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Chris Martin - December 9th '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

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I search several shelves of books. I return to him just so I can check out the ones I have.
I'm sorry! It was here all along!

If I didn't have a royal crapload of homework to do, the Ninja of death would pay him a visit tonight.
... not that I'd know anything about that ninja. Just because we've never been photographed in the same picture and he only kills people I hate is just a goddamn coincidence, ok? I wish the FBI would get off my back about that.

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FFX Demo: Opinion 1

Hello Chesh,

I'm sorry if you've gotten a ton of these, but I didn't see any so I figured I'd write in and tell everyone how awesome Final Fantasy X is looking to be. First off, I'd like to adress the voice acting. It's not that bad, that's about all I can say from the little in the demo. The voices fit for the most part, although Tidus sounds a little girly and annoying. They're not overly dramatized either, and that's good, because I've seen what that can do to some games. Grandia anyone? I loved the game, but it has worse voice acting than old Jacky Chan movies.

Next, on to music. It's a little different this time, at least from what I can see from the demo. One part opens up in a heavy metal guitarish part, and it changes a little as events progress. It fits very very well; that is, if you can even notice it with how much your attention is drawn to the graphics. In the other part of the demo it has your simple overworld theme, but a little more modern than I'm used to in a Final Fantasy. I guess I'm just not used to Final Fantasy not being midi.

Next comes battles. They are pretty cool, so far as I can tell. They brought back the limit meter from FFVII, and call it overdrive. I personally liked FFVII Limit breaks, but I'll leave that up to the individual. The new thing is though, that you actually have to do stuff to get them to work. We saw this a bit with Squall's Gunblade, but that's about all, and this is even more involved than that. For it to be succesful you need to hit a button combination, or stop the meter, at least for the two I've seen. Switching party members in and out of battle is kinda nice, but I don't know what it will do to the difficulty. The demo didn't let me into the menu screen, so I don't know about stat boosting.

Also you have the summons. While they're still as visibly pleasing as the others the one I've seen seems to be shorter, and you only saw the full animation the first time. Having the summon stay in the battle is nice, but when you do, it removes all of your other characters. I was hoping the summon would either replace one, or stand in separately. Still, it should add something to the game, trying to pump up your summoned creatures.

Finally, graphics. Wow. Nice. Sweet. Cool. Incredible. As usual Square has outdone itself. The CG is great, better than the old stuff which is to be expected. They still used some prerendered back drops, but not much at all. One I think is in the demo entirely. At least that I can recall. Personally, I think the 3d backgrounds are almost as good as the prerendered. The only problem is alaising, but in some things it actually sort of adds to the backgrounds. Only a little. I may be a fan of PS2, but I admit it has problems. Anyway, the nice addition to the backgrounds is that you can swim. Way cool I say. More exploration and secret areas. Also, I don't know if everyone knows already, but treasure boxes are back. I say hooray, I missed them in VIII and IX.

Well, that about wraps it up. I'm sorry for rambling on and such, but I was excited. Have mercy on a poor gaming fan. Ok, I'll shut up. One question though, what's your take on Alon D'ar? I'm either getting that or Baldurs Gate. Thanks.


P.S. I originally sent this to Goog, but he's dead, at least until you guys bring him back to life....

Cheshire Catalyst:
The music of FFX was the first thing that struck me as incredibly different. The heavy metal sound is certainly different from the usual "Melodies of Life" and "Eyes on Me" stuff. The bit about summons is interesting, and I think it's always caused an odd double standard. They're cool to watch and look all purty... but when they run too long it can get annoying. I liked FFVIII's system of letting you see the WHOLE summon only when it did extra damage. Basically, you were actually happy to see the whole animation.
Battles. Sounds like FFX sports an addition system a little like Legend of Dragoon. That... could work. Oh, and naturally, the graphics are awesome. Finally, haven't seen much of Alon D'ar yet.

FFX Demo: Opinion B

The Chesh Catalyst, how you doin?

So it me or is anyone else severly dissapointed with the voice acting in Final Fantasy X? That proves that they just don't put as much into their games anymore. I can't get over how awful it is! With all the money that Squaresoft has, you think they could afford better actors! I was hoping for at least Hideo Kojima quality. I'm really bent here. I thought the game looked really cool, I was way stoked for it because I've really grown into liking Final Fantasy VIII even after being born into RPG's with Dragon Warrior. And after seeing how smooth the acting was with The Spirits Within, I wasn't all that worried. And if you ask me, I thought The Spirits Within had a great plot and was almost flawless except for the occasional movement disposition. It's really sad. Does Squaresoft really have any great names helping them anymore? I remember hearing one blurb about one of the best directors in gaming, Yasumi Mitsuno, co-directing FFXII with Hironobu Sakaguci. Do you think that's still a possibility? Because that guy rocks. I can't wait for Hoshigami. Thanks for your input.


Cheshire Catalyst:
Voice acting is usually major point of contention among fans of anime and video games. What's "mildly annoying" for one person, is "horrendous" for another. I haven't heard the voice samples yet, but I'm usually pretty forgiving about voice acting. (Though Grandia REALLY pushed it.)

As for the rumor near the end, still not sure. It's always a possibility. Hoshigami looks funky funky fresh.

Return of the Xenochick

I leave for a few months and Imperial Mog is taking my spot? :( I feel unloved...... Anyhow, with eleven days left and counting to the LotR movie, FFX release on the horizon... I say it's time to take a toast to the beauty of what December has brought us. No Xenosaga news giving a release date, or month, yet- none that I know of at least, but I was wondering if you knew anything about its soundtrack and how that's coming along? The game's Japanese release isn't too far off, so I'm hoping the soundtrack won't be, either.

No real questions other then that.... 'cept I just wanted to say if I get very very very very busy again and months go by w/o me having the time to write, have a very Merry Christmas at RPGamer, and, in the words of Vash the Stampede, "Love and Peace!"


Cheshire Catalyst:
Nice to have you back! No news about the soundtrack. It's definetly on my to-get list; just like the game.


Do you know when FFX will be released in Europe? I couldn't find that on the site.

Best RPG couple? I think that Phantasy Star IV's Rika and Sephiroth (FFVII, duh!) would be so cute as a couple. And since they are so different they might get along very well. For people that don't know about Rika she's really perky and cute. And too curious and annoying. Quite like Aerith and Selphie. So figure it out yourselves. She's perfect for Sephiroth.
But if I can tell you about the perfect boyXboy RPG couple... It would be Vincent Valentine (FFVII) and Dias Flac(SO2). Firstly they would look perfect together. Secondly they have so similar personalities, but still so different. Anyways... I could ramble more, but I bet you don't want that.

A bit of a correction to you, when fighting all the Elementals on FFIV, the best magic againts Valvalis was White. It's painful to let Rosa do it, and not have her heal, but it helps a lot.

--Ara --

No word on the Euro release date for FFX. I honestly didn't know about using White on Valvalis. That's handy.
As for your couples choice, very interesting. Nothing wrong with picking a more non traditional couple. How about John Romero and a hollowed out canteloupe? There's a match made in heaven.

Quina/Gogo forever!

Ok, make that TWO non traditional couplings. ...I think.

Squall and Cloud. Think about it.

teknoLUX --

That's three couples, and no I'd rather not think about that one. (Ok ok. Hojo and Dr. Lugae?)

The Last Laugh:

That'll cover my weekend stint. Be nice to Aegis! Also, when goog comes back, call her "RED GOOGLESHNG!" who comes "from THE DARK WORLD!!!"

or something.

cheshWe will drag you ALL DOWN into the Hades!
FFIV rules.

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