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Chris Martin - November 11th '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Despite all the logic I've acquired during my twenty-one years of life, I went to a party tonight. I spent an hour and a helf with friends getting ready to go to the party... (drinking whatever Rajiv had in his fridge while yelling "Is Rose here yet?" "When is she coming?" and "Let's just go...") and fifteen minutes at the actual party. A loss, you say? Maybe. I DID get to mooch a little alcohol from the party, so all was not lost. Getting something without paying for it legally is always good.

Oh, and if you need an excuse to get pissed off, Cartoon Network will NOT be showing "Cowboy Funk" (aka Episode 22 of Cowboy Bebop) The episode is about a rival bounty hunter who dresses up like a cowboy and pisses Spike off to no end. The episode features, as its villain, the "Teddy Bomber" : a man who blows up buildings...though we don't know why. (though we DO know that that's why the episode isn't being shown) The episode also manages to be really, really, funny. Also, the three episodes that got the axe this time, will not be shown when CB is rerun.

It's a real shame. But, somehow, we'll perservere. In the meantime, column.

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I really need a sword

It's for protection.

Screw the NRA. Real men use claymores.

"Hey Mr. Boots!" and "Hey, Master Shake!" One and the same?


Anime and RPGs blend very closely because the fact is, both genres tend toward the fantastic/unreal, be it "Fantasy","Sci Fi", or any inherent combination thereof. True, there exists exceptions to both, I.E. some of the more sitcom-esque Anime and everyone's favorite except me, Harvest Moon. Fact is, both media benefit from the ability to create without say, a Movie budget of Special effects. Rather, the world IS the effect.

Mad Fnorder
(Who thinks PAL-18 sounds scarily like Meatwad from Aqua Teen Hunger Force.)

Cheshire Catalyst:
Sci-Fi and Fantasy certainly ARE easier to present in an anime format. Basically, it's easier to draw an alien, than to dress an actor up as an alien and not make him look like a Star Trek convention reject. Most RPGs over the year have been fantasy. Personally, I'd like to see a few more RPGs without the fantasy/sci-fi element. Maybe it's just me, but I'm a little tired of the slay dragon, save princess storyline.
And yeah, those voice ARE suspiciously alike.

Mmmm. Sexy little Swiss Miss.

.... Yo, Cat!

*sips his hot cocoa* Alright, so, RPG style. Personally, I like the more anime style of games such as Lunar (1 & 2) and Tales of Destiny, even Saiyuki would be counted as anime-style, I suppose. I'll never be tired of Anime-style graphics. They are my personal preference.. though sometimes I do get into the mood for something 3D, such as Shenmue (or even FF7, 8, & 9)

My favorite American RPG would have to be Dragonriders: Chronicles of Pern, though I did just order Secret of Evermore off eBay and I know thats a great game, too. Favorite Japanese RPG? That's almost just saying "Favorite RPG" period considering most ARE from Japan. But to answer that question, I'll have to say Xenogears. And coming in close second, Lunar 2: Eternal Blue. I can't really think of a Norwegian RPG off the top of my head.

Just a comment about Lunar Legend, I think it will be a great game considering the new seXXXy visuals. Besides, if it does come to America, it will probably come from Working Designs and we KNOW that'll be a good translation. Besides, the storyline is what makes the game.. or so I think.

New Issue: Xenosaga. That game will rock my world, baby!

Fun Fact of the Day: Did you know 'Majin' means 'Demon God'?

Bye for now!
Majin Paul, of Roleplay "Don't count jer Chocobos before they hatch!"

Cheshire Catalyst:
I've always liked anime-style graphics. Sometimes I've seen things that are either really nice or really crappy, but anime style remains a happy medium for me. Occasionally, we do get a really cool new style to the graphics that really stands out. I really liked Anachonox's character designs, along with Shenmue's and the Baldur's Gate series graphics. (small, but detailed) It's all a matter of personal preference in the end, and it appears that most people still enjoy the anime style the best.

Lunar:Legend has potential. If Working Designs is allowed to do their thang, then I'll be able to sleep well. If it's nintendo, I shall ph34r.

Alex: "Ghaleon! Die, you spoony wizard!"


Masamine. All mine. (God, that was lame.)

Yo yo, Don't be so down, I got 3 projects due next Friday...non-stared. Two of them are for a P.E. class with lots of Asian Hotties who ask intrusive questions. "Martin, do you think _____ is hot?" or when I'm staring at some girl my friends say "Martin...what are you looking at?" "Nothing! Uhhh the overhead!" Another of those projects is making a project quality web page. So I'm with you on stupid busy work assignments. Dam end of the trimester..On to my question...(bet you didn't see that coming). What kind of character should I make for BG2? The choices blow my mind and hurts my head(I'm only 15! the kids!). I always try to make a ranger...but there is 3 different kind. Also, my friend has a really cool mage... but I've never been much for magic. Another question of the topic... what kind of music do you listen to? I personally am a trance addict. I was up till 3 in the morning once listing to music not want to go to bed because of it.

Thanks, MrKite(Now that you know my true name I must find a new one)

"He's my best-friend, best of all best-friends. Do you have a best-friend too?"

Cheshire Catalyst:
Asian hotties who ask intrusive questions in P.E.?!! Sweet Merciful Christ, that's a dream come true!

(One picture of Bea Arthur naked, one game of Baseball, and one very chilly shower later...)

Ok. Ranger type is good. The thing is, the game supplies you pretty early on with a ranger. (In the form of the awesome MINSC! and Boo. His miniature giant space hamster.) Paladins are cool, but you can get one of those too in the game if you want. (You probably will, since only Paladins can use the best sword in the game. 'Carosmyr' or "The Holy Avenger".) Actually, the game supplies you with virtually any character type you could possibly want in the game. A generic fighter is really good, since he can put more than two points in a weapon specialization. (Even though he doesn't get the nifty abilities of a ranger/paladin)

Music? Game Music, Orchestral stuff, Anime Music... Most of the music on my master winamp playlist is music from something's soundtrack. Games like DDR, Space Channel 5, Jet Grind radio, FF, and other sweet RPGs. Anime Music? Yoko Kanno's stuff (Cowboy Bebop, The Vision of Escaflowne) is easily the best, but I like the stuff from Evangelion, Trigun, Kenshin, etc.
Specific groups? Standard geek fare, actually. Daft Punk, Gorillaz, They Might Be Giants, Wierd Al, Jimmy Buffet, Paul Simon, Gloria Estefan.... Damn, this is wierd. How unconnected can you get? I may be the only guy on campus who has "Because I got High" by Afroman and the english Sailor Moon theme on the same playlist.


"Matrix! Stop trying to hit him and hit him!" Best line of the show.

The entire Pokemon rip-off scene, actually, was hilarious.


I don't know why, but the Pikachu-Frisket cracked me up everytime I heard that high, squeaky, "Frisket!" come out of its mouth.

Hi Cheshire Catalyst,

I'm a long time reader, first time writer. Just wanted to point out that Shadowrun on the Genesis is the exact same game as the SNES version. As for other games like Shadowrun, Arcanum, on the Pc is probably the closest thing (possibly Deus Ex also, but I never played it. If you could just pass the info to MrKite I would appreciate it.


I thought they were. Both games run on the second edition Shadowrun rules, if I'm not mistaken. Deus Ex is only marginally like Shadowrun. The only thing that compares to it is the post-apocalyptic setting and the ability to equip the main character with Augmentations. (Run faster, lift more, percise targeting, regeneration, aqualung, etc.)

I just have a quick question.. why is it that the review Average Score for Dragon Warrior VII is "8" yet none of the above scores are above 7? I'm not complaining, DW7 does deserve an "8", but it seems kind of odd. Maybe that's one reason people are questioning it...

Mysterious Pritz

Our "overall" score is not the average of the other scores. We feel that, sometimes, a game can be greater than the sum of its parts.

The Last Laugh:

That'll do it for today. Here's a brief note from Sailor Aegis...

As opposed to last week's multifaceted music-themed topic, I've got something a bit more compact this time. As you all should know, both the Microsoft Xbox and the Nintendo GameCube will be released within a week. I want you to tell me which one you plan to buy, and I want you to tell me why. If you're getting both, write about it. If you're not getting either, let me know what's holding you back. As always, you're welcome to ask various questions as well, but do keep in mind that I intend to keep tomorrow's column Xbox- and GameCube-themed. Send in those letters, folks, and we'll meet again tomorrow.

Sounds spiffy. Try not to burn the place down in a flame war by next week.
Happy time goodbye now! Winner is you.

chesh "I am ultimate reporter Evila. "
You think a reporter without soul can outdance Ulala?!

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