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Limbo: not a game with a horizontal stick, nor the plane of ultimate chaos in the rules of Dungeons and Dragons, but rather the state of the as-yet unknown, the state in which an event could go either of two ways, seemingly equally likely, with no way to predict the outcome until after it's over. Fortune-telling, divination, these things don't apply; all that can be done is waiting. Hours become days, minutes become hours, seconds drag on to the End of Time. Gaspar says hi.

I am too old to get so worked up about something like this. o_o

On to the column.

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First thing first

Hi Chim

First about the days, Saturday is the last day of the creation, and the Jewish sabbath. Sunday is the day Christ resurrected, the beginning of the Christian Church, so they made it the first day of the week. And finally have you ever played dungeon keeper 2? That game rocks.

Gema Knight

Ahhh, thanks! Weird, not like me to forget about Judaism. I love bagels, and Mel Brooks made some of my favorite movies!
As a side note, I should mention: since this thread isn't related at all to RPGs, and the question has been answered, nothing more on the issue will be printed. There, that should prevent the religious flame-war that tends to start at the drop of a hat, I hope!

Lu! Fi! Aaaaaaaahh

hey hey, chime chime chonga who doesnt wear a thonga..

I have been waiting since '97 for the new Lufia. Please tell me when the release date is and any other newww infomacion. I am GrandMaster Lufia Fan #1.

- GRecKO, not to be confused with GEICO

There have been a great many revisions to the third Lufia game (not to be confused with Lufia III!), which is now a GBC title called Lufia: The Legend Returns, and is due in July this year. I played it at E3, it was very cool.

The email subject was "Thou needst correction..."

In yesterday's Q&A, you said "Every RPG I've played has almost every character be alive. What's up with that! "

You haven't played Valkyrie Profile? Blasphemer! You should have known that all of its characters, except Valkyrie herself, are dead. Now it is time for you to reprimand your sins... (ka-click!)

(BTW, it is Ragnarök and not Ragnarok. Check old columns on how to pronounce it.)

Correct, I have not played VP. I don't see how that contradicts my original statement, though. :) While this may or may not excuse the blasphemy of which you speak, it does mean you didn't really correct me on that fact. I've heard the thing about Ragnarok's pronunciation before, but since I see it written so much more often than I hear it spoken, it's easy to forget. ... Wait, I didn't try to pronounce it at all! You're just correcting my lack of an umlaut! Well, I can attempt to defend myself by saying that I've seen English books on Norse mythology which spell it without an umlaut. It's most likely acceptable both ways, at least in English; it might be different in Norwegian or what have you. I applaud your extra effort at cultural accuracy, but your helpfulness at specifying which old column I should look at needs work. ;)

What traits does a game have to have to be considered an RPG?

What traits does a game have to have to be considered an RPG?

There's a lot of disagreement about this. For example, I think Zelda is not an RPG, it's an adventure. I'm not saying RPGamer should stop covering them, they're cool games, but it's just an example of how people think differently. There's no one quality that makes or breaks something's status as an RPG, but there are some attributes that RPGs tend to have, and not-RPGs tend to not-have. For instance, an experience system (or something in which characters slowly get stronger after every battle), numerous NPCs that speak, more than one character in your party, and a meaningful plot. Few RPGs will have all of these, but most should have at least half. If you want to be technical, you could create a whole system, listing out all the possible RPG attributes, assigning points to them, and then checking the total number of points a game has against a certian cut-off level (say, 42). I am, however, too lazy to do this.

This title has nothing to do with the letter!

hey chimie cham

Ya know, I could go into a very drawn out discussion as to why almost every RPG hero is alive, but that would defeat the entire purpose of RPGs. I could go into a very drawn out discussion about why a drawn out discussion about RPG character cliches would defeat the entire purpose of RPGs, but I shant because that would defeat the entire purpose of my writing in to you. I could go into a very drawn out-----this could go on for a while, please allow me to entertain you with a song...why are you looking at me like that?-----

well, that was, let me ask a question or something...How excited about Hoshigami are you? I don't really know how you feel about FF Tactics....

p.s. If you made it down this far, please allow me to apologize for this strange letter :)

FFT rocks. I spent a few hours playing it just today, foolishly getting my character level higher and higher while neglecting careful advancement and choice of job class. Without nice equipment to back me up, this results in enemies that get comparatively stronger and stronger. So far, it's nothing a nice Autopotion can't fix, though.

Oddly, a main part of FFT's charm lies in something we don't normally associate with good RPGs--a laughably horrible and easily referenced translation. :) I doubt Hoshigami will have that. However, it looks to be a cool game. I didn't play it, though I saw Goog playing for a bit, you should probably ask the slime.

DQVI Question

Hi Chime

Yours is the only address i could find on the page, so maybe this is someone else's department. Anyway, maybe you can help.

I'm playing the latest NoProgress translation of DQVI and I've reached the point in the game after just defeating Mudo. I've gone to the Dharma Shrine and given my characters jobs, and even found a secret character Amos. The problem is, every walkthrough tells me I need to go to a town in the northeast corner of the map. Normally, this is no problem, but my boat is blocked in by shoals. The map is designed so that the central ocean is an enormous lake, and I can't reach the island I need to. The city's name is Arcbolt. Do you have any idea how to reach this island? I've even tried returning to various places, but the game always places my ship in the central ocean.

If you can't help, can you please give me the e-mail address of someone at RPGamer who can? By the way, great page.

Most of the people on staff seem to be asleep, and I haven't played the game, but readerland is a wide place, and it's possible somebody out there has. Have at you!


Hey (monks sing) CHIM-ERA-SA-ME
What would happen if I put the President of the United States in a room in a conversation with Professor Daravon? I was going to come up with a silly fanfic where that happens. What in the world were the translators in FFT doing while translating?
Imperial Mog


Ahem. Three words for you.

Vampire: The Masquerade.

For me? Really? ^_^ I've always wanted some words of my very own, thanks so much!

The Last Laugh:

About two-thirds of my letters were telling me about Valkyrie Profile, or Vampire: The Masquerade, in regards to my comment about too many RPG characters being alive. None of you thought to tell me about Planescape: Torment? :) Or did you all already know I'd finished it twice?

It really sucks when you finish a column, and have a power outage as your mouse is heading for the file menu so you can save. Maybe I should be doing this in MSWord instead of EditPad, it can magically recover this sort of thing. *sigh*

Chimerasame "Limbo"
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