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Chimerasame - February 08, '01 - 3:00 Eastern Standard Time

Talk about being in the nick of time! I thought I was going to have to do this column without Kris Wolfe, RPGamer's translator who you may remember from such places as The Editorial Section. But fortunately instead of something going wrong at the last minute (which seems to have been happening a lot recently on the site, mostly due to moving the location of our server), something went right at the last minute, and she serendipitously showed up online right as I was answering the first question! Anyway, here she is.

Kris Wolfe: word yo, it is I. People who read the eds section or hang on IRC may be acquainted with me already. (I'm Vash_the_Stampede on IRC, FYI.) Um... I'm not witty or anything. I translate badly and um... yeah. That's what I do. Lessee. Skip the next paragraph if you don't care what I like/dislike.

I'm an anime, manga, and video gaming fangirl and happy in my geekery. I have at least 5 female friends who are also into games, so I laugh when I see guys whining that they can't find one.

Chimerasame: Yeah, but all six of you live way far away! Those of you attending the University of Texas, speak up. Because I know, like, one. Maybe two, but the second hasn't played an RPG in a couple years. I mean, I'm in Japanese classes, the anime club... you RPGirls need to make more noise!

Kris: maybe we all live here in the midwest. Anyway, my friends and I are all a bunch of dirty-minded college students, and I promise you I'm at least as sick as all you guys who downloaded that Lunar bromide of Jessica sunbathing. Heh heh.

Anyway, yeah. I know a lot of you people are anime fans, so here's my current fav shows: Trigun (you saw that coming, didn't you), Kodomo no Omocha, Slayers, KareKano, Card Captor Sakura (NOT Cardcaptors), Escaflowne, Saint Tail.. yeah, I love cutesy girly stuff, oh yes. And before I get a bunch of people telling me to watch Cowboy Bebop: I've seen it and I left it off for a reason. It's a gorgeous work of art, the music rules, etc, but I'm not ashamed to admit that other shows just make me a lot happier when I see them. Anyway. My fav manga: Here is Greenwood, Penguin Brothers, Violinist of Hameln. I expect noone cares. Fav video games right now (in no order): Lunar 2, Chrono Cross, Terranigma, FF8, Wild ARMs, FF6, SoM, Bust-a-Groove 2, Capcom vs SNK (Benimaru!), Puzzle Fighter, and Bubble Bobble. um, that's enough of that. Nice to meet you all, yoroshiku onegaishimasu, etc.

How many lights do you see?
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A week-old letter!

Hey, whoever gets this letter (probably Chim).

Anyway, a few ramblings and questions.

1. If Square screwed you over like that would you like them? not really. I don't hate Square, but from a business standpoint they just left Nintendo. Everyone knows if Square stayed with Nintendo Sony wouldn't have picked up so fast. RPGs isn't the PSXs only thing but it sure did help. Anyway, if Square stayed with Nintendo maybe people wouldn't complain about all the FMVs and crap because they probably wouldn't even exist on the N64.

2. What are you most interested in abut the GBA? If anything. I'm excited most about Fire Emblem, Tactics Ogre, Golden Sun, and Mario Kart. Hopefully we'll get some good Super Famicom ports too, wouldn't hurt. Nintendo is dumb about releasing games though, like Ogre Battle 64. It turned out better that Atlus got it though, too many spoony bards and son of submariners could be stuck in the dialogue.

3. Are you even interested in X-Box? I'm not, too many consoles. And I'm going to back companies where I can expect good games to come out. I don't know fo any exclusive games on x-box yet, and those exclusive games never attracted me to any system though.

4. I'm excited about the Gamecube also. It's just that Nintendo will finally have a system capapble of what many third parties want - huge storage space. What abotu you? DC and PSX2 enough for you or are you waiting to see how Gamecube comes out?

Not too many questions but hopefuly they get answered.

Tristan Adnade

1. Square left Nintendo? ... Were they dating?
Granted, Square's games had previously been developed for the NES and SNES, and that stopped. But this isn't just Square's random whim; times change. Systems were made which took CDs, and the N64 was not one of them. Square was definitly not the only company that took a look at a cart, and took a look at a CD, and realized that the amount of data needed for an RPG would be much easier to put on a CD. For a very long time the only RPG for the N64 was Quest 64 (unless you count Zelda: Ocarina of Time; personally I consider that an adventure). In my opinion. it's not Square's fault that they didn't develop for N64, it's Nintendo's. If the 64DD had come out sooner in Japan, or had come out at all in North America, then Nintendo would have a better case.
As far as people complaining about FMVs, I happen to disagree with those people. Good graphics aren't bad. They're good. Good graphics are good. If that doesn't strike you as an obvious true fact, you should run for public office. I'm not saying the only thing I like in a game is graphics; far from it. Having good graphics at the expense of good plot is terrible. However, considering graphics alone, good graphics are better than bad graphics, thus, I have no idea why people would dislike FMVs for their own sake.
Plus, there's the information in this article. It looks like Square's trying to patch things up, let's hope Nintendo doesn't hold a grudge forever.

2. The ones you mentioned look good to me. Also, F-Zero advance. Plus, I'm secretly hoping that Yamauchi (Nintendo's president, who seems to be calling the shots about not letting Square develop) will come to his senses and let Square develop for GBA, because the potential of that is awesome. :)

3. The X-Box looks like it will be a powerful system, but I can't make any judgments yet about how successful it will be. Some people *coughYamauchicough* say that it will flop because Bill Gates doesn't know enough about games. I say he doesn't need to; he's got Jeff Henshaw on top of the X-Box project, and Henshaw knows plenty about games. Right now the X-Box's biggest plus is that many developers are looking at it, and the biggest minus is that it has very few games announced for it. There's still time, though.

4. I've been putting off a lot of things, though I might run out and get a DC now before retail ones become scarce. As far as the more expensive 4th-gen systems (PS2, GC, XBox), I'm going to wait to see what games are out for all three before I get one. Huge storage space the GC may have, but if they don't let Square develop, that will be a big turn-off. Granted, not everything Square's made has been wonderful, but I expect to see more classics like Xenogears and Final Fantasy Tactics, even if they have to come from different developing teams.


1. Square is a business that wants to artistically exceed everyone else. You can't do that on the N64, and the PSX also had better sales. The only offended parties were probably the console fanboys.
As to good graphics, I gotta echo Chim: I LOVE good graphics. The medium is a graphical one. VIDEO game. When developers don't put much work into the graphic aspect they're ignoring an important artistic feature. Graphics are as important to the atmosphere and artistic value of a game as music or a good battle system are. If you don't agree, write Mistress Nightshadow an editorial about it. I will rebut you, guaranteed.

2. I have almost zero interest in buying a new console right now. Well, and I'm incredibly poor. Anyway, those titles all look pretty good, but I tend to wait for reviews and so on myself, and withhold my judgement until I've seen a few opinions.

3. Buy ANOTHER console? You must be crazy. Seriously, I just got a DC even though it's dying just because I REALLY wanted to play some of the awesome games on it. So I SAY I won't buy another console, but in reality I'll probably buy another one in a year or two. Of course, no console is worth buying when it comes out. There's usually few good games, and the first run is where the bugs get worked out, and it's expensive.
I always wait a year or two until prices drop, there's enough games to make it worth owning the system, and the problems are fixed. So in a year and a half expect to see me with whatever system has the most good games.

4. See above.

Rejoice, the monks are singing again!

Hey (monks sing) CHIM-ERA-SA-ME AND KRIS

My letter wednesday just shows you one thing. You can tie anyone together through personal relationship strands. You got any odd ones like that? Just want to know, do you got or will get PSO? I want to know since I'll get it as soon as I get my tax refund and some other things straightened out. It does really stink that I got outside of this site, I have no friends. What's with the problems on the website? This is the biggest mess-up period on the site since April 1999 which was during the "Thor era". When's Goog going to be able to come back and is there a conspiriacy of Murphy's Law occuring at RPGamer since everything that can go wrong has done so.

Imperial Mog

I'm not sure when Goog'll be back, but I expect it's possible you'll be seeing him again next week. Don't hold me to that. And yes, Murphy's Law is very responsible. Blame it all on ol' Major Murphy!

Kris: Dude, efront is a piece of, uh... it's bad. Other sites hosted by them have also been having problems (ie, the awesome Penny Arcade or Something Awful...) It's not our faults! >.< Forgive us!

Thoughts on RPGs (that? here?!)

1) Is it just me, or, have there not been very many games with controversial (read: good) plots as of late? The last 2 I can really remember are FF Tactics and Xenogears.

2) Request for a personal opinion: What did you think of Final Fantasy VIII? A popular opinion seems to be it fell into 'good RPG, horrible FF' class...

3) Quick question; what were the minimum system requirements for American McGee's Alice? I'm not sure that I can run it.

Many thanks,

-Sephiroth Savior

1. I haven't played too many recent games, but Planescape: Torment has an outstanding plot and it's not much over a year old, and I've been hearing wonderful things about Skies of Arcadia, as well.
2. I enjoyed FFVIII. Perhaps not as much as a few other FFs (excepting MQ), but it was a good game. The only notable problem I had with it was the Draw system. Drawing was boring to me. First of all, to get and cast magic you had to allocate two different slots for Draw and Magic, leaving only one with which you basically had to pick from GF and Item. I very very rarely used anything besides those four abilities (and fight/limit), making getting abilities seem rather pointless at times. Plus, sitting in battle drawing spell after spell from the same enemy, who has an apparently endless supply, is not exciting to me. Junction was fine, though, I didn't mind it at all, and making items into spells was fun. :)
3. Well, we don't cover it, and I don't own the game. But my roommate does! Let's see. Operating system Windows 95, 98, or ME (2000 and NT not supported.) CPU: 400 MHz AMD K6-2 or Intel Pentium II Processor (500 MHz Recommended.) Memory: 64MB RAM (128MB recommended.) 4x CD-ROM speed (8x recommended.) 580MB hard drive space free, plus space for saved games (620 recommended.) 16 MB OpenGL-capable graphics card with DirectX 7 compatible driver (32MB recommended.) DirectX 7 compatible sound card. Keyboard. Mouse. (They don't list it, but you probably need a monitor of some kind, too!)

Kris: 1. isn't that a matter of personal opinion? Lunar 2 made me laugh, cry, and scream at the screen.
I also hear some really good things about Skies of Arcadia (I WILL play it soon, I hope), Suikoden 2, Valkerie Profile (just got it for $14.. yay!), and other games. As to "controversy," well, it's true that an overwhelming majority of games are still "kill the evil guy, save the world," but within those cliche plots I think we're starting to see a lot of variety, character development, and other aspects of good scripting.


2. I love FF8! And I know so many people hate it. Screw 'em. I loved the game. I loved ALLLL the characters (Zell is my fav! I'm just like him!), the gorgeous graphics, the adorable plot... the problem was that the game should have ended after rescuing Rinoa. There should have been a big final battle, the end. It should have been a love story.
FF8 was a SUPERB love story. But it wasn't a great save-the-world adventure, and they shouldn't have tacked that stupid end plot on to make it into one. I think they were afraid boys wouldn't buy it if it didn't have the "save the world" thing. Sadly, adding that just ruined the end. Still, I think the game is worth playing for the characters and love story aspect (if that's not your bag, never mind). My friends and I were like, "Is this a shoujo RPG? Dear Lord!" Heh heh.

3. No idea, all I know about Alice is what Penny Arcade told me.

beauty Fun is in the eye of the beholder

The other day, someone asked Mistress Nightshadow if they were going to rpg hell for liking SaGa Frontier. What's going to happen to me, then? Not only did I like SaGa Frontier a lot, my favorite game is Earthbound, I thought Shadow Madness was hella fun, thought Wild ARMs was awesome, I'm addicted to Legend of Dragoon right now, and I absolutely LOVED Secret of Evermore! I guess that makes me RPG KING, huh!!!!


I happened to really like 7th Saga, and I didn't mind FFMQ that much, or SoE. And I didn't know Wild Arms was supposed to be a bad game to begin with, I thought a lot of people liked it. SaGa Frontier didn't catch my interest at all, however, so you're alone on that one. :) (Unless Kris likes it..)

Kris: I love Wild ARMs! I have the japanese guidebook on the two games and the TV series! And the OST! I adore the game and its funky south-western feel. The music also boots butt. I only played Saga Frontier for a VERY short time but it was kinda interesting... I mean to play more someday. Anyway, as Odo says, everyone has different tastes, and some aspects of a game are more important than others to different people.

Phantasy Phootball Star Commentary

Hi Chime,

I just thought i would write to clear up a little misunderstanding. Entering your Phantasy Star Online serial number simply limits the character you are creating to being played on that particular dreamcast. The game itself can be played on multiple systems. I doubt that two characters with the same number could be online at once tho', to prevent piracy.

I was wondering, what staff members have the game, and is anyone as addicted to this game as i am?

(Saracens, level 60 HUcast, over 100 game hours in 6 days.)

I know Aegis, Googleshng, Myst (da boss), and Black_Chocobo have all played it, and more might have as well. And yeah, they do spend a lot of time on it. :)

Kris: everyone but me apparently has this game and loves it. I am still wary. ORPGs suck up your time and don't give you anything in return. I play RPGs for a plot and characters, so for me, ORPGs hold the same interest as IRC: that is, they're very fun and your whole night is gone before you know it, but then you realise you accomplished almost nothing and got nothing out of it. I'm torn though since I hear it's good. >.>


Darth Vader kicks ass.
He could kill Yoda with ease.
Voom, voom, crash, crash, boom.

Dude, are you insane?
Yoda's, like, the master, man!
(Ignore this third line.)

Kris: yeah. okay.

Is it just me or is anyone else wondering where Imperial Mog is getting all these singing monks?

Chimerasame: They're fifth level creatures in the Castle. Dracon can upgrade them to Enchanters.

Kris: I love you, Chim. ^_^ And what's left for me to say? A Monty Python joke here would be totally expected.

Ridiculously minor FFIX spoiler

Why is everyone picking on Kuja? Or are those just the guys? Because Kuja excites the loins of the female world, baby! (Okay, I just sounded a little uhm.... nevermind.) Yeah, yeah, I'm a girl, and Kuja is a sizzle *tssssss*!

Have a happy

Chimerasame: As a straight male, I find it hard to give a good answer to this. However, because he looks rather female, and I am a straight male, I've got to admit that makes him more attractive than males who DON'T look like females. ... Why are you looking at me like that?

Kris: Hot guys in games! woohoo! Bring 'em on! They're all so cute together. And I mean that literally.

Two more very minor FFIX spoiler quickies

in response to yesterday, kuja dresses the way he does cause he likes listening to queen. i mean come on tell me he doesn't look a little bit like freddy mercury

Hehe, Kuja's Theme sounds like We Will Rock You. Should game designers really be borrowing beats from Queen?

-The Gary

Chimerasame: I dunno, but speaking of Queen and Final Fantasy, you should check out the Bohemian Rhapsody parody featured near the bottom of an old column of Brad's. Brad never mentioned this, but that parody was, ironically enough, written by me and Kris! Well before we started working here, too.

Kris: I remember that! We are funny people, yes we are. Funny people who like FF8. >.>

Another rpg comic.. While it may not be as fun as a bag with bag written on it, I still enjoy it.

Chimerasame: Sugoi! RPG world rocks. Irritability also rocks, though has less to do with RPGs. My very, very undeveloped comic, Ill Logic may or may not rock, you be the judge.

Kris: YAAAAAY! RPG World! I'm all over a t-shirt when there is one! I have been reading it for a while, it's AWESOME. I also read Megatokyo, Sinfest, Little Gamers, and Penny Arcade (here's the Shen Mue strip... I adore gaming humour.

The Last Laugh:

Kris: Well, it's been kinda fun. Maybe someday I'll get a chance to do it again. *Sees Googs lifting an eyebrow* Er, or not. o.o Anyway, for debate or discussion, either write an editorial (MN will guarantee I see it), e-mail, or get on IRC and join #edscorner! In closing I guess I'll say that at the moment, anyone with really nice video files from games with cute guys should contact me.

My friend and I need the pics for our new "Hot Video Game Boys" page. And yes, we've already got Zophar and Pander. Heh heh heh.


Chimerasame: There isn't a lot I can add to this. *yaaaaaawn* Do you people have any idea how to do problem 8 on page 90 of "Logic, sets, and re--" ... fnog, I'll just do it myself, you probably won't get back to me on that before tomorrow anyway. Darned proofs. See you then, and JWH will be here as well to answer questions about .... Persona? And some other stuff, too, but especially Persona.
Watashi no sigunachuuru pikuchuru

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Chime "I'm not a nerd, I'm a ... oh wait, I am a nerd"
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