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Chris Martin - November 3rd '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Currently, there are two types of people in this world. There are those who watched today's conclusion of Reboot's "Daemon Rising" story, and those who haven't been rocked nearly hard enough. I won't spoil anything for those of you who missed it, but damn, I always loved Hexadecimal. Now she's my numba one fictional woman. (Number two remains a tie between Faye Valentine and the seXXXy White Mage from the original Final Fantasy.) Oh yeah, and they also showed some movie about some blonde bimbo and this gay alien from outerspace. Like I'd know anything about that stuff...

Blah blah blah, woefully short collection of letters, blah blah blah, print all that I got, blah blah blah.

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What's with the "Next Episode" DBZ teasers?

Will Gohan manage to stop Majin Buu from being reborn?

Find out next time on, "Buu Awakens!"

The console wars begin anew.


When Goog was asked "GameCube or Xbox" yesterday, he gave a quick response that Xbox is a joke and so on. I'm not saying Xbox is gonna be all super or GameCube is gonna suck (I'm trying to get my hands on a PS2 this Christmas), but quick judgements and people not giving something a fair chance are what killed the Dreamcast. I personally think Xbox is looking pretty sweet right now.

1) Xbox is not expensive compared to the GameCube. It comes with a hard drive and a network connection. Both of these functions you will have to buy separately for the GameCube. You gotta save games, right? Go buy a memory card for GameCube. Save it to hard drive on Xbox.

2) Xbox can play DVD's.

3) Halo looks like A LOT of fun and so do much of the launch games. Games are an opinion thing, but to me, Xbox launch games are looking cool.

4) One very cool thing about the Xbox HD is that you can rip music from CD's and choose a playlist to play while playing games. If the game music sucks, just replace it. I think that's awesome.

Well, there's more stuff I could say, but I'm not really trying to sell Xboxes. I'll just say this: people need to chill with company loyalty or dislike. Give everything a chance. Not just game systems, but most everything in life. yay


He who poops in boxes of sand:
Once again, I'll repeat my personal mantra of console purchase. I don't care what company makes a console. All it really comes down to in the end is the selection of games. The X-box could do better than most of the "hard core" crowd is willing to give it credit for. The Gamecube's selection of games looks like a given. Created by Nintendo, the thing comes complete with all of the cool games Nintendo is infamous for making. My guess is that the X-box won't do half-bad. I doubt that it'll be the planet shaking toy that some people think it might be, but I think it'll fare much better than your average skeptic would have you believe.
Oh yeah, and the X-box is getting Shenmue 2. That's one so far. (Curses...)

Sinister Six

Now that Samhein's down for the count, Christmas season has officially begun. Tremble in fear at the wave of soulless merchandising heading our way!

Oh, right, questions...

1. What did you do for Halloween? I watched The Nightmare Before Christmas and passed out candy to neighborhood kids (razorblade & anthrax-free!).

2. Since the supporting cast of Kingdom Hearts is obviously being selected with a dartboard, what characters would you like to see in it? I cast my vote for Barett Wallace, Vivi Orunitier, Rafiki (from the Lion King) and Darkwing Duck.

3. Anachronox is mad fun, yo, but I've been stonewalled by a boss on Limbus. You're familiar with those six creatures that take turns darting behind a large energy shield and healing? How the heck can a player take those mofos down?

4. I'm considering hunting down a copy of Vampire: The Masquerade - Redemption. (Crap, was that a long enough title?) Keeping in mind I've never played the actual paper-&-pen it any good? Oh, and I'm gonna get the Longest Journey too. The demo was pretty fun.

5. Are you going to watch the live-action Tick show when it debuts? I'm kinda wary, but I think I'll check it out.

6. And finally, the one thing I'd like to have from an RPG is my own theme, that plays whenever I show up. I call dibs on 'Circles' by Soul Coughing.

Jemstone21 (who thinks Jack Skellington is a cooler Santa than the real thing ever was)

Cheshire Catalyst:
1. Didn't do too much for la dia de las brujas. My costume consisted entirely of my regular clothes with a cheap pair of strap on angel wings on the back. I was the angel of twentysomething angst.
2. The Lion King and Darkwing Duck. Excellent choices. There's no hope of Kingdom Hearts including any characters from that kick-ass Gargoyles cartoon, is there? How about Princess Mononoke? Hell, give me Celes, Vincent Valentine, The Cheshire Cat, and Zeus, and I'll be happy.
3. Ahh, those six beasties. Three remain out front, while the other three in the back row remain untouchable and heal themselves. For that fight, I used Boots, Dr. Rho, and Good Ol' Paco. Each beast has an elemental color. Use a type of MysTech of the opposite element. Also, Paco's "RadiusRage" (or something...) is pretty handy since it hits all three up front enemies.
4. Vampire: TM is a pen-and-paper game brought to you by White Wolf. The same people also produce other games in the same universe like "Werewolf: The Apocalypse", "Mage: The Ascension", and my personal favorite "Exalted." The games focus more on actual "Role-Playing" and less on the standard "Hack-and-Slash" elements of other games. It's a good game with a good system that's currently in its 3rd edition, if I'm not mistaken.
5. Gotta at least give it a try. Hopes aren't too high though.
6. Would picking smile dk's "Mr. Wonderful" be too much to ask?

Masamine. All mine. (God, that was lame.)

Oh great and Mighty Cat god!

I have a Chrono Cross question that I hoping you can help me with. For you see I'm all the way up to the Masamune Quest and Dario is kicking the living daylights out of me! Oh what is the best way to defeat this menace? I almost wanted to bash my controller to the floor several times because he keeps slaughtering me like I have mad cow disease!
Please help!


Cheshire Catalyst:
Dario is a mean, mean man. It doesn't help that he uses tonnes of black magic, AND you're stuck with Riddel (who's white innate and, well, sucks.)
So how do you win? Try to smite him with Lynx and not Serge. That way, you aren't stuck with two white-innates. Also, equip the black plate that you stole from the Black Dragon. What? You didn't steal it? Well, then you're in for an insane fight. Here's the big hint.
Ahem. Seriously, his counterattack is nasty. If you only hit him with physical attacks, Dario follows an incredibly basic pattern of attack. Physical Attack - Dash&Slash - Physical - Sonic Sword. Those attacks are still really powerful (especially Dash/Slash) Fill your elemental slots with as much healing as you can. (You won't be attacking Dario with them anyway) Heal often and defend often too to restore your stamina.
Keep it up. If you really can't win, write it off as something to do in Newgame+. You really should try though, the rewards are sweet. (Serge's best weapon and access to a sidestory quest)


Hey (I sing) Chesh

I wonder what stuff the Square and Disney people were thinking when they came up with the ideas in Kingdom Hearts?

Imperial Mog

Probably, "We really like money. Let's make some!"

I think you guys should have an x-box contest where you guess how many systems will be sold, and whoever is the farthest(sp?) off has to receive an x-box and may not sell it. guess is 1027

You can win one in Taco Bell. Hey, like I said, it doesn't look so bad. I guess I just don't hate Microsoft enough.

The Last Laugh:

Pitiful. So little stuff.

Ok, when you write in tomorrow, tell me your favorite RPG character of all time. Hero/Villain/Comic Relief/etc. Send in a name with your question (or just a name), and I'll announce the winner.

chesh "I just adore children..."
But I could never eat a whole one.

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