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Chimerasame - June 11 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Sou ka, sou ka! Man, replacing the mp3s in Heroes of Might and Magic III with other mp3s from miscellanoues places is fun. I get into a battle against a few goblins, One-Winged Angel blares out, it's all good. Well, here's your favorite of this weekend's guest hosts, Makkuro!


This is Makkuro again. A little delayed because of a lack of letters, you naughty, naughty people. Anyway, I already have a copy of FF IX on the way, so this'll probably be my last time. Besides, next thursday I'll be in Gothenburg for the great protest rally (I believe you had something similar in Seattle a while ago). But enough talk, have at you!

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Naming conventions


As I recall, in Secret of Mana, the playable characters had no default names (well, except for Boy, Girl and Sprite). So how come every fanfic I ever read about the game has the threesome named Randi, Purim and Popoie?

I mean, Popoie? That's only a typo away from disaster! Who/what came up with these names?

Oh, and what's your take on Anarchy Online?

~Bacon Slicer
"As you guide Link through the levels of Hyrule, close-ups and overviews will enchance your video vision."

As I recall, they did have names in the Japanese version. For some reason, they just removed them from the American one. Don't ask me why.

Anarchy Online? Don't know anything about it.

If Alanna had been around on IRC today, she might have had answers to both of these--being our Fanfic person, and being someone who loved Anarchy Online very much when we saw it at E3. It looks pretty cool, and it could have a good emphasis on roleplaying over fighting, which would be a nice change.

Dark Cloud? Well, it was in L.A....

Hey Chim, how are things?

What are your takes on Dark Cloud for the Playstation 2? I have been debating and debating on whether to get it or not. It seems people either love it or hate it. Have you or any of the other RPGamer staff spent any time on it yet? I really need an RPG to play and I have finished all of the older ones on my "to do" list. Also, I heard that the Arc the Lad Collection has been delayed (no surprise there), do you know what the official release date is now? Anyway, thanks in advance. Take care.

Webmaster of the Heaven's Rogues

All I can say about Dark Cloud right now, is that it looks kind of pedestrian. Get it if you like dungeon crawls, otherwise, I'd stay away.

As for Arc the Lad Collection, I'll use Goog's standard reply: check the releases section.

I played a bit of Dark Cloud. Parts of it seemed cool. Building the town kinda reminded me of SoulBlazer, and that part was fun. A lot of the dungeon-crawling was boring, though. Dungeon rooms are large, and Toan doesn't move very fast in them.

Ender's Ga Letter

OK, how're you today Chim? I hope your summer is going as well as mine. So far I've gotten Oracle of Seasons and I'm saving for Ages.
Yeah, that guy was having problems with the signpost maze yesterday. At the end of the end of the maze is this frog dude. You need to pay him so he'll perform his little song. You then use that song to revive the flying chicken. That's used to get to some dungeon. Anyway, I have a few questions myself.
1. What is up with Square right now? They have like 6 games going on at once. I know they're a big company and everything, but some people (not me) didn't like several of their last few games. Now, they're porting some of those games to a new system and making new ones at the same time. Am I the only one who thinks that these guys need to slow down and develop one or two games at a time?
2. Is the Tokyo Game Show open to the public? I wanna go, even if I have to work for a lot of overtime.
Well, I'm sure other people have stuff to say now so I'll let you go. Later,

1. Well Square is a big company. Just look at how many games Namco or Capcom usually have in development at once. Besides, the remakes of FF VII - IX will hardly take as much effort as a new game.

2. I wouldn't know, but if you have to save to buy a GBC game, it's probably out of your price range anyway.

Yeah, the GBC Zeldas should be cool. Square's got lots of development teams working on those games, it's not like they're stretching one group of guys very thinly. :) A really small company making six games at once, I'd worry about, but Square making six games is like.. Ford making six kinds of car. They've got way more than enough staff to handle it.

As far as Tokyo Game Show, if it's like E3, it's "closed to the public" but it's probably not too hard to get in, at least if you know people in the industry. I'd love to go, but I don't know enough Japanese yet to be insanely useful at such an event.

Bonus points, this was preformatted!

Hey Chim! And Makkuro too! (See, I didn't forget the guest!)

" "Cannot find server?" Oh, wait, no, you mean "Odin has enough already." " This one made me laugh out loud for 5 minutes non-stop! My father was looking at me: "What's wrong?" Hey... he can't understand. The quote "Cannot find server" is from Internet Explorer mixed with RPGamer! Do I get a tilde for that?

What do you think of the Dragon Warrior games? The NES games were some of my all-time favorites. I'm eagerly awaiting Dragon Warrior 7. Isn't that one a bit late? The PSX is almost dead! Is there any confirmed release date yet?

The GBA will rule! And the PS2 is bad! Bad, bad, bad.

- Dr. Cossack

Yay, you remembered me!

Dragon Warrior (or Quest) was the first console RPG, and for that it deserves its props. I never liked it very much though. Perhaps because I played it after FF VII. I guess there is such a thing as too old school.

As for the tilde, well, I'm not authorized to hand them out. The best I can give you is an Asterix. Er, asterisk. *

I've never spent a lot of time playing the oldest Dragon Warriors. III was entertaining, but in the middle of my play through it, I think FF6 came out and I forgot about DW entirely for way too long. :) I played DW7 for twenty minutes or so, and the gameplay didn't impress me much... Doug "Stom" Hill says I didn't play it long enough, but I dunno. It's five years in development, and it shows. Five years ago, it would have been a phenomenal PSX game. Now, it's just another average game on the list of things I might get if I finish all the games I have and see a new one cheap in a store somewhere. It wasn't bad, don't get me wrong, but it didn't look exceptional. Don't take my word for it, though, millions of Japanese seemed to disagree. Oh, and tilde's are Goog's department, but I can offer a crowbar!

Save that tooth money

When people talk about the next generation console wars, they talk about Playstation 2, X-box, and Gamecube. Not a peep about Dreamcast. I understand that the system isn't being manufactured anymore and that it's supply of new games is rapidly fading, but that doesn't change the hardware. It is a next generation console. The last generation included Saturn, Playstation and Nintendo 64 (32x, 3do and Jaguar and a half dozen others if you're picky). Dreamcast is a far more advanced system then those and could not be called a part of their generation. If it's not a part of that generation (3rd-gen) and is also not a part of the next generation (4th-gen), what the hell is it? The Dreamcast generation? The 3.5 generation? Or nothing more than a memory that will soon be forgotten? Well, I'm thinking too hard and my head is starting to hurt so that's my mini-rant. Now it's back to Counter-Strike (while I wait for a month containing far too many RPG new-releases).
-Ari "Lakers! Lakers!"

P.S. X-box BAD! - Gamecube GOOD!

Yes, Dreamcast is definitely a part of the fourth generation. And, so far, the best part. The fact that it's dirt cheap and has, by far, the better collection of games compared to PS2, makes you wonder why not everybody has one. Don't get me wrong, I will buy a PS2. I'll just wait till the price drops significantly, or Xenosaga is released, whichever comes first.

I should probably get a Dreamcast, but in the immediate future I'm concentrating on the GBA. Technically, the DC is a part of the 4th generation, but based on time of release and system capabilities, 3.5 really is a more accurate description. I've heard plenty of cool stuff about its games, but by the time I finish all the PSX games I need to play, the PS2 and GameCube will have plenty of games of their own, and the GC even has a pretty reasonable price. (The PS2 has an ok price too, except I already have a DVD player.)

P.S. Yep!

Uchiuji Uchiuji!

Heh heh, so someone else has heard of Animutations. If you want my opinion, I think Hyakugojuuichi is really a message sent by a superior alien race, but it got scrambled up a little when they were converting it to work on Earth computers. Of course, it's just a theory. Oh well, here are my questions:
1. Is it possible that the square button on the PSX/PS2 controller is subliminal advertising from Squaresoft?
2. How long do you think the Game Boy legacy will last? Do you think someday Game Boy will be beaten, or will Nintendo control the handheld market until the big meteorite comes and kills us all?

BL Alien

Hyakugojuuichi was the weirdest thing I've experienced since Pararira Paradise. That's definitely a good thing.

1. Considering Square hadn't signed up with Sony when the PSX was released, no?

2. Beyond the GBA, it's impossible to predict. All I know is that, right now, Nintendo has the handheld market in an iron grip. Go Nintendo!

Nobody ever gave me my sweater back. But, I don't know how to play the guitar! Now I'm really in a pickle. Maybe Naota can fill in, or the guy from Legend of Black Heaven...

The X, however, is subliminal advertising for Xardion.

Last minute letter #1

Hey there,

So, whaddaya think about the three upcoming PS RPGs? I speak, of course, about Arc the Lad Collection, Hoshigami, and Tales of Eternia (I refuse to call it Destiny 2!). Umm... yeah, that's it.

Oh wait, let's test and see if you really are one of the nerd elite. So, Chimerasame, my man.... Who is John Galt?

~TH Cole doesn't care if there're more than three, those're all he's looking at getting anyway

I saw Hoshigami, it looks even more like FFT than you'd probably expect it to. Not that this is bad, FFT was cool, with a few tweaks on the mechanics it could have been my favorite game. (There's something wrong with getting EXP by throwing rocks at each other, or having Ramza yell at himself.)

John Galt? ... You're asking me that? You didn't see the title of this past column of mine, did you?

Last minute letter #2

Honored Sir Chimera Murasame,

Since you mentioned the GBA so much in the last column, I thought you might be the person to ask about this. My mom is getting me a GBA as soon as they come out as a birthday present, and I'm wondering if there are any really decent games out (as GBA or GBC or whatever) that I could buy for it... what would you recommend? I'm into more plot-based RPGs than "There is the monster. We must kill it!" [several hours of plotless pointless battle ensue].

-A Very Tired High School Student
Ignore this message.

I've heard good things about Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons, though they probably don't have an enormous amount of plot. I played Lufia: The Legend Returns for several hours at Natsume's booth, and I can recommend it as well; it has the good plot you'd expect from a Lufia game. A couple of the other GBA games I wanted to play--Golden Sun and Magical Vacation--didn't seem to be there. Those two looked to be good, but I honestly know practically nothing about them. I wish I could be of more help with this, it seems most of the games I want to play on GBA are actually GBC games. :)


Don't tell Aizou (or whatever his name was) from yesterday's column to use the key on his sister! That's me!!! ::cries:: I just got OUT of those gates.... I don't wanna go back. Please, don't send me back!

Xenochick, -the Xenogears Goddess-

Makkuro: Aizou, please don't send your sister to hell! There are far too few Xenogears fanatics already.
Chimerasame: You don't know his name? Really?

Octopus -> octopi
Cactus -> cacti
Chorus -> chori

Latin is fun!

Makkuro: Veni, vidi and so on.
Chimerasame: Radii, Annuli... hey, it works! So, is the plural of the pronoun "us" "I"? That'd get confusing fast...

Did Namco buy the rights of Xenogears off of Square?

Makkuro: Dunno, but they seem to have some sort of understanding. After all, they do own parts of each other now.
Chimerasame: They won it in a drinking contest, in which a representative from each company took a shot of vodka anytime someone asked Goog about a Xenogears sequel.

Hey (monks sing) CHIM-ERA-SA-ME AND MAKK-U-RO I was wondering since Chim wouldn't answer, don't you smell some major cliche's coming on. Don't you feel that Chaos will be a villian since it'd fit many major rules and let's see if you guess which one's they are. Also since Chim was jerking me around. You should know that I have an explosive temper even though it's mainly over food, dumb people, and not getting what I want. I present to you Prince Phil in a fuku. Imperial Mog

Makkuro: You mean the white hair and black clothes? But nah, I don't think he'll be a villain. Too young. Xeno-villains should be at least a few hundred years old before you take them seriously. Thanks for that mental picture, by the way. Thanks a lot.
Chimerasame: A game with no cliches is worse than a game with one or two anyway. It takes too much unnatural plottwisting to get rid of all of them.

Hiyo chief,
Hm... Rpg's... No questions. Furi Kuri? Heh heh heh... Speaking of too much crack. Is it me or Gainax much better at not trying to be too serious? Well, if they are being serious, I like this serious much better than Evangelion serious. I prefer Naota to Shinji and Haruko to Misato. Can't really think of much else to say... Hopefully whoever has the rights releases it soon so I can see it in something better than mpg quality... Though what I'm really looking forward too is Super Milk-chan, supposedly picked up by ADV. There... That's a letter, even though it doesn't have much to do with rpg's.

Chimerasame: I had a dream the other afternoon during a nap, that I was watching Episode 29 of Furi Kuri. Man, and you thought the existant six were weird...

The Last Laugh:

Makkuro: Well, that's it for me, I guess. Not much to say, really, except that the X-box is evil, Utena music rocks and all profit should come from work - not ownership. Bye now.

Chimerasame: That's it for me too. Wait, no it isn't. I'm going to come back to RPGamer interaction on a regular basis soon, but as for which section it's going to be, you're just going to have to wait and find out! That's right, if you've not heard already, I've stepped down as New Media Head and given that position to Paws. No, I'm not going to Reviews either, that'd be too simple! I might write a few here and there, to make my Torment review less lonely...

As for now though, I should go to bed, I've got to go to work tomorrow and make more money for my GBA games.

chime "I shall digest you with my many organs!"
Not Q&A. ... ... ... Yet. _

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