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Chris Martin - November 4th '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Running a tetch behind as usual, I'm sorry to say. Let's ditch the pleasantries and dive right in.

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I wish I had a dog

No, wait...

A hamster. That's what I'd like.

Toys from the east

Chesh, here's my questions,

1. I see you guys always get your hands on cool Japanese merchandise, i.e. the slimes in the current DW contest. Where are you getting it? I looked all over the net....alright, for about five minutes, but I couldn't find anything.

2. Catalack or G.I. Jogger?

3. Wasn't the White Mage/Wizard in Final Fantasy a guy?

As for my favorite RPG character, since I'm in a Dragon Warrior mood, mine is the Prince of Cannock, from Dragon Warrior 2. He wore goggles, and could was the first person to cast Stepguard, which would be very handy in real life. What more do you want?

Your friend,
Arrow Dog

Cheshire Catalyst:
There are more than a few websites on the net where you can purchase stuff like this. Generally, you'd find them on your basic anime/game collectable site. Sometimes, as a "news-source" website, companies send us little freebies. Sadly, Mike has been known to keep the good stuff like games, props, and harem girls.
Catalack all the way. And, frankly, I could have been a LOT happier without knowing that, thanks.

If only FFIV had voice acting. "You spoony bard!" as delivered by Sean Connery

Up and at em' ATOM ANT!..err--CAT!!

Well, since asked (though I really had to think about this), I'd probably say Justin from Grandia is one of the highest atop my list of favorite characters. Nothing like that "endless search for adventure making friends every step of the way while discovering what's right in the hearts of all and sometimes thinks with his extremities" attitude to put a spring in my RPG playing step. Now for a couple of questions..

1. We all know FFX is coming out in February (or was it January?). Are there any other good looking RPGs in sight after that release that would catch the eye? (Besides Shenmue 2, I mean)

2. As long as we're on the subject of FFX, how do you feel about the voice acting aspect of it? Personally, I'm a bit excited to see how they'd handle it, but I'm also weary on hearing any bad parts, but I heard on that the quality of acting ranges between Shenmue and Metal Gear Solid. I haven't heard much on Shenmue (no Dreamcast) but IMO Metal Gear Solid has the best voice acting I've heard in a videogame ever.

3. Would mixing Dr. Pepper, Sprite, and Pepsi be dangerous?

4. I know how you feel about the whole X-Box / Gamecube thing, but I may as well ask an established RPG player as yourself this [even though you do seem to play other games, namely DDR (which I noticed in your Mr. Wonderful comment), the best "other" catagory game in existence]. Anyway, my question is this : I don't really see any projected RPG releases for CG yet. If you were planning to buy it (I dunno if you are), would this be a factor?

5. There's a part of our store that's easily shopliftable. (not saying it's name or location tho. :p) Should we put a camera back there, or save money by having a very angry, burly guy just sit back there? Well, I drift off topic. Hope you have a good week. Hopefully I'll squander what I have and keep saving for that GC I want (Super Smash Bros. Melee WILL be mine!) -Rey Formerly Rei. That was a wierd time for him.

Cheshire Catalyst:
It's January, but a later release wouldn't be the most unexpected thing in the world. If you missed out on Grandia II the first time around, you can snatch it up around the same time as FFX for the PS2. Evergrace II as well (aka "Forever Kingdom")
With regards to the voice acting in FFX, I just hope Square does a better job than the did with Xenogears. It has the potential to be really awesome, but one annoying voice or bad actor can drive an otherwise decent job down into the pits of stank. (See: Escaflowne)
Only if you plan on drinking it...
Note: I only played DDR once and I sucked. (Big frikkin' surprise) The music, however, rocks the casbah (??? - Ed) and so, I download buy it. And the RPG factor would be a pretty big one on if I would shell out the $$$ for a console. The N64 could have done with some more RPGs.
A camera would help (Even a fake camera might even help do the trick...) If posting someone back there isn't feasable, just make sure you have someone make spot checks whenever you know someone is back there. You might run into a grubby ten-year-old stuffing something into his backpack that he bought on the five finger discount. Punish him with reeds.

As Stan Lee would say, "Yamauchi VERSUS Gates!" The match you're dying to see! NUFF SAID!"

Reboot+Aikido+PC Game Knowledgec+Biting Sarcasm=one hell of a Q&A.

In any case, what do you think about PSO being on Gamecube, PC, and possibly other platforms? Is this the beginning of some kind of new wave PC-Console interconnectivity? I mean, I remember hearing horror stories about DC owners going online and getting flayed alive in the PC Quake 3 pool. So, what say ye?

In addition, am I the only one who sees/fears a pile of PC shovelware dumped onto the X-Box and perhaps spilling over to other consoles? Dumping PC games straight onto consoles does those most likely great games no justice, doing neither consoleites or developers any good. Deer Hunter X, anyone? By the same token, I would feel nothing but pity if, say, Halo needs patches on release. Perhaps these worlds SHOULD stay separate.

Mad Fnorder

Cheshire Catalyst:
The world of PC gaming and Console gaming have, for years, remained two very seperate animals. Now, Bill Gates, like an insane scientist, plans on genetically grafting these two creatures into one horrifying Frankenstein. With luck, the beast he creates will be his own undoing. The bitter taste of irony...
PC games and Console games are different. The have to be. The interfaces are just too damn different. With a PC, you're up against the screen, hunched over the keyboard. It's this connection the user has with the system that makes first person shooters so popular on the PC. You can feel like you're in the game. The same goes for your strategy-simulations. The versatility of the keyboard and mouse allow the user a much deeper level of control than if he/she/it used the standard control paddle.
On the other hand, some games are better suited for consoles. Driving games, action games, adventure games, and the descendants thereof are better played on a console WITH a control pad. When you play a Playstation or Dreamcast, you're usually five odd feet away from the screen. This creates an entirely different environment. That, and I'd rather use a controller than a keyboard to play Street Fighter. These two mediums need to be kept (I can't believe I'm using this asenine phrase.) seperate but equal. Two different markets, two different systems, two different mediums.
Oh, and the compliments are always welcome. ;)

Cat of death? Moi?

Greetings, Cat of Death.

1. My favorite video game hero of all time would have to be Citan, with Lucca coming in a close second. Gotta love the smart characters. My favorite villain is still the always-quotable Ultros. My favorite comic relief character is the also-always-quotable Nall (who wins over Ruby since random character reviving is much nicer than an occasional extra couple of weak attacks).

2. Regarding yesterday's column, there is a much easier way to beat Dario without the black plate. Simply make sure your party has as many red attack Elements as they can carry, make sure all three characters have good speed stats (i.e. don't bring the cave girl), and then take turns using one weak attack and two medium attacks followed by an Element. Dario counters red with an attack that doesn't hurt you, so as long as you keep casting red spells, he will never get in a hit.

3. What are the chances of Lunar 3 and/or Xenosaga coming to Gamecube?

4. Is there any way to hook up my Dreamcast to my school's network? I don't want to pay for an ISP just for Phantasy Star Online.

5. Which came first: the chicken, or Dick Clark?

Hobbes31415, Great Sage Equal to Heaven

Cheshire Catalyst:
1. (In Maitre'd voice) Ah! Joo haff made an exzellent choice, monsieur. Quite the tahste for ze Ahr Pee Ghee charactahers.
2. Good strategy. Sounds like it could work.
3. Very VERY small.
4. Umm, I doubt it. I imagine the school's server would notice all the extra bandwith being taken up by your playing. I'm assuming you have permission, here. If you don't, you could be looking at getting in an insane amount of trouble. ;)
5. Dick Clark is the immortal destroyer. He is the "Miang" of our world. Scary!

Wild and Crazy

Hi, Me. 'Sup? Just walking down the road, nice to bump into ya'. Watch out for the dawgs though! Ah, fav. RPG char. of all time? Ness. Yes, weird, but funny. anyway, more Q's:

1. When you were talking about Dario, when you said "tonnes' i thought you said "tomatoes" end result:Dario is a mean, mean man. It doesn't help that he uses tomatoes of black magic. Tomatoes of Black Magic? Er...Um...Yeah...Sure... Actually, that reminded me of a horrible NES (Or was it SNES?) Game. Spike McFang and the Killer Tomatoes. That game was... stupid. Very much so. ever played it?

2. Do you occasionally curse your lungs out at your video game system? I do. And I keep having to get lung transplants.

3. OK, DWVII looks to be cool, but I dunno If I should get it. Should I shell up the cash?

4. I... have seen some weird things, but come ON. A WASP NEST in a PS2!? That actually happened to a friend of mine...Opinion?

5. I sort of think RPGers are getting to be a not-so-obscure group. This is good, companies recognize us, but we're now gonna get more **** games. Opinions?

Cheshire Catalyst:
1. I'm pleased to say that I missed that game.
2. I don't really do that often. However, recently, I managed a rather nasty outburst during a game of Sonic Adventure 2 (Stupid Knuckles. Stupid Acid. Stupid water level in the last part. Grrr.)
3. Go for it.
4. A family of affluent white people moved into your friend's PS2? That can't be good.
5. Isn't it nice to be part of a larger demographic? Granted, we're not as big as the one who likes Jerry Bruckheimer movies, but you have to start somewhere.

The golden pipes of Working Designs

Hi CC:

Um...No not Frog! I just love his theme! Uh...Kefka! No! Um...Damn! Actually, my favorite RPG character is Shadow from FFVI! He's too cool with Interceptor attacking occationally. Anyway, uh...a co-worker asked me a question the other day... Monday...and I thought about it and couldn't answer so I thought... What would be the best way to answer his question...And then I thought of you! Okay okay I'll shut up and just ask the stupid question. Who sings the songs in Lunar: TSSSC and Lunar: EBC? he asked about whether she was the same person who sang Cornet's songs in Rhapsody. I found Cornet's singer easily but I'm too lazy to fight Ghaleon again and my EB is at the end of the Epilogue so I can't find out the info for that one either. Anyway, If you could help me out...if you ever come to the Babbages at Century III Mall in Pittsburgh PA I'll give you a discount! Okay, I can't do that...

Jamie " about if I sell you a subscription to Game Informer and then you can get discounts?" Harper >8^()

Cheshire Catalyst:
Gonna pass on the subscription, but thanks anyway. I'm not sure about Lunar 2, but Jenny Stiegile belts out the tuneage for the first Lunar game. Hope that helps.

It's a MAN, baby.

That should be a poll. Was the white mage from FF1 female or not? I mean, since Nintendo Power Strategy Guide named it JED and that's my name, and I'm a guy, so I always assumed male. Of course this is the same strategy guide that lied to us about the defense value of Gold rings, so I guess it can't be trusted in all things.

Side note: We all know you couldn't beat that game without it. Anyone claiming otherwise is a dirty lying clown. I still have the copy I borrowed from my friend in 2nd grade. Everytime I look at it I go "I should really return this someday"

And I'm probably all alone on this, but best character goes to Mary from Tales of Destiny. No one is more amusing to watch in the background as the rest of the party discusses how to best save the world. If you've played the game, then you know what I'm talking about. Otherwise it's just too hard to explain.

2nd place is WarMech from FF1. Was there ever a more nervous, sweaty time than hiking across that bridge in the Sky Castle knowing KNOWING that WarMech was waiting to cut you to shreds. This was pre-phoenix down for you young 'uns, once your white wizard went down you were toast.

But you did have 99 heal potions. Mmmmmmmm.

-Jed, not the female white mage from Nintendo Power

Cheshire Catalyst:
Well, crap. Looks like the white mage really IS a man after all. I have that strategy guide, and it was pretty awesome. Granted, I broke tradition and had my characters evolved at "Castle Ordeal" before battling Kary, fiend of fire. Warmech was also a mean, mean thing.

Ah ah ah! It's "Game Person"

Hey Goog,

Some questions for ya:

1: Do you think Nintendo will ever release an AV connector for the GBA? Even though I think they won't (I can see them saying "It's a PORTABLE system!"), I really think its logical. GBA games are visually stunning, and from all the posts I read in various forums, and from my experience, the GBA is NOT a comfortable machine to play. I know my left hand gets numb after a 1/2 hr or so. Looking at the TV with my GBA as a controller, eliminatiing the need to tilt it for light, would make it 100% more comfortable to use.

2: Do you think the GBA should have been backlit? For me, the answer is undoubtedly YES. From what I've read, the battery life may have been more than halved (down from 10-15 to 3-4 hours or so), but I also know that it IS possible to include such a feature with an on-off switch, so people can choose where they want to go (battery life vs lighting). As for me, I bought the outlet adaptor, so battery life isn't an issue, and i would love to be able to play my GBA more comfortably (i.e. facing directly towards my face, instead of being tilted every which way).

Thanks for being part of such a great site, keep up the good work!


starry wishes kirby

Cheshire Catalyst:
I seem to recall having an AV connector for my GBC. Lighting has also been a constant issue with the GBC. Some backlighting would help. I imangine Nintendo will continue to make a crapload of accessories for the thing just as they did for the original Game Boy.


Why does Citan Uzuki own me so very, very badly?

It's not just you. "Come! I shall be your opponent."

I have to say that Kefka is the best character of all time. Come on, tell me the laugh sent chills down your spine when you first heard it six or seven years ago!


Best. FF Villain. Ever. (Typing that made me gain weight. No lie.)

I have a burning important question for ya

Have you heard anything on which system Sega will be porting Shining Force to? Or if they'll even port it all? I ask because whichever system they port that wonderful game to, is going to be the system that i will purchase. Any info would create a fan of yours for life...ah heck, i already am a fan for life.

No official word, but my money's on the gamecube. Sega seems to be cozying up with Nintendo for the long haul. I'm not talking exclusive production, but it looks like Gamecube may be your winner. Then again, Microsoft may decide to strike again, and grab for exclusive X-box release, but since SF isn't as popular as Shenmue, Microsoft may not even bother. is one of the best ddr groups and coconut is the best and my friend would steal my brothers stereo and play that song as loud as we could. Boys Euro mix is good too... I get 180 combos on that song. What ever happened to the Prof.? That guy is my hero.

"Come buy a co-co-conut."

Gotta love the stuff. Also, the prof decided to take a trip to the antarctic. I'd stay away from any coastal cities, if I was you.

"Judging by your mismatched armor and massive weapons, you appear to be adventurers"That quote's from DW7. The little boy in the wrecked village says it to you.

So, How's your mom?

You win a tilde! ~

Oh, and mom is doing great. I just got a call verifying that she's kicked cancer's ass once again. (That's twice now.) Now, I must fear her. If she can take on a deadly disease, she can probably smite me without so much as an afterthought. I suppose I better get her a nice Christmas present.

Hello oh one who licks himself in places that shouldn't be licked. My favourtie RPG character of all time would have to be Aeris. Not only did she die for the planet's cause, she also looked really kawaii, and that's all that really matters when you get down to it, doesn't it?

The Masked Mystere
"Loooothar....of the hiiill peoplllle"

Nice selection, but you've given me a mental image that disturbs me to the core. I hereby revoke your tilde acquiring priveleges for one week.

The Last Laugh:

And that's gonna be it.
Once again, sorry about the lateness of the column. Here's a special note from Aegis for tomorrow.

For tomorrow, I want us to talk about game music. Feel free to write or ask about any facet regarding music, but I'd especially like you all to respond to any or all of the following:

What's your favorite song from a video game (any game, not necessarily just RPGs)?
What game has the best soundtrack?
What game has the worst soundtrack?
Do you think game music will be used differently in the future? Explain.
What would you change about the way video games implement music?
Sound effects in RPGs: horribly overlooked or just not that important?

I know that's a lot of questions to ask of you, but let me stress that they're only suggestions.
Write in about anything, ask anything, but do try to keep it music-related if at all possible. Until tomorrow, folks, this is Aegis, signing out.

Looks like an interesting set. Also, with regards to the question of "favorite character", no clear winner came out. I think the only charaters who got more than one vote were Crono, Kefka, and Sephiroth. Wowzers.

See you next weekend.

chesh "He cried twice, with a cry that was no more than a breath -"
The Horror! The Horror!

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