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Chris Martin - December 2nd '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

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He see's you when you're sleeping.

He knows when you're awake.

He know's if you've been bad or good...

Attorney General John Ashcroft!


Hello Kitty!

Though you probably know this, there is a Tolkien game out- for SNES, but a Tolkien game all the same. Nowhere near the quality of the book, but maybe a company will be inspired after seeing the movie. What are the chances of something like that happening? Something similar would be fun though, as long as your archers don't stand around getting slaughtered like Legolas does in the Lord of the Rings game...

But you know what would be a great book-gone-game? The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy saga. So many random things packed into one game, one would spend months just to see what every character would say, which species interacts well with others and which don't, trying to cheer up the manic depressant robot Martin, and, of course, making sure you knew where your towel was. The only thing the game would probably lack would be a substantial plot, but that's where marketing comes in to make you buy it anyway, right?

If I could have an RPG character's power, I'd probably go with something along the lines of the heroines' abilities to always look good, no matter what. Those few seconds in which you're waiting for your gameplay mode to switch to the pretty cg sequence? They're fixing their hair and makeup. Such celerity would be nice, it would mean I'd be able to sleep in til the last minute before I had to run to class. Or maybe it's just a girl thing... Other than that, I think the Valkyrie's power is good- collect the souls of warriors to serve under you to "train", including an old beau or two. Don't like one of the peons you sucked into your posse? Send him or her up to Odin, and your problems are fixed!

As for the Escaflowne movie, did you know it's coming out >in dub< to theaters in February? I can't wait to see who they cast as Sora, the sorcerers, Ryuon, and recognize the old cast as they return for their former roles.

"Thinking she should shut up now," SLS

Cheshire Catalyst:
That's an interesting power. I'd just like an anime/game character's ability to wear the same clothes everyday and look perfectly clean and good-looking no matter what happens.
A Hitchhiker's game might be fun, but you would need Douglas Adams to write all of the dialogue/plot for the game. (This would be quite difficult, considering the fact that he's dead.) Otherwise, the whole thing would smell like a bad fanfiction.
Finally, since I do have my ear to the rusted train tracks of anime fandom, yes I do know about it. Sadly, I don't think anyone ELSE does. Bandai and Pioneer need to advertise more. Play the trailer in movie theatres. (Yes, there is a trailer. It's on the eighth Escaflowne DVD) I'm sure they could cash in on the popularity boost that the fantasy genre is getting from the Harry Potter/LotR PR machine. Finally, I wouldn't be surprised to see a LotR video game. I also wouldn't be surprised if it sucked, as most video game adaptations of novels/movies tend to do.


Hello there!

I hope I'm the first...or maybe I'm the only one to get the lyrics to the song in Ico. Yipee for me! I'm just gonna paste the URL on this, and the lyrics too since i feel so special!

-Amia Bethy

Cheshire Catalyst:
I'd completly forgotten about that site. There you all are, for those of you who want to sing along with the Princess.

One of those "do it yourself" types.

"If you made an RPG, what setting would you give it?"

Well, since I'm working on three RPGs right now, I'd have to remove the word "if" and modify some other things. Anyway, mine, like many games by independent programmers, is much more odd and harder to classify than the majority of console games. Not that there's anything wrong with "traditional" RPGs, but weird things like Thousand Arms are necessary every now and then. Still, that doesn't seem to be enough to most people to justify the fact that I'm working on a "voting" RPG where you play as Bob Dole and need to get enough votes to become the leader of Neo Canada. My other two RPGs are more traditional in the sense that they use a standard 16-bit RPG battle system and are full of swords and magic, but not having any humans are main characters makes it different from what's out there. Thinking of that, you know what would be godly? A Redwall game in the spirit of FFT. Magic moles, archer rabbits, what more could one want?

"What RPG character's "powers" would you most like to have. How would you use them?"

I'd like to have the Devour ability from FF8. Why? So that I could eat things three times my size and become stronger by doing so. The first thing I'd eat would be Grimace, of course.

That is all. If you want to print this last part, my main RPG I'm working on is on a crappy AOL page, and has demos to download. The other two, including the Bob Dole game, are not far enough along yet.

-Super Surlaw^42-

Cheshire Catalyst:
A game about Bob Dole and Canada. That sounds like a hoot and a half! I haven't read the Redwall series, though I have caught a little of the show on PBS. (Which was called by someone here at school, "A Communist Tool." Seriously.)
Devour might be handy, though I doubt it's usefulness in the real world. Need a degree in Physics? Eat Stephen Hawking!



You're a filthy woman now!

- C-Mania

I think that if that was true, I'd already know.

How do I win at the Jump rope game in FFIX!


I really can't TELL you how. Just keep playing and hitting the "X" button when you see the bubble pop up. Eventually, you'll get used to the pattern.

The Last Laugh:

Column a tad short because it's late, and I'd like Aegis to get more than two letters. (We get more letters late at night than one would think.) Why? Take a look at these demographics...

RPGamer fanbase:
Boys/Girls Aged 11-19 -- %22
...Aged 19-31 -- %12
Firemen -- %30
Ninjas -- %8
Former Vice-Presidents -- %17
Owls -- %11

Pretty Crazy, huh? You e-mail Aegis now!

chesh"I hate Neo-Nazis..."
So do I, Blues Brothers. So do I.

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