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Rob Hamilton - August 2 '02- 12:45 Eastern Standard Time

For those of you whose fangirl or fanboy propensity hasn't led you to study the language from whence most of our covered games come, that title roughly means "Long time no see!" It's good to be back. I only expect to be here a handful of weekends: six or so, until Chesh gets back to a place where net access is easy to come by.

For those of you who don't remember or never knew me, I was on staff here at RPGamer for a while, and faded into obscurity several months ago. I've been called back to serve once more--and I'll probably bring some obscurity with me (anyone who knows me can attest that a lot of my jokes are quite obscure.)

There's something else I'd like to say before I even start: I will try to respond to any kind of letter that gets sent here. Sure, this is an RPG site, and RPGs should be the main focus, but if you want to write in about other types of games, anime, relationship trouble (and it's not something inappropriate to post in a public column), I'll assume that whatever gets sent to me is roughly what readers want to see discussed, and therefore is what should be presented to you. Now, of course, this isn't to say I can respond to every individual letter, there are times my capabilities (or backup resources) simply fail to suffice. In some cases I might even print such a question I can't answer, and if any of you see something like that and happen to be better equipped than I, don't hesitate to chime in.

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TV/PC Compatability, Part 1

To inform the person who is hopefully a regular reader of the columns:

TV-Tuner cards are not availible for laptops. Unless, in the HIGHLY unlikely case that your laptop has video in (99.9% chance being no), you're SOL. You're better off getting one of the PSOne or Gamecube screens and using that if you don't want a TV. Or drop enough money to get a decent sized LCD screen, which you'd be better off getting a second TV. You can buy a USB TV-Tuner, which is the only way that it's possible, on second thought.


Nameles: not quite nameless, but close! Interestingly enough, I got this answer about TV cards, and I also got this upcoming question:

TV/PC Compatability, Part 2

Hey Chim,
If say I have a TV Out Video card with that yellow Video port on it... and I have a playstation.. Would I be able to play PSX games on my PC? If so.. how would I go about doing it? Thankee!

Lyle J. A. Smith

I believe a "TV out" video card can transfer data from a computer to a television, but not the other way. I've never tried this, myself. There do exist cards which can transfer data bidirectionally. If you don't have the card yet, get a bidirectional one--if you do already have it, then I'd suggest plugging stuff in as many ways as you can think of and see if you can get it to work. That's how I try to solve that kind of problem!


Here's a multi-parter! Pretty long too, feel free to chop it if necessary.

Can do!

1) Will mini-games and side quests in RPGs ever become popular enough to spawn their own games? (I know pokemon did the monster capturing bit).

It's certainly possible, but consider that most mini-games in RPGs are one or more of these: Really simplistic. (Example: jumping rope, catching frogs.) Too grounded in the gameplay of the RPG itself. (Example: The Gold Saucer battle arena.) Very similar to an old game that already exists. (Example: Some of the other arcade-style games in the Gold Saucer.) A lot of mini-games are all three of these things, and while they work fine as parts of a larger game, they wouldn't stand well on their own against more intricate, but similar, games. Would you want to play a fishing game based on the Breath of Fire minigame when there are much more complex and entertaining fishing games out there?

2) Are there any new gaming companies that are going to start making RPGs?


3) This one is half question, half opinion. First of all as stated by Goog I believe, or one of his question minions, well someone stated that other games have thrown RPG elements into their games and RPGs have basically stayed the same. Opinion part: RPGs _haven't_ stayed the same, they are on the frontier line of gaming and other games are adding _old_ RPG elements into their games while RPGs expand and find new and innovative ways to entertain gamers (In essence RPGs are discovering new land and other games are living on the land RPGs discovered years ago). Question part: Do agree with my theory or am I just nutty to think that RPGs are the center of the gaming universe?

Eh, I think lots of kinds of games can be innovative. There are cases where other games throw in RPG elements, and there are cases where RPGs throw in other elements. A lot of great games have been mixed in composition--Secret of Mana, Terranigma, Castlevania: SotN. RPGs certainly do a lot of innovation, possibly more than most other genres, but it's not exclusive.

4) How come characters in RPGs never change clothes?

They actually do change clothes, but all their outfits look the same.

5) Do you think political correctness has effected the RPGs that are released? (I know Lulu must have set back women's rights in FF X; she wears that dress and is hardly useful in the game and has a Muppet for a weapon.) Don't fall down the stairs, ~Silversol

On the one hand, I'd certainly like to see another female main character in a Final Fantasy. It's been since FF6, and that's too long. On the other hand, there are quite a few strong women in RPGs. Look at Rosa in FF4. She could pull her weight, true, but her role was mostly to be Cecil's girlfriend and get saved by him. Now in FF10, Yuna can be unsure of herself at times, Rikku can sometimes behave frighteningly like a stereoptypical cheerleader, and Lulu doesn't do a whole lot, but overall they're fairly strong-willed, and self-supporting. (No offense intended to anyone who happens to be a cheerleader. If you're a cheerleader reading RPGamer, you're not stereoptypical.)

In Zemus' Dreams!

Dear Chime (doorbell),

At any point, did you know if Game Arts or Working Designs commented on the possibility of a "Lunar 3"? Was there a "yes, it will be made someday" or a "no, never"? Or perhaps a "maybe, we're not telling"?

Also, do you know if Working Designs has any translation projects now? There's only a "adventure/rpg" listed on their site. Do you know if that's a game they are developing or, are they just doing localizations? (until know, all they did was localizations, right?)


I personally can't say. I do remember vague things about WD producing another game--rumors which seemed to indicate another Lunar. But the origin of these rumors, I don't recall, and therefore you probably should not put any stock in them. It's possible, that's about all I can say--and you knew that without my help.

Shorter Multipart

I have a couple of questions for ya.
1: Does Aegis still work at RPGamer?
2: Are there any good RPGs for GameCube?
3: What's the known release date for Final Fantasy XI?

A couple of questions, eh? Well, I'll answer a couple: Aegis doesn't work here, and FFXI will be out in America in 2003. It's already out in Japan, I've seen it played there. Looks quite impressive, actually. As for the GameCube query, Lost Kingdoms is the only RPG currently out for the system, and I couldn't tell you whether it's 'good.' There're several upcoming for it, but right now it appears that Sony will dominate Nintendo in the RPG world, much like the previous generation of systems.

And since I'm printing every letter today...

Greetings (hentai Paws sings) CHIM-ER-A-SA-ME
Now how are things going on? I need people to e-mail me at so I can put up a Q&A session on my website. Am I also the only one to notice that in Front Mission 3 everyone seems really angry quite often?
Imperial Mog

Hentai... Paws? Well, if all she tries to do is sing, I suppose... *wary eye*

The Last Laugh:

The biography I have on RPGamer is rather outdated, and a lot of old links and image-insertions I made in my previous tenure on the site have since become broken. Now, I should take responsibility for off-site linking becoming broken, but some of those images were on-site! After my retirement, people seem to have moved directories about to break my links! Sometimes I wonder why I should even care... *sniff*

Anyway, if I'm going to clean up the mess I've found, I've got some work to do. Don't expect the work in the next couple days (I've got a date, and work, and such), but I'll be done with most of it before the week's out.

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