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Chris Martin - October 27th '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Mid-terms are over. Maybe I'll finally get around to finishing Front Mission 3 or Vampire:The Masquerade. I did finish "The Longest Journey" the other night. If you're a fan of adventure dealies, pick up this piece of Norweigan sweetness for your PC.

I mentioned it last week, but it deserves repeating. "Exalted" is awesome. It really captures the over-the-top anime/hong kong action flick fighting style really way. Until "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon" the RPG comes out, this is the closest thing to it. And when you're not reading that, watch some Adult Swim. Home Movies, at least. I was always a fan of Dr. Katz, and now I'm a fan of this.

Oh, and I figured I'd bring back the "In the..." section of the side bar. It's my school bus, and I'll crash it into a buildiing if I want to.

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Assorted Nonsense

Why so much nonsense?

Plums defy!

All is vanity!

Somehow, this question format dominated the others. Whatever happened to the page long rants?

Hey Chesh! I gots me some questions for you.

1)Do you say Guns AND Roses, Guns & Roses, or Guns N Roses?

2)Have you ever read the Shannara novels by Terry Brooks? Awesome series, and the highest recommendation if you have the time.

3)This really isn't a question, but speaking of the Wildcats, my high school's mascot was the Wildcats.

4)As a non-anime watcher, when I first heard you mention Cowboy Bebop, I pictured Bebop from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Have you heard of anybody else making this association?

5)Is your refrigerator running?

6)Didn't Eric Clapton (or one of the zillion bands he was in) also do a cover of Knockin' On Heaven's Door?

7)Did you ever play the Quest For Glory games for PC? Again, high recommendation.

OK, I'm gonna go because I have to go cook with Ned. Just remember: life is like this peanut butter and jelly sandwich. You have two pieces of bread. You spread peanut butter on one and jelly on the other. But when you go to put them together, you realize jelly gives you gas, so you have some lasagna instead.

Robust Stu

Mr. Kitty:
1. I probably said the wrong one.
2. Nope. Read some Neal Stephenson, though.
3. Mine was "the colonial." Yeah, you read that right, we didn't even have a noun for a mascot. We had a goddam adjective of all things. We can't be the worst ones in the nation, though. Somewhere, in the poor parts of Tennessee, are the infamous, "Fighting 'Verilys'". Adverbs suck.
4. Maybe. I smell crossover fan-fic. Viscious vs. Leonardo! Who is the true master of the katana? (I'll give you a hint. I hated Leonardo, not as much as Raphael, but I despised his pansy ass.)
5. No, but the guy stealing it is. Get back here, mothertrucker!
6. He probably did.
7. I think someone I knew back in high school did... maybe.

Sword of Light, whom I do release!

Hi Chesh, whats up?

I have got a few questions for ya.

Question the first: Just today, I found a copy of Orphen for the PS2 for $29. Should I make this purchase? Tis is a good game?

Question the second: Have you ever played Onimusha: Warlorlds? Would it be considered an RPG?

And Question the third: Although this isn't RPG related, too bad. Anyways, Do you know if it is possible to use a Playstation GameShark with PS2 games? I'm just not sure, and haven't tried. I know it is wrong to use cheats but, meh. I just don't want to go out and spend the extra money for another one.

Thanks in advance,

Cheshire Catalyst:
$29 sounds like a decent deal. Orphen was an above average RPG. Nothing great, but nothing terrible either. It's based, as you may well know, on the anime "Sorcerous Stabber Orphen" now available from ADV. We're watching it at anime club. Sorcery, big-ass swords, and uh... two really annoying midgets.
Never played the game, seems to be a consensous that it really rules, though. An RPG? Not really. It's more of a survival horror style game. Think Resident Evil in feudal Japan.
Nope. Won't work.

Just what DOES an Imperial Mog look like?

Hey (I sing) Cheshire Catalyst

I wonder what game are you looking for in the next few months? Also noticed that most games even though they got status effect spells, they don't really have much use. Do you know of games that really use them, I can only think of Pokemon since there it's used as a good equalizer and also Final Fantasy VIII as a way to blind enemies to draw spells or deal with harder enemies.

Imperial Mog

Cheshire Catalyst:
I guess I'm looking forward to Neverwinter Nights, just like everyone else. Status effects are really bad in Shenmue. "Ryo gets... bored! Buy another toy!" or even worse "Ryo is hungry! Buy Squid Legs!"


Who wins in a fight? Edward or Bun Bun?


Crap. Despite Bun-Bun's invincibility, I'm still giving it to Edward. Her song devoted to "pi" is powerful enough.

What do you think about "Divine(LUV)"?


It's, um, interesting.

Can I have some banana nut bread?

Fool. If I had any, It would have already been eaten with cream cheese. Curses! You've made me hungry! Squid leg time...

The Last Laugh:

Been a long ass week. sleep...

chesh "I'm just a wandering samurai, that I am."
You ain't follin' nobody, Kenshin. Now go kick Shishio's ass.

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