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Chimerasame - June 18 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

I'm at a complete loss as to what I should put in this intro. The server was down for a little while yesterday, sorry about that. As a result, I've got a lack of Q&A letters, so I'm going to do what I always do when I've got few enough to make it reasonable (always = I've done it twice counting today), and print everything that entered my RPGamer inbox. Just to be different, I'm printing quickies mixed in with regular letters, in no particular order, just whatever order I happen to past them into the file.

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I was. See?

Simon Says

Have you played Castlevania: Circle of the Moon? If so, I have a question. There's a path blocked by a box, but I can't figure out how to get rid of the box. How would I get around this?

- Aizou

I still haven't played it. Is it the only path you can take? Do you have any bombs, or any other destructive force? Are there secret passages? It's amazing how useless I can seem on something when I make a promise to myself to print every letter in the inbox.


Hello Chim!

I have one simple question: why does Final Fantasy 8 sucks? I keep hearing almost everyone saying it was a bad game (I heard a lot the words "the worst FF ever"). Having only played the demo, I can't tell what was wrong with that game. Can you explain this fact?

Also, I know I'll probably get killed for this, but what kind of game is Final Fantasy Tactic? (Tactic reminds me of Strategy). Don't tell me it's a MMORPG, or something like that, because I don't know what is that either. I'm no newbie at RPGs, maybe I'm just using another term to describe that type of games... So, what is FFT?

Have a nice day!

- Dr. Cossack

FFT falls into the category of Tactical RPGs, sometimes called TRPGs. There aren't very many of them... other examples include Tactics Ogre, and the upcoming Hoshigami: Ruining Blue Earth. Battle tactics make an important difference in your success. Things like positioning of the party members, timing, use of land features like elevation... these all come into play in a way that a normal RPG wouldn't make use of. I should make note that these are not "strategy" games (though strategy may be involved to play them.) The category called "strategy" normally involves the movements of many more tropps on a much larger scale--concentrating more on a war than on individual battles. Strategy games aren't always RPGs. (In fact, most aren'tm that I know of.)

Everybody Complains About Clichés!

Hey (monks sing) CHIM-ERA-SA-ME I was thinking, what is the oddest RPG cliche in the books? Imagine if these applied in the real world since that'd be odd. I think the idea of barging into someone's house and take anything not bolted down while everyone's just staring at you. Is it just me also or is Mr. T showing up everywhere again? Also I'm upset that I can't hear much from my right ear for no reason whatsoever. It's making me more angry than usual and I am short-tempered. Also, have you ever showed up for a family getogether just for free food? I do that since I just showed up for food and took most of it for myself. Imperial Mog

Well, I don't know if I could name the oddest, but I was directed to this list earlier today. It's nice reading, even if most of them aren't actual clichés. :)

This Is Not Q&A


Your recent message to the UT-ANIME list has been rejected for the following reason:

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Seems I accidentally sent some mail with the wrong account. How embarrassing!

They're Probably Midgets

Just wondering if you had been listening to TMBG, seeing the old issues vs. new issues at the bottom. :)

Well, maybe this will be a quickie because I don't have any pressing questions at this moment, seeing as I don't have time to play any games (that's what happens when you take four summer school classes and work two jobs).


Nah, no quickies today. I'm sticking with nonvariable letter format for this column! And yes, I was listening to They Might Be Giants. Cool group. I want a watch with a minute hand, a millennium hand, and an aeon hand!

Smoked Gouda Cheese

Having completed both Zelda: Seasons and Ages, I can most assuredly tell you that Seasons is the better game. First off, the "world warping" was handled a lot better in Seasons than in Ages-- Ages seems to have totally incongruous worlds connected extremely tentatively. And second, Ages' puzzles are just too darn hard, especially the Mermaid's Cave and the eighth dungeon. (I played Seasons first, though, so I may be a bit biased-- I started losing track by about the seventh dungeon in Ages and basically just wanted to plow through and get it overwith.)
Anyway, so I got Castlevania: Circle of the Moon yesterday and I am simply amazed. I mean, major WOW here. The music is phenomenal (that's what's continuously surprising me, oddly enough-- this is SNES quality music limited only by the dinky speaker on the machine... it actually sounds good), and the gameplay is remarkably like SotN's. Please tell me you're going to check this one out...
--CX (who's waiting patiently for Tactics Ogre GBA)

People keep mentioning Castlevania: CotM. Perhaps I should get it after all. I need to finish these two Zeldas first, though, and if Lufia: TLR is out by the time I've done that, then I'm making a beeline for it and not letting it out of my hand until it's finished. Since this letter has no question, I'll make one up and answer it. Chim, do you like Smoked Gouda cheese? Why, yes, I do, Chim!

And On the Subject of Lufia...


Just a quick question on Lufia for the GBC (since you played it at e3)... Are the dungeons filled with puzzles like Lufia 2?


Most of Lufia: TLR's dungeons are randomly generated, as the Ancient Cave was in Lufia 2. That being as it is, it would be hard to incorporate as many puzzles. The game is set up so that there could be a few, but as far as I got in it I didn't see anywhere near the same amount. Still quite enjoyable, though.

Revenge of the Multiparter




Well. I'll start by refering to Goog's final thing at the bottom and say that an "Ender's Game" movie, if made correctly, would be enjoyable. It would only apply to the people who actually read the book though. Hey, I liked "Dune" in movie form. Even better, the version on the SCi-Fi channel. But Watching 12 year old boys running around wouldn't necisarily entertain me that much (unless I suddently decide to become a petifile of course).

(I know that I can't spell)

Anyways, I guess I should number these so...

1. Where can I find more info on the FFT sequel?

Chimerasame: You mean Hoshigami?

2. Why the HE!! did they require you to keep Mustadio to get Cloud in FFT? (I had to start the whole da^^ ^! thing over)

Chimerasame: That irritated me too, first time through. FFT is one of those games where, if you really want to do everything, you've pretty much got to use a FAQ, so that's what I'm doing this time through the game.

3. Personally, I'd rather see a movie out of the 4th book in the Ender series. I cant remember if it's Xeno... or Children of ... What do you think?

Chimerasame: I think that's a series which I should read.

4. Know of a great place to get a sumer job in northern Indiana?

Chimerasame: If you want a Sumer job, I suggest you go to Sumeria.

5. Have I bored you yet?

Chimerasame: I happen to be answering these from the bottom up, so no!

6. I know that you've probably had a question similar to this before, but I have a choice of either getting a GameCube or an XBox. I already have a GBA and every other Nintendo console (yes, I own 5 Gameboys). I've seen the specs. Read the editorials. Read the press statements. And payed close attention to E3. (and knowing a he!! of a lot about comps, I undestand ALL of the spec properties). Now, mind giving me your take?

Chimerasame: The XBox had a cool Simpsons demolition game, in which you could be various characters with various cars. Only three cars were on display, but it was still pretty sweet-looking. That said, the GameCube is better by a few thousand percent.

Scull Lead (if this gets on the site, I'll laugh my a$$ off)

Chimerasame: There goes your ... a$$ ... I guess.


Dear Chim,

The other day, somebody gave his explaination as to how FF Tactics was so horribly translated. And it sounds quite plausable.

You see, all the text in the game may have been stored in a large data file. It is possible they used a program to do the translation or possibly it was done very quickly by people you are not adept at English. Since it was in a large file, the text wasn't linked to the individual screens at the time of translation so some errors wouldn't be realised. Actually, those errrors may have be realised but it seems to me that nobody from Square USA could've played through the game at quality control and said "Everything is fine". More likely, Square skipped certain quality control and testing steps after the translation was done to hurry FFT into production.

So, anyway, maybe that's it.


Maybe you're right. I certainly don't have proof you're wrong. Since there's no question here either, I'll make up one of my own again. Chim, did anybody comment on the Ragnarok issue? Yes, Chim, Güifà mentioned on IRC today that it's actually not an umlaut in the original language, it's an o with a slash through it. If your browser supports it, it looks like this: Ragnarøk.

The Last Laugh:

Interesting, not using quickie format for anything. It saves me the trouble of deciding whether a moderately short letter should qualify as a quickie or not, at the very least. Of course, now there's the matter of what to do with that sidebar over to the left. It hangs down like a ... big...hangy thing...that would make a good analogy...for hanging. Aaaaaanyway. I think this is the last time I'll be in Q&A for a while, though I suppose I might be wrong about that, random weird stuff happens all the time. I tried last week to build up suspense about which interaction section I'd be going into, but, at least by letter content, it doesn't really look like people were interested in guessing. However, I'm going to keep waiting and let that section's proprietor do as he or she sees fit, as far as when the public knows. Sorry, folks, if by some odd chance someone is actually wondering, I've got to keep you in suspense a bit longer.

Chimerasame "Swords for everyone!"
Why aren't there any cool available women offline?

[addendum: As Google mentioned back on Friday, I, Andrew P. Bilyk (a.k.a. Aegis), will be doing the slime's workload of Q&A this week. Since it's a largely talked-about subject as of late, I'll mention that I'm a Game Boy Advance owner, and I actually have (and have beaten) Castlevania: CotM (import version). I also recently purchased the two GBC Zelda titles. I've been to E3 and played the new systems and games, so I encourage you to please send in any questions/comments you might have about the upcoming GameCube and XBox system launches. Send those letters in, folks, and we'll meet again tomorrow.]

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