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Rob Hamilton - June 10 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Zettai Unmei Mokushiroku! I've listened to the Utena soundtrack a ridiculous number of times since picking it up at Anime Central not long ago. I wonder if I'll ever be able to memorize all the battle choruses. Choruses? Chora? Choruses.

Well, I'm back, filling in for Chesh again as he heads home from college, and then off to some non-vacation he mentioned in his last column, or something. Well, whatever it is, he's not here, so you have to deal with me... sorry 'bout that, I'll see if I can make it up to you. Tomorrow Makkuro will be around, being the next in a chain of people sending games to each other that Google thought up.

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A Lesson in Reality

I came across the key to the gates of Hell, and was wondering if I should save it for if Monolith and Namco decide not to send Xenosaga to America, or if I should just use it now on my sister who screwed up my computer.
Then again, I do have to ask my boss for time off... hehe.....

- Aizou

Like many RPGamers, you seem to have let an element of truth that only exists in RPGs creep into your natural life. Contrary to what we have learned by playing Zelda games, keys do not vanish when you use them on a particular door. You should be able to use your infernal device more than one time, so there really isn't any point saving it. Send your sister to hell, and you'll be able to keep the key!

...and that's what happens in reality.

Record of RPGamer Surfing

I'm looking for a strategy guide for record of lodoss war for the dreamcast. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you

Well, let's see. A bit of surfing on RPGamer reveals this Walkthrough, which I got to from the FAQs & Walkthroughs link on the Record of Lodoss War page. I got there from RPGamer's main game index, which is linked to from the left sidebar, where it says "games." You may be able to find more on

Zelda for GBC's Awakening

How do you get past the signpost maze in Link`s Awakening?

It's been a long time since I've played this game, but I do vaguely remember this maze of which you speak. As I recall, a signpost will give a direction, such as west, and if you go straight in that direction from the post, there will be a second signpost giving another direction. This continues for five or six signposts or so, you just have to follow them from the beginning. I think you also need a special item to get to the last signpost, and I'm pretty sure it's the Hookshot, but like I said, it's been a while. If this doesn't help you, our info page for Link's Awakening might have what you need.

I'm looking forward to getting a GBA so I can play the two newer GBC Zeldas! I hope I have as much downtime at work as I did last year ;)

Multiparter with no numbers? O_o

Hello great and mighty Chim,

Have you heard the Wild Arms 3 music at ? Well, technically, it is a flash movie, but it has amazing background music. Now, anyway, how can you rip a flash file, or is there any way I can get the music? I looked on Napster, but I am not sure what the song is called. Help! Oh, and by the way, I tried to hack the server -_- (nothing illegal, just some ftp work... ... ...)

Vagrant Story is awesome. Kind of... painful what happened to Sydney near the end. I like Vagrant Story better than Tactics, story-wise. Et toi?

I cannot see why people think the PS2 is terrible. First off, you have Metal Gear Solid 2, Armored Core 2, Metal Gear Solid 2, SSX, Metal Gear Solid 2, FFX, Metal Gear Solid 2, Zone of the Enders, and Metal Gear Solid 2. Plus, it is backwards compatible with PS and plays DVD's. Besides, Nintendo said the Gamecube is going to be geared towards younger children (well, approximately 10 years old), and no matter what anybody says, the PS2 controller is the best. Anyway, there is Metal Gear Solid 2. And Xenosaga (I took one look and nearly had a seizure. A good sort of seizure :P ).

Red Faction for PS2 is far more fun than it is meant to be. It is a first-person shooter where you can BLOW HOLES IN WALLS WITH A ROCKET LAUNCHER. My friend and I spent like three hours making detours in mountain ranges in that game.

You can have great gaming on a PalmPilot! Try the great customizable RPG (akin to RPGmaker), called Kyle's Quest ( The Gameboy emulators for it are sweet too (runs all of the not-really-FF games pretty well).

This might be a bad place to put this, but does anyone know where to get RPGMaker 2000? The official site is down, it seems, and all of the other sites seem down too...

What kind of music do you listen to? I like Electronica (Medieval-inspired symphonic ambient-trance with rock elements. Woohoo! <--WTF).

Excuse my English, as I am an American. o_O

- Zereth Phylorain, Medieval Theorist

I don't know a great deal about Flash, so I don't know if it's easy/possible to rip the music out. However, there should be a way to record any music your computer can play, if you have a sound cord with two male ends...plug one into the speaker hole and one into the microphone hole. I've never actually done this, but I've heard accounts that it works, and I don't really see why it shouldn't. You might also try asking Nightside, who runs RPGamer's music section. I don't know if he'd know, but if somebody on staff would, it'd probably be him.

Now, for the other questions...

Haven't played Vagrant Story. I know one guy who thinks it's the best game ever written and ever to be written, and I know several people who didn't care for it much at all... I imagine it's probably a pretty good game if you've got the patience to deal with the miniscule damage your character does. Haven't played MGS either, though I've heard plenty of good things about it. Between Xenosaga, FFX, and Suikoden III, the PS2 sounds like a formidable system, but it'll be a while before all three of those have come out. The Gamecube may have some games geared to children of that age, but, having been at the Nintendo press conference at E3, I can tell you there should be plenty of support for older audiences as well. The average gaming age is climbing... mostly because gamers are getting older at a rate of one year every year, funny how that works. Nintendo recognizes this, and is adjusting.

I could do that with a PalmPilot, but since I'm planning to get a GBA... ;)

Well, right now I'm listening to this tune from WA3, which has cycled about six times. Maybe I should listen to something else. My playlist in winamp is pretty varied and sundry, but I can tell you the majority of it is video game music, with anime soundtracks and classical music vying for second place. There's also some Weird Al, and some stuff from the Simpsons, and even a handful of mainstream music, however much I've been sent by people.

Rydia: Screeeeeeam!

Hoi Hoi! My sister told me some crack head in her gym class said that Final Fantasy IV was going to be re-made for the PS2...and he'd seen pictures....So, is this the effect of using a bit too much crack or could it be true?

Luv ya!

Square had two games on demo at E3, FFX on PS2, and right next to it, FF Chronicles on PS. Chronicles included FFIV and Chrono Trigger. I would wager that your sister's crackhead classmate probably mistook something he heard or saw about that, and thought that remake of FFIV was to be for PS2. Now, I wouldn't mind if Square did a full-scale remake of FFIV for the newer system, redoing all the graphics and everything--it'd be one of the strongest reasons yet for me to get the thing. FFIV was one of my first RPGs and it remains my favorite, for no good reason. However, I doubt Square will do any such thing. FF Chronicles will come out for PlayStation (1).

For evidence of the effect of using a bit too much crack: Hyakugojuuichi. I suggest you ignore the banner ad that may appear at the top of that page, though.


hey chim,
do you know the quote?

"Cannot find server?" Oh, wait, no, you mean "Odin has enough already." Nope!

Hey (monks sing) CHIM-ERA-SA-ME
I am wondering, do you get the feeling that Chaos in Xenosaga will be a bad guy since I smell a big cliche coming on for reasons I'll see if you can guess which ones I'm reffering to? Also I wonder how many people did think that when they first saw Kuja they thought that he was a woman since he's EXTREMLY effeminate.
Imperial Mog

Dimple monkey twice the pudding, octopi for tangoman.
It might be of note that Radrisol has sent another comic in, probably expecting me to be Chesh:

Well, a chimera has a lion part in it, so the idea sounds good to me!

The Last Laugh:

I got seven letters, and I printed every single one of them. Now, in return, I want more than seven next time! I remember back a few months ago when I'd do this and get.. well.. at least 15 or so. That's double! Where did you all go? The GBA isn't out yet, you should still be wandering around the internet asking strange people strange questions! After tomorrow, you have an excuse. After tomorrow, send goog letters saying, "Sorry this is my only letter, but I'm playing the GBA." Tomorrow, though, real letters go to me and Makkuro!

chime "Doesn't own a 4th-gen system yet"

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