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Chris Martin - November 18th '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Justice League was cool. Not really cool, not pretty cool, just cool. Superman was ok, despite the fact that all he did in the episode was get shot with lasers. Wonder Woman was awesome, despite the fact that they made her into a rookie. The Flash was ok, if a little underpowered. Hawkgirl was a pleasant surprise. Batman was voiced by Kevin Conroy (same guy who's been doing Batman for a while) so he was de facto cool.
Green Lantern was a bit of a dissapointment. Technically, you can use that ring to create anything. Say a big alien is charging you hell-bent on your bloody demise. You can use that ring to create a giant, steel plasma breathing dinosaur or a swarm of tiny pixies armed with mini AK-47s. Stupid John only used it to shoot lasers and create forcefields. Lame. That's like Lina Inverse only using Fireball, when she has sixty bazillion spells in her repetoire. (end fanboy rant) And the Martian Manhunter? How about when he materialized his arms inside those two aliens? Highlight of the whole freakin' hour.

In other news, the diversity conference was this week at Northwestern. I celebrated by playing Super Punch Out! It's a game about meeting a myriad of people representing many cultures from around the world, and beating the living bejeezus out of them. I learned a lot playing Super Punch Out. (Namely, they're all cheating bastards.)

Anyway, Thanksgiving is this week. Go eat some Turkey and stuffing, and be thankful for it.

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Should I take Edge of Morning Sunlight...

An extra point in dexterity...

or pump up my essence?

My bad.

"I really want it to fail miserably, partially because I hate microsoft"I can't believe you even posted this guy's letter! Doug obviously knows very little about video games or about the computer industry in general. First of all, you really shouldn't want a console to fail just because it was made by a certain company. If you thought a console may fail because it was made by a certain company, that's ok to an extent. But seriously, let's try to be mature here. Everyone's out to make money, so why hate Microsoft just because they're good at it? Some of their methods may be a little rude, but anyone who wishes a company to fail without even thinking how it may affect the consumer probably doesn't think all that hard (or all that much). Perhaps Microsoft won't get a monopoly in the video game industry, but the company may force other companies to produce bigger and better consoles. You and Googleshng have said many times not to judge a system based on the company that created it. I respect Googleshng's opinions, even though they usually differ vastly from mine, because s/ he put some thought into them. S/he may be biased, but s/he (this is getting annoying) makes careful observations about each system. By "I hate Microsoft", do you mean you hate its name? Do you hate the night janitor? Do you hate their advertisements? The overall point of that letter, plus the fact that he could have found the release dates simply by going to a retailer's web site, makes me really curious as to why you decided to post that letter instead of a more intelligent one. And no, this is not out of spite, considering I didn't even send a letter yesterday. I'm just saying that by answering questions like Doug's, you're promoting prejudice and ignorance.

BL Alien

Cheshire Catalyst:
You raise several important points. Maybe it's because it was late and I wasn't in the right mind, or maybe because I've said it before, but I really should have refuted the first letter last night.
I've never really understood the rabid Microsoft hatred within the nerd community. Yes, they make mediocre products. So does McDonald's. I don't see message boards loaded with posts about how "Ronald McDonald sux d0n|<3y n4|)s." I think a lot of the "hatred" is part of this desire to copy-cat others. People go online. They hear, "Jeff K. hates Microsoft! Jeff K. is cool! I bet I can be cool if I hate Microsoft too!"
I doubt Microsoft will get an sort of Monopoly on the video-game market. They still have Nintendo and Sony to contend with. As long as we have more than one company in the competition, game designers will continue to try and improve their wares and do something revolutionary. Breathe in the glory of capitalism, kiddos. Mmmm. Smells like pine fresh.
Why did I print the letter? Printing the letter wasn't so wrong, the fact that I didn't refute it well enough is a bit of a sin. Google also tries his hardest too in this regard.

Three of me, one of someone else.

Hey Chesh,

Here's a picture of you I drew.... a looong time ago... but I never got around to sending it in... so here ya go.

If you don't want an attatchment (some people can be pretty paranoid you know) let me know and I'll put it up at a website or something.... I'm emailing it to you cause I don't know what else to do... heh

I've drawn better, but hey, it's decent enough.... and I drew it pretty quickly, ok, i'll stop the excuses. You can call the drawing whatever you want, blah blah blah. I really enjoy reading your column (maybe I should write in sometime...) and I hope you have an enjoyable weekend.

By the way, have you seen Excel Saga? Good God... that is the funniest anime and probably the funniest show I have ever seen....

Cowboy Bebop and the movie both kick ass!

Go Gamecube!

Cheshire Catalyst:

That's... really awesome. Maybe it's just the shock of seeing my hair looking like that. Maybe it's because I had a haircut just before the pic was taken, but my hair is normally really curly. Oh, and the little cat is awesome. Five tildes. ~~~~~

And I have seen the first episode of Excel Saga. "Excel, you can't go and kill our creator."

Hack, Slash, Repeat.

Hey Chesh,
I know you're a Baldur's Gate fan, so I've got some questions for you about it. I know it's kinda old now, but I'm thinking about getting either the first or second one. But, there're a few things I'm not sure on.

1.) I'm not really much of a D&D fan, but I (obviously) like RPGs. I heard that Baldur's Gate is based on D&D, so my question is: Will I be able to play and enjoy it even though I haven't played D&D?

2.) Should I play the first one before the second? The thing is, I don't really want to spend the money on two games if the second one is better (graphics, etc.)

3.) Under the AD&D in the RPGamer Games section, it list Baldur's Gate one and two, but also Icewind Dale, Planescape: Torment, and Pool of Radiance: Ruins of Myth Drannor. Are these related to Baldur's Gate or do they just share the same rules?
Well, I think that's it. Thanks for the help!


Cheshire Catalyst:
1. Knowing D&D helps. The instruction manual comes complete with directions on how the D&D system works. (Answering questions anout just what the hell "Thaco", "AC", and "Bigby's Imposing Hand" are.
2. The second is an actual continuation of the plot of the first one. The first game starts your character off with zero experience. You're able to either create a new character or import your old character for BG2. Your new character starts off at about level seven at the beginning of BG2.
3. Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale, and Planescape all run on the same engine. Pool of Radience harkens back to the old D&D games and uses the updated third edition rules for combat.

Hack, Slash, Repeat.

Hey Chesh Wow I have't written in a while. I finally have important questions to ask, so please make with the answers.

1. I'm finally getting a PS2. With the 3 way system war going on, do you think there will still be plenty PS2's to go around during the shopping season? Do you happen to know the exact number of consoles that will be unleashed at about that time? I'd sure hate to miss my chance to get one just because of another shortage.

2. Some great games are coming out for the PS2 to battle the newbie systems. What epic RPG's or games with RPG elements are out right now for me to get my hands on? Which good ones will be out for Christmas?

3. I heard the Cube would have some kind of dvd player, and I also heard it would not. Will it?

Excitedly yours, Hikaru

Cheshire Catalyst:
1. I doubt we'll see the shortage that we saw last year. Still, you might want to petition Santa a little early. Y'know, to give him time to... have his it.
2. Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance is the number one pre-ordered game for the PS2 right now. The new Harvet Moon game is also a popular choice. Let's see... We also have the Arc the Lad collection.
3. Doesn't look like it. Panasonic is developing a Gamecube-DVD player hybrid, but has no plans to release it outside of Japan. While Gamecube games will ship in DVD boxes (like the PS2 and the X-box), the discs themselves are really small. (Smaller than N64 cartriges.)


Dear Cat-Looking Bio Maker....

I'm having troubles with Arcanum for PC. I have a 350/128 with 32meg of Video RAM and a cable modem (Win98) and I can't play Multiplayer! When I go on, all the games time out when I try to join and noone can join games I host. My SinglePlayer experience isn't grand either- things are painfully slow to load and scrolling is like I have a 900+ ping! Help, anyone?


Not sure. Your specs meet the minimum system requirements. Have you tried downloading a patch or re-installing? Anyone else having problems with this game?

I'm too sexy for my hat.
-Sexyman Frank.

No hat is sexy enough for Sexyman Frank, I imagine. Neither is any ascot dope enough for Phatlady Jane.

is it just me or will the lord of the rings movie kick so much ass i wont be able to sit down for weeks?

Hey have you seen my mad skillz?? *procedes to beat box furiously*~Rider of Rohan

Looks good. I heard Harry Potter was pretty good too.

I think I'm in love with Elly.

I think you need to see a shrink.

The Last Laugh:

Write Aegis up, and send him your love. Have a happy Thanksgiving too, while you're at it.


chesh "In the land of Mordor, where the shadows lie."
I'm psyched.

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