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Rob Hamilton - July 30 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Verification of the truth of the words of the Book of Counted Shadows, if spoken by another, rather than read by the one who commands the boxes, can only be insured by the use of a Confessor...

Hey! Can I have some music as I enter? Max? Max Weinberg, can he play a song as I start up the column?

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Exaaaactlyyy.. d'oh!

Entertainment Conglomerate

Aye Chimney Man! =p

What's the deal with Kingdom Hearts? This rpg being developed by Square and Disney is certainly a unique flavorish game. But I think it has promising results, I could say KH reminds me a lot like Super Mario RPG, the theme of it all. Heh, the only thing I have a hard time to swallow up is the fact that Goofy joins your party.


Could be great, could be annoying. This one's really hard for me to tell much about until it's actually released. It looks like it has a lot of promise, though, especially since Mickey himself isn't actually in your party.

I've done this before...

you should put something really long on the quickies section. And a something really short in the main part. Aren't i genious!?

...genius is borderline to insanity. I'm both!

108 Questions of Destiny

Greetings, exalted one.

I'm exalted now? Cool! Does that mean I get free stuff? .... Aww, I figured not. :(

Heh, pretty weird that you'd be going off on a ramble fest about Suikoden the day I decide to hit your site looking for stuff on that game. Speaking of which, I managed to beat it today (hurray), having got 102 characters without an FAQ (I feel so proud). However, some are elusive and I'm about to snap and actually look at the FAQ. Window is a pain in the hindquarters to get (what the hell must I do -_-)

You need the Window Rune, which I believe is in a secret passage in Qlon caverns. On the fourth screen, if I recall correctly.

Anyway, here are some Suiko (Suiko II as well) related questions :P 1. Is there something involving a certain character that happens when Leknaat shows up as you take off to storm Gregminster (or is it Sharasazade... I can't remember if she shows up before in in between) if you have a certain number of characters? If so, I'm a little peeved; I accidentally hit "Save" instead of "Don't Save" at an inn, and pounded 'A' while not looking at the T.V. Last time I talk to a friend while playing a game... Hmm... That's odd... my game just froze while loading.

Leknaat does something if you have 107 characters at that point. To find out what, highlight here: She resurrects Gremio, bringing your total to all 108 Stars of Destiny.

2. Is it just me, or is Clive insanely more useful in Suikoden as opposed to Suikoden II? Never missing, and critical hitting for 1200+ on the end boss o_o. Who needs Judgement? :) Oh wait, my game hadn't froze... I turned the T.V. off... God, I feel like a moron.

I haven't seen how cool Clive is in Suikoden II, but I've heard he rocks there, as well.

3. Also, aren't there way too many characters in Suiko I with absolutely no prerequisites to get them? I mean, at least in Suiko II you had to match the dancer's moves to get her :)

Characters are, on the whole, harder to get in II, yes. Nothing even comes close to Clive's quest in 1.

4. Which boss did you find harder? The big multi-headed thing in Suiko I, or the big multi-headed thing in Suiko II?

The one in II is probably harder, but I haven't actually gotten that far.

5. Do you pronounce your name with a 'k' or a 'ch' (as in chain)? I mean, the 'k' is proper, but...

I accept either, but I usually think of it as having a hard 'k'.

6. I don't even use Luc in Suikoden I, and I can't find Crowley -_- So, I think Cleo is a dang fine magician in her own right. Her and Tengaar doing the Cyclone/Flowing combo... *drool*. Oh right, question. Pepsi One or Diet Pepsi?

Full-strength regular pepsi. I was arguing with people about the relative usefulness of high-powered spellcasters earlier today. Crowley is in a different secret passage in Qlon, but if you don't use Luc, you probably won't use Crowley, either; he's got another s-range weapon. There are two views on this. First, when you can do a thousand points of damage with a spell, the difference between s-range and l-range on a spellcaster is pretty insignificant. Put Luc in the back row instead of Tengaar, and he does 100 or so less damage each round they would have attacked. On the other hand, at high enough levels Tengaar is only a couple fourth-level spells behind Luc, which often don't even come into play. It's really a toss-up. I think Luc is notably better durin g the short section where the weaker spellcasters have only one or even no fourth-level spells, and Luc has three or four. But when the weaker ones have four and Luc has six or so, there's not much difference.
Or, you could stick Valeria in the back row and have her use the Falcon Rune! Mmmmm, Valeria. (Note: These last comments credited to Xeria, of IRC)

7. Why does the Soul Eater have such boring spell effects in Suiko I (Judgement excluded)? How many incarnations of a big, black demi-sphere do we need? (More, of course).

Hell is nice when you don't want to fight a particular random battle. The others are more or less useless, yeah.

8. Do you agree that the generals that become your party members should have a unite with each other?

They should, but, eeh. I never used any of them anyway.

9. Squirrels or Blacksmiths?

Beautiful women! The game has so many...

Okay, that's enough questions for now. And for the record, I have 3 CAN$20 basic lands. No joke :) -Esphèr Mercury "You can hire me for a thousand. You can trust me for a million."

I just finished Suikoden 1 for the second and nine-tenths time today, with all 108 characters. I suppose it's time for me to get on with restarting Suiko II!

GameCube query

Hey chime... anyway, that's kinda gross, okay here
When is the release date for the Gamecube because I'm really wanting to buy a PS2 but not willing to pay $500 (Canadian) and would immensely enjoy a price drop? Course it would be nice to have before all the heavyweights are released; I'm already missing out on Dark Cloud! Thanks.


(Who else thinks that Alien Ant Farm is a lot better than Papa Roach?)

Kinda gross? I honestly don't have a clue what you mean. GameCube is coming out in November 5, only three days before the X-Box.

Nihongo Hyakuichi

"Sore wa dame desu?" What is hopeless? I read your intro but I still don't understand what is "hopeless; fruitless; without bounty or purpose." Better yet, why is this hopeless thing near me? Shouldn't it be near you? And if this is just a typically infantile "1st year Japanese student" question, feel free to ignore it.

- Mattgamerr
Der Meister der Rollenspiele

Well, I'm also in first-year Japanese (just finished it, rather), so I can't promise to be completely accurate. I believe the idiomatic connotation of the phrase is "That's wrong!" Nothing near you is hopeless; fruitless; without bounty or purpose, at least not that I know of, I just randomly wrote the first short phrase that came to my head for a column title last night, and that one is

Most peculiar query

Do the people at RPGamer hate gamers as much as the letter columnists as TheGIA? Seeing their recent column where Nich M. said, "Why do you keep playing these things when there are ostensibly better ways to spend your time?" made me sad. What's so wrong about doing something for entertainment? He claims that most gamers are unhealthy and never see sunlight, and suggests watching anime and reading books as an alternative. I don't see how either of those hobbies make one more "healthy" than playing games... Then again, I don't see how he has a job at a gaming site.

I've actually seen Nich M. in person, he was talking to a Natsume representative about Lufia: The Legend Returns at E3. That's really aside the issue, though. I haven't seen this column of his, but about the only way it'd make sense for him to say that is if it were sarcastic. If he really meant it, then, well, he's gonna have trouble reconciling that with his position at the GIA, like you said. No, I don't hate gamers. That would be ridiculous. :)

One of these is a question!

Hey Chimerasame, how're you doing today?

1. OK, well if the final boss of Suikoden I is anything like the boss of Suikoden II, you shouldn't have too much of a problem. Course you'll need to be using as much of the higher level spells as possibly. Good luck. Did you get all the characters?

2. OK, where IS Suikoden I? I've been trying to go back and play the original now that I've beaten the sequel with all 108 characters. I've looked around some shops but never been able to find it. Heeeeelp.

3. Yeah, those of you considering getting the Expansion for Diablo II may wanna think about this too. On the USEast realm, all expansion characters were STRIPPED of all their equipment. Most were left with very little to next to nothing. Blizzard finally decided that flaunting their "we can't replace lost item" speech wasn't satisfying anyone. EVENTUALLY, they decided to do a rollback. But last time I checked, I didn't spend an extra $45 to be punished for several days.

Oh well, that's about all I've got. Later,


1. Yeah, the final boss is a cinch.
2. It's always in the last place you look. Unless you keep looking after you find it, in which case you're a moron.
3. Eeeeeeeenterestingk.

Last of the day

I don't know if that person was joking or what, but I got my PS2 the day it came out for $300 dollars! Where the heck did that person get $500?!

XeroZohar -- "Entropy, how else can I explain it?"

I almost didn't print this, because I'd used up the six spaces in the template, and it isn't exactly a pressing issue or one dear to my heart. Then I noticed, this XeroZohar guy has referenced MC Hawking! Have a crowbar. ¬

The Last Laugh:

You know, I don't get many submissions of guides, FAQs, and whatnot. So I'm going to put this shameless and extremely blatant plug in the column! Submit FAQs (and similar stuff) that you've written to me. Please?

Tomorrow, Dagon, who you may know from recent Editorial updates, will be hosting. He has the following to say to prepare for the column:

Hey all, for tomorrow's column, I would like to hear your thoughts on the localizations that we're treated to. What do you like (and hate) about the ones we get, and what would you like to see in the future? Of course, you can send in anything else as well (or an editorial, if you're so inclined).

Chimerasame "Bahamut, no! We will not let you know! ~Let him know!~"
I am a little silouhetto of a SeeD.

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