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Rob Hamilton - August 09 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Well, I thought I'd go for the record of most simultaneous guest hosts. About half the players in my D&D campaign showed up to answer questions, which is similar to the number that usually show up for gaming sessions. You might recognize the nick Scarmiglion, he passed through, and you may or may not know DR -- he guest hosted a column with Gin'Irochi a while back, having drawn Gin's sig pic. Amelia doesn't want me to say who she is for some reason. ;) The others, most of you probably don't know, unless you've seen them on IRC or read letters they've written. But, I'm sure you'll know them soon enough... o-o

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Rip Your Vocal Chords

I'll make this short for you. I have certain need of some Valkyrie Profile voice files for a project I'm doing, and do you know of any place I can get these files, or whatever the quickest way is to get a hold of them?

<xeria> rip em from the cd!
<DR> Yeah, fool!
<xeria> get those programs on and rip rip rip
* DR smacks said Sephy person; you aren't supposed to give yourself Japanese titles as well, biotch!
<DR> *slap*hit*
<Chimerasame> Maybe somebody else gave him the name.
<DR> I elect to think he gave it to himself, I just need a reason to smack somebody
<Chimerasame> Well, if it's really Sephy, he can probably take plenty more hits than that. At least thirteen or so!
<Scarmiglion> I don't think you can rip VP's soundclips
<xeria> if there's a .xa file you can rip em
<Scarmiglion> it's not xa
<xeria> one sec chim
<xeria> *grabs cds*
<xeria> hmmmmm
<xeria> vp's got everything compressed into .bin
<xeria> so unless there's somethin that can extract from that(there might be, donno) i donno :(
<Scarmiglion> chances are the only way is some kind of recording
<Chimerasame> If you can't find the clips on the net, I dunno any other way to get 'em offhand. Anybody out there know how to rip .bin files?
<Chimerasame> And as for the honorific tacked onto your name, I wouldn't worry about it, lots of American otaku do that. ;)

Relative Impossibility

You know what?

It's damned near impossible to land a copy of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night... Yes, I know I'm a moron for not buying it when it came out, but after playing the GBA Castlevania, I really want it. I've tried everywhere, used shops, new shops, internet, even is out of them. The only copies I can find are like 50 bucks on Ebay, which is a rip-off. Any tips on where I get a copy not put on the internet for a 30 dollar profit?


<DR> Clark: I'll sell you my copy for $30
<Scarmiglion> me too
<Scarmiglion> he can get two copies
<xeria> mmm SotN.

Even Moreso than Umaro?

Doesn't Headmaster Cid look like Robin Williams? -Sara, live from the realm of nothingness.

<xeria> YES HE DOES
<Chimerasame> I've always thought so
<DR> Yes, this has been established already, let's MOVE ON..
<Scarmiglion> yup
<xeria> actually
<xeria> he looks like a freakish amalgam of elton john and robin williams
<DR> I agree with this statement more
<xeria> how'd he get a wife like edea?
<DR> My guess is he's blessed in the pants
<xeria> very blessed

Politics As Usual

Conan's running mate would be Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, or possibly The Masterbating Bear. He coulden't lose.

<DR> Man, somebody needs to learn some spellin'...
<xeria> it's spelled masturbating! wraa!
<Chimerasame> Is the bear even an American citizen?

Multiple questions, multiple answers

KimaKimaKimaKimaKima Chim-er-a-saaaaaaaame, (remember ME?)

Dagon ignored some very important questions of mine, so I think I should run them past you in no logical order.

1) Sweet or dill?
2) Do you like the word "jujube?"
3) Do you think Lulu of FFX has any support? (You
4) Why CAN'T white men jump?
5) What tickles your fancy?
6) What makes Mega Man games so fun no matter how repetitive they get?
7) Kupo?
8) Who passed gas?

Anyway, I hope you have a hap-tas-ilistic day. Try not to eat too many raisin-oatmeal cookies.

~Spektre The Xenovirgin~ "Never watch a 'Fresh Prince' rerum without an extra pair of pants handy."

<Thornne> 1) Either. 2) Better than "duralube" 3) Can't remember who Lulu is. 4) They're too busy flipping burgers at McD's 5) Feathers! 6) Mega/X Buster 7) Wark! 8) You did, you fool!
<LrdDimwit||stuff> 1) Neither 2) Spork 3) Am consciously avoiding FFX info 4) ...because I'm a computer geek? 5) see above 6) Although you can have too much of a good thing, you can't really if it doesn't come too often 7) Kupo ... po! 8) Hey, you noticed it, I didn't smell a thing
<xeria> Kupoppo! Kupo...kupokupo?
<Amelia> Um... er... I'll just do some cooking instead... ^^; *Carefully evades the question*

Tailored to the Group

Hi Chim and D&D group.

What console RPG would you say best includes D&D elements?


<Chimerasame> Console RPG, eh? Well, you just tossed Torment and BG out the window...
<xeria> the upcoming baldur's gate: dark alliance!
<Chimerasame> Oh yeah! I saw that thing at E3, it looked pretty cool
<Thornne> I'd say D&D:SoM, but that's arcade.. though MAME works on the dreamcast now...
<Thornne> Therefore, arcade games become Console games...
<Peri> Console RPG? BG 2... Though I must say that you really should just pick up ye olde PC and play any of Black Isle's non-BG D&D games, like Planescape: Torment. Then again, you should probably just play any Black Isle game. (mmm, fallout) ;)
<xeria> Well...if you base it off our campaign...then Suikoden or Chrono Cross ;)
<Amelia> There's a couple I thought of... but I can't remember their names...
<Amelia> Oh yeah...
<Amelia> D&D Tower of Doom Came out on the Saturn...
<Amelia> But it's in Jap.
<xeria> A japanese D&D game? Rad
<Amelia> It's a conversion of the Arcade.

Did you hear any of what I said?!

can i join?

<xeria> feel free! you'll probably be ignored unless you can find a willing pc to sleep around with, though.
<xeria> or unless you're a cleric.
<Peri> rofl
<xeria> or a modron.
<Amelia> Um, does that mean we get a cute guy? If so, we're all for it! ;P
<Chimerasame> How many PCs do we have? 13? 16? You can join if you want to play a silent guy who doesn't do anything ever...
<Peri> I think we have 16, but 3 of those are silent guys who don't do anything ;)
<Chimerasame> A lot of them are silent tonight, too...

Fly Me To The Moon

Hello Chimerasame,

I was wondering at the 'ending' of Lunar Eternal Blue, after you have defeated Zophar is it possible to reach Lucia? I'm at a bit of a loss here, and anything would be helpful. Thanks.

striding cloud

<xeria> ...isn't that the whole point of the epilogue?
* Amelia cries. She hasn't played half these games...
<Peri> Hmm... I don't remember, perhaps I could liberate your copy to find out? ;)

Divided Control

in yesterday's Q&A, someone mentioned why no RPGs use the 2-player battle system anymore.

Have any of you EVER played FF9??

<Thornne> A better question. Have you EVER played FF6?
<xeria> Yeah, but I played it by myself, so I wouldn't know.
<Thornne> Or Secret of Mana?
<Thornne> Or any Squaresoft game released after FF5?
<Chimerasame> He did say 'anymore,' maybe he meant since the PSX came out.
<Thornne> Mrm.
<Peri> Actually, yeah, I did... couldn't stand the "We heard this before in FF3j" direction of the music, though. :P
<Amelia> Well... apart from Legend of Mana... I can't think of many...
* Peri gets -100 offtopic
<Peri> mmm.. LoM
<Peri> the Battle Arena in LoM made having two people waaaaaay too entertaining :)
<Thornne> First off, most new RPGs are full 3d.
<Thornne> And they're all "Semi-realtime" ... which is a bitch to manage with a 3d engine. A turn-based or full realtime would be easier.
<Thornne> <Characters with similar agility hit attack at same time, game gets confused on who to exactly focus on>
<Chimerasame> FF Tactics should have been multiplayer, really. Though, it's easy enough to mimic it by trading the controller off on different characters.

Look at that punctuation...

Will someone just make this heat stop?!?!?!?!?!

-Dan Highwind, has gone insane due to the heat....

<xeria> Live from Baator...q&a with planescape!
<xeria> Heat sucks. I hate Florida.
<Thornne> Paah! Drink plenty of water and drop icecubes down your shorts.
<Amelia> I want the heat damnit! It's too fricking cold down here.
* Thornne drags Australia over to the USA
<xeria> Wuss! Suck it down and deal!
<Amelia> Heh.
<Thornne> Australia! The 51st state!
<Thornne> With Japan as the 53rd...
<Thornne> After Cuba
<Amelia> 52nd. Canada is 51st.
<Peri> heheh
<xeria> Canadia!
<Thornne> Welcome to planet of "USA" where we owning your soul for 75% profit!!

Multiparagraphal (that isn't a word, is it)

GreetingsChimerasame, the rabid razor bladed penguin bestows his blessings upon you... well, no not really. Had you going there for a sec though, didn't I?

Hmn, well anyway, skipping any personal biographical information about me, on to my rumblings and rantings (Something I'm quite good at, if I might humbly add).

Why is it that on all these next generation consoles... there's no good old 2D RPGs? I mean, I love 3D, but I also equally, if not more so, like 2D graphics in role playing games. Games like Saga Frontier 2 had beautiful 2D, hand drawn environments (even though the game wasn't so great..). I guess there's no real way to answer this, but I figure you could at least put in your own two cents.. or not ^^;. Moving right along..

Is it known yet if Final Fantasy 12 is going to be an offline or online game? I don't mind 11 being an strictly online game... but I think it'll be bad if Square completelly converts the series into that sort of game.

And now, in closing, I'd like to taunt you all with my old, working copy of FFT... ;P (I think this issue is now officially beaten into the ground by a big ugly stick *bows*)

Forever plotting the end of the world as we know it,

<Amelia> (Saga Fronteer 2? Uh oh...)
* xeria taunts Sting back with her working copy of FFT.
<xeria> And as for all that other stuff about 2d/3d....go play Suikoden!...though Suikoden 3 is going to be in 3d. Alas, alas...
<Thornne> Mrm. FF11 is planned to be the online version.
<Thornne> If I remember right.
<Thornne> FF12 will probably be a turn in another wrong direction towards fans of the original series being the first PS3 game sold.
<Chimerasame> It won't be for PS3 if they keep their pattern.
<xeria> Yeah, we'll see FF12 a year.
<xeria> If that.
<Thornne> Mrm. The first FF game to support a full web browser suite and pornographic themes~
<xeria> No no, that's FFXXX.
<Thornne> Ah. The game out in five years.
<Chimerasame> Hmm, if there's a pattern of three games per system, maybe there's a pattern of six games per system-company.
<Thornne> Heh.
<Chimerasame> You think FF13 could be for an MS system? The Y-Box.. I shudder to think of it.
<xeria> I think after FF12, square will just start making their own consoles
<xeria> wouldn't that be trippy?

This one'll take a while

I have to know who are you people and the required questions.
1. What is your quest?
2. What is your favorite color?
3. What is the air-speed velocity of an unlaiden swallow?
Also, what RPG and anime cliches would be really odd if they applied in real life?
Also, what is the creepiest and/or silliest scene you've seen in a game?
Imperial Mog

<Peri> 1. To get the hell out of Baator.
<xeria> 1. To seduce unsuspecting, and suspecting, women!
<Chimerasame> haha, the hell out of baator
<Peri> ;)
<xeria> haha
<Amelia> 1. To have the oddest relationship in Planescape. ;P
<xeria> Pfft to do that you'd have to hit on Treirin.
<Chimerasame> Yeah, that about sums up the whole campaign
<Thornne> 1. A quest of trying our hardest to not kill each other. 2. Red 3. Northbound or southbound? 4. The visible sweatdrop and the thought bubble appearing about people's heads. 5: Seeing Pino eat the damn family cat in Wonder Project J
<Amelia> Seiri is weird enough. :P
<Peri> 2. Green
<xeria> 2. Silver blue!
<Amelia> 3. An unlaiden swallow? You mean the sword? Depends who you're cutting through. ;P
<Thornne> I'd say "leopard" but "Leopard" is not a colour.
<Amelia> 2. Purple.
<Amelia> 4. That men and women were really that open when it came to romance and love. ;P
<Peri> 4. Facefaulting... Just imagine it for a second.
<Peri> 5. Chu-Chu on a cross.
* Thornne actually knows how to half-decently facefault :)
<xeria> 4. How all those people can fit in ONE BED! Think about it!
<xeria> 5. Tifa's breasts of life. I mean, they GRIPPED onto a CLIFF! Those are magic breasts!
<Chimerasame> I think I've answered 1, 2, and 3...
<Chimerasame> As for the others, I can't think of anything, but this seems an appropriate time as any to quote my sister's reaction to seeing the high magic resistance Mad Ogres have in FFIV: "In real life, ogres would be weak against magic!"

Persona, Persona

Dear Chimersame:

I was wondering why Persona 2: Innocent Syn wasn't released in North America. I love Persona 2: Eternal Punishment, but it IS after all, Innocent Syn's sequal. There seem to be tones of Innocent Syn references, and my friends and I really want to play Innocent Syn, but we dont have japanese playstations. I adore Persona games, but they seem so connected, I fail to see why Innocent Syn was overlooked. (Gomen for talking so much ^^;;; I just love the characters in Innocent Syn so very much)

Persona Fangirl.
Lady Eternity

<LD||Mythri||RPGaming> Hrm.
<Amelia> Um, cause they didn't think it'd work?
<Amelia> (And don't US PS' support the Jap format?)
<LD||Mythri||RPGaming> Considering that Atlus didn't bring it over, and that they brought over Persona 1 before FF7 singlehandedly created the market (not to mention bringing over Rhapsody at all), I'd say that there must be a damned good reason.
<LD||Mythri||RPGaming> (no, you can't play Jap games on a US playstation without a mod chip)
<LD||Mythri||RPGaming> oh, and don't forget the PSX remakes of the original Ogre Battle and Tactics Ogre
<Amelia> (Don't they use the same display format?)
<xeria> A GIRL! *strains at her leash*
<Chimerasame> xeria == alielle!
<LD||Mythri||RPGaming> Nobody brought it over, which means it probably sucked.
<Dita> Anyone like to explain Terranigma then? :P
<xeria> Enix closed up shop in the US like right before it woulda been released
<Thornne> Or Bahamut Lagoon, or Seiken Densetsu 3, or Sylvan Tales, or Dragon Quest 7?!?!?
<Chimerasame> Lotsa cool games don't get brought over
<Chimerasame> and we get plenty of crappy ones
<LD||Mythri||RPGaming> Yes, but I have also heard that the Persona 2 that we got was the better of the two sequels.
<Chimerasame> Matter of opinion, seems.

The Last Laugh:

<xeria> (don't forget to plug suikobaben in your column, chimichanga!)
<Chimerasame> if you want, you can say some stuff in the intro or conclusion
<xeria> i would just like to say
<xeria> send all fanart and fanfic centered around the suikoden ladies to me, so i can host them on suikobaben!
* DR scritches his chin, now wondering about drawing Suikoden fanart for xer
<xeria> and if you don't have any
<xeria> find someone who does!
<Chimerasame> Feel free to submit them to RPGamer, too.
<Chimerasame> And FAQs! Send me FAQs!

This's been a fun column to write! Tomorrow, we only have one guest host, I think, the guy that sent Falcon Valkyrie Profile. I only have his real name, no nicks, and I don't know yet if he cares whether it's posted. So, for now, I'll just refer to him as the guy that sent Falcon Valkyrie Profile. *wonders if Mog's monks will sing that all out*

Added note: I won't be doing the column tomorrow after all. Instead, you have the honor of having your questions answered by Lazeron, also known as Becky Phoa, a relatively recent addition to RPGamer's news staff. In addition, Kahgani, formerly known as the guy that sent Falcon Valkyrie Profile, won't be guest hosting quite yet, as he has a bad case of the stomach flu. Send him your wishes! Send Becky good questions, too!

Chimerasame "D&D overload"
I'm 2 PCs and 1 DM. (In three different campaigns, of course...)

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