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Chimerasame - January 01 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

So. If you're reading this, there must not have been an apocalypse after all. No Zettai Unmei Mokushiroku, at least not yet. Armageddon and Ragnarok can wait. Let's see, are there any other words for the End of the World? If it comes, see if you can get a time machine and give me a ride to Milliways, the Restaurant at the End of the Universe!

And, as usual, I'll get to the relevant things after ranting about nothing. Oh, that reminds me. The nothing I was selling was removed from Ebay! I wrote a letter which I have reproduced in a text file. If you'd like to, you can write Ebay and show your support for my plight, but please don't flame them. I'm a bit miffed, but I'm not THAT angry. :) I'll let you know when and if they respond to me. Let's hope they come to their senses. If I'm really lucky, maybe they'll refund me the $50+ I lost!

I said something about relevant things, didn't I? Ok. Meet Ivy McKnight, daughter of the Fifth House, Holder of the Sacred Chalice of Rixx, Heir to the Holy Rings of Betazed. Oh wait, that's not Ivy's set of titles... hrm. Ok, Ivy McKnight, Seeker of Truth, Caharin, War W--... that isn't it either. Well, what did you do, Ivy? Oh yeah, you drew my sig pic way down there at the bottom of the page. Isn't that a nice sig pic? I think it is, but Ivy needs some convincing. Here she is!

Ivy McKnight:

Ohhhhyoooo! Aren't I cool, I'm guest whatevering! Oh, you know I rule. Lesse. To make you respect my random babble, I'll tell you about how I'm an art major and I'm going to be living in the gutters. I also worked at a video game store for a year. Yeah, I was cool. Most of the guys who came in there saw a girl about once a year. I was their dream come true... but then again, aren't I everyone's? Bow to me!

* Chimerasame bows humbly

Chimerasame: I should also note that Insanerest of AOL has provided us with an update of the 2000 Q&A Stats Page! I see I've had 7 letters printed this past year. Intriguing. Go see if you can find yourself!

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Final Fantasy IX
She's a lot farther than me!
It's just a yes/no question, right? :)

It has been said that PSO will have no fees in North America, but do you know what the situation is for Europe?
Thanks in advance.


As in, I don't know. I think it probably won't have fees, but I don't think anyone really knows yet.

I hope there wont be any fees in Europe, because I wont have any money for frivolous things after I buy my mansion in Paris with it's 100s of servants and 47 venetian lace pillows on each bed.... Hey, I'm a girl, lace goes above video games. Obviously.

Mysterious Cantatrix

FFIX side quest spoiler

(All right, made it this far... now something to write!)
Tsk tsk, Chim, you need me to bail you out again. To answer a couple questions you left unanswered yesterday (today as I'm writing this, but let's not go there):
Mognet Central is on the island north of the, er, northeast continent (never can remember their names), and east or the one with Madain Sari. I think a Reef chocobo is enough to get there, but it might need Ocean. In any case, you need a Dead Pepper (which you can find in Chocobo H&C) to break open a crack in a mountain there.
Yes, in MGS, Psycho Mantis does comment on Suikoden saves, and those of some other Konami games. Personally I've never played MGS, but I thought this was common knowledge.
I'm inclined to say that the moogles' antennae are just there for cuteness, but doesn't it seem likely that, instead of having a language consisting of two syllables, moogles communicate primarily through telepathy, with the kupos serving to add emotion and expression? Better yet, who cares? The important part is that moogles are the best mascot critter ever.
Okay, okay, I should ask a question. Well, speaking of Lunar 2 (very good game), does anyone else think the Bromides are, on the whole, much less risque than in LSSSC? Oh well, it's worth it, since I hear there are ones of the guys (drool), and since the game is so good anyway. I love this thing where the characters all continue to have dialogue throughout the game, as opposed to having one or two plot developments to themselves. And sometimes, they interact with _each other_! It's great!
All right now, keep your eyes peeled and your hands on your valuables. ...CHIM! Get your hands out of your pants!

-Cantatrix, Keeper of the Zelgadis plushie they stuffed Gourry's bra with

The moogles are a wonderful mascot, but I must say I can't put them above the Nu. The Nu are better than Chocobos, Moogles, Munbas, and Rabites combined! Well, maybe not combined, Chocobos do pull a lot of weight.

And as for Lunar 2, the answer is "Yes." I found at lease one other person who thinks that the bromides are, on the whole, much less risque than in LSSSC. However, Bromide is a Bromine atom with an extra electron, so I don't know what the big fuss is about. There are extra electrons all over the place, just rub a balloon in your hair! And send pictures, that'd be funny.

Now here's Ivy to talk about the location of my hands.

As long as your hands aren't anywhere near me.... Anyway, *deliberately changing subject* I'd rather think about moogles. Awww. And that baby Chocobo! What's cuter than a baby Chocobo? Awwww!
Bromine has an atomic number of 35. It's strongly acidic. Keep out of reach of small children.

I don't have a Dreamcast!

I am going to be buying a Dreamcast within the next week or three and I was wondering what your opinion is on something. I would ask goog but he/she/it is a communist just as AK said yesterday and never answers me. I am definately getting PSO and Grandia II, I have play all of the orignial games and loved them. What I want to know is your thoughts on Skies of Arcadia. Now, I know Goog is in love with it and I want to know if that love is justified. I am old school RPG kinda guy; I try to organize a boycott of FFVII and FFVIII in my town because I thought they were both insults to the series, woohoo FFIX. I just don't know about this airship battle aspect. What are you thoughts?

Christopher Good
"Looks like I had myself another night of wine, women, and song. Just between you and me, I think I had too much of the wine... but the women didn't complain! Ah hahahahaha!" Kyle- Lunar SSSC

Communists have a habit of not answering people? Well, maybe in Russia, when it was communist. And China, when it was communist. And some other countries.. HEY! That's not the point! Communism doesn't inherently involve not answering questions, it just ends up that way for some reason. Where was I?

Ah yes. Goog likes Skies of Arcadia. Now, though there are several games Goog doesn't like which I do like, I can't think of any games Goog does like which I do not like. So I'd probably like Skies of Arcadia. Plus, I've heard from several non-Goog people that it's a great game, so I do recommend it.

Airship battles are cool! I think there should be more. And, FFVII and FFVIII weren't completely horrible... they were good games, though I will say that of all the main-series FF games, as well as Tactics, FFVIII was my least favorite. It was good, the others were great. FFVII was somewhere in between good and great. FFMQ was good, but has no replay value. Not to me, anyway. ^^;

The only thing good about FFVIII was Laguna. Oh man....

Mmm, donuts...

Does it bother you that the worlds in *every* RPG ever made are geologically impossible? Or at least extremely unlikely on a world inhabited with life?

In every rpg that you get an airship, if you fly off the left edge of the world you end up on the right. That makes sense and is perfectly plausible.

In every rpg that you get an airship, if you fly off the top edge you end up on the bottom. This simply isn't possible... there are only two ways:

1) They make maps differently. The top and bottom parts are each one pole, and the middle of the map is the other pole. But, then, why is the middle of the map never frozen?

2) The programmers are either ignorant or lazy.

Granted, it would be frustrating to fly off the top edge of the map and end up on the side (as it should be) but hey, it's accurate.

Oh, and another question: How many hours total do you think you've spent on RPGs? Lets see... 40 hours for a game, some more some less... then replays... yick...


For one thing, in some recent RPGs, the world is actually spherical. In still other recent and non-recent games, there was no way to wrap around the world to the other side. Thirdly, there is a figure which an RPG world could be on: a torus. (A donut. (A sweet bagel.)) Go due east or west, end up back where you are; go due north or south, end up back where you are. Of course, I don't really think FF6 was on a donut-shaped world, the only place I can think of which really is is Sigil. In almost all rectangular shaped maps with this wraparound feature, the borders are all water. This leads me to believe that it's like how Antarctica is on a Mercator projection--stretched out unnaturally because it's easier to make rectangles than weird splotchy orange-peel looking things.

I honestly have no clue. Back when the only RPG I had was FFIV, I'd wander around in that one little room in the Lunar Subterrane for days, trying to get a pink tail. You know, I never did get one. Supposedly PinkPuffs appear one out of 64 battles? Well, I ran into them I'd say about 1 ont of 200 battles on average. And I fought lots of groups of them, too, I'd say at least 45, which I just figured out is how many you'd have to kill to have a better than 1/2 chance overall to get a Pink Tail. Oh well. Viva la Game Genie, from which you can get all kinds of Adamant Armor, Glass Helmets, Crystal Rings, not to mention Golden Apples and Soma Drops. :) Yeah, I've spent a loooot of hours playing RPGs.

Well, um... maybe it's, um... *tries 3D reasoning skills.* Ah, um... the arctic pole connects to the.... Maybe the sun just hits the middle of the map, and the sides make up one big arctic area. I mean, most games don't have night and day, either, right? So maybe the sun just sits there cooking one side. What I wanna know is how does Treno have night time and everyone else gets daylight? Yah.

And NO, the programmers aren't ignorant OR lazy. Square programmers are gods. Just because us mortals don't have the capacity to understand their reasoning, does NOT make it flawed! How DARE you question the gods!

On a lighter note... no, maybe a sadder note.... I have logged over 1,000 hours in FFIII. Remember that GG code that let you get cool items after every battle? Well, a little known fact is that you could get a second, rarer item as well. And I made a list of all the monsters, and BOTH the items you could get with that GG code. *big, proud bow.* Now if that doesn't earn me some sorta award, I don't know what would.

It's deja vu all over again

Hail and well met oh marvelous 3 headed beast,

This is in respondance to Haruka's question(s)

1. To get to Mog central. you have to get a Gold chocobo, play chocobo hot an cold for a while. feed him a dead pepper at a cracked wall up on an island above the outer contenant.

2. As for Topman there are 2 ways. 1 is to dodge his tops by jumping and hit him a couple of times before he spins. the other is to use Hardman's ability on him. make sure he's not spinning or the missles will just bounce off. MMIII has always been my favorite. :)

--Dedendre "Master of CH&C" Ormauve--

Well, these have been answered in other places in the column, but I wasn't paying attention to that when I copied it and pasted it here. Now I don't want to go to the trouble of taking it out, and it's a pretty good answer, so there you are!

Wow, I have so many responses to this I just don't know where to begin. Oh, wait. No I don't. Though you can get there with REEF Chocobo, I think. And remember to feed the Chocobo family in the Grotto, so they can have their cute little snuggly babies! The more the merrier! I wonder if FF worlds have any problems like starvation and overpopulation? Even Gau's dad had food, and he was nutz.

Moogular Lore (no, not the artist or the android)

Hey (monks sing) ROB AND I-VY
Just so you know, as the definitive source for moogles, other obnoxiously cute critters in stuff, and my Gregorian monks named after me. The bon-bon thing on their head is really used for the mating process. Also it's used for ESP messages to others nearby. Also FYI I didn't invent mognet but Al Gore really did as revealed in a FFIX secret scene where he's a secret character in a moogle suit. Kupo and kupopo really mean they pledge their loyalty to me. Also I have to say Happy New Year. The millenium starts today which isn't last year like the news says so but in the last year they proved that they're wrong a lot like projecting elections. A good quote is that the individual maybe smart, but the masses are dumb. I'm spending the New Year alone (give sympathy to me). But what are your interests and hopes for the new year?
Imperial Mog

Esca references always appreciated, (monks sing) IM-PER-I-AL MOG!
Well, I suppose this is a good place to list New Year's resolutions. Like you, nobody else is here, unless you count the few dozen on IRC right now, as well as the lovely Ivy. So, what do I resolve? Hm. First of all, I resolve to never break this particular resolution. There, that should be easy! Secondly, I resolve to continue being alive. I like being alive! Thirdly, I resolve to spend less time talking about RPGs and more time playing RPGs. That'll be an important one. Fourthly, I resolve to continue making fake fourth entries on lists. Fifthly, I resolve to finish this ridiculous list eventually, possibly after the next question. Sixthly, I resolve to either invent a teleport or get some plane tickets, one or the other. There's somebody I wanna see. ^_^ And on that note:

Wow, that's one useful bon-bon. Did you know that the matting ritual of some insect includes the male inserting his you-know-what into the female's backside, and excreting his little you-know-whats? Yuck.

What is the capital of Assyria?!

Um, this isn't an RPG question, but you seem to know a lot about stuff in general, so here goes:
Why would a race of aliens that has successfully produced the Quantum virus, mastered Zerospace travel, and invented the Escafil device (aka blue box) talk in HTML? Sheesh...

Ok, you deserve an RPG related question if you even KNOW what I'm talking about. Um... Oh right, I got one!
Let's say I'm really far in an RPG. Then something happens that results in my file being erased. Is it morally wrong to use Gameshark to get me back on track, and nothing more?

BL "I'm kupo for kupo nuts!" Alien
I really know Haiku
Oops, that was six syllables
My bad, tee hee hee

Are you talking about Illithids? As for the Gameshark thing, I don't think it's wrong. I mean, I don't think I'd bother to pay for a Gameshark, personally, but really, just who is holding you to some sort of standard here? A gameshark, like the force, can be used for good or evil, but either one's pretty darn hard to do, 'cause it just affects your own games! I suppose you could throw it at someone, for evil, or pawn it for food and give it to hungry children, for good.

Haiku have been gone
From here for quite some time now
But I do not mind.

I don't know, but aren't the Dredge pretty? And how come, if star fleet can communicate with aliens with their universal translators, they can still speak the other languages when the universal translator is on? Like how they're always speaking Klingon? Wouldn't the translator catch that? And why do their mouths move in English? So many questions....

Depends on your religion. It may be morally wrong to lie about it, or to do it while touching the skin of a dead pig.

2AM's just a bit late, but thanks

I figure you're probably just joking about the guesthosting thing tomorrow, but regardless, I'd like to let you know that answering Q&A would be the coolest thing ever. I hope to someday aspirer to hosting(or at least guest-hosting) for Q&A. I hope you truly cherish the time you spend answering Q&A. BTW, AK may have an alter-ego, but I have a split personality. Tom, and Evil Tom! Mwhaha!

P.S If Konami doesn't release SuikoGaiden here in the states, I'll whack them with the Enchanted Staff of Whacking, then Bop them with the Magical Wand of Bopping, followed by a swift smashing with the Blessed Hammer of Smashing!

Tomo"holds his Miniature Dachsund on his shoulder like a parrot"@waitasecond,Idon't have an email address that starts with Tomo!

Well, like the title says, it was a bit late. Ivy agreed to host just a couple hours after the original Dec. 31st column went up, as my update at the top of it says. :) Even if she hadn't, I'd probably be finished with the column by 2AM. (As it is, I'm not yet, she's watching a movie and I don't have her closing! Not that I mind waiting, I've been staying up to 7AM recently anyway. I think I celebrated the Sydney, Australia New Year more than my own. And, I don't think SuikoGaiden's gonna get released here soon, though I'd really like to see it happen, and it would probably get lots of sales, considering how good the Suikodens were. Maybe they'll release it translated in a couple years, like FF5.

Oh, and you can also find "The Journey Home" and send it to CN, then you can get at least one guest spot with Google.

And she's back, and fairly coherent for a new years eve! Ohhyooo, for real this time. Um, I'm not a random GUY off the STREET, but close enough. Chime would disagree, I guess, but he needs psychological treatment so we wont listen to him.



Yep, in good old MGS, if you have a Suikoden save on your mem card, Mantis says "So, you like Swi-Ko-Den." Don't just listen to me, download THIS! It's the sound from the MGS Mantis Suikoden part. I like Swi-ko-den.


Ivy: Here piggy, piggy, piggy. Suuuuii!

Chimerasame: I need to play MGS. *sigh*

Why do you have to go through so much trouble with MGS to learn how to pronounce Suikoden? It's Japanese, there's no ambiguity in Japanese pronunciation. It's su-i-ko-de-n. Oh, and the scanning for Konami games is true, I had a Symphony of the Night file and PM said "Ah, I see you are a Castlevania fan." Trippy.


Ivy: Groovy man. The colors....

Chimerasame: If it were written in Katakana it'd be easy to pronounce, but stuff isn't always romanized accurately. Cyan was Cheyenne, you know?

Is there any possibility that we will see a Final Fantasy on Dreamcast, or am I going to have to buy the $300 bookend.

Ivy: you could always play, mmm, NFL2K. Ooo, we spent $300 to see the football players breathing steam when it's cold out! Good buy!

I'd buy a PS2 first. At least it has a DVD player.

Chimerasame: Well, considering FFX and FFXI are being designed with PS2 hardware in mind, and PS2 is a more powerful system than a DC, I doubt either of those will be ported. Now, I'd love to see something like FF Tactics 2 come out for DC (Do not take this as an indication that it's going to happen!), but I seriously doubt they're going to recode a game for a WEAKER system. Now, it's possible that it'll come out for GameCube or XBox, (again, I have no inside information, I'm just guessing) though I'd bet against it appearing on GC because I don't think Nintendo likes Square much. It's also probable, I think, that it'll be ported to PC. Personally I'm hoping for a quick PC port, or if we're very lucky, a GC port, 'cause I don't really want a PS2 either.

Well, Top Man has no weakness, thus he is the first boss you should face in Mega Man 3. Watch his attack pattern, the way he jumps, moves, and shoots. I'm sure you'll exploit it after a while. (General Tip: For all NES side scrollers, all bosses follow some kind of pattern, figure it out, and you can beat any of those games!)

-Kamikaze (Imagine what a Kamikaze Man would do?)

And another person's thoughts:

To beat top man, use hard man's hard knuckle on it. The name hard man is gay.

Ivy: Hey, I like my men hard.

Chimerasame: I should go take another look at that last quickie from a couple days ago...

You got your idea for "Nothing at all" from Mel Brook's History of the World Part I, didn't you? And if ya haven't seen it yet, go see it, take note of the French.


Chimerasame: Not consciously, but I do remember that scene. Oh, and also, nuts! N-V-T-S, nuts! Mel Brooks is great.

Ivy: My friend's mom is attracted to Mel Gibson. She talks about him all the time. It's disgusting. *smiles and hopes no one notices her pathetic attempt to hide the fact that she doesn't understand a twinkle what you're talking about*

I guess Nothing is on the same production plan as PS2s. Nothing is in high demand and supplies are limited. No one can get their hands on Nothing. Even Ebay has shut down your auction on Nothing so they can monopolize on selling Nothings for like $2000 dollars because no one can get one. Go figure. Looks like everyone who wants Nothing will be left out in the cold until a later month when more supplies of Nothing come in.

~JJberb "I already own Nothing, and I'm contemplating on trying to sell it"

Chimerasame: If anybody out there still wants it, I'll sell it to you for any price zero or greater.

Ivy: he's lying. He actually took nothing off the market to send to me for my new years eve present. And look, here it is! I'm so happy! Look at all this nothing! Oh, wait, this is just the void that is my life.... *sigh* ^_^

I tried randomly picking numbers between 2001 and 1000000.

I got 36.
I have no idea how this happened.

Christoph, "It was a really big hat."

Chimerasame: I'm not sure, but it probably had something to do with El Nio.

Ivy: I got 47.

::hits you with a fork::
::hit:: 18937108937hp damage

::attempts to Eat you::
::success, Eats you::

::learns Super Awesome Lazer Beam Attack of Deadly Power::

Chimerasame: It'f har t' talk n here. mmmfph...

Ivy: didn't know I had that much HP. Wow. For a wimpy little girl I'm pretty strong. Or maybe that's just the damage you did... I'd say I have maybe 2HP, at most. damn, someone hit me with a marshmallow, I dead.

The Last Laugh:

Ivy: HAPPY NEW YEAR! Look, "010101" exciting binary date. Enjoy it while you still can!

Well, what have we all learned from this new years? I've learned not to watch boy bands on MTV until 12:05am and THEN start looking for that "big dropping ball." I've learned about the wonders for projectile vomiting. I learned not to spend new years with cutsy, kissy, baby-talk couples.

Chimerasame: Lucy, I'm hhooommmee!

<Brighteyes> so Chimerasame, also known as rob but do the people on rpgamer know that?
<Brighteyes> um, how's it going?
<Brighteyes> okay, hi... armando?
<Chimerasame> It's going. Nice new year so far, and yeah, they know.
<Brighteyes> oh
<Chimerasame> 010101 is a good number, but 101010 is better!
<Brighteyes> and, so, um... yeah. are you telling them what i learned this new year? i think that's all very important.
<Chimerasame> yeah, that's in there
<Brighteyes> KT's boy friend decided to throw up, and he tried to block it with his hand, so it sorta flew. and landed in little droplets. very disgusting.
<Brighteyes> we all said eeeeewwwwwwwwww, and ran to the other side of the room.
<Chimerasame> eew. yeah, I wouldn't want to have to clean that up
<Brighteyes> hhee, he did it himself. i think he didn't escpecially realize, he'll probably be more disgusted tomorrow once the hangover is gone.
<Chimerasame> Heh, well, at least that much is good.
<Brighteyes> you can tell them i did some random fan art, too. you didn't include that.
<Chimerasame> I'm trying to think of a way to wrap up the column
<Chimerasame> I think I put that in yesterday
<Chimerasame> in the update at the top
<Brighteyes> oh
<Brighteyes> okay, um. say
<Brighteyes> "um"
<Chimerasame> "um"
<Chimerasame> like that?
<Chimerasame> 101010 is better 'cause it's binary for 42
<Chimerasame> which is of course the answer of life, the universe, and everything
<Brighteyes> yeah
<Brighteyes> really, it is?
<Chimerasame> that doesn't help me wrap anything up, though.
<Brighteyes> well, you better tell everyone that.
<Chimerasame> oh, yes, it is. very deep number, mm-hmm
<Chimerasame> I'll make sure they know
<Brighteyes> k
<Brighteyes> okay, how bout this "Ivy sucks, she's ugly, don't listen to her."
<Brighteyes> hehe
<Chimerasame> Nah, I don't like giving out blatantly false information!
<Brighteyes> "we all know her drawing sucks, just stone her to death and put her out of her misery."
<Brighteyes> you have no idea, now do you!
<Chimerasame> I have some idea!
<Chimerasame> Want to fly down here to Texas in the next few days? ^_^
<Brighteyes> hehe. i don't think i have that ability.'
<Chimerasame> yeah, probably not. like I said, I need to invent a transporter.
<Brighteyes> well, just like end it
<Chimerasame> I'll see what I can do!
<Brighteyes> here, just a second.
<Brighteyes> "<Chimerasame> I'm trying to think of a way to wrap up the column
<Brighteyes> <Chimerasame> I think I put that in yesterday
<Brighteyes> <Chimerasame> in the update at the top
<Brighteyes> <Brighteyes> oh
<Brighteyes> <Brighteyes> okay, um. say
<Brighteyes> <Brighteyes> "um"
<Brighteyes> <Chimerasame> "um"
<Brighteyes> <Chimerasame> like that?
<Brighteyes> <Chimerasame> 101010 is better 'cause it's binary for 42
<Brighteyes> <Chimerasame> which is of course the answer of life, the universe, and everything
<Brighteyes> <Brighteyes> yeah
<Brighteyes> <Brighteyes> really, it is?
<Brighteyes> <Chimerasame> that doesn't help me wrap anything up, though.
<Brighteyes> <Brighteyes> well, you better tell everyone that.
<Brighteyes> <Chimerasame> oh, yes, it is. very deep number, mm-hmm
<Brighteyes> <Chimerasame> I'll make sure they know
<Brighteyes> <Brighteyes> k
<Brighteyes> <Brighteyes> okay, how bout this "Ivy sucks, she's ugly, don't listen to her."
<Brighteyes> <Brighteyes> hehe
<Brighteyes> <Chimerasame> Nah, I don't like giving out blatantly false information!
<Brighteyes> <Brighteyes> "we all know her drawing sucks, just stone her to death and put her out of her misery."
<Brighteyes> <Brighteyes> you have no idea, now do you!
<Brighteyes> <Chimerasame> I have some idea!
<Brighteyes> <Chimerasame> Want to fly down here to Texas in the next few days? ^_^
<Brighteyes> <Brighteyes> hehe. i don't think i have that ability.'
<Brighteyes> <Brighteyes>
<Brighteyes> <Chimerasame> yeah, probably not. like I said, I need to invent a transporter.
<Brighteyes> <Brighteyes> well, just like end it
<Brighteyes> <Chimerasame> I'll see what I can do! "
<Brighteyes> say that!
<Chimerasame> Happy New Year, out in.. what did AK call it... Readerland! Don't eat too much snow, and make sure to always wash behind your ears! Give Google as good questions tomorrow as I got today so he can make a nice big column.
<Chimerasame> you really want me to write all of that twice?
<Brighteyes> just copy and paste it, dumbee.
<Chimerasame> you really want all of that to be in there twice? <-- what I meant :)
<Brighteyes> was it in there already?
<Brighteyes> i don't care, do whatever!
<Chimerasame> well, I was just going to copy and paste it once, then you added it in again
<Brighteyes> hehehe. i didn't know. hehe.
<Chimerasame> heh. me neither, it's too late. I'll just put it all in!

Chimerasame: Well, I've had a great time. See you all again soon, I hope!

my favorite RPGamer sig pic!

Chimerasame "Weird huge conversation paster"
The world is still here but I'm not Q&A host anymore :(

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