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Chris Martin - November 10th '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

It's been one of those long and crazy weeks for me. Either this week was planned by a higher power to have all good and bad events take turns happening, or I'm becoming manic-depressive. Personally, I'm hoping for the first one. You don't want a Manic-Depressive Q&A host.

(Question One: "Should I get game A" Answer: "Of course! Get as many as you can afford! You only live once, and everything is HAPPY!" Question Two: "What do you think of Game B?" Answer: "Who the hell CARES? What's the point of it all? If anyone needs me, I'll be in the gutter trying to get a cheap high by drinking Woolite."

Bad. Very bad. But with the exception of having to do mammoth assignments in rapid succession, it was a pretty cool week. Adult Swim was awesome, per usual, and today's episode of Reboot flagrantly broke several laws of humor physics. "Some of my best friends are copies..." Yeah. THAT scene. Too damn hilarious.

But all is NOT fun and games I'm afraid. Look and listen. That's right, put your ear right up against the monitor. We're not going to be discussing the matter of Dragon Warrior VII and the three staff members here. Yes, we will still discuss the game itself. However, I don't want this column to become a one-discussion forum with flames being hurled back and forth.

Ok? Ok. Let's go have fun.

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I don't loan money to eight year olds.


If you see Timmy, tell him I'm looking for him.

...I have no idea what to title this letter.

Hello (you sing) Chesh

I want to see you end up with you as a magical girl in a doctored picture of you since you always get at least a good chuckle. Or disturbed if it's someone like Borgan or Fat Bastard.

Imperial Mog

Cheshire Catalyst:
Yes, there are only two "fan-cheshires." in my section as opposed to the bazillion fan googles. Is it because a puddle of slime is easier to draw than a person or anthropromorphic cat? Yeah, probably. Anyway, that's how it works. Draw and submit. Give the column a little color.

My adept has an initiative of 11+3D6, Edged Weapons (Katana) at 6(8) and, Quickness 8. Ph34r m3!

Hey hey, what's going down all? Any way... I was wondering how the Prof.'s expedition was going... I'm trying my best to stay away from Seattle since I live about 30 minutes from there. On to my question, I was wondering if you have played Shadowrun for SNES. I played it way back in 5th grade with a friend and I really got into the cyber-punk genre by reading the books and playing the games (like System Shock 2...dam wrench). Then a week ago I saw it at (ex-funcoland) and begged my mom into getting it(best $20). Beat it in 3 days...good stuff. Also I was wondering if you know of any games like Shadowrun for the PC, playstation, or whatever.

Thanks, MrKite
"So I wait all my life hoping one day you will see.."

Cheshire Catalyst:
If there WAS a Shadowrun RPG for the PC, I'd gobble it up like a dingo in a nursery. There was a Shadowrun game made for the Genesis too. Other than that, I'm afraid no other official Shadowrun games exist. It's hard thinking up anything that's "like Shadowrun". There's fanatsy, (Baldur's Gate, Arcanium, UO) and there's techno (PSO, Front Mission 3, Deus Ex). The amalgamation of the two is what makes Shadowrun unique. If anyone out there has an example of an elusive title that might appease Mr. Kite, send it in for tomorrow.

See kids, since I refrained from bashing the PS2, I can avoid the hypocrite label. Ancient samurai tactic...

Hey, Cat (Note: For lack of a better intro)

we really don't have a designated topic tooday, so I figure I'll just ramble on about RPGs. (Yes, mindless ones, this site IS about RPGs. RPGamer. RPGs. Get it?)

what's in your {playstation/ps2/dreamcast/GBA/other} lately? I've been playing Saiyuki (as recommened by the Slimey one) and a bit of Ocarina of Time on the side when I get stuck. Do you have Saiyuki? If not.. go buy it! Now. Yes, NOW.

. you getting anything Next Gen? I'm actually going to, slowly but surely, be buying my way through all of them. When I say that I'm reminded of my friends going, "You want a {PS2/Gamecube/X-Box}?! The {PS2/Gamecube/X-Box} SUX0RZ!" Isn't that annoying? It's not the system we should judge, yet, it's the games.

Have you played Dragon Warrior 7? Any thoughts? I've heard mixed comments, mahself..

and for mah final question/statement.. I need to make sure to tell Slimeman "Told ya so" about Lunar: Legend.. hehe

Anyway, that's it for now, kiddies!

Majin Paul, of Roleplay "The trick is to know when to walk away and KNOW WHEN TO RUN!"

Cheshire Catalyst:
I haven't had the time or money to pick up anything new lately. I've just been mastering the old favorites. FFT, FM3, Marvel Vs. Capcom 2, etc. Saiyuki is on my "to get" list.
I might go the path of the PS2. I can't pass up on FFX and Xenosaga, can I?
I've yet to play DWVII. If you like the old school flava of Lunar (albeit without the Working Designs translation), then this might be up your alley.
Lunar:Legend has me worried. That's all I'm going to say right now. (Ooh.. cryptic!)

The Last Laugh:

Short column due to low letter capacity. Blah blah blah.

Write in tomorrow and tell me what you think about RPG style. Are animé and the RPG becoming too interchangeable? Is anyone tired of that style? Have a favorite artist? Favorirte American RPG? Japanese RPG? Norwiegan RPG? Write in, we'll discuss over hot cocoa.

chesh "I'm a pretty lady! Pretty Pretty!"
When did I TAPE that?

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