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Rob Hamilton - August 10 '02- 1:15 Eastern Standard Time

When I was in Tokyo Disneyland, I got this three-inch-tall Eeyore plush for 900 yen (about 7 bucks). Then later, a friend of mine bought a foot-tall one from a different store for 2000 yen (about 16 bucks), which kinda irritated me. Not much more than double the price, but it was much larger! The ratios didn't really seem fair. Tho, this one's not bad, it's certainly sufficiently Eeyore.

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Pride: The Official Cardinal Sin of High School Football

Dear RPGamer Staff,

I got two Questions. First of all, are there going to be any Final Fantasy games for the Xbox or is Bill Gates to "proud" of his console creation to let Square launch their classic RPGs on the system? Second of all, is there going to be a release of Star Wars Knights of The Old Republic for the Play Station 2 and/or Game Cube?

Richard Cox

Microsoft pride isn't keeping Square from developing for XBox, they just don't especially want to make games for it. That's more of an issue between Nintendo and Square than it ever has been with Microsoft--and with Square games starting to come out for GBA, the Square/Nintendo animosity seems to be dissolving as well. Bill Gates doesn't really make detailed decisions about the XBox anyway, I believe that's still Jeff Henshaw's department. I don't foresee Square games coming out for the XBox, but it's not impossible.

The Star Wars RPG is currently only planned for XBox and PC.

Ahh, good old-fashioned levelling

how the hell can i kill luca blight he kills all of my men in the night raid.

Well, the generalized answer is to make your party more powerful. There is, as far as I know, no secret technique to fighting Luca. He's hard, like a climactic boss battle should be. There're any number of secrets and hints that a FAQ would do a better job of explaining than I could.

Incidentally, the first time I killed him, it was down to my third party--the last member of that party, Rina, in fact. She ran out of magic, and I was almost sure I was done for, but she finished Luca off with a physical attack. She had eight hit points.

Remakes 'R' Us


I'm planning on getting Grandia 2 fairly soon. However, i've seen a DC version and a PS2 version of it, is there a difference or can i go for the cheaper DC version and be just as happy?

Thanks in advance! =)


I'm told the DC version actually has slightly better graphics, but I can't vouch for that information personally.

I still have that pewter key!

Possible Kingdom Hearts Spoiler:

Here's something that is both satisfying, but makes a lot of sense considering her last movie:

Mandy Moore as Aeris?!

I'm guessing they didn't announce it 'cause Aeris is probably some sort of surprise. Hell, maybe the "Raise Aeris" trick really does exist, just in another game!


Someone's going to read this, and think they can rez Aeris in FF7. I can feel it.

Orcish Folly


Do you, (or anyone reading) Remember an anime show called TEKNOMAN that aired only 26 of it's 42 episodes on UPN way back when? I loved that series. It got me into anime. (that't right, NOT DBZ...HA-HA!) too bad they cancelled it...fools!

Anyways, though having THOR grace us again would be nice I think we don't wish to bother him as he's got way bigger problems to deal with than answering a few questions from us. Good luck, THOR.

Also, the question: I've been asked this, what ARE orc heads good for? I've accumilated some responses, some involving target practice and decoration for orc shoulders...what do YOU think orc head are for?

Starsickle- DEFUNCT Webmaster (who's addicted to EQ today ^_^!!)
"Today was slower than an orc at a spelling bee"

Spelling bee? Do they count capitalization at those? . Eh, nevermind.

I don't recall Teknoman, or rather, I never knew Teknoman at all. I actually got into anime, for the most part, by purchasing the Escaflowne boxed set and watching them all. That's the old VHS version, and not the DVDs.

Orc heads! Funny you bring that up, because I have a good story. Last summer, I was playing with a D&D group composed of me, a friend of mine, and some of his coworkers from Fry's. It didn't last long, but we had some good games that summer.

Anyway, our party was level 2, and while looking for adventures, we heard that the King was offering a substantial reward for getting rid of an Orc encampment and bringing back the head of their chief. Now, this adventure wasn't really intended for us to do yet, we were supposed to tackle it after being a few levels higher. But we were a rather happy-go-lucky group, and decided that with proper tactics and preperation, we could take the bastards!

We argued for quite a bit about how to fight sixty orcs, and in the end decided that we should definitely start by lighting their whole encampment on fire. My character, with a level of ranger, made a wilderness lore check to see if he could come up with any naturally flammable substances in the nearby forest. My roll was luckily high, and the DM ruled that we could get some nicely flammable oils from a couple types of plant. The oils weren't really suited to making flame arrows or alchemist's fire with, but we managed to accomplish something else with them. We got a couple gallons of the stuff, taking some time to do so, and we poured it all into the orcs' well.

To do the pouring, we needed somebody who could go into the orc camp solo and not get noticed. Our monk, who happened to have a Potion of Invisibility, volunteered. As the rest of us climbed trees just outside the fort walls, he dropped in and invisibly carried out the well portion of the plan. Then we unfolded the rest.

The rogue and I shot the few flaming arrows we had been able to afford earlier into the orcs' huts' rooves. Some straw, some wood, all flammable. This caused quite a ruckus--a ruckus which did not subside when the poor creatures tried to put out their flames, and only succeeded in exacerbating them. Sooner or later, the encampment was scrambling about trying to fix their problems with the fire, and ignoring the intruders who were slicing up some of their guards.

The real beauty of the plan came into place, though, when the Orcish Chieftain came out. He was apparently getting ready to have some fun with a female Orc--but for some reason was still in full armor, I guess it might've been a fetish or something. He comes out of his tent, quite confused, not sure how to react. The wizard casts expiditious retreat on me, and I high-tail across the entire encampment, charging straight for the chief. For flavor, I say I'm aiming for his neck.

My roll of 20 surprised the DM, to be sure! He ruled that my blow to the chief's neck was so severe that the head flew off, landing several yards away, near the aforementioned invisible monk.

Now, the orcs, by this time, were becoming a bit more organized, and they were ready to surround me, so I didn't want to stick around much longer. With an increased speed, escaping wasn't too hard. I also managed to grab the chieftain's body (we wanted to sell his full plate armor) before running out the front gate.

The monk, invisible, grabbed the orc chief's head. The head remained visible as he chased me out the front gate. "GIVE ME MY BODY BAAACK!" yelled the monk.

I don't think that many Orcs have ever failed a morale check quite that badly to a group of 2nd-level adventurers before.

Ah, so the secret to Q&A is to rhyme with "or".

I'm pretty surprised that no one remembered Brad. I was going to write in, but I figured there would be a hell of a lot of letters about The Oracle himself... Anycrap, I have a few questions for you:

1. I have seen Imperial Mog shamelessly plug his site numerous times, but have never seen the actual URL, what is it?

Dunno! ask 'im. With singing monks.

2. Best PS2 RPG out now? I am going to buy my first PS2 RPG (yay), and was thinking about FFX over anything else, do you have any input?

I've heard a lot of good things about FFX--more than any other currently-out PS2 RPG. I have high hopes for Suikoden III, though!

3. I was uber-surprised to see Brad Lohr back to the column. Are there going to be any other Q&A Alumni visiting anytime soon?

- Jacon

Though I have an odd knack for coming up with surprising guest hosts out of nowhere, there are no others planned for the moment. People seem to be asking for Thor, though!


so i was wondering what a GURP style rpg is? im lost. did i miss something?

Haven't played 'em, myself. The quickie in this exact spot yesterday had a link to an explanation.


Okay, but you have to pay shipping and handling fees.

i was wondering if anybody knows if they are making any more games for zelda but for 64 and when are they coming out,and if they evn started on a new one for 64,i know they got one for gamecube but i was just curious,well thanks for your time, james

Games for Zelda? That'd be cool, a tiny little cartridge you could put into a cartridge of another game...

(The answer, but the way, is no.)

Hey Mr guy.
I have a question.


-octopus steve


Chiming out:

Cowboy Bebop has a good OST, but it has some tracks that just make me scratch my head in confusion. Is it just me? Or does anyone else find the concept of someone saying the names of countries an odd excuse for music?

'Course, nothing beats Initial D for those long car trips from DFW to Austin and back. Except maybe my weird mix CDs. Each weirder than the last!

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Ratatosk are squirrels. Albino ratatosk are, then, albino squirrels.

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