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Rather than make up names for days of the week, Might and Magic 3 (as well as some of the others, I believe), simply refers to the days by numbers. Onesday, Twosday, etcetera. Now, to make Twosday and Tuesday line up, you'd need to have the week start on Monday. Some systems in real life agree with this, placing Monday at the beginning. Most, however, place Sunday at the beginning. Why? I don't claim to be Christian, or have any particular extensive knowledge of the Bible, but (according to Genesis) wasn't Sunday the last of the first seven days of Creation? Why do calendars place it first? This, I do not understand. Now, where was I?

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Intriguing Solution

Hello, Chim. How's things?

I have noticed something... The re-release of the previous three FF games will be made for PS2, and for that, I am very glad. I am not really concerned about FF VIII or FF IX, but I love FF VII to death. What is your view on it? Hopefully, the typing errors("This guy are sick") will be corrected. But I have another agenda... Do you think that, if there is a small chance, that Square will allow us to finally resurrect Aeris? There is proof of this in the game that it could be done. Try 'em out!

In Disc two, right after you get Cloud back, go get the Key to Midgar and go inside Aeris' church. DO NOT MOVE ONCE YOU GET IN. As in, once the screen goes black, don't press a single button. You can see Aeris in the corner of the church tending to her flowers. As long as you don't move, you can see her infinitely. Once you move forward, she's gone... And in the final battle against Sephiroth, when everyone is collapsed on stones, there is one empty stone... could this have been for Aeris? (That is, provided you have all the other characters there is one empty stone.)

I hope that they allow us to play it as such. That way it ends all those stupid Aeris Resurrection fics...

What's your take on it?

Get rid of the rumors by making it actually true! That's probably the only way to do it, really. Now, normally I'd want to do everything I could to squelch discussion of the resurrection of Aeris, there was enough promotion of that idea a while back...

This blasphemous talk shall condemn thee to the darkest reaches of the netherworld! Resurrection can only be accomplished by--

Will the resurrection scene have a nice FMV for me?

Uhh.... ¬_¬

We don' need no steenking aktors.

Dear whoever is on the Q&A staff...

I've got two questions.
Lots of RPGs have a weapon/item/armour/etc called Ragnarok. What is the real meaning to this mysterious little word?
Also, do you have any ideas on when Final Fantasy: Spirits Within will be shown on Australian cinemas?


Ragnarok is the day of the final battle between the gods of Asgard and the trolls of Jotunheim, or something like that. It's Norse, at any rate. It's close in meaning to Armageddon, Apocalypse, Mokushiroku.

I can't help you with the second question, though if anybody on staff knows, it'd be Mistress Nightshadow, who lives there. I'll ask her if I see her, and try to work it into tomorrow's column somewhere.

Mmm, donuts.

Dear Dr. Chim,
I have hit a problem that I would appreciate any and all help with. This might affect more than just me, and if I can help bring one back RPGer back to his/her formal glory than my pain will not in vain. Let me establish some back-story for you first. I have been playing RPGs only since Final Fantasy III and have always enjoyed with the same fervor as a kid in a candy store. While I was in college, I finished quite a few RPGs. I finished Vagrant Story, Final Fantasy IX, Parasite Eve II, and even -shudder- Chrono Cross. I tried to get a good amount of time to play them, but I started to notice that I didn't play them NEAR as much as I used to. Now that I am home I still have Front Mission 3, Vanguard Bandits and I am currently playing Lunar 2. Now the problem is that I -gasp- really don't feel like playing RPGs anymore!! I know, I know; I don't know what is wrong with me either. I feel like I am hitting some kind of "RPG malaise." I work a lot and I am out partying a lot also. But I still have the time to play them. The only problem is that I really don't FEEL like playing them. Also when and if I do get around to playing Lunar2, I can only play it for about half an hour to an hour before I get utterly bored and want to quit playing. Now.. how do I get over this?? I really still do like RPGs. I love to read about them, and I seem to even enjoy playing them sometimes. Is it that I am just "burnt out", or is the lack of real "GOTTA" play games. I remember when I first got Chrono Trigger back when it came out for the SNES. I skipped the next day of school and played it for over 10 hours straight. The last game I even came close to that was Final Fantasy VII. The thing is I have yet to do that with a game since then. Ok.since I am now done you have any suggestions for how I could cure this massive, troubling and slightly odd affliction?

Shortt "Mall Santas are EVIL" Sirket

PS, with his two revolvers and the one in his arm. wouldn't that make three guns??

A common condition. One cure is to go to E3. Unfortunately, that won't work for most people, and not for anyone until next May. As much as you might think you like long games, I recommend finding short ones and playing them through. Use FAQs if you like; contrary to popular belief, this is not a cardinal offense. If replaying old games is more fun than getting new ones, then by all means do so, it even saves you money. The most important thing to remember is to do it because it's fun, not because you think you should. That completely defeats the purpose of not just gaming, but entertainment in general.

It may just be that as you've gotten older, your interests have changed. If you really have no remaining interest in RPGs, you should probably find a new hobby. Personally, I like anime. Seems you do too.

P.S. Yep. But I don't think the automatic thing is a revolver.
P.P.S. You think when he plays Hearts, he shoots the moon?

You don't need to be masochistic to like Torment


Ok, here are two questions:

1) What good computer RPG's are there besides the Forgoten Realms serise, although I don't care for third edition too much. I have Fallout, is came with Baldur's Gate Gold, the other copies kept gettign killed by those damn cardboard case... I cana't play it though, won't work on NT... I'm getting 98 soon though, it Lynix worth it?

2) I was taking to this guy who owns a small video game store just after he got back from E3, and he said that Nintendo is selling GBC Dev Kits for $30. He says they compile into ROM's. Have you or anyone else at RPGamer heard of this? I'm gonna ask Nintendo soon, but I'm not sure how(or where to go to ask). Do you know where I could get the hardware to save ROM's onto GB carts? That will be usefull once I get the GBC Dev Kit, if they are really selling it.

Thanks for your time.

A GBC Dev Kit would KICK ASS!

1) First and foremost, Planescape: Torment. Other than that, Fallout, and Forgotten Realms games, there isn't a whole lot out for PC yet, unless you want to look into MMORPGs. However, I put great emphasis behind my recommendation of Torment. As far as an operating system... the most important thing about Linux, the way I understand it, is to be willing to read the manual and put a significant amount of work into learning how it operates. Do this, and you should have a very smooth operating system that performs many functions well, almost flawlessly compared to Windows. However, it supports very few games compared to Windows.
2) That seems extremely unlikely. Compiling to ROMs is feasible, in fact necessary, but for it to be merely $30 sounds out-of-the-question, unless that was some sort of black market copy. Try adding two or three digits.

Unanswered questions and comments

Hi there Chim. I have a very important question about Castlevania: Circle of the Moon for GBA. I know you probably haven't played it, but I'm sure someone out there in readerland has and would be so kind as to write in and help me. I'm stuck after getting the first 3 magic items; the dash boots, double jump, and wall break thing. It says I am 33.6% through the castle.. I have explored everything as near as I can tell and there are 3 types of rooms that I cannot get past: The first one is a room that goes vertical and is too high to double jump up to, so I imagine i will need a wall jump ability or something that I don't have. The second is a room that has some sort of large sarcaphagus-looking thing in the way.... there's two of those. The last type of room that blocks my way is a room with a box that looks similar to the breakable box, but it's more like a crate. I imagine you have to push them because there's large holes in the ground just beyond them. So anyway, other than those currently unpassable rooms, I can't find any other way to go. If someone knows what I should do, please help me! My email is Thanks so much for posting this Chim. :) nitroJin dreams

I remember when Brad had a section like this! And, you're welcome.


Hello-lo Chim-Chim
I´m sure you have noticed this but, doesn´t Paws have a really sexy voice?


You know who else does? The singer of XG's vocal tracks on the OST, if you reduce her pitch and speed to bout 90%. I can't say why, but man, is that sexy.

What do you think are the most overused RPG *character* cliches? The types of charcters one tends to see in every RPG that comes around?
---Yes, we have no banannas---
---PS: I am not a psycho---

Every RPG I've played has almost every character be alive. What's up with that!

Hey (monks sing) CHIM-ERA-SA-ME
I was thinking, since FFT was being re-released as a greatest hit title. We should do a column completly in Daravonese. I'm an expert since I don't speak English well and I'm working on some impersonations of people who have flubbed English. I feel sorry for the person just recently who paid over $100 for the game.
Imperial Mog

This's the way! I had a good feeling! Have you met Dycedarg's older brother, also named Dycedarg?

The Last Laugh:

I've made some nice progress on Zelda: Oracle of Ages while waiting for the copier to finish with a sequence of things in the copy room at work. Someone told me it didn't stand up to Oracle of Seasons.. I hope this is true, 'coz Ages rocks so far, so Seasons must be wonderful!
We've got relatives staying from Germany, and I've been trying to remember various German I knew from high school. However, half of the things I try to say, I remember in Japanese. The human brain is weird. Mine says to sleep.

Chimerasame "Have you ever seen me singin' in the sunshine?"
Probably not, I don't recall ever singing outside in the last several years

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