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Chris Martin - November 17th '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

It's been one sweet week for me. In addition to getting a chance to play Exalted with a friend, (Side note: "It rules") I also got an "A" on my novella start. Keep in mind said professor gives out "A"s like he gives out kidneys. My being in a positive attitude makes this column better. Were I clinically depressed, this column might be less fun to read.To imagine what that would be like, switch out all of the anime/RPG/music references I make and change them all to comments about blood, purple lakes of desolation, and Trent Reznor.

Oh, and go read RPGuides. It's my number one source for RPG information! (cashes check) Seriously, go check it out. As Vanessa Williams might say, "You'll learn things you never knew. You never knew." or "Get out of my house! Who are you? I'm calling the police!"

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Four dots in dexterity

Four dots in Melee

Bring it.

Hot console on console action.

OK. Let me tell you something. My browser shows RPGamer as soon as it opens. Therefore I don't usually see the news of the world. I also don't see much of the news outside the RPG world, such as hmm say, the launches of the new systems and such. My question is, how did the X-box do? I really want it to fail miserably, partially because I hate microsoft and I seriously cannot believe that they have the audasity (sp?) to try and monopolize everything. I haven't heard anything about it at all, cept those terrible commercials. Nothing on it being an amazing launch or anything like that (like what happened with the PS2, and even the Dreamcast). Also, has the Gamcube lauched yet? I personally will not buy it because I've never been a fan of Nintendo, in particular it's games. But I would really like to see them succeed, the PS2 is going to need some competition and Nintendo would be a great opponent.

I personally think the PS2 should win this console war, but you never know, Gamecube (despite being the worst designed system ever and no matter what anyone says, no controller will ever beat the playstation's) has it's own merits.

One thing I must say is that Googleshng is completly biased towards all systems but the Gamecube. I think that's obvious though, and it looks like he is trying to accept the PS2 as a system at least now.

If you don't want to post this I understand.

Good Day young lad

Doug (you're probably older than I)

Cheshire Catalyst:
My sources say that both consoles seem to be doing well. The US is in a bit of a recession, but that really hasn't affected the video game market. Who needs a 401k? There's metal gear solid 2 to be had!
Google has her biases. Granted, every single one of us does. Until this column is written by an advanced, HAL-like supercomputer, bias is something we'll all have to contend with.

Whooa... White Magic Woman...

Trigun spoiler alert!

Yo, Chesh--

I'm really glad to see that you've been "keeping it real". I've been having a hard time with that lately. Or something.

Anyway, I think that style can make or break a game for a lot of American gamers. I know a lot of people who AREN'T (Oh dear GOD!) playing DW7 because everything in it is "too old-skool". Personally, I don't mind this revert back to the old style. You could even say I like it. Change (if you could even CALL it that) is good, but there's something to be said about good old-fashioned gameplay. It's a shame that some people won't be playing it because of it's "old-skool flava".

I'd have to say that my favorite artist out there, Anime or RPG (which, in terms of character design, differs little), would have to be Toshiro Kawamoto of Cowboy Bebop/Goldenboy fame. He knows how to draw some HOT women, including Faye Valentine (Of course, in your book, she's not as hot as the GUY white mage in the original FF... Hee hee.)

Oh, and about Timmy. For the love of all that is Holy, don't go with the general mob tradition of breaking fingers... without them, he can't play games (which, I might add, is the lifeblood of 8-year-olds).

Instead, break his legs. God knows 8-year-olds don't need THEM.

Dekude, who's not afraid to say that Vash is one good-looking.... Seed... guy

Cheshire Catalyst:
Very true. The mechanics of a game can turn off a number of players. Many fans have grown accustomed to the over-the-top graphic style of Final Fantasy and have a hard time adjusting to a less graphics stimulating game experience, also...

: Hey there, sexy.

Wh... what are you doing here in my column?

: Nothing baby. I just wanted to know what you thought of my beautiful 8-bit flowing crimson hair.

Stop it! Go away!

: You're so tense! A heal spell and a scented oil massage should clear that right up.

Get back! Damn you and the strange desires you've planted in my heart, White Wizard!

: How about a nice stamina boosting spell? I have two memorized. One for each baby. Why don't we go find an inn somewhere...

Hold RESET while turning POWER off!

: You said it, sweetums.


In the 11/11 quickies someone said that the genesis version of Shadowrun is the same as the snes version. This is wrong, they are vastly different and the genesis version was most excellent (good enough for me to download genecyst to play it. So if that one person from a couple days ago is looking for a good shadowrun game he should play the genesis version and remember abacab :).

It's really, really not nice to trick the Q&A host. Said host needs to be a bit less trusting, I suppose.

Hi kitty

just wanted to say...

Daft Punk rules!!!!!

You can check out all their videos for discovery at



Yes, they do. Harder, better, faster, stronger rulez.

Hey, this isn't really a question for the column, but just one that I was wanting to know and thought you were the best source for. Do you the name of the song that's played at the end of Juipter Jazz pt 2 (episode 13, pretty sure) on Cowboy Bebop? If you could help me out, that'd be great.



It's called "Space Lion." and I believe it's on the first soundtrack. An all saxophone version (ie: what Gren played at the Blue Crow) is called "Goodnight, Julia." and it's available on the bonus disc included with the movie soundtrack.

Rhythm and Police? I never even heard of that song. How could it have outranked Butterfly Upswing and Dam Dariram?

It won out because that was the song that was on at the time. Admittedly, those two songs ARE much better.

The Last Laugh:

Short column because it's late and I'm tired. Quick point of interest,Justice League premiers tomorrow at 7/6 central on Cartoon Network. Looks sw33t. Also, my bio is up. I still need a good pic for the upper left-hand corner. You artist types, get crackin'.

chesh "Reboot wasn't as funny this week."
Then again, neither was I. Rulez? When the hell did I turn into a 12 year old AOLer?

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