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Rob Hamilton - August 16 '01- 2:52 Eastern Standard Time

Somebody told me once they thought Picard's little hand motion he does when he says "Engage" looked kinda weak. I didn't really see that in it. The new Captain, though, John Archer, just kinda casually says "Let's go." He's Scott Bakula, though, so he gets points for that.

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Xenogears note

Just wanted to say: Chu Chus (not Chu Chu, but Chu Chus in general) were the original dominant species on the planet Xenogears takes place on. I dunno what biblical significance they have, but they aren't just there randomly. Maybe the authors were of the opinion that if a planet can support intelligent life (such as the humans who crashed there), it would arise on its own.

Not everything has to be religious.


"Aye, ye've done well, laddie. Now burn them! BURN THEM ALL!" or soemthing to that effect.

True, the Chu-chus do have some sort of meaning, I had assumed the question pertained specifically to the religious symbolism that penetrates the rest of the game. Perhaps I was mistaken. Thanks for the input, anyway.

GFs are Bad for Memory

A long time ago, I used to roam around #edscorner. I, too, wondered what TRC standed for, so I asked. And I asked. And I asked.

I think it's "The Reveling Cavalier" or something... maybe it's just bad spelling, but I'm pretty sure it sounded like that...

Good guess, but only one of those three words is correct. The other two do have the correct number of syllables, though!

Answers to Quandaries

I am VERY STRONGLY attracted to Kefka.

And no, this is not a joke. Talk to anyone on the mailing list, and they will tell you the same.

I also like Setzer Gabbiani *hence my name*, Rufus Shinra, Seifer Almasey, Zell Dincht, Sephiroth, Vincent Valentine...if we can count anime based on RPGs, then I can count Jirirudan and James from Pokemon, Ken and Myotismon from Digimon...geez, those are the only RPG based animes I've seen with hot guys in 'em...

--Blackjack Gabbiani *on my dad's account*

PS--tell Elissa that you can get Eevee by talking to Bill in Goldenrod.

And the "Lalalala!! I can't hear you!" is from a KoDT story where BA mentions a "whistling zephyr" and Bob and Dave think it's gonna put a curse on them
And Brian no longer runs campaigns. They've never explained why, but it had something to do with a terrible experience he had once...

One of many letters discontent with providing only one answer to the prompt... oh well. I suppose I was asking for it. :) Thanks for the clarifications on the other stuff.

Best Curry in the World

1. I have: Pokemon Blue, Pokemon Trading Card Game, and Pokemon Silver. If I were to sell them on Ebay, how much would I be, ahem, reimbursed? (Specifically, how much do you think they go for in resale value?)
2. What's Oracle of Seasons like compared to Oracle of Ages, except for the obvious? I just finished Ages and I'd really like to play Seasons if only I could find a copy anywhere (I was lucky and got Ages USED for $25.)
3. My job is having a raffle for a Playstation 2 tonight. Wish me luck. (Like I'll actually win, of course.)
4. Chu?
5. Will you try some of my delicious beef curry? I made it with the secret nine billion strength spice that a very nice young lady with blonde hair gave me.
6. What would the latest guest host like in terms of games? (I'm willing to give up my copy of Secret of Mana to guesthost.)

I'm off to work, have fun today.

Card Captor Ribby

1. It varies. Look for other people selling the same games, and see how high their bids are going. It generally helps to provide a picture, and usually it's a pretty good idea to have the sale duration be maximum (though, if I'd had my Nothing sell for seven days instead of ten it wouldn't have been removed... _)
2. I hear Seasons is significantly better. I haven't played Seasons yet, so I don't know for sure but I hear that the puzzles are more entertaining, and the world forms a coherent whole rather than being kinda thrown together (to paraphrase a friend's words.)
3. Good luck! Though, it's in the past now...
4. Wark!
5. Why, I'd love to! I hear the taste is explosively wonderful.
6. Final Fantasy Chronicles, Skies of Arcadia, or SuikoGaiden. For those of you not reading this text, it will be reprinted tomorrow!

Vivi wa kawaii

I am trying to find a plush doll (similiar to Final Fantasy's Vivi) of Chrono Cross's Mojo (the staw vodoo doll). I have seen Vivi dolls for sale and was wondering if and where I may be able to find to locate and buy one. If you or any readers know of such a place e-mail me at Thank You


With a quick search on Ebay, I found this. It's got less than two days left as of this posting, so act now! (Or wait until the end and snipe, if you prefer. ;) )

Update: Heh, I must have just read the one sentence of that, "I have seen Vivi dolls for sale and was wondering if...." As for Mojo dolls, no, I haven't seen any, and searching Ebay isn't turning any up. If anybody else knows, send the info in and I'll pass it to Krash.

Staff Letter

Dear God-O-Puns,

First off the acronym was erased from existence by an evil Staffer from the future. The only reason you remeber is because you were there. Secondly, Attack of the Clones, Send in the Clones. I thought it was easy.

I have to say at this point I have an unhealthy attaction to the female mage in Dragon Warrior 3 color. She's just so cute. I need help.

TRC- that's TURKEY, anyone who says otherwise is a dirty dirty liar

Firstly: I don't remember that happening! Obviously I wasn't there. I do remember what the nick stands for, though! :)
Secondly: That's not unhealthy. Could be much worse. Believe me.

Update: Due to geocities being cranky, this link does not work. However, you can view the file by pasting into your URL bar.

Correction, of sorts

Hey there.

Just a point...I think i got more experience/AP from those little green things on Mideel Island in FF7 than on the ice fields on the world map near the crater. And I also think you get more AP per battle from those green things than from enemies on the crashed Gelnika (since you usually fight 3 green things at once). Yeah, well that's what I is what I remember right? I really wouldn't know, as I have no intention of playing FF7 right now just to check.


P.S. Ok, I call them 'green things'...I obviously don't remember what their names are, but you'll know what I mean when you see them.

Cool, thanks. I knew there was probably a better place, but it's been a while since FF7, so I'd forgotten where it was. (I seem to be more of an ombudsman than answer guy today, ne?)


Why do people write 'first time writer/long time reader?' Do they expect brownie points or something for being long time readers? I mean really, this is Q's and A's. Your letter will be posted if it has a good question/point/whatever the host is looking for. If you got an answer then do tell.

Good questions and points are always preferred, but there are always exceptions.


If it's Final Fantasy then shouldn't the first one have been the last one?

- Galvatron

In theory. In theory, communism works. In theory.

Dagger's mom on Final Fantasy IX!!! She's hot!!


Hey Chime,RPG character I'm most attracted to huh? I'd have to say Rydia,who I have loved since I first played FFIV back when I was but a wee one of 7. Edge better back off before his ninja prince butt gets sliced up.

The Masked Mystere

Hey, cool, I was hoping somebody agreed with me!

Hey (monks sing) CHIM-ERA-SA-ME

I was also playing Suikoden II right now and I thought this. Whouldn't it be silly if in a future one you encounter the real Schtoltenheim Reinbach III? I know you're going to get plenty of Bish-crazy fangirls at this one. Also, are you the plenipotentiary of something?

Imperial Mog

I've seen this Schtolteheim point about half a dozen days in a row now, so I figure it's time to print it. I'm the plenipotentiary of Ohtori Academy!

The Last Laugh:

Raaa. I keep forgetting to watch Family Guy! It's highly irritating. Ah, well, I'm sure I'll find a copy somewhere. Oh, and, a lot of people sent in very similar letters naming Tifa, Garnet, Yuna, and similar. I'm mentioning that here, 'coz if I printed the letters it'd end up being over half the column's content. Should we worry? o-o (Personally, Rydia, Quistis, Lucca.)

Kahgani will be guest hosting tomorrow, and says his field of expertise includes the games Suikoden I & II, Ultima Online, Star Ocean 2 and Final Fantasy Tactics. So, those of you who just got FF Tactics and have it working somehow, let's hear your gameplay questions!

Chimerasame "So, if that's what a vegetarian is, what's a humanitarian?"

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