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Rob Hamilton - August 15 '01- 2:18 Eastern Standard Time

My computer has been open for over a day, with a borrowed CD-burning drive sitting off to the side, propped up by a box I keep El-Hazard tapes in, a shoebox, and the box for the Planes of Law campaign expansion of the Planescape setting. I don't even find this especially weird. I need to finish burning things, though, so I can get the drive back in the computer it came from and reassemble stuff before I head back to Austin. On with the questions.

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Multipart with an Utena reference!

Dear Chimerasame,

Well, I have a few little questions. First of all, in FFVI, how was the Gogo-is-Daryl rumor started? I seem to remember someone who worked on the game saying something to that effect, and then vehemently refuting it.

Second, and I've received many answers regarding this, and I was just curious, what do you think is Final Fantasy Tactics' biggest asset? Besides T.G. Cid... and if you say the translation, I shall beat you over the head with a wet noodle... ^^

Third, WHAT purpose do the Chu-Chus in Xenogears serve?? I keep trying to come up with some inkling of logic regarding that subject (because seemingly EVERYTHING in Xenogears has a meaning/reference, etc).

And that's about it. Sekai o kakumei suru tame ni!


For the first question, I'd guess it might have originated in some fanfics or something.. Daryl's past is unknown, Gogo's past is unknown, and fans like ot make connections between things like that. I know of no single source of the rumor. (Not, anyway, to the degree that Ben Lansing was more or less the single source of the Aeris Resurrection rumor.)
Tactics' greatest strength? The player could control the party's strength and style through manipulation of job classes and abilities, which gave everybody a unique way to play the game, and added some replay value. Without being too complex to understand, it was complex enough so that a smart player would have an advantage, which I think is a good thing.
Third: None. Xenogears' Chu-chu has no point. Perhaps he should be attacked by a giant frog!
Sekai o kakumei suru tame ni.

PSO problems

Hey Chim,
I recently bought PSO and just popped it into the Dreamcast, but it's not working. The only thing I get is as far as the Dreamcast menu screen. There are no smudges or anything like that on the disk. All my other games work fine. Any ideas?
Thanks in advance,

It's possesed! Find an exorcist, quick, before it spreads to your other game systems!
Seriously? I've never heard of anything like that happening. Anybody out there know anything about it? You might call Sega's customer support line at 1-800-USA-SEGA (872-7342), or perhaps visit their website at < Aaaaaand so I don't look too one-sided in this letter... Nintendo! Enix! Sony! Square! That is all.

Time travel to 1998

Well hello Chimerasame,

This may have been asked before, but I've decided I need to beat FF7. My main three are about level 52, and I don't have many special items(I don't have enogh time to get KotR), so I'm pretty sure I can't beat Sephiroth. So, where would be the best place to level up, other than the northern cave on the way down to Sephiroth? Are there any special enemies that gave out massive Exp. and AP? Or special items?


Other than the northern cave? Well, if the Northern cave is too difficult, you don't want to head for the Crashed Gelnika underwater, certainly. Outside of those two places, I don't know of any wonderful powerup spots for the end of the game. You're going to have to brave the cave, pardon the ridiculous rhyme, or settle for a mediocre spot like walking around in the overworld snow near it.

Another Multipart

Hey Chime! Long time no see! Oh...wait, I've never met you. Well, nevermind that, I've got some questions for you.

1)What is your opinion on the rereleases of Final Fantasy Anthology and Final Fantasy Chronicles? I personally feel that while it was a good idea to rerelease them, if not for the people who played them before and wanted to relive the magic, for the people who had never played them and watned to. Of course, they could have done a little better job programming it so there would be shorter load times.

2)What is your opinion on emulation? Yes, I know it's technically illegal, but with the translation groups on THE SCENE, who is going to spit at a chance to play Dragon Quest 6, Romancing Saga 3, Seiken Densetsu 3, Final Fantasy 5 (a better translation that Square's), Final Fantasy 2j and 3j, and Tales of Phantasia in English?

3)Which did you like better, Final Fantasy 6 or Chrono Trigger?

4)If you could make an RPG for one TV show or movie, what would it be?

By the way, make sure you give the mermaid the flowers so she'll take you to meet Neptune. Looking out for you, you know?

Robust Stu

The email subject was "a couple questions." This is flagrant false advertising, I see no less than four! However, Stu answered number one for me (that's roughly my opinion you wrote there), and 4 is pretty simple (El Hazard, though I'm liable to change my opinion), so I'll excuse you.
2) Ehem. Officially, I'm required to say that emulation is illegal most of the time. However, so is speeding, and over half the drivers I see on the road are speeding. Might I again point out that the malfunctioning copies of the new FFT release only work on emulator? The companies are slipping. As far as emulating untranslated games, I see no moral problem with it. Nobody's losing money, because there's no translated version for sale. If company reps are reading that and don't like it, I say tough, translate your games! (I'd buy SD3 for GBA in a heartbeat, you know... *poke poke*)
3) Tough choice, very tough. Chrono Trigger, by a hair... mostly because of New Game+.

Previous Column Reference I

Hey Chim,

I know this was turkey's mistake, not your's, but I felt I had to point this out. I don't want the XBox fanboys to have more Nintendo bashing fuel. TRC said that PSOv2 for Gamecube would be offline. That is incorrect. Gamecube will go online in March 2002 in Japan, and Phantasy Star ONLINE well be released at the same time.


Heh, Turkey. Don't let him fool you! TRC does stand for something... at least it used to. Perhaps that bit of information has been lost in the sands of time... hey, how'd all this timesand get in my shoes?

Previous Column Reference II

Yesterday someone sent in a letter asking if TRC knew what KoDT stood for. In response it stands for Knights of the Dinner Table, a incredibly funny comic book/magazine about a pen and paper roleplaying group. If you enjoy pen and paper roleplaying then definetly get a copy, it's awesome.

Here's a quote:"Proudest day of my life! I was able to transform a simple wooden door, a few rabid rats, some glue and a one legged dwarf into one of the deadliest traps ever!! Four player character deaths, two failed attempts at ressurection and a decapitation!!! I RULE!!"
-BA, the groups GM


Ah, yes, the dinner table Knights do own. You know what campaign I'd like to play? Anything run by that guy on the far right... Brian, I think his name is? Man, that'd rock.

To boldly split infinitives that no one has split before

Hey Chim, long time reader, first time writer. The title from yesterday's column comes from an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation. The particular line is spoken by the prime minister of a society of clones after Commander Riker and Doctor Pulaski are knocked out, so that they can steal genetic material. But anyways...

I've recently begun replaying Chrono Trigger (on my SNES cart, heh). I just got past the trial, and then something hit me. A long time ago, my friend told that he got the ending where he had been woekn up by Marle. The ONLY thing he did differently was to be found innocent by all of the jurors. Now, I got one that thought I was guilty. I THINK it has to do with who runs into who when you first meet marle. But I have no idea what to do. Help!!!

Rez Dawg

Actually, Send in the Clones is more likely a pun on the song Send in the Clowns--a pun which TRC and TNG both happened to use. TRC might correct me on that later, I dunno. That particular Next Generation episode was actualy also going to be titled Send in the Clowns, originally, but they changed it to Up the Long Ladder. The line was spoken by Picard, I believe, or possibly by the leader of the Irish-like society, but not by said Prime Minister. But, kudos for getting the episode right!

I don't recall what gives you which ending, but the jurors have no effect whatsoever on the rest of the game. You can be found innocent, or guilty, but due to that bastard Chancellor you'll get thrown in jail either way, and there's no further effect it has.

Shitsumon wa koko ni arimasen

To clarifly yesterday's question on why monsters in Rpgs don't set traps well, anyone remember Ozzie's fort? Well I just got done with that part and he does have traps which you can't avoid.

*sings along to his Glassjaw cd.*


Wow, I'm glad someone wrote it, it'd be pretty weird if it manifested out of the void!

Final Fantasy 7.1.02?

Do you think Squaresoft will ever break the "rules" and make sequels for any of their Final Fantasy games? I would personally love a sequel to Final Fantasy VIII, despite the fact many people seem to think it a piece of junk. What's your opinion on some sequels?
___ a never before writer inner--Ace

Nah, they won't. I wouldn't mind seeing a sequel on a couple of them either, but they're nto really designed to accomodate sequels. Any that were made probably would fail to meet expectations. I know how you feel, I'd probably buy a sequel to FFIV if it did come out, but I doubt it'd be especially good. Suikoden sequels on the other hand, mmmmm...


Hoody Hoo!

P.S. "Hey! Mike Lemmer! Through down some dice or face my HackMaster +12!"

Do you want the dice to go down, or through? Oh well, makes no difference, my damage resistance is 500/+20! Now remember what we taught you, no experience for killing your party members.

I can't hear you! Lalalalalalalalalala!

Your mother isn't very good in the sack!

Heh, I sure am glad he couldn't hear me.

do you know any stores that sell i know only one store but i don't know any other store?

"i know only one store but i don't know any other store" is a pretty rare product. I don't know of any stores that sell "i know only one store but i don't know any other store."

Where the heck do you get Eevee in poke'mon silver/gold versions for gameboy?!! I've asked all my friends and one doesn't even know where she got her's! I know this is like a stupid question... but please HELP ME!

You can find one in the west Game Center, I hear from sources that it's called Jhoto, and after that, just get more by breeding.

Do you think that they should make a Burger King Rpg, or maybe a Taco Bell one.
-The Great Banana King

Nah, but Wendy's would make a killing. Mmm, frosties...

The Last Laugh:

Hey! I put quickies back in! o-o I didn't expect myself to do that, but I guess that's what happens when enough letters are sufficiently short. Wow, I got a pretty good turnout for letters yesterday, too. I hope this keeps up! Perhaps it's due to increased server stability.
Chrono Cross came out a year ago. Maybe I should pick it up and play it again. I'm gonna finish Suikoden 2 first, though. So! The hosts these days like to have themes for columns, let's see. Which RPG character have you been the most attracted to? (Whee, it's great being bizarre.)

Chimerasame "Burning CDs, as per Leprechaun instructions"
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