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Cheshire Catalyst - November 25th '00- 12:00 Eastern Standard Time

Zidane is cool. I finally went out and purchased Final Fantasy IX with some of the cash I've been saving. It's nice to finally have a hero that is neither psychotic or taciturn. The entire opening sequence with the play, Steiner, Vivi, and Garnet was seriously enjoyable.

In other news, the well of letters is running seriously dry here, folks. Take a few seconds away from writing your magnum opus Steiner/Zidane yaoi fanfic, and drop us a line, ok? Better letters make for a better Q& A column which, in turn, makes for a better world.

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Rare specimen. A letter about an N64 RPG.

Heya Science Kitty,

While making out my list to give to the 'rents for what they can do to keep me glued to my chair for several months, I noticed something about one game I wanted; LoZ:MM uses the expansion pack.

Do you know if Ogre Battle 64 uses it? If so, I need to go ahead and get it instead of passing up LoZ.

Cheshire Catalyst:
Ogre Battle 64 does not use the expansion pack. It is a 320 Megabit cartridge that does not require an expansion pack. OB64 is the subject of rave reviews universally, so I'd say go for it!

Assembly Line Follies.

While we're on the subject of FFIX mishap stories, let me share with you one that my friend explained to me.

She had happily run down to the 'Best Buy' in her area to snatch up one of the only *three* copies on the shelf. Once home, she excitedly opens up the box to get to that instruction manual, when she notices that... the pictures on two of the CDs are the same? Looking closer she realized that they *were* the same CD-- which she later confirmed by running in her PSX-- so she returned to Best Buy to explain that her game had come with two "Disc Ones."

So she picks up the second to last copy from the shelf and just before she buys it she deceides "let's look inside to make *sure* that it's good..." and she opens it up and there are two disc ones AGAIN.

She gets kind of surprised and returns to get the *last* copy on the shelf... but that one was good. *and she breaths a sigh of relief and goes home*

The morale of these stories? SOME GUY ON THE SQUARE ASSEMBLY LINE IS GETTING LAZY. ~*snickers*~


Cheshire Catalyst:
This is a common problem with assembly line workers. You do nothing but stamp the lines on graham crackers all day, and you'll wind up drunk and in a sweaty, bloody undershirt on COPS within the week. Many people fall victim to this problem every year. When I bought my copy of Legend of Dragoon, here, some lazy assembly line worker had put a really crappy game inside of the jewel case instead! Also, my parents continue to tell me that I wouldn't even exist had some joker not filled the box of contraceptives she purchased with Mike and Ike's.
I think I'll go cry now. :(

An impatient fan.


All right. It's late November and there is still no Lunar 2. I bet you a stale prozac cookie that WD is going to delay again. ...those bastards....

Cheshire Catalyst:
Chill. November isn't over yet, and Working Designs has already shown us what they're packaging Lunar 2 with. I don't see them pushing it back this late in the game. They have to ship for Christmas just like everyone else. ;)

More OB64 stuff.
At long last Guifá returns for the glory of CGI comics (would have been sent day before except Goog plsted early on me). And at long last, I have posted an archive of the pics on my newly made website, which people can find at . Anyways, here's a question for you. Do you think that Atlus will continue to support Nintendo on Gamecube? Ogre Battle was awesome and it'd be great to see a GameCube rendition.
"Visit my site to find
out where Guifá comes from!"

Cheshire Catalyst:
Ogre Battle 64 remains as one of Atlus's best games in recent memory. Most likely, Atlus will continue to produce for mutliple platforms, including the Gamecube.


So, now that you finally have FF9, what do you think of it? Was it worth the wait?

-Googleshng, sacred sender of bail-out letters

Yes. The game is beautiful. And the chase scene during the play near the beginning with Zidane, Steiner, and Princess Garnet made me laugh out loud. Yes, I AM going to enjoy this one.
(Editor's note: This is what happens when you send in no letters, kids. Q& A people send each other letters, and it kinda takes the entire point of doing this away.)

if i promise to go church on sunday, will you go with me on friday night?

-- hall of fame announcer, harry carey.

Well, ok. But only if, like, your geek friend Andy doesn't come along. I mean like, Hello? He's such a geek. What-EVER.

Gah!!!!! Rini sucks!!! I'd love to take that pink, fluffy head of hers, and just stop it into the ground! Rar! (Uranus is kinda cool.....but I like Neptune better. I have to hand it to you, that episode where she kicked Sailor Moon's arse was awesome. Stupid Sailor Moon cheated with her dopey silver imperium crystal as always, though. Blah. )

-Rinoa the Resistance Fighter

I promised myself no Sailor Moon references today. Sadly, the lack of letters and Rinoa's hatred of the pink-haired demon child made this impossible. As to Rinoa's rant, yes. They should have left Rini as Wicked Lady. She was cool, for just a moment.

The Last Laugh:

And so, this column slows to a stop. Radrisol says he'll be back soon with more comics. Right now, here's something from Gufiá.

I'm off to play more FF9!

Chesh"A cat without letters."
Oh hush, melty creature, you are the most retarded EVER.

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