about 250$CDN), or buying a PS2 right away (375$CDN or so on ebay)? I too, like many other gamers, was waiting for the infamous "PS2 price drop" to come along. But would it still be profitable for me to get the PS2 right now and save some bucks by not buying an individual DVD player? One of my biggest concerns is regarding the actual quality of the PS2 DVD player. Is it just as good as the usual DVD players? Because one thing's for sure; I'm gonna get a PS2, be it sooner or later. I won't miss out on FFX, FFXI, WA3, Suikoden 3, Growlanser 2, Robot Warlords, Devil May Cry, ICO, MGS2, Xenosaga, Lunar 3, and God knows what else. Well, that was awfully long for just a simple advice. Thanks Chime!


Cool, Trigun rocks. I dunno about the Eva movies. About the decision: do you think the price drop will take the PS2 down to 125$CDN? I don't think there's any chance of that. Get the PS2. If you get a DVD player now for 250, and the PS2 drops to, what's a good estimate, 200 or so? You'll have spent 450. It's better to just spend $375 now.

Strange addictions

Yo Chim!

I've been utterly obsessed with Have You Ever Seen Me from FF: Love Will Grow, but I am horrible at deciphering lyrics. You understand my predicament with this song... do you happen to know where I might find the lyrics? I must know!



Have you ever seen me singing in the sunshine 
One lovely afternoon? 
You can near me if you really want 
You can hear me clear pretty soon 
Have you ever seen me singing in the sunshine 
One lovely afternoon? 
Sing it loud so you can feel fine-- 
Let us sing forever and a day! 
Here, deep in the forest, 
Forgive and forget 
See, everything is new 
Here deep in the forest 
Forget 'bout trifles hurting you! 
Why don't you let 'em go away? 
(Shall we sing? Shall we sing? 
No one's watching!) 
Why don't you all together stay? 
(In the forest you can have a lot!) 
Have you ever seen me playing in the shade of 
One lovely apple tree? 
You can find me if you really want 
Come and join me. You're gonna be free! 
Have you ever seen me playing in the shade of 
One lovely apple tree? 
We are friends and never disagree-- 
Let us play forever and a day! 

Why don't you let 'em go away? 
(Shall we play? Shall we play? 
Please don't delay!) 
Why don't you all together stay? 
(In the forest you can have a lot!) 
Why don't you let 'em go away? 
(Shall we dance? Shall we dance? 
Take a good chance!) 
Why don't you all together stay? 
(In the forest you can have a lot!)

This Envelope Is Covered In Slime!

Three simple questions for you today.

1) What'd I miss? What'd I miss?

2) What sort of horrible fiendish things have you done to my column when I wasn't looking?

3) If you pay to upgrade a stat cap in Paper Mario, what are the specifics? I know the other two drop, but since I haven't maxed everything out yet, I can't just go check the particular numbers.

- Google

1. *rolls d20* You missed the skeleton. It attacks with its scimitar. *rolls d20* It misses. Your turn.

2. Well, I think I set the record for most simultaneous guest hosts. Other than that, I actually haven't pulled too many weird stunts. Huh. I'm surprised with myself.

3. That guy, I don't recall his name but I assume you mean the one who charges you 39 coins to up a stat? He won't raise stats past maximum. All he does is raise one by the equivalent of two experience levels, and lower the other two by the equivalent of one experience level each. For the most part, he's not very useful, unless you change your mind about what stats you wanted to improve at previous levels. I, too, wished I could have more than 30 badge points...

Staff Letter II

Dear Multicreature with unpronoucable name,

How do you pronouce chimerasame? I just go with bob myself. Also is it really Ogre Battle? I remeber the series was called Tactics Ogre, or is that what it's called in japan, if so, my bad. Valkyrie Profile: thoughts? Ummmm. Just what is the matrix? And did you ever see last weeks Family Guy? ( is it the shape of a q?)

TRC- gobble gobble

There seem to be two main ways. First, exactly as it's spelled if it were in Japanese. Chi-meh-rah-sah-meh. However, I usually pronounce the first syllable 'Ki' rather than 'Chi,' since the word Chimera is pronounced with a hard K sound. Should that question be in the FAQ? I think another reader pointed out the series was called Ogre Battle. Valkyrie Profile? Sounds cool, I should buy it. Or Vagrant Story. I should buy one of the two. After I finish Suikoden II. And, nobody can be told what the Matrix is, you have to go look it up in the Oxford English Dictionary for yourself. I didn't happen to see that Family Guy, I need to find a copy of it somewhere. Anybody out there have a digital copy they feel like sending me? ;)

The Last Laugh:

Hmm. This column was relatively short... should I make up for it by writing an exceptionally large closing? I think I shall!

So, first order of business. I purchased a domain, The main focus of the site is my webcomic, Ill Logic, which I hope to start writing on a more regular basis--maybe two or three times a week is reasonable. Right now, it's not much for size. I'll throw some other odds and ends onto the site later, perhaps a personal section, perhaps my ultra-condensed summaries of selected anime. (Anime-a-minute! Credit where it is due to the Book-A-Minute site.) Perhaps including my house rules for D&D. (For instance, a rule to cover up the fact that spellcasters with a high primary ability score can end up with more first-level spells than zero-level spells somehow...) Anyway, enough about what I haven't done yet.

On to what I have done and haven't gotten credit for! This summer, like the last couple summers, I worked for my old school district (Fort Worth), starting in late May. The days I worked in May were tacked onto the June paycheck, because there was little reason to make a whole month's paycheck for only a couple days. Now, the school district has the tendency to process checks very slowly, which I'm used to. The check for the work I did in June is supposed to reach me at the end of July. This is a pretty long time to begin with, but tolerable. However! The check did not arrive. So, I waited a few days, maybe the mail was slow. Still didn't arrive. I asked my direct boss if he knew what was going on, and he didn't have any idea, so he called the central district office. What's this? I was terminated? In fact, two of us--both workers that he'd had the previous year, were terminated last year in September.

What did we do to get fired? Apparently they automatically fire anybody who doesn't receive a paycheck for a year. Well, that's odd. Both I and the other person in question had worked the previous summer in August. Apparently August and September are now a year apart, instead of the month you might expect them to be. The district had no good answer for that. They also had no good answer for the other question my boss asked--why he didn't know I and the other guy had been fired? Apparently the district central office had taken it upon themselves to fire us, and not tell our boss! Great for them, he hires us and we work for a couple months without even getting paid! He turns in time-sheets to the central office, but what they did with them, no one knows. You'd think they'd at least tell him then... "Hey, you're sending in timesheets for people that aren't employed!" But that would take some modicum of intelligence.

So what finally happens? In the middle of August, I have to go down to the central office and get rehired. It was surprising, it was rather easy to do. I suppose at least one person down there realized that FWISD owed me a good sum of money, and decided to help me get it... or so I thought. I was supposed to be mailed a check soon after being rehired. But it's still not here. It will probably get here with the standard August check (for the work done in the month of July.) At least, I can hope for that. Even that will most likely be after I head back to college, so I won't be able to cash it for a little while longer still.

What's the moral of this story? Don't work! No, seriously, working's alright. But make sure you're working for somebody who's not trying to cheat you out of a month or more of pay. Some wonder why more people don't want to teach... if the school districts are this ridiculously moronic, I don't wonder at all. Tell your representatives in city, state, and federal governments: education needs subsidies! For teachers' salaries, yes, but also so Personell departments can afford to hire people with a clue.

If you work in FWISD's personnel department, and are offended by any of this, I have two things to say. First, sorry you're offended. Second, give me two thousand dollars.

Well, that was a nice rant, if a bit out of place. This might be the last time I'm here for a little while... I'm not sure when Chesh will be back. If he's not back soon, I'll see you on weekends, perhaps. Otherwise, I'll see you in RPGuides... which I really need to update. This Q&A business distracts me from it!

Chimerasame "Tamago, tamago, watashi no tamago"
Hayaku haaaaaayaku ookikunare~~

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