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Rob Hamilton - August 05 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Without a great many letters in my inbox, the column will be fairly small, so I think I'll match that with the intro and restrict it to just this sentence.

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Plot sucks now apparently

The fisrt time I played Final Fantasy VII I saw a scene with Cloud and Zack riding on a truck, and then Zack being killed. Plus Tifa was the one to explain the rail system early in the game. I haven't seen either of these since, know how to?

So am I the only one (besides GamePro) that hated Xenogears? It's even worse than Suikoden II -- which is no small feat.

--Nick Boice

It's been a few years since I've played FFVII. I believe to get the Cloud/Zack sequence you need to go bac to the haunted Nibelheim mansion late in the game, and look around in the basement. To get Tife to explain the rails at the beginning, inspect a certain monitor.

You hate Xenogears, I've seen this before, it's unusual but it's not unheard-of. But, what's this? You hate Suikoden II almost as much? ... Are you writing this just to bait me, or what's the deal? Somebody is testing me to see how much flaming I'll do... that's the only explanation there can be...


The quote today is from Dragon Warrior 3. Where do I get my tilde?


I don't know how long that quote has been up, or how many guesses I've gotten. Most were wrong. A couple were probably right before now, and then there's this one. I don't own any tildes, Goog gave me only one in 1999 and it's on loan at the moment. You can have crowbars. It's time for a new quote, too, this one should be even more obscure.


Actually, when I played FFVII for the PC, I was able to hear the One Winged Angel singers just fine. You needed to have a Sounblaster card that used soundfonts (AWE 64, Live, etc...). Make sure FFVII is configured to use the soundfonts and voila! Latin lyrics will spew forth during that final dramatic confrontation.

Hey there Chimera!
Someone said something that was posted when Scar was hosting Ask *whoever* about the vocal track in "One Winged Angel" not being in FF7 PC yesterday. My reaction was "NOT AGAIN!" since I just found out they're _is_ there and there _is_ a way to get it to play which I found out accidentally because of...well it's a long story. Pull up a chair and let me tell you...*offers a chair in front of the computer desk* Now you understand that the only version of FF7 I've actually played is FF7 PC. The first time I beat it I had a SB Value compat Yamaha soundcard(which I really hated(i.e. I felt it was junk) since the people who custom built my computer for me had said it was a Sound Blaster. I really felt gypped). You guessed it; no voicetrack in "One Winged Angel" then. Then last Christmas, my Grandma Davies heard me grousing about "why did those people have to give me such a crappy soundcard instead of the Soundblaster I asked for?" and was nice enough to buy me a SoundBlaster Live! XGamer card that was compatible with soundfonts . My brother(a computer tech in training) installed it for me[thank you Jon!]. Since the card was compatible with soundfonts, I set FF7 to use soundfont MIDI. Well earlier this week(today is Aug. 4)while I'm on a summer internship in Warm Springs[yes, the Warm S! prings where Franklin Delanor Roosevelt went and the home of the Little White House, guys] I finally got around to beating FF7 PC for the second time[just never got around to it thanks to college work]. Guess what? Lo and behold to my surprised ears, I finally hear the vocal track in "One Winged Angel", which I hadn't heard since I watched Jon(or was it one of my other two brothers? I don't remember....) beat the game on the family PSX. So it's there in THAT MIDI track in the PC version but you need at least the sound card I got for Christmas [and Jon installed for me]in your computer. It does add that extra "oomph" to that battle(too bad I used Knights of the Round and it ended quickly!). But that's a tedious fix..especially if you don't know how to pull and replace a card or know somebody like my little brother who knows the insides of a computer real well[or you have! never opened your computer and don't know the sound card from the video offense meant you gaming guys and gals. This kind of upgrade is not hard to do-it-yourself really but you have to know which card is which or you might pull your MODEM(or something else..) for heaven's sake!(That's bad, to put it mildly)]. Not only that, it can be expensive(tho I understand from Jon who conspired with Grandma to get that new soundcard that it cost under $100)
If you print this(I haven't gotten printed all that much) I hope this explains this so-called little 'unfixable bug' to a few annoyed PC gamers out there and the surprising fix!
Mary-Alice Davies
--who is looking forward to getting home from the internship on the 11th so she can finally try FF8[I can't get the demo to work on my poor computer so I'm NOT getting the full edition], play some FF9, beat FF5 Anthology, maybe start a FF6 Anthology game, and start a FF4 game[hey, too many games I haven't played! Shame that I live in the dorm and the PSX has to stay at home!]

For starters, I also have FF7pc because I did not own a psx at the time and HAD to play FF7. You CAN hear the chanting if you can use soundfonts. Square put around 4 different soundfonts in the game, and the one named lb2 or something has the chanting.
Also, why don't I want to play FF9? I quit it a while ago to play Skies of Arcadia, but then I picked it up again. Too many sidequests maybe...
Steve (

In yesterday's column, someone made a comment on the PC version of Final Fantasy VII not having the chorus lines of One Winged Angel. Well, they are there, but you need a SoundBlaster card with Soundfont technology to hear them.
Gianpiero Ciammaricone
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Caracas, Venezuela
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-Berke Breathed

This constituted half of my inbox content.

A real letter

i don't have any questions

So very true.

The Last Laugh:

To tell the truth, there were more letters than this (not many more), but my normal resources for providing real answers to things are mysteriously unavailable tonight. If you didn't get printed today, you might get printed tomorrow, when I'll handle ye olde columne again. New letters are also good. It seems to be a going thing among a couple hosts to suggest a topic for the questions to address. I'll do something Goog would probably shoot me for, and ask the audience this: How do you feel about the broadness of RPGamer's coverage? Is it too broad, attempting to expand to games nobody cares about? Is it not broad enough, failing to cover near-RPGs like Heroes of Might and Magic III (in spite of covering Zelda, which is as far from one in some people's opinion)? Or perhaps the porridge is just right.

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