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Rob Hamilton - August 17 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Whee, I'm on my way to having a real website set up--independant domain name and all, too! I'll let you folks know where it is soon enough, once I've got the content more fleshed out. As for matters more pertinent to the website you're looking at, today's column has been brought to you by the letter V, the letter N, and the number 5. As I mentioned, Kahgani is guest hosting today, and here he is to say a few words.

Kahgani: Hello all. My name is Kahgani(aka the guy who sent Falcon VP, aka the guy with the stomach flu). I am 22 years old and work for the Kern County Sheriff's Department. I like a wide variety of games. I am an online gaming junkie now. Logging more hours in Ultima Online than any other game I have played. And I started play Anarchy Online, great game once the plot gets rolling. Anyways, on to the questions!

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Experience, the Goal of All Adventurers

Just about the guy looking for the most experience in FF7 it is in the crater when you fight those Movers ( three little bouncing balls ) in the green swampish room. I think they were in 5 too :)

Sage of the Stars

From what I remember the Movers give a good amount of AP, though not the most in the game. But they were fairly easy to defeat, even when they were groups of 3. I got my massive amounts of AP that way. Magic Pots give about 1000 AP per enemy, though having to give up an Elixir per enemy was not my favorite thing to do. As for the most experience, I usually fought in that same area where the Movers are at, most of the monsters there were easily defeated. Go for the "green things" all the way, hehe.

I think the guy from a couple days ago was looking for places to gain experience outside the crater. 'Course, this is potentially useful knowledge for other people, too, so there you have it.

Clam Tactics

Are there any instant-kill tricks for that big clam thing? I've beat the game twice, and I've had lotsa trouble killing it...This time I am WAY, WAY under leveled... Grr...

Oh, and you get a tilde if you tell where this quote comes from:

--start quote--

Marle pulled it out and cast a Cure spell on herself, healing the wound. "No major damage."

"That comes next." Omek growled as he stepped out of the shadows cast by the cliff.

--end quote--


I am baffled by the fact that there is a giant clam to fight in the game, but anyways, that was a hard one for me too. I think I was around level 60 at the time and I still had some trouble with it. It has some strong magic and physical attacks. So any protection spells you have would be useful. Also use the strongest magic attacks. Lightning, Earthquake, the Judgement spell all work well. Just constantly stay at full health, as sometimes I even had characters killed in one shot. Fight and heal, fight and heal, fight and heal. It's boring and long battle, but atleast you will survive, hehe. As for the quote, err, I have no idea. I am bad at quotes. My only guess would be from Chrono Trigger, since I Marle is mentioned. No tilde for me I bet :(

The quote looks like it'd almost have to be from some fanfic, but I don't recognize it. As for the clam, I recommend taking Luc and giving him the Lightning Rune. Its level four attack can do ~2000 damage to the clam, which is weak against the lightning element. I don't believe the elemental damage carries over if you use the attack in tandem with another rune's attack (such as the water rune), so if you have a Water or Flowing rune (as I did), make sure you cast its 4th level healing spells on alternate turns than ones in which you cast the 4th level Lightning spell.

Chu-chu: Not Just for Trains

Hey Chime,

Just to add to the oh so psychotic fun that is Xenogears, in terms of a battling party member, Chu Chu is incredibly useful if you max out her stats, whether in gear mode or not, whereas the gears can only have their most useful items equipped. If you get that ether value of her's all the way up her healing spell actually works really well on your gears.


I might have used Chu Chu for fight minutes before changing to a different character. It might be nice to heal the two other gears, but Chu Chu really didn't have much else. If you did get her level up high, she would just be working from her base stats. Since nothing can be equipped she couldn't have protect in different areas with different monsters. Plus no AP attacks or deathblows made Chu Chu even more of a useless character. Chu Chu wasn't much except for a bunch of pink fluff that added some humor to the game. Not to knock Chu Chu, but she was the funny, cutesy part of the game.

Chuchu from Utena can get larger too, but that's generally a change of much less magnitude, and only accompanies his overeating or getting gas.

Mow Down Batteries

Hey Chimerasame-o and Kahgani-o,

I've got more FF7 level-building fun. There's a forest area on a peninsula near Rocket Town that's loaded with little guys named Battery Caps and big guys named Valrons (note that I actually knew the names and didn't say "little pink things and big purple things"). Of course, that may not be nearly as effective near the end of the game...but the Battery Caps appear in big groups and use a special attack that packs a wallop--both of which are good for building up old Limit Breaks and learning new ones.

-Watkesci Cid

I really didn't hang much around Rocket Town unless I had to, so I don't know much about this. Might be a good technique to use at that point of the game. If I ever sit down and play a new game for FF7, I will give that a try, thanks for the tip. :)

I remember fighting these Battery Caps when I was trying to power up Vincent's final weapon. Its power is directly based on the total number of enemies killed, so fighting five at once seemed pretty useful.

Not Gonna Eat That Broccoli

You are entirely too kind to vegetables.

Now I don't know Chim's true feelings on vegetables. But I leave them alone, and they leave me alone. Except for lettuce, I like to wear pieces of lettuce for my hair(hehe, maybe some of you will get that reference).

Vegetables have feelings too, you know! That's why we should all stick to meat.

Miscellaneous Thoughts

When the hell is Suikoden 3 coming out?! They announced that they were making it like ages ago. I must've played both Suikodens combined about 35 to 45 times. No joking! I've had a shortage on games lately :-(. Anyways, RPGamer hasn't even had any information on it since they announced that Konami was coming out with it way back in June of 2000 which basically means that Konami hasn't released any info. Does this mean that they're not making it anymore?

Also I have another point to make to the person who made that comment about Final Fantasy being ended right after the first one. Well normally that would be true if Final Fantasy had been a sequel series. But since every "Final Fantasy" is a new fantasy in itself then technically the name isn't completely inaccurate.

Oh and I might've missed something one day because everyone seemed to be sending in who they thought the hottest RPG character was. Well I would just like to put my input in also. I think that Quistis from Final Fantasy 8 was the hottest. She had beauty, brains, and she wasn't that controlling... what more can you ask for?

Konami has kept quiet about Suikoden III. I expect atleast a 2002 release overseas, but no clue as to when an American release is. Some media was released way back in April, but they have been silent since then. It didn't even make an appearance at E3, but that didn't surprise me either, we can just keeps our fingers crossed. I am hoping that Genso Suikoden Card Stories for the GBA comes out in the USA, that looks fun. What's in a name? To me it's just a name which I sure was chosen by process of elimination. What about Dragon Warrior? Ultima? Even Pokemon? I just like the name, but a sequel to a Final Fantasy would be a change of pace(perhaps Final Fantasy 6?) Hottest RPG character, errr, I have no idea what so ever, I don't look at RPG characters that way.

Yeah, Quistis is pretty cool. Dunno why Squall didn't see that, but Squall had some issues emotionally. Or maybe he had an aversion to the student/teacher thing. :)

Guerilla Gorilla

hey kahgani, heard you can answer SO2 questions:

Its been a while since I've played so I don't remember the names or anything, but I never could beat those gorillas that try to flip the switch and you have to keep 'em from doing know what I'm talking about? on the second planet. do you have any advice? like what level should I be at? should I go with strength or magic?

Oh ya, I remember what you are talking about. Those are the Yeti in Energy Nede. Try to have a group that does all physical attacks. Magic won't help here since it's not as fast. You might want to have one character atleast be around to cast heal/helpful spells(Rena more than likely). As long as you keep hitting the Yeti with constant physical attacks, it slows to a crawl. Though sometimes I even failed in defeating them before they got to the switch this way. But this is the best method I found to use.

Not having played SO2, I don't have a lot to add here.

Experience Mortis

I just recently started playing Tactics again in the last couple of days, having bought and beaten it in the month it first came out, and I've got a couple questions about things I just don't remember. Are there any Exp. points or Job Points given to party members for just finishing a battle? For example, if my Knight gets killed before the battle is over, but not the kinda killed where he's dead and gone, just the kinda killed with the numbers above him, will he get any less points for being in that state when the battle is over? Hopefully thats not too confusing. My second question is I know the Tactics team went on to do Vagrant Story, but I was curious if they're at the helm of any new rpgs soon to be coming out or in the works, like Tactics 2 or something. I appreciate the time guys. Thanks.


I see what you are saying; basically, will dead players get exp/JP when dead. I have no idea, hehe. But I popped in my copy of FFT and tested it out by killing of one of my characters in a battle and checking afterwards. Ah, my poor heaven knight, dying just for a letter. Well, I check my before and after battle JP totals, and they increased the full amount I gain even though he died. As for the team, err, I really have no idea. I don't follow up much on dev teams when they bounce from place to place, though Tactics 2 would be nice and I would keeps tabs on that, hehe.

Considering all you get at the end of a battle is gold and sometimes items, dead characters don't get any JP or EXP there--and neither do other characters. You get JP and EXP by taking actions, such as attacking, casting a spell, yelling at yourself, or throwing rocks at your friends. As for the Tactics team, watch for Hoshigami: Ruining Blue Earth.


Hey, Kahgani. A coupla questions for you.

1)Where did you get that name? It's pretty cool.

2)So, you like the Suikoden series? Me too. Love it. Anyway, is it possible that they DON'T bring the third game to the States (much like Suikogaiden)? If they do, will it have proper translation?

3)I am a moron and beat the second game before the first (not getting all Stars), however, I went back and completely finished the first game. Very easy. Anyway, I was wondering, what are the direct advantages to loading your suikoden file to the second game, other than McDohl and Gremio?

4)Squash or zucchini?

5) There's no room to name him Schtoltenheim Reinbach..

Jello a.k.a "grassassassin"

hehe, I was waiting for someone to ask me this question, this question is asked as much as my name is misspelled. I actually got it from role playing game I was doing on IRC. It was an Star Trek game and I was the Federation President, I then changed into a "changling" and had to pick a different name. So I hit a bunch of keys and came up with this. Though if you are not a Trekkie you have no idea what I am talking about. So just think of it that I just hit a bunch a keys and came up with that. It's my favorite series, even better than Final Fantasy in my opinion, *watches as tomatoes are thrown at him.* I don't see why they wouldn't bring it over. The first two did pretty good in sales, and it has a following among RPG fans. Proper translation depends whether or not the translators are hung over that day, hehe. I don't know, no one ever knows if there will be a proper translation until the game is out.
Well, from what I heard, when you recruit a character there are suppose to be some extra items or upgraded items on the characters. Though I never noticed it whenever I played through with the data loaded. One thing I did notice is that McDohl's clothing and I think weapon was in Gregminster castle. Also some of the people in town mentioned him. But other than that not much is benefited, still a nice touch though.
Zucchini, it has a smoother surface and better shape. Squash is just...odd. Is there even enough room for Schtoltenheim? hehe

No questions for me? What am I doing here?!

Staff Letter Returns!

Dear Multicreature and Kahgani,
for Chim:
You were right, there are things worse then think the black mage is cute. Now all I have to do is find a way to get that pic out of my mind. And it is only Turkey, get that other thought out of your head.
for Kahgani:
What is you favorite color and your quest?
Also do you think Ramza lived in FFT?
What's you guess for what TRC stood for?
TRC- could be worse, I could say it stand for The Real Clone

Err, it's been forever since I have seen that movie, so my response to that is "no comment."
That was a mighty big explosion at the end for him or any of the characters to survive, even T.G. Cid, so I don't think he did. Though if he did survive, that would leave the door wide open for a sequel, and in that case I think he lived, hehe.
Totally Ridiculously Clueless. Period.

Ooo, diss. And, no questions for me here either! *plays minesweeper*

Moogles and Inventor Girls

Hey Chime,
That letter from ^Krash^ about stuffed dolls reminded me of a question I had a while back; has there ever been a stuffed Moogle doll? I personally think Moogles are the perfect characters to make dolls out of. Oh, and I have to agree with you, Lucca is mighty fine. She needs to get rid of that goofy hat though.
- Chris

I did a quick search on eBay and found a few auctions with stuffed Moogle dolls from FFX. If there were any before that I have no idea though. On another note, I did find some Vivi dolls at Software Etc. for only $10. I hope they are still around when I get paid, hehe.

Nah, she can leave the hat on. ;)


Hello Chimer....aww to heck with it,

Point 1: Final Fantasy Tactics is out and working normally at this point. In fact, it was fixed after a week, but no one seems to know this. Just go to your local retailer and ask them for the details, all I know is that I am enjoying mine in my PS2.

And now for some questions.

RPGamer covers tactical and strategy RPGs, how come I have seen absolutely nothing, not a word anywhere about Ring of Red? I would think it could fall into tactical rpg, along side its (bigger and better) cousin Front Mission 3.

And a second question. Why is Flik so damned cool? I mean, he doesn't even join you permanently for a long while in either Suikoden, yet he's still the coolest character in the game.

Lastly, don't you think Sonya Shulen should have been a returning character in Suikoden II?

I am a Suikoden Master, I caught all 108! Ack, pokemon invasion... sorry.

Arcadian Winds

I bought my FFT when it original came out(think I got it for Christmas actually). So I avoided the plague of problems with the recent release of it.
Well, I don't work at RPGamer, so I wouldn't know about why no coverage is being done about it. I have never heard of the game personally. Hmmm...maybe coverage should be done on it then.
I always liked his nickname of Lightning Flik(I think that was it). I actually didn't like him in the first Suikoden, he was too immature and bratish then. He was a lot more cooler in the second one. Though he could be a senile old man in the third, hehe.
Yes! The choice of returning characters in Suikoden II was perfect except for Meg. What good was she again? I forget.
I like Pokemon! I have Red(or Blue), Silver, and the trading card version. Plan to get Crystal once I find the cash.

Meg controlled Gadget! Yeah, Sonya Shulen would have been pretty cool. As far as that other game, another staffer describes it as a "slow, methodical mech sim game," which isn't really the sort of thing we cover. If it's really considerable as an RPG, then we could add it, but I'm not the person to ask.

The Last Laugh:

Kahgani:Wow, that's more work than I thought, I actually had to think on a couple of those. I was disappointed with the fact that there were no Ultima Online questions, I am sure someone out there plays UO. I hope to be back next week, unless I am hit by some other ailment, but I don't need another aka. Have a good weekend all!

Chimerasame: There is a theory that says if anybody ever finds out just what the Universe is for, it will instantly vanish and be replaced with something even more bizarrely inexplicable.
There is another theory that states this has already happened.
-possibly poorly remembered quote from Restaurant at the End of the Universe

Now, do you all know where your towels are? Good. For those of you who missed it yesterday, Kahgani is looking for the games Final Fantasy Chronicles, Skies of Arcadia, and SuikoGaiden. Dagon will be here tomorrow to answer your questions. He has the following to say:

Dagon: Hey everyone. I'll be in tomorrow night, so I thought that I would drop in with a suggested topic. I'd like to hear what your thoughts are on Square. It is by far the most well known RPG developer, though many would say that it is coasting at the moment. Do you think that it deserves the attention that it gets, and if not, who does? Of course, you should feel free to send in anything else you want to get off your chest. See you then.

Chimerasame "But what am I to do with this tossed salad and scrambled eggs"
Frasier has left the building.

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