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Rob Hamilton - August 11 '02- 2:43 Eastern Standard Time

A week has gone by, and it doesn't seem like I've done anything I mentioned last Friday, and though I haven't gotten around to fixing any of the broken sig-pic images in my old columns, I figured I really should update my bio page. That should stay accurate a little while, I hope. Until Chesh is back, anyway!

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Premature Signs of Age

How Chime, how are you doing?

This morning at 3 AM I just finished FF9 for the first time. The game froze shortly after the ending began. I hate Hironobu Sakaguchi (I can feel the flaming from others beginning now).

On a side note, I also finished Eternal Darkness yesterday. The ending didn't freeze. I love my GameCube.

Anyway....questions follow:

1) I've heard lots about Kingdom Hearts, but I've heard nothing of the music of Kingdom Hearts. Is it traditional Square stuff, traditional Disney stuff, or a weird mix in-between?

Somebody was just recommenting Eternal Darkness to me, today. I should probably pick up a GC sometime in the not-too-distant future, especially with the potential of Square making stuff that crosses from GBA to it.

As far as Kingdom Hearts' music, I haven't heard the OST yet myself, but reports say it's reminiscent of both Square and Disney (not surprisingly.)

2) I received a letter today from a library saying I need to return a book. With a 3$/day late fee, I think I agree with them. The problem is that I already did return the book, AND they are conveniently closed today, so I can't speak with anyone about this, AND they're Q & A section of the website is down, so I can't email them either. Is this just some horrible plot by them to take over the world? If so, how would you suggest I stop it? Right now I'm only level 12, so I can use Fire and Ice, but I won't learn Thunder until I vanquish at least 4 more demons.

This is really sad. I read this and thought, "Wow, back in my day, library late fees were only a nickel a day per book." I feel like an old man, having that kind of thought about something that's three bucks now. ... but it's true! The library you use seems to be quite evil, and I'm sure there would be nothing morally wrong with using all attack magic at your disposal against them. If you have levels of War Wizard of Cormyr, even better. Libraries are weak against Fire, so your Thunder thing shouldn't be an issue.

3) Do you think there's any chance of an FF3 (as in, Japanese FF3) remake on the ps1/ps2 that *MAY* come over to the US? I start college soon, meaning I get lotsa extra time to play RPGs between pointless classes.

Oh, there's always a chance. Right now, I'd say it's more likely to appear on GBA than a high-end system, though.

4) There is no #4, this is just a cruel joke. Mwa Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

I'm gonna go take my ritalin now. Everyone go watch Shaolin Soccer, it's the best movie ever


Aw, man, that joke was too much. What gives? :/

Never seen a bluer sky~


This isn't a question, but looking at your "weird mix cd" as you called it, I noticed that you have a song by Pizzicato Five in your library, and therefore you rock ^_^

Oh, and on the note of the Bebop OST, while Blue (OST 3) is my personal favorite, I recommend OST 1 and No Disc (OST 2) as well, . Fewer countries, more Engrish and pseudo-French. And the movie soundtrack, Future Blues, is delicious. Yep.


Heheh, Pizzicato Five. My at-the-time-gf sent me that, it's a nice tune.

Blue is indeed good. It's apparently "which Cowboy Bebop song [I am]" as well, according to one of the myriad crazy internet selectors going around in places like LiveJournal. My favorite is Rain, from the first OST. Green Bird, from the same ep (though second disc) is also quite nice. I don't really hate Mushroom Hunting (in fact, I love the ep it's from, Ed rules!), but it just seems to get really repetitive after a while: something which is more forgivable with a melody than without.

I Am, I Am, I Am Superman

Hi, Chimerasame or chime or whatever you call yourself nowadays. How's life? I have some questions im hoping that you can tackle because I certainly cant.

I respond to either, but if you really want to get my attention, address me as whatever your credit card number is.

1) Im sure youve heard this already and possibly a lot but I dont see any new information being released about two games(Magical Vacation and Fire Emblem) for the gameboy advance. Nintendo had said that they were US bound but now which is months later.....all information seemed to have came to a hault. Is this normal or a conspiracy? Seriously. And your website says 2002 for a release date but Nintendo not giving a solid date as of now is making me wonder if the translations were cancelled.

I've been wondering about that too. I don't really know much more than you do, I'm afraid--it seems like they're not going to port them over after all, which is too bad. I'd have gotten Fire Emblem in Japan if I were better at reading Kanji.

2) Have you ever imported an RPG? Not knowing Japanese makes it so totally not worth it, dont you think? Its like not knowing how to read all over again but also not being able to ask your parents what the game says. Thanks for reading my questions and have a pleasant day.

Does purchasing in Japan and bringing it back over in my own luggage count as importing? I have Japanese versions of FFIV, V, and VI, for SNES, as well as Kaeru no Ehon (Frog's picturebook!) and Suikogaiden vols. I and II. I am, as yet, unable to play the Japanese PlayStation games on anything.

I can read a fraction of the Japanese language, and it's certainly worth it for me--playing the "imports" gives me reading practice, which is definitely a good thing. I still read slowly, though, which is frustrating. If you can't read it at all, then yeah, I'd imagine it'd be pretty uninteresting--though some people like 'em anyway.

I don't remember this, but if someone does...

Dear Chime or whoever,

A while back, I don't remember exactly how long ago, there was a guy who got posted in the Q&A section looking for sites that needed a Q&A host. Unfortunately, I was unable to respond when the column went up. Could you kindly refer him or any others with the same question to or AIM: ID1014578176 ? I'd appreciate it greatly.

...Well, good luck!

T.G. Antrim


Having Thor guest host would be a great idea, I started reading Q&A around the same time he started writing for it. Although there seems to be some contraversy surrounding his departure of RPGamer, I think it would be great if he came back for a guest spot.


He has been back once or twice since his original departure. If I see him around, I'll ask him, but I can't promise anything--his computer access can be sporadic.


Rpgamer, thank you so much for posting the Neverwinter Nights screenshot entitled Plot twist.

You're either being sarcastic, and the screen's a spoiler somehow, or you're actually being sincere--though I'm not sure what you'd really be thanking us about. Since my graphics card is too lousy to play NWN, I don't know enough to know if that's really spoiler material. So, uh, you're welcome! :D

is the rumor true that ff 7-9 are going to be remade for the ps2?


It doesn't seem like much of a rumor. Still don't know, though--the PS2 versions of those titles are on indefinite hold.

Greetings (Mickey sings) CHIMERASAME
Now since people need to know I'll say it one. My webpage is at so people should bookmark it down. I plan to get some new stuff on but I've been having a pain in the butt toothache which hurts like hell. Now with Kingdom Hearts combining things you'd never thought would be combined, what two things do you want to see combined? Are you going to have Thor on sometime soon since I need to learn his secrets of getting fangirls? Also since Suikoden III is coming out this fall, do you worry the quick turnaround will mean a shoddy translation? Also since nobody has brought it up, how will the Suikoden series go now that the creator of it has left Konami?
Imperial Mog

You have teeth in your butt? Dude, that's not normal.

I dunno about future Suikodens, but I certainly hope they're not adversely effected. Those games rule!

i was wondering now if maybe another breath of fire will come out cause i really liked breath of fire 3,it was awsome,i thought,the bad guys ruled and everything,and the storyline on that one and the videos were better than 2 and i just wanted to know if they were making another one,i think it would be cool, well anyways,see ya

BoF 4 has been out for some time now...

Chiming out:

Y'know, "Ask Chim" isn't my favorite of titles, 'coz sometimes I like to get things that aren't questions. But, "Send Text to Chim" seems a bit silly to use as a permanent thing. There're generic titles like Mailbag and Letters and whatnot, but generic stuff is so generic, y'know! Eh, I'll come up with something.

chime "Of The Hill People"

Inbox, maybe! Hmmm...

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