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Cheshire Catalyst - November 20th '00- 12:00 Eastern Standard Time

Thanks to Shenmue, Final Fantasy Nine, Skies of Arcadia, and their ilk, we once again have a shortage of letters. And hey, I can hardly blame you. Playing an RPG beats writing e-mail about RPG's anyday. Unless the game you're talking about is "Robotrek" and the letter announced that I had just won the Nobel Prize for being sarcastic. Then I'd go for the letter.

So, what do we do until the recent RPG wave has ended? Simple. Imagine the RPGamer dot com Q& A column is like your favorite anime series. Google is the young hero, or heroine, trying to cope with his or her new magical ninja sex powers. Paws is his or her wacky anthropromorphic sidekick, and I'm the quiet, broody villain with the long silvery hair. Today's "episode" is what the industry likes to call a "filler episode." Like that episode of Eva where SEELE mopes about all of the dead angels, or the episode of Trigun where they review everything that's gone on beforehand, or one of the four hundred Drag-On ball Z episodes where the heroes train in some super-heated, planetary, time apartment where they scream and grunt a lot just to get ready to fight the monstrous villain who's just gonna kill everyone anyway.


Yeah. Like that.

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Rinoa writes in!

Hoiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!! Welcome to RPGamer, Chesire Catalyst! So far you're doing a great job.....keep it up. Now for some questions!

1) I just made out my Christmas list containing video game/ video game-related stuff, and it's huge. To thin it out, I'll have to choose over some games. So......
*Lunar 2 or RPG Maker?
*Mega Man Legends 2 or Misadventures of Tronne Bonne?

This is your opinion I'm requesting. On a side note, I loved Lunar: SSSC. Yet, the concept of making my own RPGs is awesome. I tried it on the PC and loved it, but getting anywhere accomplishing is heavily time-consuming, and playing games for more than an hour a day, if that, is a rarity for me anymore. Suggestions?

2) I don't know whether or not to ask for a Dreamcast...... I have about 30 games owned and about 10 I plan to buy in the coming 6 months. Yet the Dreamcast boasts several must-have titles, such as Shenmue, Ecco, Space Channel 5, Sonic, Seaman, Crazy Taxi, and maybe Grandia 2. I MUST play Shenmue. It will rule. Possibly the best game ever, in my humble opinion. A PS2 is out of the question at the moment, due to the impossiblity to acquire one, the insanely high price, and the pitiful, pitiful selection of games that appeal to me it will have for about the next 6 months to a year. I don't think I'll want FFX or FFXI due to all the new online playability jazz. Yuck. Still, the PS2 will undoubtedly be around for years to come while the Dreamcast may be dead a year from now. And I love the PSX, and have never owned a Sega system. In short, these expensive consoles don't just fall from the sky, ya know. What to do, what to do?

3) To comment on what Paws was saying......SAILOR MOON KICKS ARSE!!!!!! Indeed, they have brought over two new story arcs (S and SuperS), two movies, and perhaps ever more episodes. I absolutely love it. I have nearly the entire English series on tape, tons of manga and comics, cards, dolls, irezumi seals, stickers, books, my own fanart, posters, wallscrolls, pins, tattoos, get the picture. It's becoming a sick obsession, kinda like my friend's Xena obse-...........don't go there. ^_^

4) I loved Breath of Fire 3! What similarities will IV have?

Sorry for the size of this letter. I don't write that often anymore and I had to sum up my questions. Anywho, thanks!!!! Print this letter....and I'll......mail you a lifetime supply of Twinkies, Olive Loaf, and Cheez-its! Errr, well, maybe. I really need to know these things, so I'd appreciate it. Once again bienvenidos to RPGamer, as our friends in Spain would say. Later!

"Cloud: Quick! To the 7-11 of the Ancients! Sephiroth is there buying Ho-Ho's and beer!!!"
-Rinoa the Resistance Fighter

Cheshire Catalyst:
Ahh, more praise! We'll try to keep you happy, Rinoa. :)

1.) To choose, I'd go with Lunar 2 and Tronne Bonne. You can get an rpgmaker for free over the 'net at It's even more tedious using a playstation. I hear Mega Man Legends 2 is not as cool as Tronne Bonne, so get that.
2.) Your list of must-have Dreamcast games did not include Skies of Arcadia. You're lucky you sent this to me and not Google, lest the slime come to your house, slither up your nose, and dissolve your brains. Crazy Taxi isn't that much fun, sadly. If you play it for five minutes in Best Buy, you've pretty much played that game for all it's worth. It's good, but it's no Mario Kart. I hear Space Channel 5 is ok, but I'm getting a lot of negative feedback about Seaman. He's sorta fun for a while, but... well, I think it gets old. You might like it though.
So, a Dreamcast might be a good investment, but despite Shenmue, Skies of Arcadia and Grandia 2, it's definetly light on RPGs. The PS2 might be a good choice too, but we just have to keep an eye on who's going to be developing games for it. Don't forget about the X-box and Gamecube too, but it sounds though like you'd really like a Dreamcast. If that's your choice, I'd say stick with it. (Cheshire's Household Hint #192: Leave Santa some dirty magazines, and you'll score a pony, at least.)
3.)Yeah, definetly obsession time. I'm a Sailor Venus man, myself. She's british, she's probably the least annoying (Burn in Hell, Rini), and she's the first one. ;) Sailor Uranus is hot too. The fact that she beat the crap out of Sailor Moon in that one episode made me love her.
4.)Breath of Fire IV, like Breath of Fire III, will be a video game. Probably an RPG about Dragons.
Lastly, never complain about long letters. They give this column the illusion of depth it needs.

I am America's Moral Compass!

Heya Chesh,

Okay. So. I have huge blocks of free time at work -- hours on end where I don't really need to be doing anything. I'm alone in the machine room. There's a TV in there. So my question is ... is it horribly unethical to make my employer pay me to sit and play FF9 all night? ^_^


Cheshire Catalyst:
It's only unethical if you get caught. Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.

A sad fan. :(

Hiya CC.. i'm sad. I was reading through the insert in final fantasy IX, and decided to go log in and register. After trying about 50 times throughout the day the site finally loaded up (there must be thousands of people accessing it each minute) I went to the register icon and filled out the questionare. Sadly I realized that all the questions were geared toward the online Final fantasy games. Don't get my wrong, even though I don't play them I have respect for massive multiplayer online games, but I just don't want my dear cherishign thoughts of the final fantasy series to turn into one of those games. Am i the only one who feels this way! it's terrible. What are you doing square!?
Well anyway. I guess I'll ask a question.
In final fantasy IX (probably the last final fantasy I will play, not only because they are going online, but because I don't have or want a PS2 {unless thankfully they port FF games to gamecube}), when you learn an ability that requires a crystal, and the little meter turns red with three stars, does that mean you no longer have to equip the crystal? I think it does but I'm just checking. final Fantasy IX is great by the way for all of those who neglected to pick it up. Thanks for yoru time and open ears (eyes),

-- superfami84
"Guilty by design, nothing more than fiction- dreaming in digital"

Cheshire Catalyst:
The good news out of the whole FF online thing, is that the producers will listen to fan-dialouge and design future games based on what the fans buy. If the online games suck, then they won't make anymore. As to your question, no. It means you don't have to equip that "item" anymore.

FFVII logic

One question to ask that none of the other Q & A people have answered.... If Red XIII was the last of his kind, then where did the two little cubs come from at the end of FF7?

Cheshire Catalyst:
He found a wife in the vast cave of "plotholio."

Vote big eyes, small mouth in 2004.

Hey Chester Cheetah,
CC: flamin' hot cheetos are mighty tasty

I had to on you first day deal with my presence, the Lord of Cabbits and my Gregorian Monks which are named after me. I grant permission for you to use my monks w/o service charges so you can make a grand entrance. I realized that in my thoughts that i've found out the presidental candidates are really RPG and/or anime characters but I need to ask you who are they really after they (oldest cliche) "reveal their true form!!" But since we can't get an election right let's settle it in an odd way. With strange women lying around in ponds handing out swords. Then we can say to the victor "A winner is you." But which RPG or anime character would you like to be president since if we can't get a real one lets have a fake imaginary one. But I know who won, but that is a secret.
Imperial Mog (Giving you a thorough grounding in "O" level geography)

Cheshire Catalyst:
As a responsible news organization, RPGamer dot com tries to maintain a certain level of integrity. This being so, RPGamer cannot officially endorse one candidate over another. THerefore, I'm allowing the three candidates for the "Big Eyes : Small Mouth" ticket to each explain their platforms to you; the sheep-like public.

"Treize Khushrenada and Mega Man stand for big government. I like my government small! Very small! Just me! Elect me, and all of you insolent fools will prosper under my nega-power! What?! My plan to take over the Red Lobstar on 5th street has failed? Curse you, Sailor Moon! I'll get you next time!

"I like peace. But we must fight for peace. Fighting can only bring a piece of peace. With only a piece of peace, can we ever truly be at peace with our piece of peace? I have a giant robot. It goes bang bang!"

"Hiya! I am Mega man! Golly, I may not know much about running a country, but I can sure do my best! With my bestest friends Rush and Roll by my side, we'll protect America! Look out Dr. Wily! I have Pharoh Shot now!"


This is about yesterday with that Red Raven guest host

I did get the Noel Ashton ending ;) they live in that shack outside of Selene's town and care for birds and stuff it's actual pretty funny cuz they complain about not having any money so much for rumored endings ;)

An RPG ends, and the birds live on to see another day. Truly, a memorable moment.

Do you remember that show 'The Biker Mice from Mars'? It was AWESOME!
-- "Rasze Barros"

I remember seeing the toys advertised, but no show. Anything from Mars is probably cool.

Woah! Have you seen the intro movie for Suikogaiden?If we don't get that game on our side of the ocean,I'm gonna do some serious...crying!Yeah,that'll teach 'em...
~Xeros89- 100% suikoden freak!

It does look cool. No word on wether or not it's coming to America. The fact that it's heavily text based makes it's chances of making it to this side of the Pacific a little shaky. Konami's a bunch of slackers anyway. ;)

hey, baby. what's a pretty girl like you doing in a place like this?

-- hall of fame announcer, harry carey.

You don't wanna mess with me, honey. I'm bad news, straight to the core.

howdy there Doc,

so i was readin the news about FFX and FFXI, and it said somethin about FFX having some online features and FFXI fully incorporating PlayOnline. Considering the fact that we've all known this for the last 6 months, is it really fair to call it "news"?

yours cruelly,
opultaM Forward

Technically, Mr. Smarty-Pants, we didn't know that for certain way back when. It was only a rumor that had been posted in news. Also, RPGamer does get new visitors, and that last article was 6 months ago.

The Last Laugh:

And so, the filler episode comes to an end. The two Sailor Moon references in this issue put me way over my Shoujo tolerance. If I go into sugar shock, it's your fault. Google will be back tomorrow full of Final Fantasy Nine answers. Till then, enjoy your new RPGs!
Unless you happen to be a government worker in Florida. Then, I;d have to ask that you'd put down the turbo pad, and get your butt back to counting.

Chesh"The cat that time forgot"
Potato bob.

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