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Rob Hamilton - July 29 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Suikoden's Liukan really isn't very good at all. He could use a shield, so I was expecting him to have halfway decent fighting ability, like an Old Soldier. (He's in the Old Soldier group in the large-scale battles.) But, no, his damage is pretty poor. Then I thought, he's an old man with poor fighting ability, perhaps he's cool with magic. But, no. He's not bad with it, but Flik, primarily a fighter, is better. I eventually learned that the best five magicians in Suikoden are, in decreasing order, Luc, Crowley, Hellion tied with Eileen, and Tengaar. Seriously, now. Why is Luc better than Crowley? Or better yet, why am I bothering to question this stuff?

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Deja Vu

Hey Chimerasame,
I was wondering if you had any information on when or if Final Fantasy IX will be released on the pc. My email is

Well, I got this exact letter twice, at different times of the day. Guess it's really important. The word is, there's not going to be any Final Fantasy IX for the PC. Perhaps the PC ports of VII and VIII just weren't profitable enough.

Wonders of technology

You know, if TSW is incredibly popular in Japan, and Square decides to make another movie, we'll never see it. ~Joey~
"I am Zeromus, the epitome of hate." (I wonder who said THAT?)

Sure we will. Fansubs rock! Hmm, hate, hate.. who could it be? Probably Luca Blight. *sage nod*


Heya, Chim
I was at the mall a few days ago, and I decided to go reserve the Nintendo Gamecube. Welll, I went up to the employee, and asked if I could reserve one. He told me, "Sorry, we've reached our limit on pre-ordering GC's". I couldn't, and still can't believe how quick Software etc. has sold out on pre-orders for the Gamecube. AlexG

Yeah, they'll be popular. <-- nonanswer

Nonquestion II

Hey er... aw forget it, I'm just gonna call you "Bob" from now on...

Hey, Bob!

Yesterday, Aegis said that by the time the GameCube comes out, the price of a PS2 will drop to $250... does this mean that when GC comes out, you could practically buy a PS2 and a GC for the same price you'd have to pay for JUST a PS2 right now? If so, I laugh at all the losers who paid $500 for a single system, just 'cause they were too damn impatient! Hear me laugh! Ha Ha Ha! I laugh heartily at your expense! Ha Ha!



Okay, I'll stop now.


Yep, yep. If anybody is still paying $500 for a PS2, you need to look harder, whoever you are. Or, you're paying Canadian money, in which case it's ok. <-- nonanswer II

Disco Stu doesn't need to advertise.

I recognized where Falcon got that line about pushing the rock and getting the dagger! It's from the original King's Quest for the PC! Knowing this solidifies my claim to being the BIGGEST LOSER IN THE WORLD!!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Robust Stu

That's not the qualification of the biggest loser in the world. I've beaten FFIV about a dozen times, I think I've got you covered.

Crossdressing Characters

Why is Kuja so girly? Ever since I heard Queen Brahne say "Girly Boy(or girly man-whatever)" about Kuja I was really shocked that he was a guy- look at his clothes, hair, face, and well, everything. I'm on the 4th disk and I keep expecting Kuja to say something like he's really a girl. Well I was just wondering. Thanks!

Selphie was really a guy too, in FF8's Japanese version.

...if you believe that, I've got a stack of basic lands I'll sell you for $1 apiece...


Old man spit.

Is that a noun or a sentence?

Hey (monks sing) CHIM-ERA-SA-ME
I was wondering if you can do this. Have you been able to predict plot points in a game before it happens since it often times goes on a very cliched path? Also, I've wondered what was to you the funniest moment in an RPG? Also, what was the moment that most freaked you out? Also, how did you become a chimera?
Imperial Mog

I can predict obvious stuff, but by no means am I especially savant at it. The funniest moment I can think of offhand is that time Mario retells a story in SMRPG by becoming Bowser and the Princess, in succession, and acting it out. The whole concept that he can change form at will, as long as it isn't during a battle or some other helpful time, is hilarious. :) I have never been freaked out by a video game, but a certain ally did something in Suikoden II that came close. I won't be more specific, since some haven't played (and should!) I've always been a chimera.

The Last Laugh:

I'm going to go through the end of Suikoden relying on magic as much as possible. This should be entertaining!

I'll be back to nonanswer more nonquestions tomorrow, and after that, the future cannot be predicted. I wonder if I can get Andy Richter to guest host, I hear he's looking for something to do.

Chimerasame "Hellion is an odd name for a kindly old woman"
This time, I will have Leon Silverburg!

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